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Susan’s thoughts on crossdressing on her weekly outing.

Well it is Tuesday evening and this week my night for Susan to go out. Actually it had to be tonight as my next chance for Susan time will be two weeks from tonight which seems so far away. It is strange when I think just a few years ago it was no big thing to go weeks even months without a chance to be Susan. Now it is such a normal part of my life to have a couple nights a week it seems strange. I will miss the next two Friday nights out with my friends and of course the first Saturday of the month Cassandra and Peggy are hosting a get together at their home and the second Saturday of the month is our Harvey’s Comedy club night and I will also miss these so really I am missing 4 nights out with my friends. Now I know I will survive.

It makes one wonder why I or any crossdresser feels this way. What is it about dressing up as the opposite sex that can have such a strong effect on someone? I mean I even feel relaxed and happy just thinking about my time out as Susan. I guess it is like when you are looking forward to a vacation and even though you haven’t gone the thought of it and the fun you will have can make you feel happy and relaxed. Emotions are a complicated thing. I think one of the big things for me is the different looks I can have. As a guy I am pretty normal, short hair and actually my hair style looks the same as it did in High school well there is a little grey now. Woman change their hair styles and color all the time but generally speaking men don’t. Women really do have so many more options in how they look.

I love long nails but in my male life I can’t have them for several reasons. As Susan I get to have long nails in an array of different colors, tonight is Pompeii Purple, Last Friday a bright red and last week here at Starbucks a dark red. Even if only for a few hours having my long pretty nails is wonderful. It is so much fun to try different looks and so amazing how simple little things can change your look. Different style or length of a wig, color of lipstick or eye shadow, shoes, clothes they all can change your look and I find this really fun. For me I kind of look at it as being an artist and instead of painting a picture I create Susan. It is amazing how much it has grown from just putting on some makeup when I was small to trying to look and act as a woman. I guess that makes me an actress, I have a friend who has a blog which she calls crossacting which is really what I do. Think of when you were a little kid and you would play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, it is the same thing except I am playing dress up and being a lady. I get just as much fun as I did as a little kid playing and I think that is a big reason why a feel and people tell me I look young and I have no stress in my life, well maybe just a little as some times it is hard to figure out what I should wear or how I should do my makeup. I really believe everyone should have a little play time in their lives as we tend to be so busy and worry about everything that comes along. We all need a way to take a break from our daily lives and that is what I get from my crossdressing, that and it is just so much fun.

Well as I said tonight was my night out this week and I am at Starbuck’s. They were really busy when I got here, only on table open. It looks like they are also doing training on some new employees here tonight as they have 7 girls working and they are doing what looks like an orientation at the table next to me. The rest of the tables are full and they are almost all female, in the corner are two men and then the big table has 5 women and one guy, everyone else is female 3 at the table next to me 2 behind me and the other 3 tables have one woman each and most have computers. I guess this is the place for a single girl to go and work on her computer.

It really is nice that Starbuck’s has free Wi-Fi. It is so much better than sitting at home dressed as Susan on my computer. I know a lot of people wonder why I would come here by myself but it is fun and relaxing and as I said beats just sitting at home. for a $3.50 I can get a Hot Chocolate as I do have to go home and go to bed plus I am not a big fan of coffee. On a cold night like tonight I am having 2 and then just relax and play on my computer. Catch up on e-mails, update my blog, chat with friends and even find some time to do some actual work. If you are looking for a place to go by yourself I would recommend Starbucks.

Well must get some work done. Thanks for reading. This will be my last blog for a couple weeks but yes I will be back.

Have a great couple weeks.

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  1. Susan, If I had known you were going out on Tuesday I would have joined you. I had a therapy session and was out & about. Well I’ll see you in a couple weeks then!


    Comment by Jenn C. | February 29, 2012 | Reply

    • Maybe we can meet for hot Chocolate one of these nights

      Comment by susanmiller64 | February 29, 2012 | Reply

  2. I have a question my youngest brother has recently told me he is dating t -girls. He says he’s not gay though. He still allows all the male parts to be fully involved with his sexual acts. I don’t know what this means? To me it seems to be a gay act. But his pyschciatrist says he is homophobic. If you can give me any insight that would be

    Comment by Vlad dimi | March 1, 2012 | Reply

    • Well there are lots of opinions on this. Some believe if you feel you are female and living as female then that is what you are no matter what your body parts are. Some believe that once you are on hormones then you are female regardless of body parts. Some believe once you have SRS and are physically female then you are female and some believe that it is always how you were born no matter what you do to change.
      It can get really confusing. Now that I have carefully stated all the options I will give my opinion and as always it is just my opinion and nothing more. For me I would not be involved with someone who was born the same sex as me. I would only be with someone who was born female, now that being said I am not a transsexual (do not want to be a woman full time) and still view myself as male.
      Everyone has to live their life and do what makes them happy. What is right for me may not be right for you or anyone else. But as we are all different that is okay.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | March 1, 2012 | Reply

  3. I was out and about (bob mode) with my sister, and we met up in a Starbucks. It had a modern shiny front-end, and old style room upstairs. I was thinking of you, Susan, as there were girls at various tables, all with laptops 🙂



    Comment by Anna Arendt | March 9, 2012 | Reply

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