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Friday is here horary.

Another really busy week and no time for Susan so I was really looking forward to Friday night. I got home late again so it was right into the shower to start my transformation to Susan. I love the whole process and I immediately feel the stress go away and a calming relaxing feeling come over me. It really is therapeutic. I took a little over an hour getting ready. I was a happy girl and on my way, I got to Sweet Home right at 7 so just a little latter than normal. Chris and Roxy were already there. Chris was playing pool so I talked with him a little and Roxy for a bit before getting out my computer to catch up on a few things.

I ordered dinner, their special which was a country fried chicken breast. They really do have wonderful food here I have never had anything that wasn’t good but tonight’s dinner was awesome, it was so good. I ate dinner and we talked a little more. I wasn’t really busy till about 9 when the other group started to show up, they really are a fun group. Rikki and Shawn showed up and it was good to see them and get a chance to talk with them.

Angie was also here who I have gotten to know and we talked for a little bit. She wears corsets a lot of times and they always look so good on her. We got talking about corsets and I asked where she got them as I have been thinking about getting one. I got one at the clothing exchange and it doesn’t quite fit but I do like the way it makes me sit up straight as I tend to slouch some especially when I am sitting down, might help my posture. Plus it would help my waistline too till I can loose some weight. Any way she told me she gets her online from Since I had my computer we pulled up the web sight and she showed me some of the corsets. I am going to have to check this out and maybe order one. It was nice talking with her.

Soon it was 10 pm and time for Karaoke to start and Chris and Roxy both had to leave as they had things to do Saturday morning. I stayed and listened to some of the Karaoke. With the singing going on it gets loud and hard to talk any more but I did sing along with a few of the songs I knew.

I stayed till 11 before I paid my bill and called it a night. It was a fun and relaxing evening out. I said goodbye to some of my friends here on my way out. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend. Saturday night I will once again get to go out as Susan to the Escape, another chance to be Susan and be all pretty. It is amazing how wearing dresses, heels and makeup can make me feel so relaxed, calm and happy. Now I know this may not be for everyone but I would encourage everyone to find something that makes them this happy and do it on a regular basis as you really will feel better.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday Shopping trip, needed some Susan time

Well it has been a while since Susan has been out, I have actually missed the last two Friday nights which is sad but what is a girl to do. Well I will tell you what go shopping and that is what I am doing today, an all day Saturday shopping trip. My goal was to be up and on my way before 10 well that didn’t work as it took me a little longer getting ready today after not being Susan for that long. I was on my way by 10:45 though.

My first stop was ULTA which is a store that sells makeup and they have opened one not far from where I live. It is actually a little closer then I like to go out but I still went. I have been looking for some eye shadow in the brown colors and have been having trouble finding a nice pallet which either means they are really popular or they don’t sell. Well I found nice one with a good mix of browns by NYX so I thought I would give it a try as I have never bought their brand before. I also picked up a couple new lipsticks in a more neutral color for my trip to Diva Las Vegas most of my lipsticks are a bit much for daytime wear.

My next stop was Wigland to look at wigs. I actually want to get a new one for Diva Las Vegas plus it is fun to go in and look at wigs and try on different looks. Well it turns out they were out of the wig I have been wearing but should have more in a couple weeks, at least it wasn’t discontinued like my last 3 wigs I liked. They did have one similar but a little shorter on sale so I bought it.

My next stop was Burlington Coat Factory out by Washington Square. I really like this store and I really need a pair of cute ladies tennis shows for Diva Las Vegas. I got inside and kind of browsed the woman’s clothes on my way back to the shoe section. I found this really cute pair of tennis shoes white with pink on them and they were in my size so I tried them on and they fit and were on sale so I decided to get them. As I walked further down the rack I saw a really cute pair of leather boots with 3′ heels and they were a half size bigger then I normally wear but then again depending on the shoe I can fit a range of sizes depending on the toe, width so I decided to try them on and they fit and they were also on sale so I took both up to the cashier ad bought both.

Now there is a Best Buy next door to Burlington so I put my bag in my car and decided to walk over to Best Buy and look around, I really didn’t need anything but just wanted to do a little shopping. I spent about 30 minutes looking at computers and other stuff. Several employees came over and asked if they could help me and they either addressed me as Miss or just asked if they could help. It was a lot of fun.

Now I had completed what I wanted to do today and it was only a little after 1, I had my tennis shoes, makeup and wig but I didn’t want to go home so I drove towards Tigard looking for a Starbucks to relax at for a bit and catch up on e-mails. Funny normally you see a Starbucks every place but I actually had to drive a ways to find one and it was in Tigard. Now their parking lot is behind the store and it was full so I had to park way out back and walk in so I was not sure how busy they would be. To my surprise there was only 2 woman n there talking at a table and one man in line so I got in line and ordered my drink and that is where I am now.

I have been here about 45 minutes and more people have come in maybe 10 so it is busier now. I have updated my blog for now and now I just need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of the day as I am not ready to go home, probably more shopping. I did put my new boots on though and I love them already.

Thanks for reading and I will post again what I do the rest of the day.

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Finally some Susan time yea.

Well it seems like forever since I have posted on my blog. In fact it has been exactly 3 weeks since I have even had the chance to be Susan. It is strange how things come up that interfere with your regular routine. It is funny as even as busy as I was I still had that need, desire to be Susan especially when I saw another woman in a cute dress or heels. Now when I do talk of need I will admit I do have a definite need to be Susan as most crossdressers do. They need to be pretty, wear makeup, heels, nails and all the other wonderful things that woman take for granted and there is a need to express myself as female but think that is the line between crosdressers and transsexuals crossdressers need to express our feminine side and transsexuals need to be female. Now I do not want you to think I am saying one is better than the other as we are all different and need different things in our lives and what is right for me is not right for everyone there is no right or wrong we all just need to be who we are and except everyone else for who they are on the inside.

Well as I said going 3 weeks without being Susan had caught up with me and I was so ready for a fun night. I actually started getting ready at 4:30 so I could enjoy the time transforming into Susan as I find this so much fun and relaxing. Now as any girl does I did change my mind several times about the dress I would wear, one of the many joys of being female. Men never really stress over their outfit. Well I was already and out the door, I got there just before 7 and Cassandra, Laura and Michelle were already there watching the Baseball game. That is correct even crossdressers like their sports teams. We all ate dinner and watched the game which was good depending on which team you wanted to win. Jodi was bar tending at least when we got there which was awesome as we don’t get to see her as much and she is such an awesome person and always makes our group feel welcome.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up, Cristine, Bobby, Michelle LV, Jan, Lynn Melissa, and I know there are a few more I can’t remember but we had a good turnout. It was also really busy last night as the Karaoke group was having a theme night “Disney” and they had a really good turnout, probably 50 or so and almost all in costumes and a lot of them were really good. It was a really fun night.

Well the night went by fast and as I am getting over a cold I was a little well maybe more than a little tired I only made it till about midnight before I called it a night. It is strange as normally I am one of the last people to leave so leaving when most of our group is still there just didn’t feel right but I guess one night early to get better is worth it in the long run.

Saturday I really need to go shopping as our Halloween party is only a week away and I still have no costume at least not one I have not worn before so that is how I will spend my Saturday. I am really looking forward to the party and it is funny as I look back, Halloween was all about dressing as a girl for a costume. Now Susan has become such a normal part of my life I need a female costume to wear, just being Susan is no longer a costume for me, I guess I have really grown over the last several years and that is all because of you my awesome friends. So here is wishing you all the happiness you deserve and a happy healthy life

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Levi’s last night as bar tender at Sweet Home

Well it has been another long week and as always I was so looking forward to Friday night and spending time with my friends. I actually got off work a little early today which is always nice as I don’t have to rush to get ready plus I actually took a short nap well actually I fell asleep on the couch, hope that is not a sign of my getting older. I woke up a little over an hour later at 4:30 and headed upstairs for a nice bath which I don’t do very often but they are really relaxing. I was hoping to be too Sweet Home earlier than 7 tonight so I was done with my bath by 5 and started getting Susan ready with the hope of being all done by 6 which I should be able to do. Everything was going as I planed and at 6:05 I was in my car pulling out of my drive.

I got to Sweet Home by 6:25 and went in to find Chris already there; I think he comes straight from work so he probably gets here about 6. He was watching some You Tube videos on his computer and some of them were pretty funny. The special looked really good BBQ ribs and corn on the cob which I love but I also knew that it would be messy to eat so I chose something else as I didn’t want to risk messing up my makeup or getting BBQ sauce under my beautiful nails, yes a girl hast to make sacrifices.

There was already a pretty good crowd for this early as I think a lot of people came out for Levi’s last night. For those of you who have never been to Sweet Home Levi is the head bar tender there but he recently got another job and so he will be leaving are happy little family here. He really is wonderful as he has made us all feel welcome here from the first night we showed up. He adds that personal touch to his job which is awesome and actually every one there does the same. Paul the owner has a wonderful staff and they all make you feel like you are part of their family including Paul who is there on most Friday nights and always talks with his customers. There was a TV show many years ago called Cheers and this bar feels just like that TV show, here is a couple lines from the theme song to the show. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see; our troubles are all the same you wanna be where everybody knows your name. We will miss him but he promises to stop in and see everyone.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, I was hoping we would have a good turnout tonight. Kim, Laura, Roxy, Crsitine, Bobby, Victoria, Cassie, Jan, Lynn, Samantha, Queeny, Petra and Lorraine showed up. It was good to see Samantha and Queeny again as they don’t get out as much with the group. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Paul the owner will be filling in on Friday nights for a while I guess till he can find a replacement so tonight he was there almost the whole night and working behind the bar.

I got a chance to talk with Lorraine for a bit it was good to see her out again. She couldn’t stay late though. It was just a fun night and it was busy I think a lot of people came in to see Levi on his last night. Kim, Roxy, Victoria and I talked for a while which is always fun. I think Susan enjoys the whole social aspect of being out. It is not really what we are doing or where we go but the friends I am with that make the night so special. I hope they all know how special they all are to me.

Well the Karaoke group also had a good showing I would guess they had upwards of 30 in their group here tonight and so when Karaoke started there was a long list of people to sing. Laura, Chris, Kim, Lynn and Queeny all got up and sang but with so many people there to sine they only got to sing a couple songs but they all did awesome. Well it got late and was time for Kim to leave so I walked her out to her car to say goodnight. It is always sad to see Kim leave.

I got back inside and it was still packed but as several of our group had left we could mostly fit around just the one table now. Laura was the big pool winner tonight as she played many games. Well Samantha and Queen left and it wasn’t long before they were back as they needed a jump to get their car going so Lynn went out and tried to jump start their car but no luck so they had to call a tow truck so they got to stay a little longer. Not a great way to end an evening. I think a lot of us think about that when we are out. It is one thing to call a tow truck or a friend when you are out but when you are dressed it adds a hole nother level to the problem. This is one of the greatest things about cell phones and why I think everyone should have one.

Well Ed showed up for a bi, he actually met our group through Kim so he stopped by for a beer unfortunately Kim had left about 30 minutes earlier so we invited him to sit with us and I introduced him to Jan and Lynn and Laura. We talked for about 20 minutes, he actually just stopped in for a beer but it was still good to see him and I hope he knows he is always welcome to join us on Friday night.

Well it was after 1 when the last of us Jan, Lynn, Laura and I left. It was a wonderful evening and of course I forgot to get a picture with Levi well hopefully the next time he comes in as a customer I can get a picture with him and maybe our group. It was a fun night and always sad to see it come to an end.

With that I would like to thank Levi for all he has done and the way he has treated us over the past year, you are more than a bar tender you are a friend. The same goes for the rest of the staff here. Jodi the other bar tender who for the first several times I met her here on her nights off made us feel just as welcome and we thought she was just a customer. Even Paul the owner has sat down with us on slower night and talked with us and got to know us. It is just a great friendly neighbor hood bar that accepts everyone. We all wish Levi the best in his new job.

Thanks for reading

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Last Friday of July

Well it is Friday night and of course we all know what that means, Susan gets to go out with her friends for a fun evening. It is such a wonderful way to end a week and start a relaxing weekend. We meet at Sweet Home Bar and Grill which is a local neighbor hood bar but has been so wonderful and excepting to our group. I got there just after 7 and Kim was just walking in when I was pulling into the parking lot and I could see Cassandra’s car right in front. Inside Cassandra, Kim and Bobby were already there.

Amy was next to show up, it was great to see here again, she is so much fun and nice to talk with, I am trying to get her to go golfing with us when we go again later in the summer. Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up. Mikaela, Cristine, Cassie Laura (not the regular one but I have met this Laura a couple times in the past) Jenny (a GG with Laura) and Ed so we had a really good group.

It was fun to sit and talk with each other especially Laura, Jenny and Ed as I wanted to get to know them better as one can never have too many friends. I am pretty sure Laura is full time but the topic never came up and I didn’t want to just ask as to me when we are out as girls it really doesn’t matter if you are full time, part time or just crossdress once in a great while as if you are dressed as a female then you are female just that simple. It is funny as that seems to be the question I get asked the most, people are afraid to talk to me as they don’t know what to say or how to address me and I always tell them the same thing. If I am presenting as female (dressed as a girl) then address me as such, Miss, her, she, Susan. I think this is a good rule of thumb and although maybe not correct 100% of the time I would be willing to bet 99%+ it will be. I do not know one person who goes out presenting as the opposite sex that is not happy being addressed that way.

Well I got a chance to talk with Mikaela. We are talking about doing a girls day or evening out, shopping and dinner which will be so much fun. Going shopping as Susan is always fun and having someone along to chat with would be awesome but it may be a bit as we both have busy schedules the next few weeks. Of course we had to get pictures. It is funny as I see the excitement in Mikaela that I use to have. Don’t get me wrong I so love my Susan time out but as I have been doing it for several years it has become more of a common and that excitement of experiencing things for the first time has faded some. I love pictures and getting pictures while out but I don’t often think of it even though I have my camera with me all the time. Wow a little side tracked, anyway Mikaela took the picture above of me and of course we had to get this one of us together.

Well Karaoke started and Kim sang a few songs and did awesome, she is really good at singing. Laura even got up and sang a song and did really well. I still haven’t worked up the courage to get up and sing but I have been somewhat working on learning a couple songs so maybe someday, well we will see.

Monica and Shannon showed up. Shannon is full time and looks great, she kind of reminds me of Jennifer Aniston from the show Friends. I only got to talk to them briefly as well first I didn’t notice when they came in but as always the night goes by so fast. Soon it was almost midnight and it was time for Kim to leave so I walked her to her car which was right next to mine in the parking lot. Always hard to see her leave but I will see her again soon.

Well back inside it was getting busy as a lot of the Karaoke group was there by now. Even Blue showed up which was awesome, it has been several month since she has been to Sweet Home on a Friday night. It was great to chat with her and catch up on things you know girl talk.

Next week several of our group will not be able to make it out on Friday night which is a shame as it is Levi’s last night. He has been our Friday night Bar tender for the last year and more than that our good friend. He has been so wonderful to us but he has found a new and better job and even though we will all miss him we wish him the best. Hopefully he will still come in as a customer so we will get to see him from time to time but it will be different. I think the owner Paul is going to bar tend on Friday nights at least for a while which is good too as he is also wonderful. He is the one who when he heard the P-club had asked us to leave invited us to come to his place. I will have to get a picture with Levi before he leaves.

Well it was an awesome night as always but soon it was after 1 and it was time for us to leave. It is amazing how fast those 6 hours go by. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Out for dinner with my friends

Well it was Wednesday night and I had the chance to go out to dinner with some of my friends which is always fun but it was also a chance to have dinner with Kim so I was really looking forward to it. I got to Fox & Hound before 7; Kim and Cristine were already there. It was going to be a great night. The three of us talked while we waited for others to show up. It wasn’t long and Cassandra and Melissa showed up so we talked about what we wanted for dinner and decided to walk up the street to House of Louie for Chinese food.

It was a nice warm day and the walk up the street was nice. It is amazing thinking back just a few years I would never have walked the streets of Portland during the daylight as Susan. It is so relaxing and fun to just be out as Susan and able to express this side of me. They have really good food here so if you are ever in downtown Portland and want Chinese food give them a try.

It wasn’t long and Victoria, Lynn and Jan showed up so we had a nice little group for dinner. We had an awesome time just relaxing and talking over a nice dinner. As always time goes by so fast and soon it was almost 9 which during the week I my limit for being out. Kim also had to leave, we said our goodbyes and left. It is always hard to leave but I will see them all again on Friday night again. Kim and I walked backed to our cars which was a wonderful way to end an evening.

Now I look forward to Friday night when I can stay out later.

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Rose City T-girls first golf tournament

Well today our group had its first golf tournament. There were 8 of us who signed up to play. Cassandra had made tee times for 1 pm at Wildwood golf course
(21881 NW St. Helens Road, Portland Oregon 97231). Some of the girls had played here before as guys of course and the rest of us had not but it was going to be so much fun.

Now most of us got there at almost the same time which was nice as this was a totally new place for us to go, always easier in a group when you go someplace new. Now Cassandra had given them a heads up about our group so we knew we weren’t going to shock them just walking in. so we went down and checked in and they were wonderful. They always referred to us as ladies even when I had to sign for the golf cart I had to give my driver’s license and as she was writing down my name I told her she could call me Susan and she crossed off my male name and wrote Susan how cool.

Well we got some practice balls and went to the driving range to loosen up and of course get pictures. Here is me taking some practice swings. We got several pictures of us as that was also part of the fun of today. From here it was back down to the first tee to get ready to play, of course I stopped in the pro shop for some snacks and something to drink as it was going to be hot out on the course.

Now the course was pretty busy early on so we did have to wait for a bit. We also did get a few looks but it was more of a yep those are T-girls and that was it, really no one paid any attention to us and I never heard a comment about us

Well while we were on the first tee I was getting pictures of us when the man from the Pro shop came down so we could get a group picture. He actually took a couple of us and told us all to have a fun time which we knew we would. It was a beautiful day maybe just a little warm well if you are wearing makeup that is. It is funny as I spent an hour this morning getting ready and doing my makeup for this even though I knew by the end of the day I would look bad. Another reason pictures were taken on the 1st tee.

Well we had two groups to play and I was in the second group. The 1st was Veronica, Melissa, Laura & Julie and the 2nd; my group was Cassandra, Petra, Victoria and me. Now I have played 3 times before as Susan when I went to Diva Las Vegas but it was always really windy when we golfed there, today there was really no wind maybe every once in a while a light breeze so it would get hot in the sun.

Well as we teed off I got action shots of everyone for our group’s photo album. Victoria even got a picture of me hitting off the first tee. And it was a pretty good shot for me. The course was beautiful and in really good shape. Now I don’t golf as much as I use to actually if I get out more than twice a year now I am doing well so my goal for the day was simple, shoot under 100 and if possible not go over 50 on either 9. Well I met my goal and I was really consistent as I shot a 49 on the front 9 and a 50 on the back 9 for a total score of 99 and most important of all I did not lose a single nail, I know you thought I was going to say ball didn’t you. Well I lost 2 balls which I could handle I was way more worried about the nails.

Well we got back to the club house after our 18 holes of golf and we sat out on the deck to rest and cool off. The staff here was wonderful and treated us outstanding. We are already talking about golfing here again later in the summer. I went in and thanked them for being so awesome to us and the guy told me they enjoyed us being there and hoped we would come back again which I assured him we would.

What a wonderful day and a big thanks to Cassandra for putting this all together for us. Well thanks for reading and I hope you weekend was as awesome as mine. This is my group before we started, after wards there were no pictures as my makeup was not looking good.

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Another fun end to the week

Well it has been another long week and as always I so look forward to Fridays as I know I will have a chance to relax and have fun with my friends. Tonight I chose to wear my red dress which is a little fancier than I would normally wear out to a place like sweet home but what can I say I just felt like wearing it. I forgot to get a picture but here I am in the same dress at the Prom party we had several months back. I like it for two reasons, first if you can’t tell already I love the color red. Second through the miracle of elastic and padding I can create a really nice cleavage, I will include a picture further down which shows this effect which for a crossdresser especially with a flat chest is awesome and just makes you feel pretty.

I got there and Teresa had just pulled in which was a pleasant surprise. I went inside and Laura, Veronica, Chris and Cassandra were already there. It was great to see Veronica again as she does not get to go out with us that much as she works out of town but she is in town this weekend because 8 of us are playing golf tomorrow, Saturday. We are having our first Rose City T-girls golf tournament. Now some of us are good at golf and others not so much and I will not say where I fall but this is really not about the scores but having fun and looking pretty out on the golf course. Okay I will say where I fall in the golfing group, I am probably the middle so I shouldn’t win or lose but will have a blast and look great doing it.

Well Teresa came in and it was great she was able to join us tonight. I really don’t get to see her often enough so I really enjoyed talking with her. Melissa also showed up so we had a full table already. A man at the bar came over and introduced himself and again I apologize as I can’t remember his name but he asked what we were drinking and then bought 2 pictures of beer for our table. He was here with a woman I assume was his date but not sure. He was really nice and soon a couple of the girls were playing pool with the 2 of them and having a fun time. Well it came time for them to leave and her came over looking for Veronica and had his name and phone number on a napkin for her but she was off someplace and the lady with him came over so he put it in his pocket and they left. Looks like Veronica was the hit of the night.

Well it wasn’t long and Cristine, Bobby, Cassie, Petra, Michelle, Cristina and her friend arrived so we had a good turnout for the night. It was a fun night and we all enjoyed talking and playing pool till Karaoke started. Chris and Laura sang several times as the Karaoke group had an event out of town so none of them made it tonight so it really was pretty quiet here. I almost worked up the courage to get up and sing and actually tonight would have been a good night as with the exception of our group it was pretty slow. I have a couple songs I have been practicing and could probably sing them although not well so maybe someday.

Well it was getting late midnight, not as late as we normally stay out but then we have to be up somewhat early tomorrow for golf, we are meeting at 12:15 and for me I have an hour drive to get to the golf course. Ad that to the fact Susan takes more time to get ready, yes we will all be wearing makeup and looking our best as that is the point of the golf game, so I will have to be up somewhat early. Anyway we were getting ready to leave and Chris, Laura sang one more song and also Melissa and even Cassandra. Now Cassandra has sung “Girls just want to have fun” before but she always gets a group to sing with her. Tonight she sang on her own and she sang the theme song to the TV show Brady Bunch. I should have got up and sang. Well we were leaving so it was too late for tonight. It is strange that I will go places as Susan and could care less what people may think but singing or dancing and I just can’t stop thinking what they will think of me.

Well Saturday we will play golf and have a fun time and of course I will blog about it and hopefully have some new pictures to post. Thanks for reading and have a fun weekend.

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Another fun night out with friends at Harvey’s

Well I look forward to this all month long as it is such a fun night out. A group of us anywhere from 12 to 25 get together once a month and go to Harvey’s. We have been going here for years but for about the last 2 years we have gone once a month. Now most of us meet at Fox & Hound around 7 and then walk over to Harvey’s around 8:30. Now we do this for a couple reasons, first parking is so much better, plus it is just fun to have an extra hour or so out with my friends.

I got to Harvey’s the same time as Cassandra and Wilma. Cristine, Amy and a new girl Jennifer was there already. Jennifer was in boy mode and she is in the process of moving to Portland and starting her transition. They weren’t going to Harvey’s but came out to join us for dinner. It was great to see Amy again and spend some time with her. She even had new hair for tonight and looked great but then she always does. Well Joan, Melissa, and Laura also showed up so we had a good group already.

Well about 8:30 we left Fox & Hound and started walking to Harvey’s, I stopped by my car and got my wrap as even though it was warm out now I was worried it could be cool for the walk back at midnight. Now normally I wear my lower heels but tonight I just wanted my 4″ heels even though I knew by the end of the night my feet would be killing me but they went so well with my cute outfit.

We got to Harvey’s and Jan & Lynn were already there and it wasn’t long before Victoria showed up. We had 12 of us for the show so Cassandra and I went out and got our tickets as we waited. Now getting here early enough we were able to get seats in the bar close to the entrance. Now getting in was not an issue as they always reserve tables for us as we tell them how many we are bringing and we have our regular waitress Kim who is awesome and always makes sure we are in her section but I really wanted to be able to sit while we waited so I didn’t have to stand in my heels.

Finally it was time to go into the show room and we had tables almost right up front. Now there were a lot of people for the show and there were to Bachelorette parties here. One of the groups went up on stage and got pictures and it wasn’t long and the other Bachelorette group came up and got on stage. There was a man that got their cameras and took pictures of them. When they were done he came over to our group and said we should go up on stage and get our pictures taken and well you know how we feel about our pictures being taken so he didn’t have to ask again. Well we found out later that he was the owner of Harvey’s.

Well Cassandra, Lynn and I all gave him our cameras and we all got on stage. You could not imagine all the flashes from the audience as we were up there. There was on table close to the front with 4 girls and 4 guys and all 4 of the girls had their cameras out taking our pictures and we were having a blast. At the end Cassandra tried to take a picture of the audience as she told them as they were taking our picture she wanted one of them but her batteries died and she couldn’t take it. I stopped by the one table and asked if I could get a picture with one of them since they took ours and the one girl was only too happy to get a picture with me. The night was off to an awesome start.

Well the show started and the comedians were awesome, we laughed so hard. I think this is why I enjoy this night out as we always laugh and have fun. Now I am not saying all the comedians are the best but almost always they are good and tonight was no exception. The opening comedian was great and I think he could be a headliner. The headliner was awesome and he was having fun with the audience. And picking on people in the audience he even had some jokes about us as we were so close to the stage but it was all in fun. It was just an awesome night. After the show the owner came back and told us about next month’s comedian and said we will love that night so we are already looking forward to that night.

The comedians came back over to our tables as they both wanted to get pictures with us. Now I didn’t think to take my camera out so I didn’t get a picture. The headliner was Joe Fontenot and the other comedian was Tony and I can’t remember his last name. It is funny as this is the third time the comedians have come over to us to get pictures with us and Cassandra was off someplace else and missed out. Joe thanked us for being there and said he was glad we had fun.

Well on the way out we got talking to the one Bachelorette party and they were awesome. They wanted some pictures with us and of course you know what we said so all our camera’s came out and we had a blast with them. We talked with them for a while and they had a drawing for a gift card and one of them won it so they are planning on coming back again. Anyway we were telling them we come every month so they said they were going to try to come when we are there again as they had so much fun.

Well we got outside and they wanted more pictures well it might have been us but either way we got more pictures. I am sure they will remember this night. Well once we got outside it really was a nice night and not cold so I took my wrap off.

Well it was time to head back to Fox & Hound as that is where we parked and some of the girls wanted to go back there and play pool and a couple wanted to go to CC Slaughters and go dancing. For me it was time to head home. It is still amazing how at ease I am just walking around downtown Portland. It was an awesome night and really my feet were not that bad even though we had walked 7 blocks each way. It was such a fun night. Here is one more picture from last night.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Fun evening with friends

Well it is another Friday night and time to go out and have some fun with my friends. I so look forward to this night all week long but especially tonight as it has been a really busy couple weeks and this is my first chance in almost 2 weeks to have some Susan time. I so love spending times with my friends I have made as Susan. It also gives me a chance to escape from my daily life as a man and forget about all the issues, and problems I face on a daily basis. I think the world would be much better place if everyone you get away from their issues every week for a few hours, I am not saying by crossdressing but finding something that completely relaxes them and for me that is being Susan. O don’t just get to forget about stuff but I take on a new persona of Susan, friends, experiences and the rest of my life goes away for those few hours. I read someplace that the way to be happy is find something you really enjoy and then make time to do it on a regular basis and I have found just that.

Well I got all ready and off I went to meet my friends at Sweet Home. Laura, Cassandra and Chris were already there when I got there. Actually it was only 7 pm and I there were only a couple other people there at this time. It is actually pretty quiet here till about 9:30 when they get the Karaoke going. That is when most people start to show up. Well we ordered dinner and sat around and talked for a bit. It really is about being out with friends and the social aspect of it and not so much about where we go or what we do for me.

Kim showed up next which was awesome as I some really like spending time with her. We actually got together Wednesday and had a BBQ at my house but that was not Susan time. It really is awesome that I get to spend time with her as both male and female; I guess I am really lucky on this. Anyway she had on this really cute summertime dress and looked awesome. It was going to be a wonderful night.

Well a few more girls showed up, Melissa, Mikaela, Cristine, Bobby, Bob, Petra and Christina. Christina came last week when I wasn’t there so this was the first time I have met her. She seems really nice and has been living full time now for about 3 years. We got a chance to talk for a bit and get to know each other which is always nice meeting new people.

David also showed up, he is one of Kim’s friends and has come out with us a few times. He lives somewhat close to Sweet Home so he stopped in for a bit which was nice. He seems really accepting of our group and is fun to talk to so hopefully he will stop in again. Well it got to the time for Karaoke and of course Kim, Chris, and Laura put their names into sing. They all sang several songs and did an awesome job as always. I was joking with Mikale about her singing and she asked when I was going to sing and I told her right after she did. Well about an hour later Mikaela did go up and sing so now I guess I will have to come up with a song to sing. I am okay singing with someone else but I still can’t get up the courage to sing on my own. It is funny but going out as Susan on my own doesn’t bother me but singing Karaoke or dancing scares me and I think people will stare at me. Makes no sense I know but what can I say.

Well it get late and Kim needed to leave so of course I walked her out to her car. It is always sad when she has to leave but I can look forward to the next time I see her. Well I got back inside and it was really starting to get busy as a lot of the Karaoke group had shown up now. I played a couple games of pool, I lost both but came close to winning and had fun and that is what counts.

Well it was a fun night and it was amazing as it got later it got busier and there were still people coming in after 1 which when you figure they close at 2:30 suppressed me. Well others left and it was down to just Cassandra and me and we got balking. And before we knew it it was after 2 am and the place was packed. We actually had to stand in line to pay our bills so it must have been a really good night for the place.

Tomorrow night the group is going to Harvey’s comedy club for our monthly outing. I am so looking forward to it; I think we have 16 signed up to go. We are also planning a golf day, we have 8 people that have paid and Cassandra is working on getting a tee time for us. That will be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend

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