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Super Bowl party 2013

Well it is Super Bowl Sunday and even though I am not much of a football fan I couldn’t pass up a chance to go to a party. Susan loves to get out. Again this would mean leaving my house early as the party started at noon but Susan would be fashionably late. I got all ready and chose my white skirt and black top. It really is a cute outfit and of course my heels. I even painted my toe nails Saturday night as they really needed it so now they are all pretty again. I was out the door and on m way, I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s home about 1:30. Cassandra and Peggy not only host our Halloween party but also Super Bowl, how awesome is that, that they open there home every year for us all to enjoy a fun day. Being a little later I had to park up the street and walk down, can’t help wondering what their neighbors think as they have to notice all these tall woman going to their home.

There were already about 20 people there when I got there, they were playing Jenga and eating food, so much food and it was all good. It was so much fun to see everyone and talk with them. With my plate full I had to find a place to sit as I knew I didn’t want to be standing all day in my heels or they would come off. I found Peggy at the table so I joined her as did Kimberly and another girl and we just sat there and talked which was a nice way to pass the time.

Well the game started and we just kept on talking, again I am not much of a football fan but we could hear them in the other room cheering and screaming so we knew when things were happening. Well time went fast and soon it was time for the half time show and of course we did not want to miss that so we all moved into the other room which meant we had to sit on the floor. Now there is no graceful way to get down and sit on the floor at least not for this girl especially in a short skirt and high heels but I managed to do it in some sort of lady like way. Here I am on the floor watching the half time show; Kim was nice enough to let me lean against her legs. Actually I only had to sit there for a short while as people would move around and soon a spot opened on the couch next to Kim which I took and I found out getting up from the floor was just as much of a challenge.

Well I actually watched the second half of the game and it was pretty good at least once they got the lights back on and could play again. Plus they had some really great commercials. It was fun and I got a chance to talk with Kim some more turns out she knows more about football than I do of course I think most people do.

It was a really fun time and what made it great were the awesome people there. I am not sure how many but I would guess we had 30 to 40 there, now I did make one little goof as I should have looked back at last year’s pictures. Turns out I wore the same outfit this year as I did last year, yes I had different heels and wig so I wasn’t totally the same but wow I hope no one else noticed this. Any way this is last year’s picture so just imagine me with my other heels and my shorter wing and well you got it. Oh I did have on a different color lipstick and nail polish also.

It was a really fun night. I want to thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did and everyone who brought wonderful food. I ate too much and now I really need to cut back. I hope everyone had an awesome day.

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