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Rose City T-girl Winter Gala

Well Saturday night was our 3rd annual Winter Gala, Kathy and Mandie open there home each year and host this wonderful party with the help of Danielle and I am sure others. I have been looking forward to this for weeks now. I wore my long black dress which I got for the T-Girl pageant 2 years ago. I really don’t have much of a chance to wear it as this is only the second time. Now the funny thing is when I wore it last at the pageant I had help and really never thought about it but being a tight dress I found it hard to zip up the back by myself. Took a little work but I did manage to get it on. Getting into the car and driving was also a challenge in a long dress. I guess I will just have to wear it more to get use to it.

I got to their home just before 6 pm and there were already people there. They had so much food set out and a friend making drinks at their bar, their friend who’s name escapes me I have met before as she has come out with them with the group a few time. She had on the cutes outfit, kind of a miss clause look so I had to get a picture with her. The first and only picture I got as my batteries went dead, I guess I really am blonde as I should have taken extra batteries but there were lots of other cameras there so I will have other pictures. The food they had was awesome, so delicious and so much they really out did themselves.

We had a good turn out; I would guess 40 made it to the party including Teresa who joined us on Skype from Thailand. She had SRS surgery a week ago and is not recovering over there for a few more weeks. It was good to see her even if only on the computer. It really is amazing what technology can do now days. There were a few girls that only come out to the parties so it was good to see them again.

Jessica and Trisha (Trisha was in male mode) also made it. I would never have recognized Trisha if it had not been for her wife with her. I give her a lot of credit for this as it is still something I can’t do. Now there are a few friends that have seen me as my male self and a few others I would be totally comfortable meeting that way but still don’t think I could just show up in front of so many as my male self. It was good to see them again and get time to talk to them. They are an awesome couple and Jessica is so supportive of Trisha. We only met a little while ago but we have become good friends as they have a way to make you feel so welcome and at ease.

Robyn a t-girl from Seattle was also there. I met her at the Halloween party and she joined our group so she came down for the party and I got a chance to talk with her also. She has also started to go to Starbucks up by her house.

Jenn also made it; I first met her at the Halloween party to. She also has an accepting wife which is awesome. She also has only been out a few times and never out in public. I hope she will come out more with the group to the P-Club, she also lives not far from the Starbucks I go to so maybe someday we can meet there.

Cassandra and her wife Peggy were there of course, Cassandra brought her laptop so we could Skype with Teresa that way we could see her and she could see all of us. Peggy and Jessica both had on the same cute black dress. Jessica had added some sparkle to hers so they did look a little different but Peggy was the one who realized it.

Wow so many wonderful friends were at the party and everyone looked so pretty. The dresses that were there were awesome. It was a perfect night. Jan won the contest for the highest heels at 4 ½ inches. We also had our T-Girl walk; we all one at a time descended the stairs, at the bottom we gave our name and curtsied then sat down in a chair. All the GG’s judged us on this and in the end Marla won. She really did come down the stairs well. It is funny as a guy you don’t think about such things but as a girl descending stairs in 4″ heel and a long dress is a challenge. I will have to work on this more for next year’s party.

Most of the night we just sat and chatted which I really do enjoy plus since I had on 4″ heels sitting was good as I went the whole night without removing them. The white room where they have their Christmas tree is where I spent most of the night, Peggy, Jessica, Trisha, Victoria, Jan, Lynn and Robyn were all there and we just chatted four hours. It really is funny how fast the night went. Soon it was midnight and we all wondered where the time went. People started to leave and the night was coming to an end. I didn’t want the night to end but knew it had to as I had to be up early Sunday morning. It was about 12:30 when I started saying goodnight to all my wonderful friends. It was truly a magical night and I lo0ok forward to the next party and the next time I get to see my friends.

A big thanks to Kathy and Mandie for opening their home for such a grand party. You two are awesome.

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Loud night at the P-Club

Well it is Friday night and you know where I am going, yes the P-Club with my friends. I look forward all week long to be able to go out and relax with them. Today I got off work a little earlier and thought I would go at 7 as I know some of the girls get there a little early which means starting getting ready a little earlier. It was a good plan but for some reason Susan took a little longer tonight to get ready and so I found myself leaving at 7 pm like normal but I looked good so I was okay with the extra time. It is only a 20 minute drive so I was still a little early and of course found a parking spot right in front which was nice as it was only 37 degrees out so the walk would be short getting in.

Inside I found Cassandra, Wilma & Chris were already there so I joined them. It was great to see Wilma again as she is working again so only gets out every couple months, we have all missed her but glad she has a job now. It was great to get a chance to talk with her and catch up. She usually brings her chess board and we play a game or two at the club which is not something you see two girls doing in a club on a Friday night. We were not sure how many girls would show up since Saturday night is our Winter Gala party and we figured a lot of the girls would stay home Friday so they could go out Saturday night.

Victoria was the next to show up and then others started to show up, turns out we had a pretty good turnout, between 15 and 20 so that is always nice, a couple years ago if we had 5 or more it was a great night. Well I was hungry so I ordered some food, this time I choice the P-Club salad, not my normal dinner but I am trying to eat better and healthier. It was really good and not nearly as filling as what I normally eat there. I hope to lose some weight but the main reason is I really need to eat healthier as this girl is not getting any younger.

Well the club started to get busier about 9 and for the first time they charged a cover of $5 it did go for a charity so some of the girls who got there later had to pay. The P-Club had two live bands that were going to play also to help with the charity which is what I think brought some of the people in. wow what can I say about the bands, if you like really loud head pounding music where you can’t understand a word the singers are screaming then this was the place you should have been. I guess I am getting older as it was way too loud and just not what I would listen two. One of the comment, well several of us that those of us who got there early enough not to pay the cover well we should go pay the cover to see if they would leave. It really did make it hard to talk and we were on the other side of the club which is pretty big.

Sophia and Lorna also made it which was nice, in between songs we would talk. It is nice to spend time talking with friends, something Susan like to do. Funny as my male side like to be active and doing things where as Susan really does enjoy a nice conversation.

Monica and another girl named Shannon showed up. I don’t think I have ever met this Shannon (have to be careful as we have two Shannon’s in the group). She seemed really nice and looked really good, she had on this beautiful red dress, I noticed as I am looking for a new cute red dress right now. But what was funny is she looked familiar and I was trying to figure it out so of course I ended up looking at her all the time. Well it took me a while but finally figured it out. She looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston, the actor from the TV show Friends. Her wig was the same style as her hair and she had done her makeup in such a way that she did have a very strong resemblance to her at least I thought so. I wonder if she knows this or it is what she is trying for but by the time I realized it they had left.

Evie a GG we met here about a year ago (picture and blog about when I met her) showed up with a couple of her friends so I went and talked to her. Her first question was where was Diane, her and Diane really hit it off. Even so she still remembered my name and Cassandra so I guess we made an impression on her. Her friends were just as awesome as her and soon they joined us at our tables. It is so nice when we can interact with the regulars and be accepted as equals.

I did play one game of shuffle board, Victoria and I played Kelly and Bobby. It was fun and Victoria and I won which makes it all the better. Some of the girls played pool but no one danced. Jan & Lynn bought some tickets in the raffle they had for the charity, funny as they sold them at the door but didn’t go around inside so those of us who got there early didn’t even know about the raffle, any ways Jan and Lynn won a couple time. First they got 2 $50 gift certificates for a Tattoo, but they also won a $50 gift certificate to McMenamins which is a local Micro brewery here in the northwest, they started off small but bow they buy old schools and turn them into small hotels and restaurants. They are very successful and they have really good hamburgers and beers. So that was a really good prize.

Well the band stopped playing a little after midnight so again we could carry on a conversation which was nice. I think it was about 1:30 when we were already to leave. I think there was still 8 of us there at that time which is pretty good for as late as it was. Our cars were all frost covered so I had to let it warm up and defrost. I wasn’t about to stand out in the cold and scrape my windows as I might have broke, well knocked off one of my nails, besides it only took a few minutes for the windows to defrost so I could drive home. Also the inside of the car was cold but not as cold as the 27 degrees outside with a slight wind. Susan likes to be warm.

Well Saturday night is our Winter Gala party at Kathy and Mandie’s house should be a lot of fun. I think Trisha and Jessica are planning on being there so looking forward to talking to them. Also need to return her shawl wrap she let me borrow and thank her for it. I really liked it so much I found it online and ordered one for myself. It arrived last week, really cute. I will have to get a picture of me in it. Also I think Jenn is planning on being there. I have only met her once but we have exchanged e-mails and she is also really nice. It will be such a fun night. Will post again tomorrow.

The next weeks with the holidays coming up will be harder for me to get out as lots going on and things to get ready for. I hope to make it out on Friday nights but that may be all I make till after New Years.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Have a great weekend.

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