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Super Bowl 2014 party how fun

Well it is here again, Super Bowl Sunday. Now I am not much into football but Susan loves a party so this was a great opportunity to have some Susan time with friends. I wore my cute white skirt and this beautiful Salmon color top and sensible heels 3″ as I figured I would be on my feet more today. Now I was ready to leave by 1 pm and wouldn’t you know it a couple of the neighbor kids were out playing basketball in the street. Now I now their parents know about Susan so that wouldn’t be an issue but I am not sure if the kids know and for some reason I am still nervous about having the neighborhood kids find out so I waited for a few minutes in hopes they would go inside but they didn’t so what is a girl to do. Well I took my wig off and placed it in the front seat and put my sunglasses on visors down and opened the garage door and pulled out and hoped they wouldn’t notice my lipstick as I went by. I wonder if they noticed anything. I got to the end of the street and put my wig back on and then I was off to the party, I had about a 45 minute drive. The party was at Cassandra & Peggy’s house as they have hosted one the last 4r years for our group. How awesome is that. You have to wonder what their neighbors think about all these tall woman that come over to watch Super Bowl with them. I got to their home about 2 pm and there were already some girls there but not as many as I thought since the part actually started at noon. Cristine, Teresa, Chris, Diane, Brenda, Phaedra, Laura, and Sandy were there. It was so great to see Sandy, she live up by Seattle and only gets down here a few times a year so it was cool she could make it to the party and of course I had to get a picture with her, she had on this really pretty blue dress. Yes today I was going to get pictures. It was great to see her again and chat with her. Cassandra finally came down stairs as she was up working on the Super Bowl boards. It is a way of gambling on the game and what is cool is there is no skill involved. You pick squares on a board and then the numbers are put in on the sides and if the scores at the end of the quarter or gam match your number you win. Wouldn’t you know it I won $10 right off the bat as I drew the worse numbers you could get on a board so for my $40 I put in I got $10 back before the game even started. Now a few of the girls wore football jerseys, Cassandra in her Broncos Jersey and Diane in her Seahawks Jersey the rest of us had cute little outfits on because after all it wasn’t really who won the game but how cute we looked while we were there, such a girly attitude but then again I did spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup just perfect to go watch a football game. A few more girls showed up including Julie (Little Julie as we have several Julies now) she was able to get out and join us so of course there had to be another picture. She had on a really cute blonde wig which looked good on her but she needed higher heels as even with my lower heels I towered over her. It was great to talk with her for a bit and catch up. We were still waiting for the game to start and snacking on all the wonderful food that was set out mostly chips and dip which I love, probably one of the reasons I can’t lose weight. Well to keep it simple this year we all chipped in some money and ordered pizza to be delivered. This was going to be an awesome party. The pizza finally arrived and I have to wonder what the delivery guy thought when he arrived with 6 pizzas for a Super Bowl party and it was all woman some a little taller and bigger than normal. I am sure he had a good story when he got back to the shop. Well more girls showed up, Petra, Michelle, Samantha, Gigi, Bianca, Peggy, Dan Julie and Trixie and of course more food. It was now almost kick off time and the girls who were really interested in the game were now in the living room with their seats all picked out while the rest of us talked in the kitchen. Well the kitchen is right there also so we could kind of see the TV if we wanted to but for us it was more about the social activities then what was on the TV. The game started off with a bad play by the Bronco’s and the Hawks got a touch back and so that bad number I had won on earlier before the game started now became a good number. I was talking with Julie, Sandy and Brenda in the Kitchen and yes we were talking about Diva Las Vegas. Brenda has signed up and made hotel reservations at the Quad also so she will be there so now we for sure have Cassandra, Cristine, Julie, Veronica, Melissa, Brenda, Petra and myself going for sure how much fun will this be and of course we needed a picture of us in our cute little outfit and heels. Isn’t this what football is all about looking cute. Cassie, Dana also showed up just before game time. Brenda is really excited, well we are all excited about going to Diva Las Vegas which is only two months away now, and there is still time to sign up if you want to go. Brenda has gone to Esprit before and spent a few days living as Brenda but this will be a whole week in Las Vegas. I tried to talk Sandy into going and she really wants to but just can’t figure out how to work out the details. I know how that goes but maybe next year. Well the first quarter was over and we were still talking in the kitchen when Cassandra started handing out the money for the first quarters scores and I was right that touchback at the beginning had turned my bad number into a good one and I won twice on two different boards, $20 and $40 so my $40 dollar investment was now worth $70. This was a great party. We were eating pizza I was using a fork as I didn’t want to get my fingers greasy or mess up my lipstick like I said this is what football is all about. I am sure every Super Bowl party was like this right. It was now time to have some cake. Peggy had made this beautiful cake in the shape of a football and no one wanted to cut it so she finally did so I had to have a piece well maybe more than a piece as it was really good. The second quarter was under way and we were still talking in the kitchen and of course taking pictures, Me, Julie and Sandy. Soon it was half time so we all wondered over so we could see the half time show and then we kind of watched the rest of the game. It is amazing how fast the game and day went by. I didn’t win any more money but I had a great time. I know it was hard for the girls who wanted the Broncos to win but at least they did score so that is something. After the game we all talked for a while and helped clean up yes a woman’s work is never done. It was a really fun day and a big thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting another wonderful party. I am already looking forward to next year’s party. Thanks for reading

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  1. Hi Susan
    i am so glad reading your blog and i want to be your friend too.
    you have a beautiful group, i am so happy if i have too 😉
    sorry my english not well, i wish you understand what i meant 🙂


    Comment by riyanita | February 6, 2014 | Reply

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