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July 2012 Monthly social at Cassandra & Peggy’s home.

Well it was Saturday night and I was ready for a fun night at Cassandra and Peggy’s monthly social. I was already to leave and no one outside so as I pulled out of my drive the neighbors across the street opened their garage door and as I went by they were standing in their garage. I didn’t notice them looking at me but cannot tell if they saw me or not.

I got to Cassandra’s house just before 7, Cristine & bobby arrived at the same time. I had my veggie tray and some sprite for the party. The party was a red, white and blue as it was the 4th of July just a couple days ago so I wore my white skirt, aqua and blue and of course red nails and lipstick. I also tried something different and use different shades of blush on my eyes which actually turned out really well as it gave them a nice rosy pink color that I really liked, I may do this more. Kelly was the next to show up and for a while it was just the 5 of us.

A few more showed up around 8, Jim and Victoria so we were wondering if it was going to be a slow night. About 8:30 finally more started to show up and we had a good turnout. There was so much good food and Cassandra cooked up some Taquitos which were really good. Well I had my camera and wanted to make sure I got pictures of everyone who showed up for our group and I think I did. I even got some picture of myself as that is really important. This is me with Victoria she really did have on a red, white and blue outfit, all she needed were some stars.

Well as you can see in the picture the giant Jenga game so it was time to play a game. Several of us decide to play a game and it really is a lot of fun. If you have never played giant Jenga you should. We first played it when we went to Easy Street a couple years ago and had so much fun Cassandra bought her own set for parties.

Well we all sat around more and of course ate a little more. I did try to eat more of the fruit and vegetables along with my chips and dip. I really am trying to eat better just hard as cooking for one is never easy. Jan, Lynn, Jackie and Rose showed up. Jan and Lynn had matching outfits which is so cute. It was great to see them as they have not been out as much lately as they have a lot going on right now. Rose is really nice and it turns out she not only helps T-girls with hair and makeup but she has also done hair and makeup on I think movies and I know some TV shows. She actually did hair for some of the actors on one of the episodes on Grimm last year. Of course I had to get a picture with her also. She had on these really cute heels; they were a red color almost like the ruby shoes in the Wizard of Oz.

Well it was time to play Jenga again and this was the first time rose had ever played which is always fun when you have new players. Cassandra was bragging about never having knocked it over and lost. Well as you can guess one should never make comments like that. We were only on the second round with 5 players when Cassandra tried to pull on out close to the top, she didn’t knock the stack over but did knock a few off the top which is just the same so she has finally lost a game of Jenga.

Well as that game went so fast we played another on with the same group and we were all really trying hard. We were all pulling blocks from the bottom as that really makes the game interesting and hard. Oh the other thing we do on Jenga is each block has a number on it that gives a rule you have to follow like you have to pull the first block you touch or you only have 30 seconds to complete your turn. Well we were doing really well and the stack was getting really high and wobbly and it was my turn. I gentle pulled out a block and placed it on the top without knocking it over and then it was Cassandra’s turn and yes you guessed it. She pulled out a block that she says came out really easy and the whole thing collapsed. Now just so there is proof I did get a picture just a little late but you can see the blocks falling and the agony of defeat. Now I normally don’t put picture in my blog that I am not in but this was just such a good picture I had to include it. Plus this way Cassandra can never claim she didn’t knock it over as I have the photo to prove it.

Well it was a really fun night and I so enjoyed spending the evening with all my friends, a big thanks for Cassandra and Peggy for opening their home for our group to have a get together. Well after the last game of Jenga it was time for me to leave as it was almost midnight and this girl had to get up early the next morning.

This next week I am planning on going out Wednesday night for dinner with the group, also Friday and I hope I can get some of the girls to go out that night also. Next Saturday is our monthly outing to Harvey’s Comedy club and I am planning on going to that also so if all goes right I will have 3 nights out this week. I am also thinking it is time for a pedicure again as it has been over 2 months and my toes need some work to be pretty again. Any way I will of course blog about these outing too.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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