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Friday night at P-Club after missing 4 Fridays

Well Friday came and I was so glad as I have wanted to get out with my friends for a long time. It is hard to believe I have missed the last 4 Friday nights out, hope they remember my name? Just kidding as I saw them all at the fantastic Halloween party but there is just something fun about being out in public with them.

I started getting ready a little after 5 so I could try to get to the P-Club by 7 as Cassandra said she would be there early but as normal Susan takes a little time to get ready so it was almost 7 when I left home but as I only have a 20 minute drive I was there by 7:15. I found a parking spot right outside the door on the street which was nice as it was raining and Susan does not like her hair or makeup to get wet, she is such a girly girl. Cassandra and Chris were already there so I joined them and our night was off to a good start. Nicole the one bar tender brought me a drink before I could even order which was nice, I guess I am still remembered; actually the staff at the P-Club is awesome.

I was hungry so I ordered some dinner; they have a good menu and reasonable prices something every girl on a budget likes. Soon others from our group started to show up. Not sure how many we had as I am blonde after all but I think it was around 10 maybe a couple more, a smaller group but still a lot of fun.

Victoria was there and told us all about how things were going now that she is out and living full time. She came out at work about 6 weeks ago and has just legally changed her name now. We are all so proud of her as she is living her life the way she wants’ to live it’. She is the first person at her company to go through this so she is a real pioneer and the company so far is doing a good job with this.

Kristy also made it which is nice as she lives a ways a way so she doesn’t stay out too late. It was good to see her again and talk with her. She has also told some of the people she works with that she likes to dress which takes guts.

Amy also made it and brought a guy with her she met at the Qcenter. He is also a t-girl named Trisha but was in boy mode. He use to belong to our little group so hopefully he will join again. He seemed really nice and has beautiful long hair that any girl would love to have. He showed us a couple pictures of him dressed and just beautiful. Any way Amy and Trisha played Victoria and me in shuffle board, Trisha had never played so we gave her a quick overview of the game. He did pretty well but Victoria and I won both games we played.

One of the highlights of the evening was when one of the regular ladies came over to talk to us, I think she said her name was Rachel, remember I am blonde and don’t always get names right. She told us they, her and her friends were glad to see us back and that they had missed us last week. Because of the Halloween party everyone stayed home Friday to get ready for the party Saturday. She said when we didn’t show up last week they went and asked the bar staff where we were, the staff told them we had a big Halloween party but how awesome is that. They liked us enough to find out why we weren’t there on the first Friday we missed. We talked with her for a few minutes and thanked her before she went back and joined her friends but this really made our night.

The night was fun and some played pool and shuffle board. I think that is what is nice about the P-Club, lots of things to do. Well by 11 pm the club was really busy and at one point there was a huge crowed up by us playing pool and shuffle board which is always nice as we can people watch. The club started to slow down about 1 Am but a few of us were not ready for the night to come to an end so a couple of the girls started playing pool again while the rest of us watched and kept chatting.

The night ended with Cassandra and Cristine challenging Victoria and myself to a shuffle board game. Cassandra is so competitive and good at everything so if you can win against her your night is complete. They took the lead and at one point were winning 19 to 10 (we play to 21). That is when Victoria and I stepped up our game. In the end we won 22 to 19 (we scored 4 on the last shot), what a fun time and a fun night.

We all paid our bills and said our goodbyes till next Friday. I think we left a little after 2 Am which is a little later than we normal stay but we were having such a good time. It was a little chilly outside when we left, I guess fall is in the air but with that it also get dark earlier in the evening so hopefully more of our group will be able to get out as some really don’t like going out when it is light out. I remember when I use to wait till 10 pm and sneak out for fear one of my neighbors would see me. Funny how far I have come, still don’t want them to find out but have come to realize that at some point they will as I will not stop going out and now don’t care what time it is or how light it is out when I leave.

Well thanks for stopping by and reading and have a great week.

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  1. Hi Susan

    Sounds like a great night. I love to play games but have so far never found a place quite like the ‘p’ club. Glad you were able to do your usual and have a chat with a few of the regulars. Way to go girl! Always a good read!

    Hugs Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | November 7, 2011 | Reply

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