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P-Club with friends

Well Friday got here and not too soon. I have been looking forward to this weekend all week as I hoped to make it out all three days but it looks like only Friday and Saturday nights now but that is still awesome as I get to have some Susan time.

We normally meet at the P-Club at 7:30 but one of the girls posted she would be there by 7 so that was my plan also if I could get Susan ready early which is way easier now that it is dark by 5. I wasn’t sure how many girls would show up tonight with the group going out Saturday night but it would still be a fun night. I T-Girl I have chatted with online a few time, Trisha Boots and her wife would be in Portland this weekend and were going to meet me at the P-Club to meet some of the girls in the group so I was looking forward to that as it is always so much fun to meet new people.

Well I got all dressed and chose to wear my grey sweater dress as it was a little cold outside tonight plus I like the way it looks. Looking back I maybe should have saved it for Saturday night as we will be walking 5 blocks to and from Harvey’s but oh well can’t wear the same outfit twice in a week, wow I am such a girl as my male self would never worry about something like that.

Got to the P-Club just a little after 7 and Cassandra, Chris, Robyn and Bobby were already there and so our fun night started. I ordered something to eat and a drink, my normal 7-up and we sat and talked for a bit. Bobby and I played a game of pool and in the end I won so that means I have not lost a pool game in over 3 months, well actually it was the only game of pool I have played in 3 months but sounds way better the other way.

Trisha and her wife Jessica showed up and after introducing myself I introduced them to the group that was there. Made me think back to when I first met the group, I think there were only 20 members at the time and the night I met them I think only 4 of them were out and that was a little overwhelming at the time so it was good that at this point the group there was small but by the end of the night there were about 25 of us there.

Talking with Trisha and Jessica this is pretty new to them, Trisha has only gone out a few times and only came out to her wife a few months ago and yet her wife, Jessica is so supportive of her which is so awesome. Turns out we had a couple wives show up last night which was good as I hoped that would make it a little easier for Jessica. We had a fun night and spent most of it just talking. They really are an awesome couple and hope they join our group. We invited them to go to Harvey’s with us tonight and they accepted so we will all get to see them again tonight and talk more. It was a shame Peggy (Cassandra’s wife) couldn’t make it as I think Jessica and her would have really hit it off. Peggy so loves when the other wives come out with the group.

It was good to see Jan and Lynn out again and spend some time talking to them, they are the ones who got the first batch of tickets for the Saturday night show, big thanks to them for that. Victoria and I played Jan and Trisha in a shuffle board game. It was a lot of fun and yes Victoria and I won but it was a close game plus I don’t think Trisha had ever played so we had a slight advantage.

Sophia and Lorna were also there, didn’t see them come in but got over to chat with them for a bit. They are also going to Harvey’s and their son is going with them. Harvey’s will be such a fun night as I think we have 21 or 22 going which will be our biggest group yet.

In all it was a fantastic night, made some new friends and spent the evening with some of my best friends in the world. What could be better? It was funny talking to Trisha and Jessica and some of the fears they had going out to meet the group were some of the same that I went through and probably every girl in the group. Just goes to show that although we are all different and dress for different reasons we all share a common bond and I think that is what makes for such good friendships.

It is just fun to get together and talk about things, why we dress and what makes us who we are. Tips on how we dress, makeup, nails as that is how we all learn. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas and I am still hoping to get a group together from Portland to go next year, April 22 to 27 so mark your calendars. It is so nice to just have friends you can be yourself with and talk.

Have a great day and thanks for reading. I will post again about Harvey’s and hope to get some pictures tonight.

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  1. Hi Susan

    It is good to hear about new girl Trisha and her wife and I followed your link to give some encouragement. I do believe that is most important for the girls like us that have been doing this for a good few years now. My wife and I had a good night out in London this last weekend and maybe I will get to blog about it sometime; I just need the inclination as I appear to have lost it (writing that is!!) . 9 years now dressing. it will be 10 years for Tina in 2012 and as you know my wife has been with me all the way.

    Take care
    i>Hugs Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | November 14, 2011 | Reply

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