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Harvey’s Comedy club with the group

Well Saturday night our group had tickets to Harvey’s Comedy Club for the 10 pm show. The plan was to meet at Hamburger Mary’s between 8 and 9 and then walk the 5 blocks to Harvey’s as parking by Harvey’s is limited and usually filled up for the early show.

I wore my cute little black dress and yes I wore my 4″ heels but I did take another pair of 3″ heels in my purse. The first time I have ever taken a change of shoes just in case as I knew I would be on my feet and walking a lot.

Now I have never been to Hamburger Mary’s so I was looking forward to that. There is a parking lot just a black away so I decided to park there and pay for parking as it seemed easier plus I didn’t have to spend time driving around looking for a spot. I parked about 7:40 so I wondered if I would be the first one to arrive, but when I got inside Cassandra and Teresa were already there. Hamburger Mary’s is a pretty nice place and it turns out they do a drag show on Saturday nights. We ordered some drinks and some of the girls got something to eat. Most of the girls met here and chose to walk to Harvey’s. I am guessing we had 18 of us there. Brooke was able to go and dress as Brooke which was nice as it has been a few months since she has been able to dress and go out with the group. I know this made her happy.

It was turning into a fun night and I got a chance to go around and chat with most of the girls. About 9 pm we paid our bills and then started the walk down to Harvey’s, some of the girls who had paid their bills first went in one group and I was in the second group. It was fun to be walking down the street in a group. It was Brooke, Trisha, Jessica, Teresa, Jan, Lynn and I. Now if you have never walked 5 blocks in 4″ heels you are missing something. It was a little windy and a light rains but we were all smart girls and had our umbrellas. After all did not want to take a chance on messing up my hair and makeup. It only took maybe 10 minutes to make the walk and no problems.

We got to Harvey’s and went into the lounge part of the club where you can wait till they seat you for the show. Now we stood in line talking and waiting till the show started. I think this is when my feet hurt the most as it is always the balls of my feet that hurt in 4″heels. Trisha, Jessica, Teresa and I were all standing together and have a fun time chatting. It was maybe 20 minutes before they started letting people into the show room but when your feet hurt it seems a lot longer.

This time when we went in they sat us at tables almost right up front so we have a really good view. Luckily we were not at the table’s right in front of the stage as the comic’s tend to pick on the people at the front tables. The table I was at was Victoria, Wilma, Cristine, Bobby, Sophia, Lorna, their son, Barb and me. We all ordered drinks and talked between ourselves while we waited for the show to start. I was sitting right across from Sophia and Lorna’s son and he seemed to be fine with all of us. I was joking with him so I told him we would just tell everyone he was really a girl crossdressing as a man.4

They had two comic’s an opening act and a head liner, both were really good. Harvey’s always seems to have a good show and they always treat us very well which is nice. It was a really fun time being out with my friends. The show went about 1:45 minutes and there is nothing better than a night of laughter. We did take some pictures son I will post one of me.

After the show was over most of us did not want to go home including me even though I had to get up early Sunday morning so we decided to walk to Fox & Hound which is about 8 blocks from Harvey’s so at midnight about 16 of us started the walk through down town, I kept my 4″ heels on as I love them so much but my feet were ready to sit down when we got to Fox & Hound.

A couple of the girls played pool at Fox & Hound but the rest of us just sat around and talked. It was a really fun night that went by way to fast as they always do. Teresa had the cutes boots, I think she said she got them at Payless shoes so I tried them on and they fit me perfectly. Too bad she was watching me as I might have made a run for it as they are really cute. I may have to go to Payless and see if they have another pair. Actually all the girls looked great, Jessica had a really cute dress and heels also and her coat was awesome, something I may also try to find for Susan. It is so funny how I pay attention to other woman and the first thing I notice is what there are wearing and how it would look on me.

It was about 1:30 when it was time to go home so we had the 4 block back to where we had parked. It was a pleasant walk back even though my feet were dead by now but I still had my 4″ heel on and had not had to change shoes. When we got back to the parking lot by Hamburger Mary’s we said our goodbyes for now. It was a fun night and I made it the whole night without changing shoes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, this coming week I hope to make it to Starbuck’s most likely Thursday night.

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