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Monday out in Portland, last full day as Susan.

Wow this day got here so fast, I can’t believe how fast my vacation went. I got up this morning about 8:30 and started getting ready as I was going out for the day. I was ready and on my way by 10. My first stop was to Starbucks so I could write and post my blog from Sunday our trip back to Portland. Now for a Monday they were kind of busy but o found a table to sit at. It has been a while since I have been to Starbucks. I spent a couple hours here doing my blog, catching up on e-mails, some work and of course surfing the internet just a relaxing time. I really do like my Starbucks time. It was a little after noon when I left to start shopping.

My first stop was Burlington Coat as I wanted to look at their shoes. They had 3 pairs I liked but only one fit me. It was a wedge heel with open toe so I bought it. It is a little higher then I wanted in a wedge but it is really cute. I looked around at some of their clothes and also their purses, I really need a new purse as mine is starting to show its wear, it is probably 7 to 8 years old. I couldn’t find one I liked, seems all they had were really big or small. I just want a plain black purse medium size.

After here I went to DSW to look at their shoes, I am still looking for a pair of ankle boots. Again, they had several I liked but only one in my size well close to my size. They are just a little tight but I am hoping they will stretch out a little. Of course, of the 4 I liked the only one in my size was not on sale. I went ahead and bout them. They will look cute with my leggings.

From here I went to Lloyd Center to walk around for a while. This was more window shopping then anything as at this point I really wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I wondered through Sears, Marshals, Ulta, Macy’s, and a variety of other stores including Victoria’s Secret. What trip to the mall would not be complete without going in Victoria’s Secret.

On the way, out I stopped in Old Navy as they had a size that everything was 40% off. I have never bought anything here but I figured it was worth the look. While I was walking around here I saw another t-girl. I am always hesitant to go up to another t-girl when they are out as I don’t want to put them on the spot. I smiled at her but she was really not looking at any one else so I am not sure if she even saw me. I left there and made my way to my car and was on my way.

I headed for Cascade Station by the airport and went to Panda Express for an early dinner. Now it was only a little after 3 so it was in-between lunch and dinner so they were not busy when I got there but by the time I finished there were a lot of people here. After I ate I went few shops down to Starbuck’s for a drink and to play on my computer for a while. This Starbucks is always busy but there was one small table open right in the middle so I took it. I spent maybe an hour here just relaxing, Starbucks is a great place to go with your computer and do work.

After Starbucks, I walked around Cascade station, checking out Ross Dress for Less, Staples, DSW, and even BestBuy, it was a good day out. I stopped at the Starbucks by my house on the way home. This is where my day will end as I sit here updating my blog, I think that will be a record, 3 different Starbuck’s in one day. Tomorrow will be the last of my vacation post for Diva Las Vegas 2017 and sadly it will be after my nail appointment.

Thanks for reading and sharing my vacation with me.


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Out for a little while

Thursday is here and I am one week away from being Susan full time for 12 days, Next Thursday I will get my nails done, long pretty acrylic nails and then Friday we leave for Diva Las Vegas. I am really looking forward to it but I still need a few things. I decided to go out for a couple hours as I have a lot of things to get done and not sure how much I will be out before next Thursday.

I got home by 4 and got ready, I was on my way by 5 and my first stop was Wigland. Now the bad thing is the time of day, rush hour so there was a lot of traffic. I got there and went in. There was 1 young lady there looking at wigs so I just looked around. I found one wig I liked and it is basically the same one I have on now and as this one is getting a little frizzy I went ahead and bought it. I left here and drove over to Sears at Lloyd Center as I wanted to look at shoes specifically ankle boots.

I got there and went in and looked around, I found a few ankle boots that I liked but they didn’t fit. I walked out into the mall and down to ULTA to look at makeup. I found the rouge red lipliner I wanted so I bought it. I left there and my next stop was Walmart. I went in and looked around for a while I ended up buying another pair of leggings. now the strange thing is they did not have the same brand of leggings I bought the other day. I have gone to 3 different Walmart’s over the last week, twice as Susan and once in my male mode and all three have had different brands. I also bought an eyeliner while I was here.

I left Walmart and stopped at Burger king to get something to eat as traffic was still backed up on the freeway. After I ate I headed for home. It was almost 7:30 now so I just went straight home as I said it was going to be a short night out but it was still fun. I hope to get out Tomorrow night and Saturday and then my next chance will be Thursday as I start my vacation.

Thanks for reading and I will be posting more from Las Vegas.

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A fun Saturday out all day as Susan

I was really looking forward to today as I am going to spend the day as Susan and go shopping before meeting my friends at the Escape tonight. I was on my way by noon and headed for Washington Square. Now traffic was bad so it was about 1 when I got there. My first stop was Nordstrom’s
MAC counter as I needed some foundation and I have been using their Studio Fix as it gives me a really nice even coverage. Yes, I do splurge on my foundation. Now this being Saturday the mall was busy, lots of people everywhere. I got to the MAC counter and there were lots of people but they also had lots of help so I was helped right away. A very nice lady named Eve helped me, I told her the foundation I needed and of course she asked if I needed anything else, powder, primer. I told her I was good on everything but the foundation so she rung up my purchase and told me to come back if I needed anything else and she also gave me her card and told me to contact her if I needed anything.

Now it was out into the busy mall and down to Sears, I wanted to see if they had any of the tops I bought several months ago, as I really like them. I got to Sears and my first stop was the shoe department as I really want to find a pair of Ankle boots. Now the funny thing is they had 2 pairs I liked, the first only went to a size 10 and I couldn’t get it on too narrow. The other style had a size 11 so I figured I was good but it was too big. I was sad as I didn’t get a pair, will have to go out again this week and try again. Then it was over to the clothing section where a really nice lady came over to offer help, she told me where their sale items were and where thing that would fit me would be and told me to let her know if she could help me in any way. I thanked her and started looking. I found the tops I liked and they were on sale for $14.99 so I picked out two really cute ones, a pinkish and a wine color. Then it was up to the checkout to buy my purchase. The lady at the register was nice and asked if I wanted to give a phone number for rewards which I have done before and I had $8 in rewards points so she asked for my ID which I showed her and joked I looked a little different then the picture she just smiled and said not a problem like it was no big deal. Soon I was on my way with my purchase.

Now it was out to my car as my next stop was Charming Charlies which is at Bridgeport village and outdoor mall. I got there and had to park in the parking garage as again being Saturday they were really busy. I walked to Charming Charlies which was about 3 blocks and went in again a very nice young lady came over and asked if she could help me and I told her I was looking for a bracelet, the one I really love that I bought at Diva Las Vegas several years ago, broke last night. She showed me some but again I have a little bigger wrist then most girls so I had to try on a lot of them looking for ones that would fit. N ow I found a couple silver ones that fit but I wanted a gold one and I was lucky as the only two gold ones that fit were on their markdown rack, of course I also bought a silver one too. I walked around for a little while window shopping but as it is out doors I was worried it might start raining so I went back to my car which was a good choice because as I pulled out of the parking garage it was raining hard. Now I was already at Tualatin on I-5 so I figured I would drive down to Wilsonville to the Walmart supper center as I needed some lipliner, panty hose and leggings and they seem to have the best price.

Well it turns out Walmart is not in Wilsonville but would burn another 11 miles down the freeway. I had come this far so I continued on. Now luck was on my side as it stopped raining just before I got there and again they were busy. I guess everyone goes shopping on Saturday. Now I headed for the clothing section and the pantyhose. Seems this is a big seller at Walmart because every time I come to Walmart for Pantyhose the rack is really picked over. They did have 3 pairs and I also got one pair of leggings. Now it was over to the cosmetic section for my lip liner. Now I really like the Revlon
Color Stay liner and there are 3 colors I like, Nude, Pink rose, and red rouge but I only needed the last 2. Again, their selection was really picked over, they had the pink rose but not the red. So now I was on my way to the check stand. I went to the self-checkout as there were no lines there. Now it was off to Wigland in Portland.

I got to Wigland just before 5 and parked. I went to the door and they were closed, there was a note on the door they were sorry but had to close 3 today and would be closed tomorrow so I was out of luck. I guess I will have to come back later this week. Now I thought about what to do now. I decided to head for the Escape and just get there early. On my way, I was thinking I could play on my computer till others showed up when I remembered I needed a bag to carry my new computer so I went to Cascade Station by the airport. I decided to start at Staples first and see what they had. Now they were not as busy. I walked in and a young man asked if I needed anything and I told him what I needed and he took me over and showed me what they had, he was very pleasant and treated me wonderful. I found a really nice padded bag that would work and was up to the check stand. The lady there was really nice and asked if I had their rewards card which I do but not with me so she said I could use my phone number which I gave her. She read the name off and I said that was me I just look a little different and she didn’t blink an eye. I paid and she wished me a nice day and I was on my way.

I went to the Escape and got there about 5:30 and went in. I got out my computer and ordered dinner. Now I had no idea how many would show up tonight, Monique was the only one who posted in the group she would be there tonight so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. I ate my dinner which was really good and I talked with one of the ladies here, she is going on an Alaska Cruise next week and was excited about it so of course I had to tell her about going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks. She told me we would have to talk when we both got back and find out about each other’s vacation. Now I did have to take one selfie but remember I have been out for almost 6 hours at this point.

It was almost 7:30 and I was beginning to think I would be the only one here tonight when Jan & Lynn walked in. This must be the time to go out as right behind them were Kate, Bambi, and Kris and a little later Monique, Lori and Sasha showed up so there were 9 of us here tonight. We talked about so many things including Diva Las Vegas which is 2 weeks away. I am really looking forward to it. I need a vacation and a feminine vacation is so much more fun. Now I did get to talk with Monique, this is her first time out with the group. It was nice to get to know her and she seems really nice. Hope she comes out more with the group. We also talked about the Red Dress ball which I will be going to with Julie and Trixie. Kate is also thinking of going. It was a good night and I stayed out till almost 10:30 which really is 11:30 as we set clocks ahead tonight.

Okay this is the second blog I have written on my new computer. It is funny as I started writing my blogs in Word and when they stopped supporting it I had to go to windows live writer and bat first I didn’t like it but got used to it. Now I kind of miss it as Word is a little different. Windows live writer does not work with the new windows 10.

Thanks for reading

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Friday out shopping

It is Friday and I am going shopping once again. Mikaela can’t make it today as her baby is sick so I will be out on my own. I am still going to Clackamas Town center as I have not been there yet this week. Now I did a easy workout at the gym this morning as my legs were sore from the last 2 days. I started getting ready about 8:30. I was already to go by a little after 10.

I got to Clackamas Town Center a little after 11 so I decided my first stop would be for lunch. I parked near the food court and took my computer in with me so I could work on my blog from last nights dinner with Julie while I ate lunch. I spent 20161021_133135about an hour eating, doing my blog and people watching. After lunch I took my computer back out to my car and drove down by Nordstrom’s, I don’t like to put stuff in my trunk and then leave my car incase someone saw it. It still amazes me how easily I get out of the car almost without thinking about it. a few years back I would have to work up the courage and make sure no one was around. Life for Susan has gotten easier and more fun.

I went in through Nordstrom’s and right out into the mall. This has been the busiest so far this week but than it also is the biggest mall in the area. Again it amazed me how many kids were here, maybe close to 20% of the people seemed to be of school age. Maybe I am just getting older and everyone looks younger. My first stop was Sears to see if they had any of the Jeggins Tee-shirts. They did but not the same ones. it is funny as all 3 Sears stores have them and on sale for the same price but not the same styles. Yes I did by 3 of them as they were really cute. Now I have a lot of tops I have bought over the years that were really cute but ones I have never seen other woman wear these are cute but also more everyday casual. They are called tee-shirts but they look way nicer then any tee-shirt I have bought. So now I had a shopping bag and I was back out wandering around the mall like all the other woman.

My next stop was the Avon store as I am almost out of lip conditioner. Avon sells an awesome lip conditioner called beyond color lip conditioner, they also have lipsticks by the same name. This is the best conditioner and I have used it for years. I think I stared using it maybe 2008 or so. It is the best for your lip. I never have chapped lips any more and I put the conditioner on every morning and really looks no different then having chapstick on. I will also admit that I think over the years it has maybe plumped up my lips a little. I went into the store and asked if they had it and she said yes and it was on sale for 3 for $15 so I got two of them and one lipstick for fun. I do love lipstick. Any way  chatted with her for a few minutes before leaving. I walked through Macy’s and pretty much every store that sold clothes even the ones I had never heard of before.

I went into JC Pennies to look around and they had some really cute dresses and some were on a really good sale but they all went up to size 16 and as they were not stretchy I knew they wouldn’t fit. I walked around some more and spotted this really cute dress on a rack, It looked like it would fit me and was half off. I held it up to myself and looked in the mirror and it was just so cute, I wanted it. I had to try it on so off I went to the dressing room. Didn’t eve hesitate just went in and tried it on. It fit a little tight but if I lose a little more weight in the middle it will look awesome. After I put it back on the hanger I realized it might not have been good to just walk in there with my big bag from Sears. Well I came out and went to the checkout and bought the dress, it was not bad as I had an old gift card. That was one of the funny things as I found a couple gift cards last night going through an old purse. they are probably 3 to 4 years old so I wasn’t sure they had anything on them or would even work but they did. The pennies one had $24 dollars on it so the dress really only cost me $15 and the Sears card had $30 on it. I also have a coupe Nordstrom’s gift cards to use at a later date. Should have gone through that purse sooner. I can’t wait to wear this dress, I was thinking it would be perfect for Harvey’s but we are not gong again till December and I am not sure I can wait that long. Funny I never get this excited about my male clothes.

I walked through the Sephora store here and looked at all the makeup. It still amazes me that most of the woman shopping here were buying or looking at lipstick and yet none of them were wearing it. Yu don’t see many woman wear lipstick but they sure do seem to sell a lot of it. I also went to Victoria’s Secret as I wanted to get another bra from there. I really do love the one I bought last spring, it is a padded bra so I really don’t need any inserts with they for a natural look and it really is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. t is called So obsessed. I have the wine colored on but wanted a pink one. The girl went in the back to see if they had any because they didn’t in the drawer and she came back with one so I went and bought it. Well it was half the price I thought it would be which was good but it is also not the So Obsessed brand it is just there push up bra. I think it is a different material but it is still cute so I am keeping it. I wandered around the mall for probably 3 hours as it was a little after 3 when I left. 

I decided to go to the Starbucks at Jansen Beach again for a little while before I head to Sweet Home with my friends for the evening. I got there about 3:45 as traffic was not bad which surprised me being a Friday night. Now I am just relaxing and having fun writing my blog and checking out the internet. I will probably go to Sweet Home a little early tonight. It has been a fun day but hard to believe the week is almost over. Tomorrow is the last of my vacation and I will have to remove the pretty red polish and go back to clear, how sad. My nails just look so good this way.

Okay one last thing, last spring when I went and got fitted for a bra at Victoria’s Secret, that was probably one of the most fun things I have done as Susan, Right up with getting a makeover at the MAC counter and getting Acrylic nails. If you have never done these things you should at least once. You will remember it it always.

Thanks for reading

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Thursday and Susan is out again!

Okay it is Thursday and I am once again going out after the gym of course. I got hoe from the gym a little after 9 and started getting ready. Still not sure what I will do but it will probably be shopping and a Starbucks at some point. I was done with my makeup and ready to dress. I decided to go with my yoga pants and my cute top I bought the other day. Now when I was all dressed I really liked the Susans cute new look (2)look. So much so I had to get a couple pictures which is not easy if you want the whole outfit in the pictures. Now it was time to head out for the day. My first stop was to get gas as I forgot to do that yesterday. I went to the station right by my house. Now it was time to figure out what to do. it is raining pretty good so it is going to be another mall day.

Now there was a lot of standing water on the roads and freeway so it must have rained really hard over night and traffic was crawling every where. I decided to go to Lloyd Center as they have a lot of covered parking and you can walk into the mall without leaving the garage now it normally takes me about 20 minutes to get there but today was an hour trip. Now as I got close the rain seemed to almost stop so I figured I would go to Wigland first before the mall.

I got there and there were a couple spots right outside the door which was nice. I went in and looked around for a bit. I didn’t see anything, there selection wasn’t that good. I left after maybe 10 minutes and headed over to the mall. Now I was thirsty so I figured what better way to start then going to Starbucks and writing my blog for last night. There is one in Barnes and Noble and they have an entrance from the garage so I don’t have to pack my computer through the mall. I got inside and ordered my drink only to find out it wasn’t a Starbucks. It is funny as I have gone here several times before and always thought it was. it was only because I tried to pay with a Starbucks card. I still think at some point it was a Starbucks but it doesn’t matter. They were really busy and there was only 1 small table open so I took it.

Susans cute new look (1)I got out my computer and moved the picture off my phone and got a good look at my outfit and I really like it, I wish I hadn’t worn it today and saved it for tomorrow when I go shopping with Mikaela. I think the color of the top goes so well with the black pants. I have the same top in grey which I was looking for and bought this one as an after thought. I may do something I try not t do and wear this again tomorrow. I will see what the grey top looks like first before I decide. I finished my blog for last night and walked back out to my car to put my computer in the trunk,  also moved my car just to be safe incase someone saw me put it in my trunk as this is not the best area of town.

It was now into the mall for some shopping. Now I walked around this mall on Monday and did my shopping so I really don’t think I will find anything I want but again it is more about being out. There seemed to be a lot more people here today then Monday. Although it was raining pretty good it really wasn’t cold so I didn’t need a sweater so I could show off my cute outfit. I hit all the usual stores I go to and even went down to Sears to see what other colors of this top they have. They had a black one but I didn’t get it. I thought about getting another one this color just so I will have a backup but didn’t. I may regret that. Now as Susan I usually look at cloths and makeup but I decided to go look at the exercise equipment they have here as I am debating about buying an elliptical. that is what I use the most at the gym and I am wondering if it is more cost effective and easier to own one and cancel my gym membership.

I know more then got to the equipment and Sears actually has a pretty good selection of NordicTrack when one of the salesmen came over and asked if he could help me. I told him I was debating if I should continue with my gym membership or buy one. He explained all the differences between the one they had and they had a wide range from about $500 to $2400. They had a really nice one for $799 and it would do what I wanted. Now it would take about 2 years of my gym membership to pay for it after that I would save money. I told him I had a few more months on my membership a small lie and at that point I would make a decision. He treated me great though and and seemed really interested in helping me even though I would not be buying today, of course he may get a commission on what he self but I still felt welcomed. Seas has always been a good place for Susan to shop as I have never had a problem there. Now I got to the mall about 12:30 and it was almost 3:30 now so I was ready to take a break from walking.

I am meeting Julie for dinner at Jansen Beach so I figured I would drive there and go to the Starbucks there for a couple hours till we meet for dinner. Now traffic is just as bad now as it is rush hour so it took me 45 minutes to get there. This is the same Starbucks I was at yesterday for a little while. Now the girls here remembered me and made me feel welcome which is always a good experience. One of them told me how much she liked my color of my top and how good I looked which made me feel good. The one who took my order agreed and told me I looked great in this color and she loved the way it matched my lipstick. Wow I really like compliments like that. I am really thinking of wearing this again tomorrow and I am going to buy another top like this if I see one.

Now I am just working n my blog and taking care of e-mails and other things I need to do. Having a laptop that I can take work and other things I need to do with me and go places like Starbucks’s is wonderful. It is funny as before I started coming here as Susan I couldn’t understand why anyone would go to a coffee shop. I guess till you try something you never fully understand it. I have about 45 minutes till I meet Julie for dinner so just going to relax here and surf the internet.

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday of my vacation the half way point.

I got up at 7 so I could hit the gym as I skipped yesterday to go to the beach. I was at the gym by 7:30 and did my hardest workout yet. 25 minutes on the tread mill, 5% incline at 3.5 mph, 15 minutes on the lateral X because the elliptical were still in use. then 40 minutes on the elliptical going forward on level 5 (3.10 miles) and then 15 minutes level 1 going backwards to cool off. Hope that made up for skipping yesterday. it was almost 9:30 when I got home and started getting ready. It was about 10:45 when I was all ready and on my way. I decided to drive to Washington Square and do some shopping.

Traffic wasn’t to bad so it was about 11:30 when I got there. I parked by Sears as I wanted to get a couple more of those Jeggin Tee-shirts I bought Monday, I really like them. I went in and looked around but didn’t see them. At the other Sears they were just on a rack by themselves so not sure where to look for them. well not having any luck I decided to go out into the mall and down to the food court for lunch. The mall didn’t seem that busy, yes there were a lot of people but they were spread out. I soon fund out why, it was lunch time and they were all in the food court. I looked around for something to eat, again wanting something I can eat with a fork. I settled on Sarku Japan as they had a daily special of teriyaki chicken on rice with a vegetable. Of course I had to stand in line as all the places in the food court had lines. I got my lunch and sat down to eat it and people watch. it was amazing how many young kids were here instead of in school.

After lunch I went back down the mall to Macy’s to look around. they had several racks of discounted items so I joined all the other woman looking through them. I found this really cute pink top, it was long in the front and even longer in the back. I have seen dresses like this but not tops. It was marked down from $70 to $19.99 which I thought was a good deal and it was a large. I held it up to me in the mirror and it looked like it might fit and it was a little stretchy but just to be sure I decided to try it on. A good thing as it did stretch all except the seems on the shoulders. I got it on but almost couldn’t get it off. I am a large accept for in the shoulders. The problem I have as I am not a proportional woman wider shoulders. Well I put it back on the rack and back out into the mall.

I also went into Victoria’s Secret as what trip to a mall would not include that. Several of the young ladies asked if they could help me and to let them know if I needed any help. I just looked around so many cute things in here. I also went into Sephora which I have to admit I have never been in before that I can remember. They were really busy but I bet at least 6 different girls asked if they could help me and a couple of them pointed out where all the different sections were.

I walked through Nordstrom’s and one of the girls at the MAC counter remembers me and called me over and said it was good to see me back so soon which was a surprise as it has been several months since I was at the MAC counter in Nordstrom’s, but it was nice to be remembers. We talked for a little while before I left yes they were not that busy either.

I wondered around the mall for a while just window shopping and yes going into a lot of store I new I wouldn’t buy anything at. It was just fun being out being myself and doing what any other woman would do. It was about 3 when I left and on my way out I went through Sears and looked around some more and they also had a rack of Jeggins Tee-shirts but theirs were short sleeved. Same price on sale for $14.99 so I bought 4 this time in different colors. As I was driving out of the mall I saw an ULTA so I decided to stop and see if they had my lip liner, there are 3 colors I like and I have not been able to find the red one. Well luck would have it and they did have the one I wanted. I was so afraid they had discontinued it.

After that I stopped briefly at a Starbuck’s as I wanted something to drink and to start my blog. on these full days out it is nice to take a break and write part of my blog while it is still fresh in my mind. Now  am meeting my friends for dinner at 7 in downtown Portland so I was wondering if it was worth going home or just hanging out here at Starbucks for a few hours. I texted Cassandra to see f they were meeting at Fox & Hounds first or going straight to the restaurant and she replied back meet at Fox & hounds so id asked when she would get there as I figured I could go early and meet her. Turns out she is already there so I will finish this up and head on down there with hopes of being there by 5.

Now I just have to figure out what I will do tomorrow as Friday I am meeting Mikaela for lunch and some shopping. It has been a fun week so far including going to the beach yesterday. My nails still look perfect just as the did on Friday when I got them done. A shame I will have to remove the color on Saturday as they would probably still look great for another week.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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My Monday out

I got up and went to the gym I am keeping that going even with my pretty red nails. It was about 9 when I got hoe and started getting ready for my day out. Now I bought a new lipstick yesterday one of those long wear that is suppose to bond to your lips and you put a gloss over it so I am going to try it out today. I was all ready by 10:30 with my new lipstick. not sure about it as it feels strange. I got in my car and was off. I looked in the mirror and the red color of the lipstick was a lot brighter than it looked in the house, probably more of an evening out color. My first order of business was lunch so I headed for Cascade Station to start as there is a Panda Express. I know I seem to go here a lot but when I am Susan I like things I can eat with a fork and that limits places you can go.

They were not busy when I got there so I had my pick of tables, seems I was just a head of the lunch crowd as by the time I left it was packed. I had a nice lunch and my lipstick sill looks perfect but I needed more of the gloss as they felt sticky. I guess if I was really trying to see how it held up I should have gotten a burger or something. After lunch I drove over and parked my Marshal’s and went in. I have never found anything here before as I think their sizes run smaller and today was no different. Now today was a nicer day, still a little cool about 60 and just a slight breeze and no rain actually there have been some sun breaks which is nice. I decided to walk down to Ross Dress for Less as I almost always find something here.

I looked around for a while and found 2 cute dresses. They looked just a little small but I really liked them so I was off to the dressing room. Now they have an attendant there to check how many items you go in with and come out with and usually it is a young person but there was and elderly man there today and I wondered what he would do. I showed him my 2 dresses and he gave me a card with a 2 on it and pointed to the woman’s sided and said that way miss, really made me feel good. They both fit barley, luckily they are stretchy and I am hoping to lose some more weight. I decided to buy them.

From here I drove to Lloyd Center to look around. What I have really been looking for and I am not sure what they are called is a top that is like a really short sweater dress that you wear with yoga pants. I have seen many woman wearing them and they really look cute and they are jus long enough to cover your rear. I have a couple long tops that I can wear but this look I just really like. I will admit looking for women’s clothing is always a challenge as some stores put their departments  by brand and others by size and in women’s besides size they also have petite, woman’s, tall and what ever else they can think of and they are not always clearly marked. well a little off the subject again. I parked by Sears and went in. I looked around at their closeout section but didn’t see anything so it was off into the mall. Okay the strangest thing, As I was writing this blog, on my Facebook page this popped up, this is what I am writing about. I haven’t Capturepublished my blog yet so it is just on my computer. makes me wonder how much Facebook and Google can really see on our computers. Anyway this is the top and the look I was talking about, just so cute.

Now shopping a mall is more about exploring then just buying something so I went into several stores just to look around and see what they had. It is funny as a man I know what I want, go in and get it and leave, as Susan I like to wander around. Of course I checked out ross Dress for Less here also and didn’t find anything, Also Old Navy,Clair’s to look at Jewelry, and Torrid’s, I probably spent 2 hours wandering around. I was on my way out going through Sears and I saw a rack of tee shirts, they were a knit top and long called Jeggins tees. They kind of looked like what I had seen other woman wear with yoga pants. The only thing I didn’t like were they were long sleeve but they did have some that looked like they would fit me and they were on sale.

I left here and headed back towards home but made one more stop at Burlington Coat factory as I have found some cute shoes here before. They had some close outs but none in my size. Boy I would kill if my feet were one size smaller. I tried a couple pairs on but my toes were cramped and I wouldn’t have been able to wear them for a night out. It was about 3:30 now so I figured I would go to Starbucks for an hour or so before getting dinner. I went to the same one I went to yesterday evening on Mill Plain. It still amazes me how many people hang out at Starbucks. there were probably between 20 and 25 people here the whole time I was here. About a third in pairs and the rest by themselves. most had computers but a few were reading or doing what looked like school work. You really do get a good cross section of people here and a good place to people watch.

I left Starbucks about 5:20 and went to a Subway on my way home, one I have never been to before. I do like going to new places. I ordered my sandwich and the lady that helped me was awesome. there were several tables in the back and a few in the front so I picked the ones in the front as it was by the other people, well there was only 3 people in here at one table in the corner, a lady in her early 40’s I guess with her parents. A few people came in and got sandwiches but they all got them to go. When the other people left the woman told me how good my makeup looked which always make me feel good especially after being out all day. It has been over 7 hours sense I did my makeup. Any way we talked for a few minutes about makeup, she doesn’t like doing it she said and almost never wears it. I told her I needed makeup to go out. It was a nice interaction.

After I finished I went to use the ladies room and it was locked so I just figures someone was in there but the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted the key. I guess they keep them locked. I said yes so she told the other employee to grab me the key. Now he was a young boy well to me young. Probably 2o or so. I could see he was unsure. She smiled at me and said he would give me the key so as I walked down towards him he had both keys in his hand and I could see he was unsure so he just set them both down and let me pick which I did. Now I am sure some would get upset or offended by this but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I am willing to bet I am the first T-girl he has ever seen so he gave me my choice.

It was after 6 now when I left here so I headed for home. I had one more stop in me though as I didn’t want to just go home. I stopped at the Starbuck’s by my house and that is where I am right now. they are not real busy, just one other person here working on her computer. So I am writing my blog and having a cup of hot chocolate.

Okay the update on the lipstick and I guess I should say what it is also. It is Rommel brand Provocalips 16 hr. It has held up really well, a little worn in the corners of my mouth and the inside of the lips but the rest of the lips look just like it did when I put it on. No smudges or bleeding outside of lip lines. and that includes eating a Subway sandwich. It really did hold up well. The down side is I didn’t like the feel, it is tacky or even sticky unless you have the gloss on which comes off real easy when you eat or drink so you really do need to re-apply that often.

Now I have to figure out what I will do tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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My Sunday out as Susan

It was a short night as I was out till almost 2 am with my friends and then got up at 8 am. I needed to go to the gym as I am determined to keep up my routine. I had a little breakfast and made sure all my makeup was removed and the was on my way of course with my beautiful red nails. there were only 2 people there today so it was a lot easier. I did 40 minutes forward and 15 minutes backwards on the elliptical before heading home just a little over an hour. I got ho,e and started getting ready seems to take a little longer after going to the gym. I was ready and on my way by a little after 11 but where to go. I decided to head out to Beaverton area as there is a Kohl’s I like out there plus several other stores.

I got to Kohl’s about 11:40 and went in to look around. I didn’t see anything I liked but it was fun looking around. My next stop was Target which is only a couple miles away. They were really busy but I went in and looked around. didn’t find any outfits I liked but the point of this stop was lip liner. I made it over to the makeup section and found the lip liners I like, Revlon color stay. They had 2 of the 3 colors I like the red on I am having trouble finding. I also picked up some pantyhose as I am getting low and I don’t want to run out again. seems when ever I get to my last pair when I put them on I will run them because I have no backup.

I left here and ran over to Fred Meyer and looked around they also didn’t have the red lip liner I like, I hope they haven’t discontinued it. Didn’t find anything I wanted here either so I left. I decided to drive out by the streets of Tanasbourne as they have a lot of stores out there and I haven’t been out that way in a couple years. Yes Susan is willing to drive to go shopping. My first stop was to find a Starbucks as I wanted something to drink. They were really busy but there was one table open right in the middle of everyone so I sat down, I spent a little over an hour here as I had my computer and updated my blog for last night outing to Harvey’s Comedy club. Form here I went to a Halloween store to look for a costume. It was fun shopping for a costume as a female. I did find a cute costume and tried it on. From here I walked next door to Best Buy and looked around. I also walked to Ross Dress for Less and looked around. Didn’t find anything there either. So far it has been an inexpensive day shopping.

It was almost 4 now and I wanted to get closer to hoe so I drove back to Cascade Station by the airport where I had planed on shopping yesterday till the rain started. I went to Ross Dress for less there also and found nothing and I even went into DSW just to see what they had. My next stop was and yes you guessed it the Starbucks there. I got in line to order a drink and noticed all the tables were full. I went a head and ordered a drink and as I was waiting for it one of the tables opened so I set my computer on it. I sat down to play on my computer and the table right next to me had 2 ladies at it and they asked me if I would take a picture of them which I was only to happy to do. Now I have been here about an hour updating my blog for today. Not sure what I will do for the rest of the night but I do need to get something to eat so I think I may hit a Subway as it is healthier than fast food. I will probably go home after that.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, I had planned to try and make a day trip to the beach this week as Susan. The weather wont be nice so I am still thinking about this. I really couldn’t go on the beach but I could go to some of the shops. I will have to give this some more thought although it would be a nice drive if nothing else.

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Tuesday and a little more shopping.

Well it is Tuesday of my vacation week and I am wanting to spend some Susan time again so I figured I would go and do a little more shopping today but really didn’t know where I wanted to go. I guess I should also mention that I went out briefly last night again. I had gotten home and had a little snack for dinner and then checked my e-mail. I had 2 e-mails from ULTA one reminding me of my free gift for my birthday which expires soon and also a 20% off one item. Now it is funny as these type of offers do nothing for my male side but for Susan it was an excuse to go to ULTA and look around. So I got in my car and drove there. I needed a few things and figured why not get the discount and my birthday gift. I found the things I needed and instead of going to the counter I kept looking. well I found a contour kit and right above it was a sign that said free 14 piece gift with purchase of any ULTA makeup so I picked one up and headed to the check stand. My birthday gift was a free mascara and I got my 20% off the most expensive item I bought. And soon I was on my way. now there is a new Starbucks just down from ULTA and turns out they were open till 9 pm so I sat there for a while on my computer before going home.

I only really mentioned this quick outing as while I was getting ready and figuring out where I wanted to go today I took my new makeup out of the bag and noticed they had forgot to give my the free 14 piece gift set. Normally a day later I would not have worried about it but I thought why not go back there as Susan and see if I can get it. I got dressed and today I wore my black skirt, black top, black boots and my new sweater I bought yesterday. I got to ULTA just a little after 10 and went in. The 20160216_100416lady asked me if she could help me. I explained what happened and showed her my receipt. She smiled and gave me a gift bag and asked if she could keep the receipt to show her manager why she gave a gift away. I said sure and I was on my way with the bag. Was a lot easier than I thought. This is a couple selfies of me in my car with my new sweater on.

I also made a quick stop at Burlington Coat20160216_100405 to look at shoes and the their intimate apparel section. they really had some good prices and I found this really cute pink bra. now the funny thing is I couldn’t remember what size I bought last time so I was standing there holding them up in front of me. I found one I think is right so I bought it.

From there I went to Wigland to look at wigs, mine is really starting to show the wear. I looked around and the man there asked if I needed help. I told him I was looking to replace my wig and he told me he didn’t have the one I was wearing but would be doing an order tomorrow and will try to get one. I tried on a couple really cute wigs but the color was just bad on me. I really think I need to stay with the lighter colors. I did find one that wasn’t bad so I bought it.

It was almost lunch time and I was close to Lloyd Center and I thought about going there for a while but nut really thrilled with their food court so I decided to drive back out to Clackamas Town Center and have lunch, they have a huge food court with lots of tables and I could also check out and see what movies they have as I may try and see Star Wars or the Danish Girl this week. I got there right at noon and parked by the food court and went in. They have a place called Kelly’s Cajun grill and as I walked by the girl gave me a sample and it was really good. so I got something to eat here. I walked to the the movie side of the food court so I could sit right on the main aisle way of the mall and food court and people watch. there were probably 40 tables around me all empty. I sat down and started to eat.

I had no more than started when I saw 4 young boys probably high school age walking towards me. now for those who go out high school kids can be the worst to run into when you are out. the waked by me and sat down at the next table. I am thinking 40 tables in this section and they have to sit at the one right next to me. They looked at me a couple of times but really paid no attention to me so I kept eating. The one boy started waving his arm and I looked up and here came about 9 other kids but at least there were 2 girls in this group. I am thinking why are they not in school. this group joined them and now there were 13 kids sitting at the tables around me. I just kept eating. son here came 3 more kids and a young lady which appeared to be in her 20’s and the funny thing was she had on almost the same outfit I did. black skirt, black top, black boots. she joined the group of kids. as I was finishing up lunch here came 2 more adults and a bunch of kids, 2 in wheel chairs. This caught my eye and for the first time I started to pay attention. Looking at them I am guessing they all have some kind of disability and it looks like these 3 adults brought them to the mall today which I thought was wonderful.

well I finished lunch sitting in this big group and thought about what to do next. well I got out my computer and her I sit now writing this blog. I sat here for about an hour and during that time one of the boys waved at me and said hi. Finally the group all got up and left and I found my self sitting in a bunch of empty tables. I am not sure what I will do for the rest of the day maybe a little more shopping.

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A little shopping on Monday.

Well I decided I was going to go shopping today at least for a little while. I am still not feeling 100% but I am way better than I was a few days ago, besides just sitting in my house while on vacation is not my idea of fun. Besides maybe being Susan will may me feel better at least in spirit.

I got up at 7:30 and started the process of becoming Susan, Yes this is what I need. It too a little longer but that was okay, it was a little after 9 am when I left. Now my plan was to go to Clackamas Town Center as I have a Nordstrom’s gift card and I need some more foundation and I use the MAC Studio Fix as it really gives me a nice coverage. So I got in my car and pulled out of the garage and was on my way. I got about 3 blocks from home when I realized I left the gift card on my bed so I had to turn around and go back home, luckily I wasn’t far away. I got the gift card and was on my way again. as I was driving I noticed the gas gauge on my car was really low I would have to get gas today so I figured I would stop at a Fred Meyer gas station and got gas. they were packed and I had to wait in line. so much for advance planning of my day. with my car full of gas I was on my way again.

I got to Clackamas Town center and parked right outside of Nordstrom’s, I got there just as they were opening the door. I went in and headed for the Cosmetic section and the MAC counter. As  walked up one of the ladies asked if I needed any help. I was actually the only customer here at the moment. I told her the foundation I needed and I also got an eyebrow pencil. probably didn’t need to get that at the MAC counter but I had the gift card and figured why not. Soon I had one of those MAC bags with my purchase inside and I was on my way.

I went out into the mall and walked down to Sears to check out their clothing. I looked around and found myself in a section with Sweaters. Now I have my wrap that I wear but it is kind of bulky and was a little to warm for today so I started looking. I really need to expand my Susan wardrobe. I have a good selection of dresses but casual wear is pretty limited, I have several pairs of Capri’s, a couple skirts and one pair of leggings which is what I wore today. So I thought I would see if I could find a Sweater, I am not a real big fan of sweaters but it seems every woman has a few so I figured it was time for me to get one. I found a really cute one and it fit and was on sale so I bought it.

From here I walked to JC Pennies which is at the opposite end of the mall. Now I figured being a Monday the mall would not be very busy early on but there were a lot more people here than I thought would be and there were a lot of kids here also and I was wondering why they were not in school. I looked at some of the clothes at Pennies and didn’t see anything that I liked at least not in my size. they did have some really cute dresses including a really cute red one but I think the biggest size I saw was a 12 and most were size 4 to 10. Wow what I would give to be smaller. It is funny as most men want to be tall and buff and I would be so happy if I were 5’6” and small framed. I walked through the intimate apparel section as I should it is a fun section to shop. It really is fun to shop for female items as they are so much more beautiful then male clothing and such a wide selection and the best part is going shopping as Susan. I think back to when I would go as my male self and tell them or try to convince them I was buying gifts for someone and now I can’t imagine shopping for clothes for Susan as my male self. I guess I have come full circle.

I didn’t buy anything here so it was back into the mall, I did stop and look around in a couple of the costume jewelry stores, Torids, H&M and of course Victoria’s Secret. It is funny how many times I have been in a Victoria’s Secret as Susan but I don’t think I have ever been in there as my male self. Again  didn’t buy anything else so it was finally time to leave so I walked back through Nordstrom’s and back out to my car. I had been here almost 2 hours. Now as I said I am feeling better but I was a little tired so I decided to stop and get some lunch as I was kind of hungry. I stopped at Cascade Statin by the airport and went to the Panda Express there, yes I like Panda express as the food is good and I can eat it with a fork and not mess up my lipstick.

I went in and ordered some lunch and sat at a table to eat it. It was fairly busy and I picked a table by the window so I could watch the people walking by. I had a nice lunch but still don’t have my appetite back as I only ate a little more than half of what I would normally eat, on the bright side maybe I will lose a little weight this week.

after lunch it was about 1 and I was thinking about what to do, of course I didn’t want to go home and sit there buy wasn’t feeling up to walking around stores. I have it Starbuck’s, I can catch up on some e-mails and just relax.

I decided to go to my favorite Starbucks in Vancouver. I haven’t been there in a long time as they close at 8 now. It is funny as this was one of my first places I went by myself as Susan and felt really comfortable. I have been coming here for over 6 years now wow it doesn’t seem like that long. I use to try to come here once a week to work on my computer. over the last year I have only been here a few times which is sad as it really helped me get use to being out by myself. I parked and went n and they were really busy, only one table open by the counter so  put my computer on it and went up to order.

Now the funny story is the young man who took my order was really nice and asked me my name for the cup and I told him it was Susan. he asked if that was with an S or a Z. first time I have had that question. I told him an S and joked with him that it really didn’t matter. He smiled and told me he just wanted to be sure as people misspell his name all the time as he pointed to his name tag and he didn’t want to make that mistake. I thanked him and then went to the counter to wait for my drink. The lady at the counter remembered me and said it was good to see me again as it had been a long time and they missed me which really made me feel good. This really is a wonderful Starbuck’s. well I got my drink and sat down and as I looked at it my name was spelled Susanne and I laughed a little.

Now I am sitting here watching all the people come and go and it really is busy and lots of kids. I got online to do some e-mails and the first thing that popped up was a Presidents Day Ad, That right today is presidents Day, a Holiday and Schools, banks and government offices are closed. no wonder so many people are out today. Well it has been a fun day and  will sit here for a while and update my blog and catch up on some other things before heading home as Tomorrow is another day and Susan will once again be out.

Thanks for reading.

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