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Starbucks on a cold and rainy night

Well I made it to Starbucks again this week. I got here right at 7 and there were hardly any cars here so I figured it would be a quiet evening here, that is till I walked inside. Every table was full and there were about 9 people in front of me in line ordering drinks and they all looked about High school age, 7 girls and 2 boys so this was a new experience. Young people tend to be more outspoken especially when in a group but nothing was said and only a couple glances. I think the fact the girl behind the counter said smiled and said hi to me while I was waiting in line helped. By the time I got to the counter and paid for my drink it was ready. As I said every table and chair was taken except for one of the big chairs up in the corner so that is where I had to sit. These chairs are not very good for being on a computer though. I guess the weather gave everyone the same idea I had, go someplace warm and get a hot drink. Almost all the people here tonight are young as in early 20’s or less, make this girl feel a little old. Well a table opened up so I scooped up all my things and moved to the table.

Well this week I will not be able to make it to the P-Club which is sad but sounds like not many girls will make it there this week any way. A few of us are planning on doing Dinner Saturday evening since we won’t be at the P-Club Friday so that is cool. I may even try to go shopping Saturday afternoon since I seem to have all day Saturday off this week for once which does not happen very often. I might try to find a new pair of boots as I really liked the ones Teresa had on Saturday night. Either way shopping will be fun even if I don’t buy anything as it has been a while since I have gone shopping as Susan.

For dinner we are talking about going to Henry’s, several of the girls have been there before but this would be my first time there which is always fun and exciting. I think going new places and trying new things is what makes life fun and keeps you young and that is important now at my age. Not sure what we would do after dinner maybe go to the Fox & Hound and play pool, being a Saturday night most places will be busy especially if we get there late after we eat.

Starbucks had been slowing down but now they are packed again and still all young people. I wonder what is going on in the area as I have never seen so many young people here before. The table in front of me has 6 girls at it and all look like high school age as a matter of fact I would say only one other person appears to be older than me. But it does make for some good people watching and for the most part none of them seem bothered that I am here which is cool as it is always a little intimidating around young people especially big groups of them. This hast to be the busiest night here for me so far.

I was chatting with a t-girl I met last year at Diva Las Vegas; she is planning on attending again this year as am I. the last two years were so fun and I think there will be a few of us going from the Portland area this year again which will be so much fun. It is truly an awesome time and a fun way to be out. If you are thinking of going sign up for their announcement list as they send out information on events. Also when they open registration they always open to those who have attended before, then those on the announcement list and then for anyone who wants to attend. You can also check out photos of previous years.

Well must get to my e-mails and some work things now. It is funny how Susan does not mind doing work for my male side away from work. I guess that is the least she can do since my male side supports her so well. After I leave here will make my usual stop at the grocery store as I need some milk and other groceries.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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