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Okay a little different post than normal

Okay I normally don’t write blogs about my male side but today I am making an exception. This is my vacation week and I planned on spending it all as Susan the reason I got my nails done. Well I had something I had to do today that I really didn’t think I could or should do as Susan since 2 of the people who work there I know in my male life, of course I was not about to remove the gel polish on my nails. I figured I could hide the nails most of the time. Well I got there at 10 and took care of what I needed and the only time my nails were visible was when I paid with my credit card. funny thing is the 2 people I know I never saw so I probably could have done it as Susan. well the only reason I mention this is I was down by Clackamas Town Center where I have spent the last 2 days as Susan. I decided to go there again not sure why.

Well I was walking down the mall and as I walked by Victoria’s Secret I thought about all the times I had gone in here as Susan and never as my male self so I decided today was the day. I don’t know why this store is so intimidating for my male side. I walked in and started to look around. I had only been in there a couple minutes and this nice young lady came up and asked if I needed any help. I turned and it was the same lady I had talked to briefly on Monday and I got that scared feeling and told her I was just looking and she said let her know if I needed anything and walked off, she must not have recognized me. I only looked for a couple minutes and then left.

Well across the mall is a place called PINK which turns out is also part of Victoria’s Secret. Well I walked in there to look around. I was looking at a table of Bra’s when a young lady came up and asked if I needed help finding a bra. I told her I was just looking and she asked if I knew what size I was looking for. I told her not really and then she asked that age old question is this for you or someone else, my mind raced but she continued right on by saying if it is for you I would be happy to fit you for a bra. Now I will admit this is something I have always wanted to do but as Susan I figured with my breast forms and hair and everything it would be way to difficult and as my male self I never had the courage to go in and ask. Now I did tell her it was for me and was about to accept her offer to fit me and she spoke right up and told me to follow her and she would take some measurements and then get me fitted. She asked me my name which I gave her my first name and she acted like it was the most normal thing for me to be buying a bra.

we went into one of the dressing rooms and she took her measurement and said I was a 38b but there bra’s here only went to 36. I was a little disappointed but she said she wanted to try me in a 36 just to see and she would be right back. A couple minutes later she was back with 4 different styles of bra’s for me to try. She told me to try each one and when I found one I liked push the button and she would come back and check the fit. I tried on 3 of them as one I just didn’t like the look or feel. I was just about to push the button when she knocked on the door to see how I was doing. I opened it and she checked out the fit. now this was a little intimidating to say the least but she was very professional about it. She told me it was just a little to tight and I may need a C cup. I put my shirt back on and came out of the little dressing room. She handed me a card with my name on it and below it, it said bra size 38c. it was fun and I was happy as I had done something I had always wanted to do. She then told me that Victoria’s Secret across the mall had sizes up to 40 and she had radioed over about me and they were expecting me. I thanked her and left.

Now what to do, I figured I had come this far so I walked over and started to walk in and the same lady I saw earlier said hi I see you are back. I was getting ready to say something when another lady came over and said hi you must be and called me by my name. I said yes. She said they just called from across the mall and I was looking for a bra. The first lady whom I have already talked to twice now said she could help me and introduced herself as Erika. She asked me by name to follow her to the fitting room, I gave her the card the other lady gave me so she got me what she called a fitting bra in 38C and I tried it on and she checked the fit. She agreed that a 38C was my size and then she said she would be back with a couple bras for me to try.

It was only a few minutes and she came back wit 7 different bra’s for me to try. she said when  found the ones I liked  to push the button. Now 1 of the 7 I didn’t like just from the look and feel but I tried on the other 6, twice she came back and asked how I was doing and I said fine. There were 3 I really liked but one the straps were just to thin and not comfortable so I tried on the same 2 again and picked the one I liked. I pushed the button and soon Erika was there and she checked the fit to make sure it was right. She said it was a perfect fit. I took it off and got dressed and went out. she handed me a card with my name on it, her name on it, my size and the style of the bra. Then she asked it I would like to look at the different colors. She led me over to where they were and showed me all the colors still really no pressure for me to buy one. I asked about red and she said they had sold out of them for Valentines day. Well they had a really pretty maroon one so I picked that one to buy. Erika thanked me and told me to come back anytime. I went and paid for the bra $50 a little more than I would normally spend but than with all the help they gave me and the fun I had it was worth it. So now I had my little Victoria’s Secret bag and I was on my way.

As I walked by the first place I saw the first lady that helped me so I stepped in to thank her. She saw I had a bag and told me she was happy they could help me. Then she asked if she could see what I got. I pulled the bra out and she told me how pretty it was and she was sure I would be happy with it. I will say these ladies here were awesome and very professional about the whole thing. Didn’t matter I was male just that I got the proper size and fit. It was a fun time.

now the funny thing is all these years wondering about my bra size and if it was right. turns out it was as the bras I have always bought are 38C, I guess I had it right all the time.

So this was my little adventure as my male self.

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Interesting Wednesday afternoon for Susan at an Attorney’s office

Well Wednesday July 25th 2012 was a really interesting Wednesday for Susan and for reasons you will read I had to put off making this blog. First I will start with a little background. As you all know from reading my blog our group was asked not to come back to the P-Club by the owner Chris Penner, he actually called Cassandra and left two different voice mails for her about it. Well so all the group could hear what he said she posted it on her YouTube page. Well she also sent the link to this page to the State Attorney Generals office along with a couple local attorneys never really thinking anything about it.

Well one of the attorney’s Beth Allen contacted Cassandra and wanted her to call her and talk to her about it which Cassandra did; she got a free half our phone interview. From this interview Beth Allen believed the Chris Penner violated the law as well as our right under discrimination laws and offered to represent us on contingency. She wanted to meet with Cassandra and a few others that were there on a regular basis. Cassandra said she would talk to a few that were there every week and get back to her. Any way Cassandra met with me, Victoria, Chris and Cristine on Wednesday July 11 at the Rainbow Room to get our opinions and to talk about if we should go forward or not and what kind of issues we might have. We all talked for over an hour and most of the discussion was on reasons we shouldn’t and what might happen or go wrong, mainly being outed for us and possibly members of the group as our group is the main concern. After all the discussion the group came to the conclusion what Chris Penner did was wrong and to keep this from happening at other places we may wish to go we needed to at least meet with Beth Allen and talk with her face to face and get our questions answered so Cassandra set up a meeting with the 5 of us and her on August 1 at her office. Mind you we still had not said yes or no we just had questions that needed being answered and all of us were in total agreement.

Now Beth Allen contacted the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries also known as BOLI to get some information on this and how to proceed. BOLI is the state agency who investigates among other things civil rights violations. Now normally how it works is you file a complaint with BOLI and they investigate, if they find that you have a valid complaint they will file the complaint for the persons making the claim in that persons name. Any way from the information they got from Beth’s questions and the YouTube video they contacted Beth Allen and asked to meet with her and the 5 of us on Wednesday July 25th at 3 pm so Beth contacted Cassandra and asked to move our meeting up one week. So this is how we got to my interesting Wednesday afternoon, going downtown Portland in at 2 pm as Susan to meet with an Attorney and a representative for BOLI.

Now this was going to be a fast day as I got off work at 12 and it takes me ½ hour to get home and I need ½ hour to get back downtown Portland to Beth Allen’s office and that is if there is no traffic issues which left little time to get ready so I laid all my stuff out the night before. Turns out traffic was light and I was home by 12:30 and all ready to leave by 1:15 which I think is a personal record for Susan getting ready, shower, shave, makeup, cloths, jewelry and nails and I still looked pretty. Well I drove downtown and only hit a little traffic but easily made it. There is a parking garage about a block away. Now walking downtown on a nice warm day is really nice and there were so many people out. I met Chris out front of the office building about 1:45 and could see Cassandra and Cristine walk up the street so we waited for them and all went inside together. Pretty good timing so far. When the elevator opened we found Victoria who had parked in the garage under the building riding up so all 5 of us went up together. Peggy Cassandra’s wife was already in the office waiting for us.

We met with Beth Allen and her law clerk for about an hour and got to ask all kinds of questions and she told us a little about BOLI and how they wanted to proceed. Our biggest question about privacy for our group members and possibilities of being outed in public were answered and Beth assured us that was not an issue. Only those willing to be involved in the case and giving their names would be involved and the rest of the group would not be involved at all. With our questions answered we were all feeling better about this. Now it was almost 3 and we were already to meet with the representative of BOLI and answer their questions.

Now it was not one representative from BOLI but 4, an Administrator and 3 investigators so now the 6 of us were in an office with Beth Allen, her law clerk and 4 state officials from BOLI. Now to the funny part, they really didn’t have a lot of questions for us but rather told us what they wanted to do. Seems they have already started checking into Chris Penner and the P-Club. Turns out the Commissioner of BOLI feels pretty strong about this case, so much so that he wants to file the complaint in his name, he would be the plaintiff and we would be secondary, basically witnesses. Turns out the voice mail he left where he singled out us as tyranny’s they feel is incredibly strong evidence. They are actually ready to start the process all they need is a few of us which is different then what we thought. They are coming to us.

Anyway we talked with them for over an hour and a half again asking a lot of the same questions we asked Beth as I said our group is the main concern and we want to protect it above all else. Again they told us the same thing; it would only be those who were willing to be witnesses and be involved in the case, everyone else in the group would not be involved in any way.

Now mind you the goal we all have is to tell Chris Penner and any other business out there that they cannot discriminate against transgender people, be it transsexuals, t-girls, or crossdressers. Now we realize BOLI can and will probably place a fine on him as in anything you get people’s attention when you hit them in the pocket book. We are not out to bankrupt him or put him out of business as we really do like the employee’s there as they treated us so great for the two years we went there. But like I said this type of action against transgender people cannot be tolerated so we all decided as a group we should go forward. With that all that was left were to sign onto the complaint.

Now Victoria and Cristine are full time and have legally changed their name so they were the first to Sign. Chris who is a supporter of the transgender community and most of those who know him know this also signed. Cassandra also signed, she is not out publicly as far as both sides of her. I also signed but asked that my male name be left out unless absolutely necessary as I still have kept both sides separate. Now I know that even doing it this way there is a good chance I could be outed but I feel this is worth it as discrimination is wrong in any sense and I guess I am ready to stand up.

None of us knows what will happen but we are sure that there will be media coverage as these types of cases get played up in the news plus in a way that is the point. If this does not get out to the public so they know that they cannot discriminate then this is all for nothing as I said that is our goal. For Transgender people to be able to go where they want, work where they want and not be afraid of being discriminated against.

We also agreed to have Beth Allen represent us in this as our attorney which she is doing totally on contingency. It will cost us nothing. She feels that BOLI along with fines will probably ask for attorney fees to be paid, but even so she is taking this on realizing she may get nothing off of the case. That is how strong she feels about this. Turns out she does a lot of GBLT cases in Oregon and is a big supporter of this cause. From talking to her and meeting her I would highly recommend Beth Allen if you need an attorney.

It was about 4:45 when we were all done. The people from BOLI thanked us and said they would be in touch with Beth to help write the complaint and keep us up to date on the case. Seems this is the first of this type of case in Oregon. Hard to believe that just 4 or 5 years ago I was too scared to really go out of my house and now I am involved in something this big. I am still a little scared about the future and being outed but not nearly as much as I would have thought.

Well from here we all went over to Fox & Hound which I already blogged about.

This was a little longer than my normal blog but felt it needed to be to make sure I got it just right. Thanks for reading and of course I will update as I can.

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Slow Friday night at the P-Club

Well it has been another busy week for this girl, no midweek outing to Starbucks so I was really looking forward to Friday night with my friends to help lift my spirits. This Sunday starts Diva Las Vegas and the fact I couldn’t go this year really got me thinking about it. You see if I had gone Thursday night I would have gone to the nails salon and gotten acrylic nails for the trip and would be living full time for the next 10 day. Friday we would have drove down to LA and gone out Friday night and Saturday shopping or maybe even Universal Studios like last time. I got a text from Cassandra that she and Cristine made it to LA and I know they will have a fun week so looking forward to hearing all about it. Next year I will be there for sure.

Well I really tried hard to get ready early so I could be to the P-Club by 7 but got there just a few minutes past. Chris was the only one there so far so I joined him and we started to talk. Chris texted Cassandra to see where they were they were already down there as they left at 4:30 am for the drive. I went up and ordered some food, Nicole was off tonight and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the girl filling in as I have only met her a few times but she is very nice also. I must say that the P-Club staff is really great no matter who is working. We weren’t sure how many would show up tonight as Cassandra and Cristine are the ones who are out the most regular in the group and they are both gone for 10 days. But 7:30 came and a few girls started to show up. Kristy and Bobby were the first two, then Robyn and Teresa. It has been a while since Robyn and Teresa have been out on a Friday night so glad they could make it.

Kim showed up, she is Peggy’s hair dresser and very nice. She was meeting one of her friends there and they were going to hang out with us, how fun is that as it is always great to have some pretty GG’s in the group. Well her friend showed up a few minutes later and she is also very nice but as I am Blonde I can’t remember her name. Actually I have a hard time remembering names one of the reasons I like to put them in my blog but as I am blonde that is the excuse I am using. It looks like we may have a good group after all. In all we had 13 I think which is smaller than normal but just a couple years ago 10 or more was an awesome turnout for our group.

Jen, Trisha and another girl showed up (another blonde moment on the name). It is always good to see them. Gave me a chance to talk with Jen some more and see how things were going for her. She started her hormone therapy a couple months ago and she has started telling everyone about her transition. I give her credit for that as it takes a lot of guts to be so open to people. Any way things are good and pretty much everyone so far has been okay with her transition. It is funny as you think that people would have such a hard time with a change like this but the 3 girls I know best (Teresa, Victoria & Jen) which have gone through it have all had great reaction and support to it. I worry so much about my family, friends and neighbors finding out and I really think for the most part it would be no big deal to them but it is that fear of the unknown.

Well it was time for shuffle board so Jen and I challenge Kim & Teresa to a game. Now Kim has only played once before so Jen and I had a slight advantage. Teresa and I were at one end and Kim and Jen the other. We had a fun time even though the table had way to much salt on it that the pucks did not slide very well but both teams had to deal with this. Jen and I won so we took a break and went back and talked with the group.

Later on Kim and Teresa wanted a rematch, this time Kim and I were at one end and Teresa and Jen the other. During the second game I was giving Kim some tip, strategy on the game. Well Jen and I won again but the third game was a different story as Kim used my tips and really improved, Kim & Teresa won the third game. We all had a fun time.

It was after 10 when Jan and Lynn showed up, Jan in boy mode. It was great to see them and sit around and talk some more. Victoria also showed up, she had been out of town on business and had just flown in to PDX so on her way home from the airport she stopped in to spend a little time with the group. The P-Club really is a nice place to hang out and spend time with friends. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the people there are great. One guy came over and told Kim how pretty she was and really looked passable, we all laughed as she is a GG. I told her she should have said thanks in a real deep husky voice but even so the fact he came over and complimented her in our group shows that we are accepted there. The rest of the night I kept telling her what a passable girl she made.

Well a little after midnight our group started to dwindle as girls left. By 1 am it was just Jan, Lynn and I left. We were getting ready to leave when Brooke showed up so we all sat back down and talked some more. Brooke has a new wig that really looks great on her. Before we knew it it was closing time. We all went up and paid our bills and said our goodbyes. It was a little after 2 am when we left. I was so tired as I had gotten up for work a 4 am so I have been up for 22 hours now. On the drive home they opened the bridge for a ship or something but there I sat for about 15 minutes so it was almost 3 am when this girl finally got to bed. But it was such a fun night and I got to spend time with my friends so how better to start a weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Dinner with friends at Henry’s tavern

Well Saturday night I was meeting several of my friends from the group downtown Portland at Henry’s Tavern, now I have never been there before but several of the girls from the group had been there and said it was nice. I was really looking forward to this as I love going new places. We had reservations for 10 of us at 8 pm but were planning on meeting there at 7pm. Not knowing the parking situation I got there a little early and as luck would have it someone pulled out as I came around the corner so I found a spot really easy and only 2 blocks away. Now it was really cold out about 35 and of course I wore a short skirt and heel so the 2 block walk was a little cold.

I got to Henry’s right at 7 pm and went in; they were really busy with maybe a dozen people waiting. I checked with the hostess to see if anyone had checked in yet and they hadn’t so I went to check the bar which turns out is huge and has an second floor. There were no seats in the downstairs part of the bar and only a few in the upstairs but none of our group were there so I went back and took a seat by the door and waited. It was only a few minutes when Peggy and Teresa showed up so the 3 of us went to the bar on the second floor and found the one open table. It wasn’t long and Cassandra, Victoria, Trisha, Jessica and Cassie showed up. We were having a good time just talking when they told us our table was ready so we all went down to the restaurant part. We were still waiting for Lynn and Jan so we held off ordering for a little while and just continued our conversation. We were having a fun time.

There was a both right next to our table with for ladies at and soon Cassandra was chatting with them, turns out one of them was having a birthday, Betsy the other three were Holly, Ingra and Brooke. Well we all sang happy birthday to her and the next thing you know Cassandra is sitting next to Holly and Ingra getting pictures with two of them. It is amazing how Cassandra can do that. Well of course not wanting to miss out on a photo op I went and sat next to Brooke and Betsy and got some pictures. You can see all my pictures with different looks on my Flickr page. The girls were really awesome and didn’t seem to have a problem with us there.

We ordered food and everything looked good. Their prices are a little more than places we usually go but the food was awesome. I had their Macaroni and Cheese and it was awesome. Jan and Lynn finally showed up and joined us. Our waiter well he was awesome too, always referred to us as ladies and even offered to take some pictures of us so we could all be in the picture. It was a real enjoyable dinner and before we knew it, it was 10:30 pm; I don’t know where the time went. It seems every time we are out in a group the time goes by so fast. Well we spent a little time deciding where we wanted to go next and settled on Fox and Hound so off we went.

Now parking downtown Portland on a Saturday night at that time is almost impossible so several of us talked about car pooling down to make it easier so I rode with Trisha and Jessica, funny thing is everyone else just drove themselves. Any way the three of us walked the 2 blocks to their car. And it was really cold out by now especially my toes as my heels were open toe type. It was nice to have someone to walk with since it was so late out. Fox and hound is not that far away so it didn’t take long to get there.

We ordered some drinks and then just sat around and talked some more. Fox and Hound is not a really busy place and gives you a nice place to just sit and talk. It was such a fun night, just a group of ladies enjoying friends. They also have a pool table but none of us played pool which surprised me as some of the girls really love pool.

Well before we knew it, it was 1:30 am again the time went by so fast. We all walked out and said our goodbyes. Trisha and Jessica gave me a ride back to my car. Jessica had a pair of heels that were just a little too big for her and kept slipping off her heel. She also let me borrow her shawl that I liked for a bit which was really nice of her. As it turns out we wear almost the same size except that my feet are a little wider. I tried them on when I got home and the toes are tight but I had the same problem with them slipping off my heel of course I had on nylons so that may have been the reason they slip off. Maybe I will try them without nylons and see if that fit a little better.

It was such a fun night several of us talked about maybe doing a dinner once a month at a different restaurant which I think would be an awesome idea. We even talked a little about Diva Las Vegas and I think this year we may have several from the group go.

Thanks for reading

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Spent all Friday as Susan

Well on my way home from Starbucks I made a quick stop at Kohl’s and looked around for a bit as I wanted to stay out a little longer as Susan. Didn’t find anything to buy but it was all about being out. When I left Kohl’s I realized today was the last of the month and I had some work I had to get done before the end of the day. The good part was it is done online so you guessed it I stopped at another Starbucks to do my work. It took me about 3 hours but as I was Susan it was almost fun. I got home a little after 6 and had a text from Cassandra that they were going to be at the P-Club by 7 so I quickly redid my makeup and off I went again.

I got to the P-Club right at 7 and Chris, Cristine, Bobby and Norma were already there. I ordered dinner as I was hungry plus I knew it would be a short night for me anyway. Cassandra and Wilma showed up about 7:30, seem there was a wreck and they got caught up in traffic.

We had a new t-girl show up Bob he came in boy mode, seems he met Amy and she told him about our group so he came to check it out. Funny thing Amy couldn’t make it but he showed by himself anyway to meet the group. He seems really nice and he likes to play pool so he will fit right in.

Diane also made it; she is in town from North Carolina. She is so much fun, Wilma and I played Diane and Victoria in shuffle board. It was a really close game but in the end Diane and Victoria won by 1 point.

BreeAnn also showed up, she lives in LA. I met her two years ago when Cassandra, Peggy and I went to Diva Las Vegas. We stopped in LA on the way down and back and went out to the Oxwood in Van Nuys. It was nice to see her again

Sophia, Lorna and Monica also showed up a little after 9 so I got to talk with them for a bit before I had to leave. Sophia and Lorna are coming out every other Friday so I will get to see them more and even Monica is getting out more with the group

Dee also showed up. I think I have met her before but not sure. Either way it was nice to talk to her and get to know a little about her.

We had a good turnout probably 20 T-Girls showed up which was good as the P-Club was really slow. At one point it was just our group. By about 9 they started to get a little busier. It was an awesome night even if I had to leave by 9:30 I was glad I went. I wish I could have stayed later but Susan had to be up early Saturday for work. I will miss the next 3 Fridays which will be hard so I my try to join them for dinner on Wednesday night in 2 weeks. This coming week my schedule is really messed up; the only chance I might have to get out is Thursday night.

Pictures from Diva Las Vegas 2011 have been posted on their page check them out.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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P-Club on the first day of Fall.

Well today was the first day of Fall but still a nice day here. We were in the upper 80’s and so I decided to wear my little black dress out tonight and yes I took pictures tonight. It is probably my favorite dress I have but maybe a little too much for the P-club but I figured what the heck. I took extra time tonight to get ready as I wanted to enjoy every minute as I will miss 3 of the next 4 Friday nights but after that I will hopefully be out every Friday night through the winter months. I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and it was already getting dark outside which is both good and bad. With it getting dark earlier it is so much easier to get out at night without being seen but also I really like the sun shine and warm weather which I know will go away hence the dress I wore as it is not a good winter time dress as I can get cold very easy in this dress. There was no street parking which I always like as I can park right outside the door and also keep an eye on my car. Even the parking lot was full except for 1 spot which I took.

Again this week there was a pretty good crowd there, they had a group of ladies that meet there and play Bunco every once in a while and tonight was there night. Chris, Cristine and Bobby were already there so I joined them. We chatted for a bit and then ordered dinner. Cassandra and Wilma showed up next which was really nice as it has been awhile since Wilma has been able to make it out.

Wilma is starting a new job so it will be hard for her to get out for awhile so any time we can chat is always great. It was nice to catch up with her and find out about her new job. Victoria showed up next, she is going full time in a week or so, today they just told everyone she works with so she is all set to start her life. She is so excited. She has to buy a bunch of cloths how lucky is she?

Barb showed up also and joined us for some girl talk; it has been awhile for her also to be out on a Friday night. Barb wanted some pictures of her new outfit which was really cute, Yah I know she reminded me to take out my camera so the reason I have pictures is because of her, she took the one above, thanks Barb. It was turning into a wonderful night as what is important to me is the friends I am with. Two girls came over and asked if they could get pictures with us which you know I never turn down a chance to have my picture taken. They were so funny though, they didn’t have a camera and didn’t want a copy; they just wanted to be in a picture with us. So we took some pictures with Wilma’s camera and that was it. I would have thought they would want to have the picture.

Cindy was also here, she is a GG we met the first or second time we came to the P-club and she is wonderful. Whenever she is there she always comes and talks with us and spends time with us. She was there with her mom and brought her over to meet us, how sweet is that. She is such an awesome person.

Cassandra was down sitting at one of the tables with the Bunco ladies and having a good time. Cassandra has this ability to just walk up to any one and start a conversation, I so wish I was more like her in this way. Anyway I went to get another drink and walked by the tables and started to chat with them also. One of the ladies, Darcy I have met there before and she remembered me from a couple months ago. We had chatted for a while. I stayed and talked with her and another lady named Melissa for awhile. They were both really nice and of course Melissa had some questions which I actually enjoy answering as I really think that is what helps people understand who we are. We are not all alike just like not every female or male is alike. I would rather have people ask me the same questions over and over again then have them not ask and not understand or think something wrong. It is through communication that we come to understanding of one another. Well their break from Bunco was over and they had to get back to their game so I went and got my drink and went back to the group.

It was time for Shuffle board so Wilma and I played Victoria and Cristine. The shuffle board table was very slow which made the game hard to play. The first game Wilma and I won 27 to 6 (winner is first to get to 21), the second game Victoria and Cristine won 21 to 0 ouch. Because the table was so slow very few fell off the end and it was easy to get high points. Normally 3 to 5 is a good turn but we were having 8 to 12 per turn. The last and deciding game was a lot closer but in the end Victoria and Cristine won 21 to 17 but we all had a fun time.

The ladies playing Bunco were done and Darcy came up and wanted a picture with us so cameras came out again, Melissa saw and came running up to get in the picture with us, she was so sweet. In the picture is (left to right) Cassandra, Melissa, Susan, Darcy, Victoria & Cristine. It was a really fun night.

By midnight people started leaving and the crowd thinned. Barb, Victoria and I sat and talked for the next hour mostly about Victoria’s transition and what all I s involved. How she is doing and how she thinks it will go. Like always she is sure some will be totally supportive and some wont but in the end she needs to do what is right for her and her life. Anyway the 3 of us stayed till a little bit after 1 am before calling it a night, It was an awesome night again with my friends.

Hope to get to Starbuck’s this week but won’t make it out next Friday night because of work. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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