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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club, Julie Scoggins is there tonight.

It is Saturday and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club to see Julie Scoggins, she is performing for the weekend. Our group use to go to Harvey’s every month for several years as it really is a fun night out. But over the last year or so we have kind of stopped going. They closed for a while and then it was sold and we kind of got out of the routine of going and like anything once that happens it hard to get started again. Any way Julie Scoggins is one of our favorite comedians that comes to Harvey’s, we met her several years ago and she was so awesome and just loved our group, she is really tall but next to most of us she is shorter and she likes that. As a matter of fact the last time we went to Harvey’s was a year ago when Julie was here also. I may try to get this going again if the group is interested. Harvey’s is a really nice place and has always treated us wonderful even the new owners. We do miss our favorite waitress Kim, she left when it closed, she always waited on us and took wonderful care of us.

Any way I called earlier in the week and got 16 tickets and I already had 14 people who wanted to go so it was easy to fill them. Now we go to the 10pm show and we use to go to Fox and hounds at 7 which is only 6 or 7 blocks away and spend some social time there before walking to Harvey’s for the show but Fox & Hounds closed last year so we don’t have that option so we are just meeting at Harvey’s between 8:30 and 9, but I wanted some more Susan time so what is a girl to do. Yes, go to the Escape early for a couple hours. I started getting ready a little before, I knew the dress I was wearing tonight and just how I wanted to do my makeup and that always makes it easier getting ready. I got some pictures tonight but none you can really see my pretty dress so I had to go back to a previous blog to find a picture of the dress.

I got to the Escape about 5:30 and the parking lot was full so I had to park a half block down the street, it still amazes me how easily I get out of my car now as Susan, no hesitation or looking around to see who is there. It is just almost as natural as getting out of the car as my male self. I walked to the Escape and went in and most of the tables had a reserved sign on them, turns out they have a big birthday party here at 6 but the table I normally get was open. I got my drink (Sprite) and ordered a snack as I am going to have dinner at Harvey’s. now a couple girls posted they might be here tonight but I had my computer to kill time and as I can only stay till 7:45 I figured it might just be myself and again I was okay with that, something 10 years ago I would never have done, going to a bar by myself. By 6 it was really busy and the birthed group showed up. I played on my computer till 7;30 before paying my bill and leaving. Now it was lightly raining and of course I didn’t have my umbrella so I got just a little wet walking to my car.

I got down to Harvey’s about 8:10 and found a parking spot just across the street 2 cars up but I still grabbed my umbrella this time. I went inside and got a table to wait for others. I wanted to be a little early incase others showed up so they wouldn’t be alone. Well it turns out Paige got here earlier then me and was at the bar, she came over and joined me as we waited for others to show up. It wasn’t long and other girls started to show up, Sophie and Lorna, Cassandra, Ricki, Judy, Jan, Lynn, Amy, Jeanie, Michelle, Nancy 2 of their friends, and Cassie so all 16 showed up, well one e-mailed me she was sick and couldn’t make it but Cassandra showed up hoping we could get one extra ticket so all worked out. Yes, Cassandra made it tonight which I was kind of thinking might happen as she love Harvey’s and it turns out her wife was busy tonight so she came out. She started the group and for 10+ years put a lot of tine and effort into making it what it is but she took a break from going out last spring. I will eb going to Diva Las Vegas with her in a month, still time to sign up. Of course, I had to get one more selfie as we waited to go in.

We all sat around and talked as more and more people showed up, this really is a good place to mingle with all kinds of people. I really like it when we can do this. I think the ore visible we are in public the more people can see we are just the same as them, well other then how we dress, but we are just people that want to do the same things they do. One reason I think Diva Las Vegas is so wonderful.

Soon it was time to go in for the show, we were in no hurry as we had reserved tables. We got in and sat down and I took a couple group pictures for our group page, with the size of our group we took up two tables as we normally do, we really do seem to get a good turnout for Harveys. If you are interested in other times we have gone to Harvey’s I have a group on my blog for that, this will be my 58th blog about Harvey’s which means I have come here at least that many times as Susan and I know I missed a few so the group has come here more than that.

Our waiter came around and took our orders, I normally get a salad and then a dessert with my drink (sprite) and it usually comes to about $20 but they have a new menu and they have a Prime rib for $18.50 so guess what I had. That’s right Prime Rib, I did skip the dessert though as even though I ordered the smaller (8-oz) prime rib it was pretty big. Probably not a good idea to eat that mush this late at night but it sure was good. Julie was walking around the room handing out her flyers to friend her and came over and talked to us and gave us all hugs, as I said she really does like it when we show up.

The show started and the MC was pretty good, she got about 10 minutes, I think it is how you break into comedy. Then came the featured comedian and he was also pretty good, really, I can only think of a couple times where we didn’t like the comedians. It really is a fun night and laughter is an awesome way to spend the night. soon it was time for Julie to take the stage and she was awesome as always. Now as I said we have seen her many times so we have heard a lot of her stuff but it is still funny. If you ever get a chance to see her you should and if you like good comedy you really should check out Harvey’s Comedy Club, they are awesome.

It is amazing how fast the night went and soon the show was over. Now the table behind us during the show had several men at it and as the evening went, they got a little louder, I was thinking it was the drinking. After the show one of them came over to our table and said he just wanted to tell me how pretty I was. Now I always love hearing this from anyone but still not use to men telling me this, still a little uncomfortable a I am not interested in men. I rally don’t think he meant anything other then the compliment as he turned around and went back to his table.

After the show we went out to the lounge where Julie was meeting her fans and yes selling them souvenirs. We thanked her for a wonderful show and told her we would see her next year but she wanted a picture with us so she actually stopped what she was doing, the people inline told her she could and she came over and took a picture with us. I think we have done this after every show. A few times she even went to Fox & Hounds with us after the show to hang out, really is a shame they close. It really was a wonderful night out. By the time I got to my car it was 12:30am, another late night for this girl but so worth it. Sorry I went a little long on this but it was such a wonderful night

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my newest blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy club to see Julie Scoggins

It is Saturday night and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club to see Julie Scoggins. Now I am not sure but I know we have gone and seen her at least 5 times before maybe 6, she is wonderfully funny. We have been going to Harvey’s now almost every month for maybe 7 or 8 years now it is one of our groups favorite night out. Now normally we go to Fox & Hounds first around 7 before going over to Harvey’s but sadly Fox & Hounds has closed so tonight we are meeting at Harvey’s at 8.

I started getting ready about 5 a little later then in the past but then I didn’t have to leave as early. I was ready and on my way by 7. I got downtown and parked about a block away and walked to Harvey’s, of course I had to get a selfie in the car, a little dark but the one with the flash was bad. Yes, I do have bad pictures, I have had people tell me I always have such good pictures. Here is my secret, only post the good ones, shhhh don’t tell. as I got by their parking lot Cassandra was dropping off Peggy as Peggy made cupcakes for tonight as it is Julies Birthday today, happy birthday Julie. She had two trays so I took one and told Cassandra there was still 2 parking spots behind where I parked so she said she would drive around the block and see if they were still there. Peggy and I walked about 100 feet towards the door and you would not believe it, there were 2 parking spots right in front of the door and Cassandra parked there

We went in and we were the first ones there as it was only about 7:40 we put 3 tables together as we had a big group tonight, 22 all here to see Julie Scoggins. Now it wasn’t long and others started to show up. The funny thing is Julie Scoggins came out as she was not on yet for the earlier show and talked with us for a while and yes hugs for everyone, she is so awesome. Now Julie and Trixie showed up but we waited for others before we had cupcakes. Of course, when we did we all sang Happy Birthday to her and even a few people from tables around us joined in and sang to her. Okay let’s see how goo my memory is as I am going to try and list all from our group. There was Cassandra, Peggy, Julie, Trixie, Jan, Lynn, Laura H, Max, Sophie, Lorna, Kimberly, Melissa, Kate, Barb, Michelle, Nancy, Jennie, Amy, Cassie, and of course me. Wow I am missing two guess my memory is not that good.

The earlier show went long so it was almost 9:40 when they started coming out. Julie Scoggins had a table set up right next to us to sell stuff and of course meet people and take pictures. One lady tried a couple times to get a selfie with Julie and was having trouble so I told her my secret. Her it is, set your self timer for 2 seconds. That way you can push the button and then hold the phone out and it has time to focus before taking the picture. Only way I can get a selfie. She thanked me for the tip.

It was finally time to go in, Peggy, Trixie and I were the first from our group to go in and of course they had our tables all set up. Our waitress came over and had on a beautiful red lipstick and I was just getting ready to compliment her on it but she complimented me first, yes, I also had red lipstick on. We talked a few seconds about how much we both like the red lipsticks before she took our orders. Soon our whole group was in and it was packed. Harvey’s sold out both shows tonight which was awesome to see. Always more fun with a big crowd. Of course, there were more pictures taken and one more selfie.

The show started late about 10:30, the MC who gets a few minutes to tell jokes before he introduces the comedian was good. Then there were 2 opening comedians and they were both good. After them was the featured comedian and he was awesome. We were all laughing by this time and having a wonderful time.

Finally, it was time for Julie to come on stage. She was so awesome and even though we have heard some of her stuff it was still funny. She was incredible, if you ever get to see her perform you will have a blast. Also, if you are looking for a fun night out defiantly check out Harvey’s Comedy Club, you will have a blast. As I said we have come here for years and this is at least my 57th time here and we have never had a bad show, yes some are better like tonight but they are all good.

After the show we talked for a little bit to let the crowd thin out, we also met one of the other owners tonight so we have met 2 of them. I am not sure if it is just the 2 of them or if they have a 3rd owner but they are very nice and treated us well and told us we were welcome anytime. Makes you feel good. On our way out, we all talked briefly with Julie Scoggins, it was great to see her again. It was 12:30 when the show got over so it will be a late night.

Now Julie and Trixie took an Uber here so I am giving them a ride home which was nice as it gave us a chance to talk a little. They are going out of town for a couple months so I won’t see them till we go to Diva Las Vegas which is sad as it is so much fun to go out with them. Even Cassandra and Peggy are on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I won’t see them either. I dropped them off at Julie’s house and then headed home. It was after 1:30 am when I got home, can’t remember the last time I was out this late but it was worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what Susan is up to on my most recent blog.

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Harvey’s Comedy Club in July

Well my Susan time has been limited the last few months so I always am happy when I can get out even for a short time. I did get out briefly two weeks ago on Friday, I needed to get my nails done and I got home early from work so I took advantage of the opportunity. I know people probably think it is a little silly to spend the time getting ready for such a short outing but I enjoyed it, it took me about an hour and I was on my way. I had already called the nail salon as I was driving hoe and got an appointment so I was rushed but I made it on time. I was getting a pedicure and manicure so I was really looking forward to it.

I got there and they were ready for me so it was right into the chair for my pedicure. Another lady did my pedicure and she did an excellent job. Getting a pedicure is so relaxing. I had her put on a bright pink color this time as it is summer. Now it was time for my manicure, well actually a fill as I have kept a thin coat of acrylic on my nails since I went to Diva Las Vegas the end of March. Anna did my nails and always does an excellent job. It took about an hour and 20 minutes and I was all done. Now it was time to go home and change back to my male self as I had to be someplace shortly. It really would have been easier if I went as my male self but I just can’t bring myself to go to the nail salon any other way than as Susan.

Well that brings me to tonight Saturday July 1st, I had to work today and then had family things I had to do after work so I told the girls I would meet them at Harvey’s as I would be late. I got home about 7:15 and it was a mad rush to get ready, the only thing had going for me was I had picked out my dress last night and if I didn’t change my mind I would be fine. I was ready a little after 8 and on my way. I was parking by Harvey’s by 8:30.

I walked in and Julie and Trixie were there, it was so great to see them again. I really have missed seeing my friends more than my time as Susan, they have become such a big part of my life and they mean so much to me. We talked for a little bit before others started to show up, we had a decent size group tonight, I think 18. We took a group picture tonight which was nice, this was not everyone. We had Laura, Max, Julie, Trixie, Melissa, Jan, Lynn, Kate, Karen, Barb, Peggy, Cassandra, Sophie, and several others who showed up later. It was great to see them all again. I got to talk a little with each of them but would have liked to have more time but soon the show would start. Peggy Julie, Trixie and I talked a lot.

Soon it was time for the show to start and we all went inside. I sat between Melissa and Peggy with Julie and Trixie across from me and Cassandra on the other side of Peggy. Kate Laura, Max and another girl filled out our table. The other girl came last month to Harvey’s with us but I don’t think she has joined our group. I think her name is Narcisa and that is a guess at the spelling so forgive me if I am wrong.

Now at the other table were Jan, Lynn, Karen, Sophie, Barb and her friend and a couple others. Cassandra and I were both taking pictures of everyone and a lady from the next table came over and asked if we wanted her to take a group picture of our table which of course we did.

The show started and it was good as always, if MC comedian was good and the featured comedian was also really good but the headliner was awesome. We always have such a fun night here. We have been coming here every month now for at least 5 or 6 years plus we did come here occasionally all the way back to 2009. This is our longest and most consistent outing we do.

It is amazing how fast the night went by, we had a good dinner, a lot of laughs and most important wonderful friends to share it with.

Strangely with all the pictures that were taken I didn’t get one of just myself so I will share one of me and Melissa. The night went by way to fast though. On the way, out we stopped and talked to the comedian’s and told them how much we enjoyed their show, and of course they thanked us for coming. It was an awesome night.

Not sure when I will get out again but I really do need to get a manicure as it has been over two weeks and my nails are a little long for my male life. I will have to try and find a couple hours to fit that in as I said before, I need time to become Susan to go to the nail salon.

Last, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July, as we celebrate our nations birthday let’s all put aside our differences, personal, political and whatever else and come together as Americans. I found this video online about our national anthem and thought it was wonderful, it is about 12 minutes but worth listening to, it brings a whole new meaning to it. Here is the link have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s, Kim’s last night

Saturday is here and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. Now we have been going here once a month since November of 2011 although we did go several times before that also. It is always a fun night and I always look forward to it. Now I have not been able to have any Susan time this week as I have had family in town and I wasn’t even sure I would make it out tonight as I didn’t know what time they were leaving. Well they had left by 5 so I rushed home and started getting ready. Looks like I would be able to get to Fox & Hounds before going to Harvey’s.

I got downtown and parked right at 7, as I walked the block to Fox & Hounds I heard a horn honk but really didn’t pay any attention to it. Turns out it was Cassandra, she said she was also calling my name but I didn’t hear that. I had no more then ordered a drink and fries when Cassandra waked in. She also got a drink and we went and sat down to wait for the others to show up. Melissa was the next to arrive followed by Bambi and Kris and of course Barb also made it. The 6 of us had a nice visit over the next hour or so till it was time to leave and walk over to Harvey’s. Now of course part of the conversation was about Diva Las Vegas which is now only 3 weeks away but there is still time to sign up. Now the sad new is Julie is not going to make it this year which is so sad. Was really looking forward to spending the week with her. Now Cassandra and I will arrive in Las Vegas Friday night March 24 probably 8 pm or later. We are driving down in one day. Melissa and her wife are also driving down bit they won’t get there till Sunday. Cassandra, Veronica and are staying at the California Hotel casino downtown. Was looking online and it is now sold out on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week we are there.

It was about 8:30 when we walked over to Harvey’s, it was raining just a little but we all had umbrellas. It was a little cold but not bad. We got there and it was not real busy, Star and Kim met us at the door and had hugs for all of us. Now the other sad news, Kim our favorite waitress and friend, this is her last night working at Harvey’s. She is starting a new job in Brush Prairie Washington. She has invited us all to come there and see her but I think it will be hard to get most of the group to go as it is not close to Portland. I am going to make it there and see her. Now Kim has been telling us about her boyfriend for a couple years and it turns out he came tonight to surprise her. She brought him over to meet the group and he sat with us for the show and he was really nice. Now Sophie, Kelly, Kim who I have not seen in years and one of Barb’s friends who I can’t remember her name also made it tonight. We had a good turnout tonight. Now Peggy also showed up what a wonderful surprise. It was great to see her again. I really do need to get together with her before Diva Las Vegas. I also need to get out and do some shopping. I am thinking next Saturday as a shopping day.

I had to get one selfie before the show. We went inside for the show and of course I ordered dinner. It is funny as I was thinking about the first time I went to Diva Las Vegas. I had found it online and was planning on going by myself. I had met Peggy at Starbucks and we were talking and I told her about it and her and Cassandra decided to also go so the 3 of us made the trip together. Probably one of the best vacations I have ever taken. That was back in 2010, 7 years ago, Wow seems like just yesterday. I really do have some wonderful friends.

The show started and the first comedian was good although she spoke really fast and was hard to understand sometimes. The second comedian was really good and the headliner was awesome. It is good to get out for a night and just laugh and have fun and forget about everything else. If you are looking for a fun night out your really should check out Harvey’s Comedy Club.

After the show, we got to talk with Kim for a bit, it won’t be the same here without her but she is part of our group and does come out on Wednesday dinner sometime. Kim and Star are both thinking of going to Las Vegas when we are there for Diva Las Vegas, how fun would that be. Kim introduced us to one of the other waitresses here named Stephanie, she is going to be our new waitress here and she seems really nice. All the staff here is wonderful but it is nice to have a regular waitress and a contact when we come here.

After the show, we all walked back to Fox & Hounds as that s where most of us parked. It was not raining but was a little cold out. It was a really fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Saturday is here and it is our monthly outing to Harvey’s tonight. I was really looking forward to this as always as it is such a fun night out but more important is I have a new dress for tonight. It is going to be so fun. It really is funny how much I look forward to going out as Susan, everything just seems more fun and enjoyable. Now like any girl with a big night out I couldn’t wait and started getting ready early. I not only wanted to take my time to look my best but also to just relax and enjoy the experience. I started getting ready at 4 and took my time. I was ready a little before 6 in my pretty new dress.

Now some of us meet at Fox & Hounds at 7 for a little social time before we go to Harvey’s so I was on my way by 6 figuring I would get there a little early. Well that didn’t work out as traffic was really bad and what would normally take me 20 to 25 minutes took me an hour. I got there just before 7. Now I got lucky and found a parking spot right in front of Fox & Hounds. I was the first one there so I got a drink and a table and waited. I wasn’t sure how many would meet here first but I did know we had 11 going to Harvey’s.

Melissa showed up shortly after I did so we had a chance to talk before others showed up. She has been one of our regulars for Harvey’s the last few months. Cassandra showed up next, she also got caught in traffic. Laura H. and Lisa also met us at Fox & Hounds so we had 5 of us here. We talked for a while some about our web page as we had an upgrade to it over the last week. It really looks good and as we find things that can be better we fix them. We hung out here till about 8:30 before walking over to Harvey’s.

Now it was raining a little so I stopped by my car and got my pink umbrella plus 2 others for Melissa and Cassandra. It was a little cold and rainy but it was a nice walk over to Harvey’s. When we got there Cristine was already there and there was a small crowd here already. Now it is suppose to be a good show tonight and a sold out so it will be a lot of fun. Got to talk with Star some she is our favorite bar tender here always good to see her.

Now of course with a new dress I had to get a picture. I had Cassandra take a Susan new dress at Harveys 12-3-2016 (1)picture of me and of course she also had me get a picture of her. I seem to only remember pictures when I have a new outfit or something special going on. Years ago we took pictures, many pictures every time we went out. It really is a cute dress.

Sophie, Lorna, Jeanie, Amy and Cassie also showed up so all 11 of us were her for the show. We all sat and talked till it was time to go in for the show. We even talked some about Diva Las Vegas as Cassandra and I are planning on going and a few other girls are thinking about it. It is Monday March 26 to Friday March 31 if you are interested in going.

We got into the showroom and it was pretty full, not sold out but one of their bigger crowds. Kim our favorite waitress was here, always wonderful to see her. I think we look forward to seeing her and Star as much as we do the show. we really have met some wonderful people as we have gone out.

The show started and it was really good as always. All 3 of the comedians were good and we had a great time. Harvey’s really is a good place to go and see a comedy show, they have really good comedians and treat you wonderful. If you are in Portland check them out. After the show we got to talk with Kim for a while which was nice. I hope she comes to a Wednesday night dinner with us again. Of course I probably wont make the next few as this month will be hard for me to get out on Wednesdays.

Now it was time to walk back to Fox & Hounds where we parked. it was colder and really rainy now so it was good we had umbrellas. Now the bad thing was the Susan new dress at Harveys 12-3-2016 (1)heels I wore were open toed as you can see in the picture. Very cute but only about a 1/4 inch thick so any standing water got on my feet. We hadn’t even gone a block and my feet were wet and of course cold. Probably not the best choice for tonight but they looked so cute with my dress. I really do love cute shoes and dresses. Females have all the best stuff to wear, pretty colors and pretty styles.

WE got back to Fox & Hounds and some of the girls went in for a while. It was late and my feet were cold so I called it a night. It really was a fun night out as always.

Thanks for reading my blog. I started my blog to help me remember my time as Susan and to keep a record of it never thinking others would read it. This is my 903 blog entry, It is hard to believe I have gone out that many times.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s

Saturday and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club tonight, we go every month and have for years. The first time our group went to Harvey’s was December or 2009 and we have been going once a month for the last 4 plus years years. Looking back through my blog I have been to Harvey’s at least 42time now not counting tonight. It really is a fun night out. I took my time getting ready and chose to wear my black and silver dress. it is a really cute dress and comes just below my knees. I was on my way by and got down town about 6:40 and parked. Now I had to take a couple Susan selfie in car (1)selfie’s in the car.

Cassandra, Laura H. and her friend Lisa were already there. We had 12 of us going tonight so about average. This is a fun night out I wonder why more girls don’t go. We ordered drinks and waited for other to show up. most of us meet at Fox & Hound and then walk over to Harvey’s as it is only 7 blocks and parking is easier here plus it is a beautiful evening so it will be a nice evening to walk over.

It wasn’t long and others started to show up. Laura M. and her friend Jenny, Barb Mikaela and her friend Tony and Kayla so 10 of us met here. We sat here and talked till a little after 8 before heading over to Harvey’s. It was a nice walk over, I really love walking through the downtown like any other woman.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there. Cassie showed up a little Mikaela and Me (1)after we got there so all of us were there by 8:45. Now I got a chance to talk with Mikaela and of course She was taking pictures so I had to get a picture with her.

It is funny how I don’t think of getting pictures anymore, a few years back I would tae so many every time I was out. Luckily Mikaela reminds me. Mikaela also took aSusan at Harveys picture of me she even helped me pose.

When we first got here it was really slow but we were over an hour early. As time went by it did get busy and soon it was really crowded. The owner Berry came over and talked with us. He is planning on doing a little remodel of the lounge area so he talked with us for a while and told us his plans. Berry has really treated our group great and they all look forward to the night we come.

Well we were all playing with our phone cameras, Turns out I can take a panorama photo so I can get the whole group in Susan Selfie (2)one picture. well of course while I was playing with the camera I took a couple more selfie’s.

Soon it was time to go into the showroom. We got inside to our table and of course Kim was there. She is so awesome, I look forward to seeing her I think we all do. The show started and the MC was really good maybe the best MC we have seen here.

The featured comedian I think his name was Tony  and he was really good also. The headliner was Steve Barkley and he was really good to. all 3 of them were awesome. If you get to see Steve Barkley you really should as you will laugh the whole time. Also if you get to Portland you must go to Harvey’s if you like good comedy, you will have a great time.

The show got over and really it seems like it went by so fast. We got a chance to talk with Kim after the show which is always nice. She wants toSusan Selfie (1) come out with the group on a Wednesday night which would be awesome. I will have to make sure I make it that night.

After the show we walked back to where we parked. It was a really nice night out and there were a lot of people out. It was a good night but sad to see it come to an end.

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Harvey’s comedy club on Saturday night.

Well it is Saturday and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tonight, I have been looking forward to this for weeks as I bought a pretty new dress just for tonight. Still amazes me that as Susan I can get so excited about a new dress 20151107_202935where on my male side I look at clothes as nothing more than clothes. Now I started getting ready at 4 as I wanted to take my time so I looked really pretty in my new dress. It took 2 hours but it was so worth it, I was ready and on my way by 6 PM. This is my new dress.

Now we have a pretty good group going tonight, 14 of us so it should be fun plus one of our new Members Nicole who I actually met back in February of 2014 when I was out shopping one day. she had contacted me on Facebook as she saw I was going out shopping and wanted to meet to talk of course she was in male mode that day so this will be the first time I have met her as Nicole.

I left home and got downtown Portland about 6:20 and parked and walked over to Fox & Hound. I was the first of our group to get there so I sat at the bar and got a drink and watched Family Feud on the TV20151107_184423 with a couple other guys sitting at the bar. Okay one more selfie close up.

Cassandra showed up just before 7 so I was there maybe 30 minutes by myself which a few years back would have scared me but not it really doesn’t bother me as I have said I have become comfortable as Susan. we talked for a bit as we waited for others to show up, we did have a couple drop out tonight probably because if the weather.

Mikaela showed up with her Sister in-law Kayla. It was awesome to see her again as she doesn’t get out much as she has moved away from Portland. She is a lot of fun and I really enjoy spending time with her. She reminds me of me 8 years ago always taking pictures so when she is around I think about it and get more pictures of myself of course tonight with my new 20151107_203253dress I would have remembered to get a few pictures but I got way more as I had to get a few with her.

Well not that there were 4 of us we moved over to some tables so we could sit down and talk while we waited to see if anyone else would show up early. Barb showed up next so we were up to 5. Of course we needed a group Picture so Kayla took a few pictures of the four of us. This is20151107_195333 Cassandra, Barb, Mikaela and me from Left to right. Don’t we look like one big happy family.

Nicole showed up and it was good to see her again although she did look different from when I saw her last time. It is amazing how a little makeup, long hair and a pretty dress can change how you look and feel. Now it turns out this is her first really outing as Nicole other than a couple quick trips to the store and she seemed to be handling it really well. I remember my first times out, I could hardly talk just sat there trying to look pretty and stay calm. it really is a hard thing the first few times you go out but it is so worth it as it really does get easier over time.

It was about 8:20 when the 6 of us left and walked the 7 blocks to Harvey’s. it was a little cold out tonight but at least it didn’t ran although we all had our umbrella’s as rain  does not go well with being a girl. We got t Harvey’s and Cristine was already there.

Well we sat down and I got a good chance to talk with Nicole and learn more about her. Turns out her wife knows and is okay with it, even her kids now and are fine with it so she is a lucky girl. Of course being her first time out we had to get pictures of her so she can remember tonight. It is always fun t go back and look at pictures to see your journey and how you progress over time. I really do enjoy meeting new people especially ones I have chatted with on Facebook.

Well it started to get busy here as more and more people came in, it looks like they will have a full house tonight. Sophie and Lorna showed up and so did Cassie so almost everyone was there. Lorna joined Nicole and me at our table and the 3 of us talked till the show started. It was almost time to go in when Laura and her friend showed up so all 12 of us were there. The doors opened and everyone went in and we just sat and waited as we had our table reserved as always. one of the advantages of coming every month. Harvey’s has always treated us awesome from the owner to all the staff. If you come to Portland and want to see good comedy you must check out Harvey’s.

We got inside and Kim our favorite waitress was there waiting for us. She is so awesome and takes really good care of us. Cassandra no more than sat down and she had her dinner, seems she had texted Kim what she wanted, pretty smart. Kim took our orders and then the show started.

The show was good as always and all 3 of the comedians were good. It is amazing how fast the night went by as it always does. This really is a fun night and one of the most fun things we do every month. it is hard to believe we have been coming here for over 5 years. I think Nicole enjoyed it but I also think there were times it was a little overwhelming for her with all the people there as it was a sold out show.

Now the fun part of the night was at the end of the show the comedian invited one of the ladies from the crowd up on stage as it was her birthday, she is friends with Star our favorite bar tender here. Well he joked with her for a moment till she said she had a boyfriend so the comedian had the boyfriend come up on stage and it took a little encouraging to get him up there. Well once he was up there he gave the mic to him and left the stage well if you haven’t guessed it he got down on one knee and purposed to her there on stage in front of everyone. If you are wondering she accepted, it was really fun to be there 20151107_203256for this.

After the show we talked with Kim for a while, she is thinking of going out to dinner with us on a Wednesday night which would be fun. well we all left. Now it wasn’t raining but it was colder out. The one bad thing about being a girl is the stuff you wear is not really warm, Dresses and open toed shoes. yes I could have worn something warmer but it was more about being cute than warm.  Cassandra, Cristine, Nicole and I walked back over to Fox & Hound where we had parked. It really was a fun night out and such a pleasure meeting Nicole. We said our goodbyes and left for home. I really hope Nicole can get back to Portland again and go out with the group again.

Thanks for reading.


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Saturday night at Harvey’s to see Bob Zany

Saturday night and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. The owner Berry recommended we come tonight because the Comedian Bob Zany is really good, He likes to pick on the audience So we are going 2 weeks in a row as we want to See Julie Scoggins next weekend. Now we only had a small group tonight, 9 of us.

I started getting ready late as I had things I had to do and also I wasn’t planning on going to Fox & Hound first. Seems I twisted my knee and didn’t think I could walk the 7 blocks so I was going straight to Harvey’s which I knew several of the other girls would be doing also. I was ready by a little after 7 and on my way. I got downtown Portland about 7:30 and started looking for a parking spot. turns out the only thing I could find was still about 4 blocks away. now I worm my boots with the 3” heels as the funny thing is even with my hurt knee it is easier to walk in heels then in flats.

I got to Harvey’s and Jan, Lynn, Cristine and Barb were already there. It was great to see Barb again as she goes out of town during the summer so it has been several months since I have talked with her. Barb and I talked a little about Stefia. She is a member of our group but didn’t get out with the group much as most of Stefia and Susan ate Sweethomeher time out was during the day. I did get out with her from time to time for lunch or dinner and she was an awesome friend. She passed away last Tuesday do to Pancreatic Cancer. This is a picture from when we got together a few months ago. She was an awesome friend and I will really miss her, she was loved by so many. She really did touch a lot of lives. Over the years we have lost several of our Sisters, Lisa, Carol, Morgan and now Stefia and each one of them has touched our lives in some way and we are better for knowing them.

Star our favorite bar tender was working tonight and it was nice to see her again, She went and had dinner with us at Benihana on Wednesday night. Julie and Trixie also were able to join us tonight as they are such wonderful people. It has been awhile since Trixie has been able to get out. it was great to sit and talk with them. Sophia and Lorna also showed up so we had all 9 of us here tonight.

Well it was time to go in for the show and as always our table was reserved and of course our favorite waitress Kim was working tonight. She is so awesome and greats all of us with a hug. We all ordered dinner as we waited for the show to start.

The show was good and all the comedians were awesome but Bob Zany was awesome. he really did pick on the audience, He would ask them questions and then make jokes about it. it really was awesome. if you get a chance to go see him you should but remember if you sit close enough to the stage which is probably within 25 feet of it you will probably get to be part of the show and if you get out of your seat for anything like going to the bathroom you will also be part of the show. It really was a fun night and went by so fast.

Thanks for reading.

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Awesome night at Harvey’s

Well Saturday night was here and I was really looking forward to going to Harvey’s with my friends. We had 14 that said they were going so it was a little smaller group then in the past but it was a Holiday weekend and I figured a lot of the group would be off celebrating the 4th of July. Now I chose my pinkish Salmon color dress as I just wanted something bright tonight.

I was ready to leave by a little after 6, it was a nice sunny drive downtown Portland. I parked and walked the block to Fox & Hound to meet my friends. Cassandra, Petra, Cristine, Melissa and Shawna were there and Cassandra was on her computer as she got there really early. I joined them and we all started talking. It wasn’t long and Jan, Lyn and Joan showed up so we put a couple tables together so we could all talk. Some of us ordered food, really a snack as we planned on eating at Harvey’s. They have been so wonderful to us and I think we should support that by spending some money there.

About 8:15 we all paid our bills and then we headed for Harvey’s, Melissa and Shawna drove over and the rest of us walked including Cristine. Now I really love the walk to Harvey’s, there is something about just walking around the downtown area as Susan especially on a nice sunny warm day. We got to Harvey’s about 8:30 and went into the lounge to wait. There were only a few other people in there so we were able to find a table. The Bar tender came over and talked with us and got our drink orders. I don’t know her name but she was really awesome so I had to get a picture with her, what a cute picture.

Kim our favorite waitress even came out and talked with us for a bit which was nice as she was working the early show inside also. It was a little before 9 when Sophia showed up, her wife couldn’t make it which was a shame. We were waiting for 4 more to show up as we sat and talked. A little after 9 Cassandra and I went out and got our tickets as we waited for the show to start. Robyn finally showed up so we were up to 10 of us. By now it was getting crowded inside the Lounge and people were lining up by the door. We just sat at our tables as Kim already had our table reserved.

Well the early show got out and it was time for everyone to go in for the 10 pm show, it is so nice not to have to fight in a line. Cristine was the first to go in the rest of us waited. We got inside and Kim had our table read and greeted us with hugs, how wonderful is that, she is really awesome. She took our orders and we sat and talked as we waited for the show to start. Now Harvey’s has an MC that does some jokes and then an opening comedian and a headliner so you really get 2 shows in one.

The MC was pretty funny but her really only had maybe 5 minutes. The opening Comedian was really good, his name was Mark and I can’t remember his last name but he was really good. We were all laughing really hard. Now there were some men upfront and they would say things when he would tell a joke and of course this made the comedian pick on them. In the many times we have come here I have learned that if you sit right in front or say things to the comedian they will pick on you and make you part of the show and the comedian usually comes out better but it is all in good fun. It was really good.

The Head Liner was Susan Rice who we have seen several times and she is always awesome. If you get a chance to see her you should as you will have an awesome time. Comedy really is the best medicine as you just feel so much better when you are happy and laughing. She was so funny we laughed the whole time. It really was a great show and everyone in the crowd was laughing. The same men in the front started commenting to her and again Susan started using them in her show so I guess they didn’t learn after the first comedian. It was amazing how fast the night went by.

After the show Barry the owner came over and talked with us and wanted to know if we wanted a picture of our group on the stage. A lade at the next table said we should and I talked her into going up on stage with our group which really didn’t take much persuading. She even had one of her friends come up with us. They are the two right in front by the mic next to me in my cute dress. Kim came over and I gave her my camera so I could also get a picture of our group for my blog. I think some of the other people were also taking pictures.

There were lots of people still there watching us including a bachelorette party with about 8 young woman right in front. Well we got done with the pictures on the stage and as we were walking down a couple of the girls from the Bachelorette party were smiling at us as we walked by so I did what Cassandra usually does and I walked up to one of them and said Hi ladies I need a picture with a really cute girl. Well the girl I said this to pointed out the bachelorette so I called her over to get a picture with her. As we were posing the girl I originally went up to came over and said she wanted to be in the picture also so I got a picture with both of them. The girl in the cowboy hat is the one getting married. Her friends took several pictures so I am sure they will remember tonight.

After the show we talked with Kim a little more and again we got hug’s Kim is so awesome and we are all looking forward to next month when we come back again. Kim, Barry the owner and really all the staff her are wonderful and make this such a special night for us. If you are in Portland and really want a fun night out go to Harvey’s Comedy Club.

Well after the show we walked back to Fox & Hound where we had parked. One car went by with several people in it and they waved at us and one guy stuck his head out the window and said “Looking good ladies” which always makes one feel good. Well I got to my car and said good bye to the others and headed home. What a wonderful evening out.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and enjoyed my blog which if you didn’t notice I color coated blue and red. Thanks

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Saturday night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well Saturday night and time for some fun at Harvey’s Comedy Club. This is always a fun night out with the girls and I have really been looking forward to it as the last time I was able to go to Harvey’s was in November. Way to long. Well earlier in the day Samantha text me to see if I was going and if so could I give her, Coley and their boyfriends a ride which I said I could. I told her I would pick them up at 6:30ish. I was actually stopping at Staples to get black in this time for my printer.

I got to Staples at Cascade Station about 6:15 and yes I realized I was overdressed for shopping but it was really just a quick stop which I could have done the next day as my male self but what would have been the fun in that. I went inside and yes I was over dressed but there was only a few people in there so who cares. I found my printer ink and went to the checkout and the girl working there told me how nice my perfume was. I love getting compliments and it seems lately when I go out I am getting them more and more so my night was off to a good start.

Well I got to Samantha & Coley place and they came out and we managed to fit everyone in my car, yes I have a small car so we were all cozy especially with 3 in the back seat. We got downtown a little before 7 so I had to pay to park on the street till 7. It is funny as I seem to do this a lot when I go downtown. I use my credit card to pay as they take credit cards and for the 15 minutes it cost me a total of .45 cents. I have to wonder if they really make any money off of me when they pay the transaction fee and the cost of processing.

We got into Fox and Hound and Cassandra and Laura were the only 2 there so far. Well it turns out the 7 of us were the only ones who went to Fox & Hound before the show. We all had a drink and snacks and talked as we didn’t need to be to Harvey’s till 8:45. Well we had a good time and about 8:20 we decided to head over to Harvey’s which is only 6 blocks away. Now it was barely raining and of course I had my pink umbrella. It really wasn’t a bad walk although there was a wind which I found out I don’t like as it messes up your hair and blows it in your face. Don’t get me wrong Susan loves longer hair but in the wind it can be a little troublesome.

We got to Harvey’s Comedy Club and Cristine was there waiting for us and the fact we came a little earlier than normal there was no one else there so we had our choice of where to sit in the lounge as we waited for the early show to get over and ours to start. Well it wasn’t long and a few more people came in including Teresa, she was going to go to the show with us but she changes her mind as she had a friend that was coming into town to meet her so she hung out with us till we went into the show.

Well about 9 a man came in and he was most likely a homeless person and wanted to get warm and dry I guess, now this is the part that is stupid on his part. Instead of going to the back corner where he would not be visible and sitting quiet he picked a table right in the middle and actually pretty close to us and put his boots up on the table and then started banging them up and down on the table making all kinds of noise. It was almost like he was trying to draw attention to himself. Well a couple of the bar staff came over and told him to leave and of course he did nothing. Next Berry the owner came over and again told him to leave and when he wouldn’t Berry called the police on his cell phone. Now I would think any normal person would have left at this point but not this guy. Well Berry the owner stood there with his hands in his pocket waiting for the police, it seems like it was a while but really only a minute or 2 when the guy got up and moved towards Berry and Berry stepped back and the guy stopped and then lunged at Berry and the next thing we knew Berry had a hold of him and was pushing him out the door. Well of course Samantha and Coley Boyfriend Michael who were closest followed him out with Cassandra right behind them, Cassandra had her cell phone out and was videotaping the whole thing.

There was a brief struggle outside before the guy pulled away from Berry and then he came back after Berry again and Samantha was right behind Berry and as the guy got close Samantha pulled out her mace and got him right in the face which slowed him down and of course by this time the police were there. So it was an exciting show before the show even started.

It was finally time to go inside and of course Kim our favorite waitress was there and had our table all reserved for us. It was great to see her again as it has been 4 months since I have been here or seen her and of course she had hugs for us all. Harvey’s Comedy Club is really such an awesome place and they have always treated our group so wonderful. Well we all ordered drinks and food and waited for the show to start. Now Cristine and I were the first of our group to get to our table and a guy came over to talk with us, turns out him and his friend go to Sweethome on Friday nights sometime and reconized us so we talked with him for a while before he went back to his date. I bet that was a good topic of conversation he had with his date.

Well the show started and as always it was awesome. All 3 of the comedians were awesome, they have like a MC who gets maybe 10 minutes on stage and he was really good. The opening act was really funny and I can’t remember either of their name and Harvey’s only puts the headliner on their web page. The headliner name was Robert Duchaine and he was awesome, so funny. We all laughed so hard, I wish more of our group could have made it as they would have loved this show. If you get a chance to see him you must and if you are ever in Portland Oregon you must check out Harvey’s, you will have a great time.

Well after the show Berry came over and talked to us and thanks us for the help earlier. Then he told us that when the police took the guy down to the jail he got in a fight with the officers at the jail so there had to be a little something more going on with this guy. Any way we sat and talked with Berry and our Waitress Kim for maybe 10 minutes. What a great night.

Well we left to walk back to our cars and about a block away there were maybe 4 or 5 guys on the street and it looked like 2 of them were trying to fight and the others were trying to keep them apart. As we got closer we heard one say he would pull a knife so we turned a block early and went a different way back to our cars just to be on the safe side. Well when we got to our cars which was maybe only 5 minutes there must have been 6 police cars come screaming through the intersection by where we parked and they were heading in the direction we had just come from so we wondered if the two guys did finally get into the fight and that is where they were going. Now I only mention this to mind everyone to be careful when you go out and I am not just talking to t-girls but everyone, male, female, t-girl, young and old alike. Be aware of where you are, where you are going and who is around you as you never know what might happen.

Our group has gone out hundreds of times in downtown, walked the streets from place to place and never had a problem or seen anything like this and then tonight twice. Always think safety first. Any way we got to our cars and we all piled back into my small car and I drove Samantha, Coley, Michael and Samantha’s boyfriend, sorry I just can’t remember his name as I am blonde but he was really nice back to their place. I love being a blonde as I can always use that as an excuse for my little memory lapses.

It was such a fun night and sad to see it come to an end. We will miss next month as a lot of us will be in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas and we are all looking forward to it, it is such a fun week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had as fun of a weekend as Susan did.

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