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Out with friends on a Wednesday night.

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as it turns out I have the day off so I thought this week I would go out with my friends from the group. Now I don’t get to go out with them very often during the week as I go to work really early so I was looking forward to this. We were going to meet at Fox & Hound at 7 but with weather and traffic I was running a little late. I was lucky enough to find a parking spot right on the corner between CC’s Slaughter and Fox & Hound.

When I got there Cristine, Joan, Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were already there. It was nice to be out with them. Soon Victoria and Michelle showed up. We talked for awhile and then ordered dinner. Now here is the funny part at least now. We all got salads to start and as the waiter was serving the salads, Chris who was sitting to my right was talking with Cassandra and was really using his hands while he talked, well as the waiter went to put Roxy’s salad down Chris swung his hand and knocked the waiters hand and the salad all went down Roxy’s front and into her lap. We were all so shocked and then we saw her face, well it turns out they serve the salad dressing in little cups and yes you guessed it, the cup came off the plate and hit her right in the face. She had Salad dressing all over her face. Chris felt so bad and kept apologizing. We were all passing our napkins over to her so she could wipe it off. It was only after that we all thought about cameras but by this time she had wiped it all off her face. Well Roxy went and cleaned up and when she came back you could not tell this had happened. We all enjoyed the rest of our dinner and had wonderful conversation.

After dinner we all walked around the corner to CC Slaughters and went in, there were only a couple people there but they were expecting it to be busy so they had put away the pool table. We talked for a bit and then decided to go across the street to the Boiler Room as they have a pool table. They also had karaoke going on so Chris put his name in to sing. Buffy and her girlfriend soon arrived and so did Jan & Lynn so we had a pretty big group which was nice. None of the people there seemed to really care we were there which was nice.

Chris actually sang to songs and did a pretty good job. Joan also sang a song. We were all having a fun time and it turns out none of us played pool which was why we left CC’s and came over here. We were just having a fun time talking and sinning along with the songs we knew. Cassandra put her name in to sing the song Girls Just wasn’t to have fun and talked me and Victoria into going up with her to sing. So yes I was up in front of everyone singing with a microphone in my hand, had to share it with Victoria. I don’t think the one we had was as loud as the one Cassandra had or she just sang louder, either way she managed to get almost everyone in the club singing with us. It was a really fun time.

Well they were getting really busy and crowded so we decided to walk back across the street to CC Slaughters well it turns out they were also really busy. We went inside but with the crowd we really couldn’t go very far inside without pushing through the crowd and also there were no tables open so we stayed by the front door for a while and just talked. A couple GG’s came over and talked with us for a few minutes which was nice. I guess with the Holiday tomorrow most people have it off work so they were out partying the night away. I think it was about midnight when Cassandra and I called it a night. It was a lot of fun.

Well I didn’t make it to Starbucks this week but I will be out with the group Friday night at the P-Club which I am looking forward to. Any way have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


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  1. What a champ for Roxy to take that in stride, I would have freaked out! Have a great T-day and long weekend.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | November 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi Susan,

    Well sounds like a fun night and mid-week too. I do admire you for doing the Karaoke. I wouldn’t dream of doing it with my voice in male mode and I just don’t think I want to stand out that way anyway. I may be a bit more adventurous generally in femme mode but would still be embarrassed to sing as its such a give-away. I accept that when you are out ina group, everyone knows anyway but still think you are all very brave to draw that sort of attention to it.

    Take care
    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | November 25, 2011 | Reply

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