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Busy week for Susan but made it to Starbucks.

Well it is a busy week for Susan but not because of work. I will be out 3 nights this week maybe 4. I had to changes my schedule around a little to make this work though. Tonight I am at Starbuck’s for my mid week outing. It has been a while since I have been here on a Tuesday night and they are pretty slow, just 4 other people here at the tables and not many coming in for takeout. The two girls working I am not sure if they have been here before when I came in but they didn’t blink an eye at me.

It is funny as I was talking to a t-girl the other day and she couldn’t figure out why I like to come to Starbuck’s. She likes to dress and go to clubs or dress around home. For me when I am Susan I want to be out even if only going to Starbuck’s, for me I can’t get that excited about getting all dressed up to sit at home. I guess that is what makes us all a little different.

Well as I said this week will be busy for Susan as I will once again be out at the P-Club on Friday night. It is always a fun night anytime I can be out with my friends. It is funny as I really don’t care where we go as a group as long as it is time with my friends. The P-Club is also a very comfortable place to go as the staff and other customers seem to really like us there.

Saturday night a bunch of us are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. It started when Jan & Lynn got 16 free tickets and posted to the group, now we have 14 girls going and Cassandra has got 8 more tickets so we still have 12 tickets and hoping to get more girls to go. It would be so much fun to have 26 of us go to the show. We seem to go to Harvey’s a couple times a year and always have a blast. This could be one of our biggest group yet to go. If you have never been to a comedy show or club you really should check it out and Harvey’s is a really good one. Prices are reasonable (even better when the tickets are free) but even if we had to pay I would still go as it really is a fun evening.

The plan is to meet at Hamburger Mary’s first and spend an hour or so there. Then walk the 4 blocks to Harvey’s for the show. We have done this every time and always fun to walk downtown Portland and as we will have a big group it is safe. Not sure I would make the walk at that time of night by myself even in male mode. I have not figured out what I will wear yet. I am thinking a skirt and top and heels. I have a really cute outfit that goes well with my 4″ heels but 4 blocks down and than 4 blocks back plus however far I have to park away from Hamburger Mary’s that may be a bit much in heels like that so I may go with my 3″ heels. Will make that call Saturday night I guess.

On Sunday one of the girls has arranged a makeup class taught by a MAC technician at Nordstrom’s, this is the third class and I would really like to go just not sure I can work it into my schedule. They have a room they use for the class and then afterwards we can all go shop the cosmetic counter which is always more fun as Susan. The class will review foundation and then cover multi color eye shadow and false eye lashes. I have never tried false eye lashes but have always wanted to and I think if I could get the training it might be fun to do. Some of the girls in our group always wear false eye lashes and say it is the best way to go. It would be so much fun as the class is from 2 to 4 so it would be the middle of the day on a weekend and should be busy.

If I can work it out it would mean 4 days this week and 3 days in a row. Wouldn’t leave me much time this weekend to get things my males self needs to do though. Any way I will of course blog all about it.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.

One more thing, another T-Girl (Trisha) I met on line through my blog will be in town this weekend with her wife and they are planning on coming to the P-Club Friday night so I will get to meet someone new again which is always fun. She is going to start her own blog Trishaboots if you want to check it out.

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  1. Well…regarding Starbucks, the first time I ever met another T-Girl was at Starbucks. Seems to be a common meeting place for us T’s.

    Comment by Calie | November 9, 2011 | Reply

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