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Tips for beautiful nails

Well this has been a blog I have wanted to write for a while and am just now getting around to it. If you have red my blogs you know I love long pretty nails. I think that is the one thing I would do full time if men could have pretty nails. As such I have tried many things to do my nails from painting them, acrylics which I love, glue on but finding something you can do quickly and lasts and you can take off as easily as they go on and better yet reuse them without damaging your nails is hard. I would love to take credit for this but it was actually Barb who came up with this idea and shared with Cassandra who passed on to me and now I share it with all of you. Now I will admit the most expensive part of this is the nail polish as I love OPI but any polish will do. This is what you need,

Nail polish, one clear and the color of your choice (I like OPI) $8 each

Artificial nails they need to be full nails not the tips, I like KISS brand Active Square 200 count as I can get 10 sets out of it. Under $7

Scott’s outdoor mounting tape (it is water proof), I buy at Home Depot, about $15 for over 400 inches.

I also get some mounting putty (under $2) and a piece of wood (under $2).

Now there are two options, you can use the nails as they are or you can put some of the nail glue on the underside and let dry, to do this just spread out on some paper towels. The reason for the glue is it makes them a little stronger. The nails usually will split up the middle from the cuticle end from reuse. Now I have got anywhere from 10 to 30 uses from the nails without the glue depending on how careful you are taking them off. With the glue you should easily last longer but they sit a little higher on the nail so I would try both ways and see what you like.

Now the trick I use is to mount the nails on the edges of the wood using the mounting putty, I can get 2 sets of 10 on each edge and if I prop up on blocks I can use all 4 edges so I can actually do 8 sets of nails at one time, for this I only did 4 sets.

I put the clear coat on and by the time I get all the nails done the first am dry and ready for the color and I repeat just going around, 2 coats of color and then the clear coat again. This is the slowest part but you can do a lot of nails in one shot and then you are good for awhile. You can also do several colors at once and have a variety of choices.

Let the nails dry and then you are ready to go. I can put on a set in under 5 minutes and if I want I can remove and put another color on in about the same time so you can change your nails

When you are ready you just put the mounting tape on the nails and you are ready to go. I use small pieces as I think they fit better plus the mounting tape really does hold the nails secure. I put the tape on all the nails first. Make sure and press them onto the nail so they stick well.

Then I use tweezers and peel off the tape and place them on my nail, squeeze the nail onto your finger nail and hold for a few seconds to make sure they are secure.

There you have it pretty beautiful nails for the day or evening look. They look great and stay on really well. I have even left on for a weekend and took a bath and shower and the nails held fast.

Now to take of you want to put a little pressure on the tip and take an cuticle orange stick under the back and gently lift up. If you do this carefully you can do it without damaging the nails and get many uses out of them. Once the nail is off, use the cuticle orange stick and scrape the tape off the back and you are ready for the next time.

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  1. Great blog Susan. I always love innovative and interesting ways of doing things and saving money at the same time.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | February 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. Interesting innovative ways to do things. That is one of the advatages of being part time both genders.
    The only thing I was wondering when the mounting putty is used. I suppose it is used to temporarly stick the nails to the wood. Is that the case ?
    Would a clear coat of nail polish on the back of the nail instead of the glue be a good reinforcement of the nail to prolonge the live? Maybe it is not so thick as glue.
    I have never used acrylic nails but one of these days I will try.
    Thanks for the tips.

    Comment by angeladevial | February 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Yes I use the mounting putty to hold them on the wood. I love Acrylic nails, the one thing I would probably do all the time if I could but as it is I usually get them done once a year the rest of the time I do them this way.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | February 6, 2013 | Reply

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