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Saturday trip to the nail salon before going to the Escape

It is the last Saturday of June and I am really looking forward to going out. Between being sick and other obligations, my Susan time has been limited. Now my plan as usual is to try to get to the Escape early between 5 & 6 as this gives me a little more time out and parking is way better. I got home around 3 and started to get ready and of course the first thing I notice I a chip on my nail polish on my toes, it has been at least 6 weeks since my last pedicure. I also noticed one of my nails had what looked like a crack but was really just where the corner was separating from the acrylic. yes, I needed to go to the nails salon. I called Dream nails and it turns out they were busy and Anny couldn’t get me in till 5:30. Now I had a decision to make, be late to the Escape or not get my nails done and I am sure you can guess my choice. I told her I would see her at 5:30 and finished getting ready. I was all done with my makeup and picked a more neutral lipstick, a mauve color and now it was time to get dressed. Now as I was getting a pedicure that would mean no panty hose and flip flops so I picked my white and black summer dress, here is a picture of me from our trip to Hoover dam wearing the same dress.

Now I had another dilemma, it was only 4:15 and I was all ready and I really don’t like just sitting around the house all dressed up so I decided to go to the Starbucks by my house till it was time to go get my nails done. It only took a couple minutes to get there and I went in. they were not real busy so I had no trouble getting a table and got out my computer and took care of some work, wrote my blog from Wednesday, and just relaxed as I waited till it was time to go to the nails salon. Now people came and went and a few sat down at tables but it never really got really busy. It is a good place to people watch though. It really was funny how fast time went. Soon it was 5:15 and I decided to leave and go to the Nail salon which again only takes a couple minutes.

I parked and went in and yes, they were busy, 2 getting their nails done and 5 getting pedicures and 2 waiting but I had an appointment so I only had to wait a couple minutes. Anna would do my nails but another girl did my pedicure, she has done my pedicures several times and always does a great job but I do not know her name and feel bad asking so I guess I will just go on not knowing. I really do love coming to the nail salon and getting pedicures, so relaxing. Sad most men will never experience this simple joy in life. She did a wonderful job and soon it was time for the polish, I had picked out a really bright red called Ferrari which I have had before and really love the color, so wish I could do my fingers in the same color. Soon my feet were done and looked so pretty and now it was time for my nails.

I moved over to Anna’s table and she started on my fingers. She removed the old gel polish and filed them down to get them ready for the acrylic fill and of course noticed the bad nail before I pointed it out to her so she removed all the acrylic on that nails. It really is a fun and relaxing time. She asked if I wanted them shortened and I said yes even though I really didn’t. She put the new acrylic on my nails and shaped them and got them all ready for the polish. Of course, I used the same color I have been for months, Wedding dress but I kept thinking about the pretty red on my toes and so wished it was on my fingers. Now they were busy the whole time with people waiting, so glad I always call for an appointment. It was 6:50 when I was all done and left the salon with my pretty nails.

I got to the Escape about 7:20 and as I feared all the parking was full in the lot so I parked out on the street, I don’t think I have ever had to park on the street here as I always get here early. I went in and Bobbie was there at one of the tables closest to where they do Karaoke, are normal table was full. I talked with Bobbie a little before going up and ordering dinner. I noticed Lee was here at the Bar so I went over and talked with her a little, she was here with another lady and was not sure if they were on a date so I only talked to her for a few minutes before going back to the table. My food came and I ate my dinner they really do have great food here.

I was just finishing my dinner and Robyn showed up. It was nice to see her out she is coming here on a more regular basis now which is always nice. Now as it got later it started to get busier as this is the last weekend of Pride and it was going to be a big night I think. Another girl from our group showed up so we had 4 of us now. By 9 it really was busy and we had others sitting at the other end of our table which I really don’t mind as I didn’t think we would have any more girls show up but Lauri. And it is nice to kind of chat with them. They have 2 long tables that sit 10 and then several 4-person tables and they were all full.

Karaoke started and it is fun although it gets loud and you can’t really talk any more. Those who sang did really well and even the few that didn’t we still clapped as they had the guts to get up and sing. Several of the songs I had never heard before and a few were ones I really likes and those I sang along with, quietly from our table of course. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up. I stayed a little long but I was getting tired. I can remember a few years back when we didn’t go out till 9 and we closed the bars down. Now by 11 I am done. I paid my bill and said my goodbye’s and called it a night. It was so wonderful to be out with my friends and also get my nails done. I really do need to try to get back to getting my nails done on a week night though.

On a side note this week for some reason all my blogs I shared on my Facebook page disappeared and I mean disappeared. I can find no trace of them. I checked my activities log and even downloaded my history file and there is no trace of them. I am not really good with Facebook so if any of you out there have any ideas what happened please let me know. I will see if this one post to it and if not, I may try and post in manually and see what is going on. I tried to contact Facebook but that is harder then finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so I don’t know what to do now.

Any way thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with my on my most recent blog.


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Saturday at the Escape on Memorial Day Weekend

It is Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so I am not sure how many girls will be out but before I get into my blog I want to recognize the sacrifice so many American men and woman have made for our freedom and our way of life. We have and live in the greats country in the world and we owe it all to our brave service men and woman who dedicated their lives to protect us and some gave up everything for us. I want to thank you all and let you know how much we appreciate what you gave and let you know you are not forgotten.

Now I started getting ready early for two reasons, first I wanted to take my time and enjoy every moment of becoming Susan and second, I wanted to get there early so I could write my blog from Wednesday as I am once again behind in my blogging. Seems I just can’t find the time the next day to update things. Now it was about 4:45 when I was all done and ready to dress but I decided I would ware my corset tonight which also means picking out the right dress. I got the corset on and it really does give me a nice shape as I have hips and a waist which is several inches narrower, I will have to measure it sometime as I am curious. I got the corset on and put the dress I chose on and it just didn’t look right so off it came and back to the closet. It was the third dress I tried that I went with, a black and white one that goes down to mid-calf but also has a slit on the left that goes up to mid-thigh oh and also tight and clingy so the curves show. Being a girl is so much fun.

I got to the Escape just before 5:30 and went in. They were not that busy so I sat down and got my computer out and ordered dinner. I looked around and Kearren was also there early so she came over and joined me. It has been a while since I have seen her out, at least before Diva Las Vegas which was 6 weeks ago, wow time is flying. Well I put my computer away as it is always more fun to talk with someone then play on my computer, guess I will do my blog Sunday. It is sad as she will be moving too Idaho in a few weeks and I will miss her. We talked a while about why we do this and we both agreed there really is no right answer other then we enjoy it and it relaxes us. I guess for me Susan is part of who I am and when I can be her feel complete and that is a real enjoyable and relaxing feeling compared to hiding her away.

We got on the topic of Facebook and friends and peoples profiles. I will share my thoughts and remember these are just my thoughts for me. I do get a lot of friends request and I am selective of who I accept. Now it is not because I don’t want to be friends with people I just try to limit it to people I feel I will meet at some point or we have a lot of friends in common. I am not interested in having just numbers. Again, this is me, I see people with 5,000 friends and I have to ask myself how can you keep up with that many, at 100 a day it would take you 50 days to look at each of them. We also talked about profiles with no picture or information, again I don’t friend blank profiles although I have made the rare exception as sometimes people have valid reasons. I do have a few friends that I have met or have exchanged pictures with that just can’t put public info out but I do want to make sure people are real. Any way Kearren is trying to get a good picture of herself to post so I gave her my tips and again this is what works for me. I find I get my best pictures when the camera is above me and at a slight angle. So, I am going to post pictures taken different ways to show the difference. It is amazing the difference that different angles make.

Well Kate was the next to show up so the 3 of us sat and talked for a while. Then Kate and Kearren went to play pool so I thought about getting my computer out but then Bobbie showed up followed by Jan & Lynn. Now a funny story as a group of women showed up about 8 and they were all waring Tutu’s and looked so cute. Well I had to tell them that and soon I was talking to a couple of them. It turns out one of their friends had been working on the East coast the last 2 months and was back in town for the weekend and had asked 1 of them to pick her up at the airport. Well this friend had this great idea and got several of her friends to show up at the airport in tutu’s and hold up signs as they waited for her to get off the plane, signs like welcome back from rehab, and so on. It was so funny. Any way I just thought I would share this so remember this the next time you ask a friend to pick you up at the airport or if you are going to pick someone up.
kellybea also showed up tonight with her wife, she is one of our newer members and has gone out a couple times in Salem but she drove up here tonight. It was really nice to meet her and her and her wife seem really nice. I got to talk with them a little which was nice and I hope they cam get out more with our group. I really do like when I meat new people. It was about 9:30 and Lauri showed up so we had a good size group tonight, 10 in all.

It was also getting crowded now as people were coming in for karaoke and that is always fun although you really can’t talk anymore as it gets to loud. Now a lot of the songs sung tonight I have never herd or at least don’t remember so when the ones I know were sung I would sing a long quietly of course. Now I did get several compliments on my dress as it really did look good. I wish I had gotten a picture of me standing so I would be able to show off the dress but I didn’t think of that. Any way of course I would thank them and got into conversations with them also which really makes a fun night. Alice would have been so proud of me as I probably talked with at least 6 women there I didn’t know and had never met so much different from 10/15 years ago when I would go out and just sit and keep to myself and not make eye contact with people. It really is fun to interact with people.

This brings me back to another thing Kearren and I talked about, passing in public which is a question I get asked a lot. Both do I pass and for those who ask me this, thanks for the compliment, and also, I will get asked by others if they pass as they don’t want to go out unless they

pass. No, I do not pass in the way people ask or think. Yes, there are times, right lighting, distance, alcohol intake and so on when I do but I do not even come close to passing 100% and that is okay. For me passing means something totally different. If I can go out and not be bothered, not be made fun of, be treated as a female then I have passed. Passing to me is being accepted for who I am. Tonight here I passed 100% as always. I am always accepted here and treated as any other woman her and that is a great feeling. Now what will help you is being confident and by this, I mean acting like this is the most natural thing for you, like you are not doing anything wrong, the other big thing is smile and be polite, this goes a long way. Again, this is just my thoughts and views and that and $5 will get you a drink at Starbucks. Now the 3 pictures above were all taken right in a row with me sitting in the same position. The only thing that changes was the height and angle of my phone and I did try to keep the same facial expression.

It was a good night out and I ended up staying out later then I planned as it was almost 11:30 when I paid my bill and called it a night and I think I was actually the first to leave. Wow the girls stayed out late tonight. Now I did go back through some old pictures and found one of me in the dress I wore tonight so this will give you an idea of how I looked but tonight I had curves. It really was a wonderful night. I do plan on going to Starbucks on Sunday and as I have Monday off I will be out in the morning and early afternoon. Not sure what I will do, maybe get together with some friends for shopping or lunch. I really do lov e this part of my life.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog.

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Vacation starts getting nails done today

It is Thursday April 12th and my vacation has started. I am getting my nails done today and then over to Cassandra’s & Peggy’s house as we will leave for Palm Springs Friday morning at 2 am. I called yesterday and made an appointment for 12:30 as I had a few things to do in the morning to get ready. I got home a little after 10 and got all my stiff in the car for the trip and then started getting ready. I am so looking forward to the trip and 13 days of being Susan and long pretty nails.

I got to the nails salon about 12:15 and they were packed, 4 woman getting pedicures, 2 manicures, 2 drying their nails and 3 waiting. So glad I made an appointment. Evan with an appointment I still had to wait till 12:45. I really don’t like it when it s this busy as they seem so rushed. Anyway, Anna finely finished the other lady and started on my nails, she did a great job but as I said I could tell she was rushing as there was always 3 or 4 waiting as they came in as fast as they finished someone else. It just wasn’t as relaxing as other times but still fun and of course I had my long pretty nails.

I left the nails salon and drove over to Cassandra’s and Peggy’s, there were loading the car for tomorrow as we are hoping to be on the road by 2am as it is a 26-hour drive. Of course, that means I will have to get up at 1am as it takes an hour to get ready so

it will be a short nigh. We got the car packed and ordered pizza and then watched a couple movies before going to bed about 8:30. Yes it will be a short night. It was a good start to 12 days of being Susan. O so wish I could have my nails like this all the time, 12 days from now when I have to remove them it will be so sad.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new on my most recent blog. Also be sure and read about my vacation to Diva Las Vegas 2018

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Vacation starts getting nails done today

It is Thursday April 12th and my vacation has started. I am getting my nails done today and then over to Cassandra’s & Peggy’s house as we will leave for Palm Springs Friday morning at 2 am. I called yesterday and made an appointment for 12:30 as I had a few things to do in the morning to get ready. I got home a little after 10 and got all my stiff in the car for the trip and then started getting ready. I am so looking forward to the trip and 13 days of being Susan and long pretty nails.

I got to the nails salon about 12:15 and they were packed, 4 woman getting pedicures, 2 manicures, 2 drying their nails and 3 waiting. So glad I made an appointment. Evan with an appointment I still had to wait till 12:45. I really don’t like it when it s this busy as they seem so rushed. Anyway, Anna finely finished the other lady and started on my nails, she did a great job but as I said I could tell she was rushing as there was always 3 or 4 waiting as they came in as fast as they finished someone else. It just wasn’t as relaxing as other times but still fun and of course I had my long pretty nails.

I left the nails salon and drove over to Cassandra’s and Peggy’s, there were loading the car for tomorrow as we are hoping to be on the road by 2am as it is a 26-hour drive. Of course, that means I will have to get up at 1am as it takes an hour to get ready so

it will be a short nigh. We got the car packed and ordered pizza and then watched a couple movies before going to bed about 8:30. Yes it will be a short night. It was a good start to 12 days of being Susan. O so wish I could have my nails like this all the time, 12 days from now when I have to remove them it will be so sad.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Thursday night at the nail salon

It is Thursday night and I am going to the nails salon for a pedicure and fill. Now I really don’t need one as both my toes and fingers look great still although my finger nails are getting a little long. This really is the one problem I have with getting my nails done with acrylic. I really could go 3 weeks between fills but they get pretty long by then at least for my male side. Even my pedicure held up well 6 weeks and no chips but it is all about timing. You see 4 weeks from today I will be back at Dream Nails for a pedicure and a full set of long acrylic nails for my trip to Diva Las Vegas. I got home and called Dream nails to get an appointment and Anna could get me in at 5 so I had about 1 ½ hours to get ready.

I took my time getting ready, I really like it more when I am not rushed. I know some people think it is strange to spend that much time getting ready just to go to the nail salon or a few hours at Starbuck’s and even I can’t explain it other than I enjoy it. Now I had my makeup done and still had time so I decided to wear my corset for the evening as I really do like the way it makes my waist look and really it is really comfortable other then in and out of the car and maybe a long drive in the car. I got to Dream nails just before 5 and went in, they were really slow tonight, only 1 lady getting a pedicure so Anna was ready to start. Of course, I had to pick a color for my toes, I went with a purple color this time.

Anna started on my nails and it is such a relaxing feeling to have someone do your nails. As she worked we talked a little. She asked if I wanted the deluxe pedicure tonight which I have done once before, as I said it was slow and Anna said it had been slow all week so I am sure they were looking for more services to do. I think it is that time of year as taxes are do in a couple weeks and also property taxes in a little over a month so people are probably a little tighter with their money. Any way I decided to go for the deluxe pedicure, $20 more but it is really relaxing. The main difference is they use a scented lotion and creams and even sent the water, I went with Lavender. They also put a cream on your leg and then wrap it in a hot towel for a while and also give your foot a paraffin wax treatment to soften your feet plus I think the message your legs and feet longer. Not something I would do all the time as it would get expensive but will probably do again in 4 weeks right before Diva Las Vegas and the same for the Cruise this fall.

As Anna did my nails another lady came in and she also got her nails done and was at the next table to me so we did talk a little about nails. It really is an enjoyable experience. I tell everyone you need to get a pedicure and acrylic nails at least once just to experience it and I got a feeling you will probably do it more often once you try it. Anna did a great job on my nails and soon they were just as pretty but a little shorter. Now it was time for my pedicure.

Kathy was once again doing my pedicure, Anna and Kathy always do a wonderful job as do all the people here and I have had several of them do my nails at one time or another. It is funny as I did come here a few times early on but I have been coming here every 2 to 3 weeks now for 2 years and I will have had acrylic nails now for 11 months although thinner than most woman and of course no pretty colors but they still look great. Now as I said I wore my corset today and sitting at the table getting my nails done was fine but sitting in the pedicure chair was not as comfortable, note to self when getting a pedicure, no corset. Kathy did a wonderful job on my feet and it was so relaxing, the deluxe pedicure is the way to go if you can. Normally it takes about an hour to get my fill and pedicure but it was closer to 1 ½ hours. Now partly because the deluxe pedicure takes longer but I have noticed that if they are busy then tend to rush a little more to get people through and this is just not Dream Nails but all nail salons I have gone to and I have talked to others and they say the same. If you do want to get your nails done my two tips, get an appointment and try to avoid really busy times. It was time for the polish and Kathy put the first coat on and as it dried it last all its shine, to say the least I was not happy at the color I had picked but I figured in 4 weeks I would change it. Kathy put a second coat on and the same and then the top coat. The top coat did put a nice shine on it and to my surprise it really looked great and really shiny, turns out it was a great choice. It was 6:30 when I left the Dream Nails

After my nail appointment went across the street to Starbuck’s as I had about 1 ½ hours till they closed and did some work and caught up on some e-mails. Some of the e-mails were questions I get asked from other transgender and non-transgender and probably the most asked is why I do this. There is no simple answer to this, I have talked with other crossdressers and there is no defining thing or moment in our lives we can point to and say this is it, this is why. We just do. Why do some people like chocolate and others don’t? why do some people like sports and others don’t? why do some men have facial hair and others don’t? why do some woman wear dresses, have long hair or nails and others don’t? In the end it comes down to personal preference and that is it. I am more comfortable this way even though when I am out I really am not thinking about how I am dressed. I really don’t know why, I do know that when I dress I do try to emulate what I find attractive in women. The other thing people think is I must be gay and from what I have learned most (75% or more) are straight males. Their dressing has nothing to do with their sexual attraction. As I said for me I try to emulate what I find attractive and for me that is the female body, shape, form, and look. Hair on a body, arms, chest is not at all attractive and I do everything I can to have a smooth clean body.

The other question is am I going to, or when will I transition an d the answer to that is I am not going to as that is not right for me. Now these are my thoughts and observations on these things and I am by no means an expert so remember that before you tell me I am wrong. Talking with both transsexuals and crossdressers there seems to be some common thing and things that are specific to just one. Both have a need to be feminine (or other sex depending on if you are MTF or FTM). The difference is about your body. Transsexuals need to physically be the other gender, they feel their body is wrong. Crossdressers need to present, be accepted as the other gender. From just looking at them you can’t tell as it is all about how they see themselves.

Now for me yes when I am Susan I would love to have real breast, hips, narrower shoulder, 5 to 7 inches shorter, no bulge between my legs but it is because of how it looks and how people see me, it is not about my body being wrong, it is the outward appearance. When I am not Susan I don’t think about it and is I did have real breast then I would be crossdressing the other way as when I was not Susan I would need to bind them down to hid them. Now I do know some crossdressers that have told me they would love to have breast and they would if they could but again there is that key words, love to have them not they their body is wrong or they are not truly who they are without them. It’s like saying I would love to have a million dollars and doing what I can to get it, verse having to have a million dollar to feel you are complete. The way I look at it is if I won 10 million dollars tomorrow how would my life change. For me I would dress as Susan most of the time, pierce my ears, have long acrylic nails and maybe even grow my hair out, surgery not something I would do. A transsexual the first thing on their list would be surgery. Now this is a simple way of looking at it and there is more to t than this but it is a good start and what I have learned.

Wow got a little off topic but that’s okay. Starbucks was a little slow tonight but a relaxing time while I gave the polish on my toes time to fully dry. After Starbucks I went through the drive thru and then home. It was a relaxing 4 hours.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog.

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Day 1 the drive to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas 2015

Wow I got up at 3 am which is really early but I was excited so it was easy to get up. I was into the shower and getting ready as fast as I could but I also needed to do a good job as we would be traveling all day to get to Las Vegas, 17 hours in the car. Well I kept on schedule and I was all ready to go by 3:56. Peggy, Cassandra and I were in the car an on our way by 4:07.

Now I know some may think why dress just to drive in a car for 17 hours but it is all about the experience of living full time as Susan for 12 days and that even means just the routine daily stuff all women go through. No I will admit they probably wouldn’t have done a full makeup for a drive like this but then they also look better and more feminine without makeup.

We did make several stops for gas, food and other necessary things and it seemed so natural and most of the time I didn’t even think about how I was dressed. It is funny how natural I feel as Susan, now I am not saying I want to transition as my male side feels just as natural but I can slip into being Susan so easily.

Well we got to our hotel at 8:30 tonight so even with stops we made the trip in less than 17 hours. We checked into the hotel and while Cassandra and Peggy got settled I walked down and checked out the casino. The hotel is sold out this weekend so the casino was full. All the tables were full and I didn’t see a table that was less than $15 so it will be a little more expensive to gamble. I hope after the weekend they lower the limits. Now the one reason we picked this hotel casino was for the Dealertainer which they no longer have so I guess next year we will pick our hotel based on price. Plus we can walk next door to the other casinos and also gamble as they maybe a little lesser.

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (1)Well as I said I must include a picture of my beautiful nails I will have for the next 11 day. So sad men can’t have nails like this as I really would love to have them all the time. It will be sad when I have to remove them on Tuesday, I already have an appointment set up for that.





Thanks for reading

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (2)

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A challenging start to my trip but I got my acrylic nails

It is Thursday afternoon and I am on vacation for the next 12 days and will be Susan 24/7 while at Diva Las Vegas. I was so excited and rushed home to change and start my time as Susan and that is when I ran into the first challenge of my trip. As I pulled into my drive and opened my garage or should I say try to open it and didn’t work. Turns out I have a broken spring so my garage door opener wouldn’t work so I would have to park outside which would mean walking out the front door in the middle of the afternoon to my car. Now I always try to find the bright side of things so as I was getting ready I was thinking how bad this was when I realized it could have been worse. It could have broken when my car was in the garage and then when I was Susan I could have gone to leave and not been able to get the door opened.

I put most of my stuff in the trunk with the exception of what I was wearing and of course my makeup supplies. I got all dressed and looked out the window and just saw one neighbor a couple houses up working in her yard so I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door and got in as quick as I could, it was only 3:30 but I decided to go to the nail salon and see if maybe she could start a little early. I got there and they had 4 pedicures going including one man who was there with his girlfriend and her friend, it was her birthday and this was her birthday present. Of course he was getting a clear coat on his toes. Well I had to wait till 4, but that was okay.

Anna got done and started on my nails. It is so relaxing to get your nails done and I so love getting acrylic nails. They just look so beautiful and I really would love to keep my nails long and pretty, it really is one thing I would do as Susan all the time if I could. It took Anna about 50 minutes to do my nails and they are. I sat and let my nails dry and for the first time I got out of the salon and into my car without messing up my nails.

I was on my way to Cassandra and Peggy’s for dinner and then I would spend the night there so we could leave at 4 am in the morning which would mean I would be up at 3 as I would need an hour to get ready. It took a little over an hour to get there. Cassandra in male mode of course helped me unload my car and we packed it all in her Peggy’s vehicle as that is what we are driving to Las Vegas Friday morning.

Cristine and Bobby were also there as they are watching their house while we are gone. Then we had relaxing dinner and talked for a while. We are all excited about going, I just know Cassandra, Peggy and I are going to have a wonderful time. It was a little after 9 when we went to bed so it would be another short night for me. Tomorrow will be my first full day Susan.

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Friday the drive to LA. Day 1 of Diva La Vegas trip

Well I got up today at 3 am way to short of a night as I only got 4 hours of sleep. I got ready and we were out the door by 4:15 and on our way to LA. Cassandra is in boy mode traveling and even though I know her in mal mode and her male name she is still Cassandra to me.

Now Cassandra was going to drive as she likes to do the driving and I get to be a passenger. Now normally in my male life I prefer to be the one driving but Susan likes to be chauffeured around. Now the drive down it rained. We got down to Northern California before we had to stop for gas. Cassandra filled up the car and I went inside the little store to use the girl’s room and get a snack and the funny thing is I never even thought about how I was dressed.

We left and continued south and it was still raining till we got south of Redding California and then the sun came out and from here on we had nice weather. Now I have been trying a new lipstick called Maybelline 14 hour and I really like it as it seems to stay on when I go out on Friday nights but this would be my first real test for a long time. We went through McDonalds drive through for lunch so this would be my first test of the lipstick and yes I did eat my burger carefully and the lipstick held up nicely.

The drive down was beautiful and being chauffeured was nice but it was hard to stay awake as we both got little sleep last night but I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the trip and also help keep Cassandra awake. We got south of Sacramento and I got out my computer and wrote my blog for yesterday which was tricky to do with my long nails in a moving bouncing car. We were more than half way to LA and have been driving for over 9, now I took a couple pictures with my web cam mainly to get a picture of my nails. This one turned out the best and remember my makeup has been on for a long time plus I have eaten lunch so not looking to bad I think.

Now we were making good time as our stops were few and short. We were on pace to get to LA by 6 which was our plan as I was going to go to the motel while Cassandra went and saw her family. The fact I am traveling totally as Susan I couldn’t go with Cassandra as her family does not know about this side of her just like my family has no idea about Susan. We all tend to lead secret lives.

We had to stop 3 times for fuel on the way down and I went into the stores each time like it was nothing. It is amazing how comfortable I have become as Susan. Now our motel was on the south side of LA and we got to the North side of LA just after 6 so we made go time that is till we got to LA that is when we hit rush hour traffic. The final 30 to 40 miles took us 2 hours so we didn’t get to the motel till a little after 8 so we quickly got checked and unloaded our stuff from the car as we will be here till Sunday. Now we were both hunger and Cass wanted to run real quick and get something to eat before she went to see her family but I couldn’t see her having to bring me back and as there is a Denny’s across the parking lot at the motel I told her to go and see her family and I would walk over to Denny’s, again showing how comfortable I have become as Susan.

Now I did take time to touch up my makeup mainly powder to hide the shiny look as actually my makeup held up really well. I did use the makeup primer I bought which helped and to my surprise my lipstick looked pretty good so I didn’t put any more on. Now it is dark out now but the parking lot is well lit but I did have to walk from the back side of the motel to get to Denny’s.

I got there about 8:15 and they were really slow. I think there were only 2 other groups there. I got a table and ordered a Turkey Swiss sandwich and fries. I had a nice dinner and then walked back to the motel room and my lipstick still looks good considering he length of time I have worn it and the fact I have eaten two meals so I would say the lipstick lives up to its name.

Well I sat down to write this blog about my day, the first full day living as Susan. Now there was another exciting thing today, about 9:10 there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit about 5 to 10 miles from our motel and I knew right away what it was. The whole room shook and it shook for maybe 40 seconds to 60 seconds or at least it seemed that long. Now in Portland I have been in earthquakes before not as strong or as long as this one. About 10 minutes later there was an aftershock that was also strong enough to feel but not as strong and didn’t last as long.

Well it is almost 11 pm now and I have had only 4 hours sleep in the last 42 hours so Susan is tired and ready for bed. I can sleep in tomorrow which I will do as we will be out late tomorrow night as Cassandra and will be going to the Oxwood in Van Nays California.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun from my trip.

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Thursday getting ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well it’s finally, time for Diva Las Vegas. I have so been looking forward to this week. I have an appointment to get my nails done at 5 and I am so looking forward to it. Well I actually got off work early today so when I got home I decided to start getting ready for my vacation as Susan. I had packed most of my stuff in my car on Wednesday night so all I had was one bag and my makeup to put in the car today. I was all ready and out the door by 3pm so I decided to go to the nail salon and see if I could get in early.

I went to Nails by Lily in Mill Plan. I have gone here every year for the last 10 years to get acrylic nails at least once a year. Now they are under new ownership now but still very friendly. I got there at 3:30 and they said they could fit me in if I could wait 15 minutes which I was only too happy to do so I picked out my nail color “Big Apple Red” by OPI which is a very bright and pretty color.

Now as I said this is a friendly place to go but is also a small family run place so they had their two young boys running around playing in the shop which was a little distracting. It was about 3:45 when the lady started on my nails. It is such a relaxing feeling to get your nails done, if you want to pamper yourself this is the way to go and get a pedicure while you are at it.

It took about an hour for her to do my nails and they look beautiful, a little shorter than last year but should have no trouble gripping my golf clubs when we play this year and we are actually playing on Monday with just 4 of us and then in the Diva Las Vegas tournament on Tuesday which I think we have almost 40 signed up to play. Well my nails were all done and a pretty red color and would have them for the next 12 days as I live full time as Susan. I have no male clothing with me as a matter of fact the only thing I have with me of my male self is my driers license and my male credit card as when I check into the hotel I will need both of them.

I left the nails salon at 5 and was on my way to Cassandra’s. It takes about an hour at this time of night with traffic to get there from the nail salon which gave my nails time to fully dry. And for once I made it out and into my car without messing up my pretty nails.

I got to Cassandra’s house just before 6 and unpacked my stuff into her garage and then parked back in her driveway where I would leave my new car for the next 12 day. Yes by the way I have a new car after my car wreck two weeks ago. Now I thought I brought too much, that is until I got inside and saw what Cassandra was packing. She has 3 times as much as me so I guess I haven’t fully grasped the traveling as a girl yet. I do have enough dresses to wear a new one each night and still not where all of them and my tops I brought I can wear 3 a day without running out.

It took Cassandra a while to pack as she was watching college basketball at the same time. Peggy got home so e and I talked while Cassandra finished. It was about 9:30 when we finally packed the stuff into her SUV. Now by the time we went to bed it was almost 11pm which was a lot later then we had planned as we are planning on leaving at 4 am to drive to LA. Now as a guy I could get up at 3:45 and be ready to leave by 4 but Susan needs more time so I set my alarm for 3 am to give me time to get pretty for the trip which means only 4 hours sleep tonight so I will be tired tomorrow on the trip and ready for bed early tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun as the week goes on.


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Day 12 The change back from Susan to my male self

Well all good things must come to an end and so does 12 days of being Susan. it has been an awesome vacation and had so much fun but being female all the time does take work.

I got up early today and got all dressed up for my trip to the nail salon. I went early enough to let me stop at a Starbucks not far from the nail salon (Glamorous Nails 17475 SW Farmington Rd Aloha Or.) I go to. My appointment was for 10 and I got to the Starbucks about 8:45 so I had an hour to relax and play on my computer one last time before I have my nails removed. Now this Starbucks if next to a Fred Meyer so I had to park out in the parking lot and walk in. this Starbucks was so busy I had to stand in line, there were 9 people in front of me. There was only one seat open and there must have been 30 to 40 people there so I made my way back to the seat and sat down to enjoy the next hour and catch up on e-mails I have let go for the last week. No one seemed to pay any attention to me or care I was sitting next to them. It was relaxing and fun and as always went way to fast and soon I had to leave to go to the nail salon.

I got to the nail salon right at 10 and went in. several of the ladies there greeted me by name. even yesterday when I called to make the appointment to have my nails removed the lady on the phone knew who I was and called me by my name Susan. now I have gone here twice before to have my nails removed a couple years ago and 3 or 4 times for pedicures over the last several years so I guess I am unforgettable.

It was so sad to see the red polish removed and the nails trimmed down and then to soak them to soften them. The lady who did my nails was so nice and did an awesome job. I also got a manicure to help my nails look better as having acrylics removed are hard on your nails. It also make them thin as they take the hard top layer of the nail off when they put the acrylic nails on so the she talked me into what she called a clear shellac which is hard and suppose to protect your nails. Now I have never done Shellac before but they put the polish on your nails and then you put them in a light box for 3 minutes between coats to dry, way quicker then nail polish and just a little more expensive.

While I was getting my nails done another lady sat next to me to get a manicure and she was also getting Shellac polish for the first time so we talked about it and she asked me how I liked it and I told her this was also my first time for the shellac. It was so nice to just sit there and talk with her and she seemed totally fine with me being there. It took a little over an hour and I was back to short nails the only difference is they are nice and shiny. As I left the lady next to me said maybe she would see me there again sometime. The ladies working there all said goodbye to me by name and said see you soon so they must like me coming there, of course with the economy I am sure they are happy for any customers they have but it still makes you feel good.

The drive how was sad as I knew it was all coming to an end. I got home just before noon and into the shower to make sure all traces of Susan was washed away. then it was time to start doing laundry as I have a lot of clothes ton was and put away. so now I am sitting here as my male self finishing my blog of my trip and 12 days living as Susan. it seems weird to not see my long nails on the key board and my fingers feel a little strange without the nails but just like when I got them it took a day or two to get use to them I guess it will be the same to get use to not having them.

Now I will be male till Friday night when I go out with my friends again which I will be looking forward to. Now I get asked all the time why, how I switch back and forth and why I don’t go full time. I think that is because it is hard for some to understand wanting to present and go out as female and not be full time. Even I have a hard time putting it into word but the best way I can explain it is that I am both Susan and my male self, it takes both sides to make me who I am and for me to be happy. Yes I would love to have long pretty nails all the time but I also realize that if I did have them all the time there would probably be time I would not want them as there are things my male side likes to do that I couldn’t with long nails. I could never be happy with just one side of me; I need both the male and female sides of me as that is what makes me the person I am. It is complicated but to explain how one feels about life but this is my best attempt.

Thanks for reading.

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