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Friday night 2 weeks before Diva Las Vegas

Well Diva Las Vegas is just 2 weeks away and we are all looking forward to it. I have my nail appointment set for Thursday night and then it will be Susan for 12 days. Cassandra and I will leave early Friday morning and drive to LA so we can got out there Saturday. The rest of the girls will all fly into Las Vegas. Right now we have Julie, Cristine, Petra, Laura and Brenda all flying in on Sunday and Kim will fly in on Wednesday for the last few days and of course Veronica will also be there but she will drive in also. So we will have 9 of us for sure from our group here.

Well it has been a real busy week for my male self, got most of the issues at work fixed and trying to get a head so there won’t be as much while I am gone which will make it easier when I get back, it is a lot of work to take time off. Any way I was really looking forward to tonight, a girl’s night out with my friends. As I said busy at work so I didn’t get home till 5:40 and will probably be the same next Friday night so I was in a rush. I was right into the shower to start getting Susan ready. Well as I said before I can get Susan ready in an hour if needed so I was all ready and driving out of my garage at 6:40 of course my makeup went right tonight.

I got to Sweethome right at 7 and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there. Cassandra on her laptop on chat, Chris on his watching YouTube and Laura was eating dinner. Know Cassandra and Chris get there really early. It was great to see them and spend time with them. Well as I said Laura is going to Diva Las Vegas but she just decided as she can get the time off work as it has slowed down for her so we are all excited about that. Now I was really hungry as I skipped lunch and got home late so I went ahead and ordered something to eat.

Now I know Diva Las Vegas is coming up fast and I have made an effort to lose some weight. I have actually been exercising at least 20 minutes every day for the last week and so far have been able to stick with it, haven’t lost any weight yet but do feel a little better. I really need to watch what I eat as I tend to snack at work and eat not the healthiest of food so that is my goal for the next 2 weeks to quit snacking and find healthier choices to eat, oh and maybe eat a little less too.

Cristine, Roxy and Petra all showed up so we had a smaller but fun group here tonight plus all the regulars from the bar which we have come to know and become friends with. Fridays are just a fun night out. Some of the group played pool, some of us sat and talked. Cassandra and I talked about our trip to Diva Las Vegas and right now we are planning on going out to the Oxwood in Van Nuys California on Saturday March 29 on or way to Las Vegas like we did last year. On or way home we will go back to LA and are planning on going to the Hamburger Mary’s one Saturday April 5, the first Saturday of the month they do there T-Girl Saturday and I guess they get a couple hundred t-girls there. We have wanted to try this place for a few years now and we happen to be there on the right weekend this year. We will leave LA on Sunday and right now we are thinking about stopping in San Francisco on our way home, if we do we want to go see Fisherman’s Warf and would really love to do a tour of Alcatraz. There is almost no way we could make it there to make the last Sunday tour at 3:50 so we would have to do a morning tour on Monday which we could do and then we would get home between midnight and 2 am on Tuesday morning which still works as I have Tuesday off as that is the day I will go and get my nails removed. How cool would it be to take a tour of Alcatraz as girls? Any way we are still thinking and planning this part.

It was time for Karaoke and of course Chris and Laura put their names in to sing. Diane and Rose also showed up about this time. It was great to see them both as they don’t get out that much on Fridays so always a treat. We had a fun time talking and listening to the people singing Karaoke, some really good and some not so good but you have to applaud if they are willing to get up in front of everyone and sing.

It was after midnight and it was down to just Cassandra, Rose Diane and me from our group now so we sat and talked for a bit more before Cassandra called it a night, she has also been getting up at 4 am the last few weeks which I have done for many years which is the reason I don’t stay out late during the week. I stayed a little while longer as I knew I could sleep in till 9 am tomorrow morning.

Diane, Rose and I sat and talked for a while. Rose does hair and makeup not only for T-Girls but also for TV and Films, yes you could say she is famous. Any way she was asking me how I do my nails so I was explaining it to her and even pulled up my blog about how I do my nails on my cell phone. It is funny how as Susan I love just sitting around and talking about anything really but especially girlie things like nails, makeup, shoes and so on, my male side is not a big conversationalist. It was a fun night and I think I finally left about 1:40.

No with Diva Las Vegas coming up I still need some new outfits so I am planning on going shopping I guess today, Saturday so as I needed gas I stopped at the gas station just a couple blocks from my house and filled up, it is self-serve and at this time of night I doubt if I would run into any one I know but still a couple years ago I would never have go to someplace so close to where I live. Now with a full tank of gas I am ready to go shopping Saturday and hopefully find some cute things for Diva Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day.


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