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Day 3 we arrive in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas

Well today we leave LA and go to Las Vegas for the first day of Diva Las Vegas. We got up at 7:30 and again while Cassandra went and ran for an hour I got Susan ready to face the day. I was all ready when Cassandra got back to the motel and of course it only took her a few minutes to get her male self ready for the trip. Now we had to re-pack the car, yes the only thing bad about stopping in LA is we have to unload and reload the car of everything for just a day. It actually went pretty easy as we knew how things needed to go. We were on our way by 10:15 which was our goal. Now being as we stayed on the south side of LA we avoided a good hour in and a half of traffic.

The drive to Las Vegas was nice and easy although we did have wind and drive through a few dust storms. We got to Las Vegas and decided to drive down the Strip to get to our hotel so we could see what was new. It was interesting but the traffic was horrible on the strip, it actually took us over 35 minutes to go just a couple miles we could have walked it faster but still fun especially as Cassandra was driving so I just got to look around and see all the people and hotels.

We got to our hotel by 2 and we were able to get checked in which was nice. It did take two bell hops to get all our stuff from the car to our rooms yes as girls we do not travel lite. Our rooms are on the 17 floor and we do have a view of the Las Vegas Strip. These are looking out from our balcony.

Now as I had traveled as Susan it was easier for me as all I had to do was freshen up my makeup and put on my low heels yes I wanted my red toes to show while we were out for the night. Cassandra had to start from male mode and get ready and as it was after 4 by the time we got all our stuff unpacked for the week there was no way we would make our dinner tonight with the Diva Las Vegas group so we decided we would go to Margaretville which is right next door to our hotel. I went down to the casino while Cristine and Cassandra got ready and met up with the rest of our group, Julie, Veronica, Petra, Laura and Brenda, this is Brenda’s first time to Las Vegas and her first time out in such a public place for an extended period of time.

Julie and Veronica were at the black jack table so I watch for a while the Julie and I walked around the casino to see where things were and how they are coming on their remodel which they started before we came last year. They have a lot more of the casino open and most of the work done. Well all of our group was now together and we walked next door to Margaretville only to find they had their balcony closed so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table inside so here we all our standing out on the Las Vegas Strip waiting to go in with hundreds of people around which was a lot of fun.

We got inside and it turns out the do kind of a show which was really entertaining, this is me with one of the entertainers, she came over to our table and I think we all got pictures with her. You just have to love being in a picture with a really tall girl, should have worn my high heels for this picture. It really was a fun time inside so we were not disappointed we could not sit out on the balcony.

Our waitress came and took our order and of course we all had separate check as we couldn’t make it too easy on her and she did a great job. Now we sat and talked and caught up one what was new with everyone and what we wanted to do this week. Cassandra, Petra, Veronica and I are golfing in the morning to warm up for our golf tournament on Tuesday.

Now while we were talking and waiting for our dinner these two ladies came over a mother and daughter and tapped me on the shoulder. The mother told me how they both thought I was so beautiful and would I mind if the daughter got her picture taken with me and I know all of you know what my answer was. I was only too happy to get a picture with her of course I also wanted one so the mother took our pictures. These is such an ego boost and I love when it happens as it makes you feel good.

Well after dinner we went back to the hotel casino and we found our deelertainers to play black jack. They are so much fun to play with and they all remembered us from last year how col is that. Now this year they can’t perform as they relocated their pit to close to the bar so the city wants them to pay an entertainment tax for the bar now. They are going to move the pit about 30 feet to fix this but not sure if this will happen before we leave.

We gambled till about 11 maybe 3 hours and had a fun time before calling it a night as I have to be up by 6:30 to do my blog and have Susan ready for golf by 8:45 when meet the other girls.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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