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Saturday night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well Saturday night and time for some fun at Harvey’s Comedy Club. This is always a fun night out with the girls and I have really been looking forward to it as the last time I was able to go to Harvey’s was in November. Way to long. Well earlier in the day Samantha text me to see if I was going and if so could I give her, Coley and their boyfriends a ride which I said I could. I told her I would pick them up at 6:30ish. I was actually stopping at Staples to get black in this time for my printer.

I got to Staples at Cascade Station about 6:15 and yes I realized I was overdressed for shopping but it was really just a quick stop which I could have done the next day as my male self but what would have been the fun in that. I went inside and yes I was over dressed but there was only a few people in there so who cares. I found my printer ink and went to the checkout and the girl working there told me how nice my perfume was. I love getting compliments and it seems lately when I go out I am getting them more and more so my night was off to a good start.

Well I got to Samantha & Coley place and they came out and we managed to fit everyone in my car, yes I have a small car so we were all cozy especially with 3 in the back seat. We got downtown a little before 7 so I had to pay to park on the street till 7. It is funny as I seem to do this a lot when I go downtown. I use my credit card to pay as they take credit cards and for the 15 minutes it cost me a total of .45 cents. I have to wonder if they really make any money off of me when they pay the transaction fee and the cost of processing.

We got into Fox and Hound and Cassandra and Laura were the only 2 there so far. Well it turns out the 7 of us were the only ones who went to Fox & Hound before the show. We all had a drink and snacks and talked as we didn’t need to be to Harvey’s till 8:45. Well we had a good time and about 8:20 we decided to head over to Harvey’s which is only 6 blocks away. Now it was barely raining and of course I had my pink umbrella. It really wasn’t a bad walk although there was a wind which I found out I don’t like as it messes up your hair and blows it in your face. Don’t get me wrong Susan loves longer hair but in the wind it can be a little troublesome.

We got to Harvey’s Comedy Club and Cristine was there waiting for us and the fact we came a little earlier than normal there was no one else there so we had our choice of where to sit in the lounge as we waited for the early show to get over and ours to start. Well it wasn’t long and a few more people came in including Teresa, she was going to go to the show with us but she changes her mind as she had a friend that was coming into town to meet her so she hung out with us till we went into the show.

Well about 9 a man came in and he was most likely a homeless person and wanted to get warm and dry I guess, now this is the part that is stupid on his part. Instead of going to the back corner where he would not be visible and sitting quiet he picked a table right in the middle and actually pretty close to us and put his boots up on the table and then started banging them up and down on the table making all kinds of noise. It was almost like he was trying to draw attention to himself. Well a couple of the bar staff came over and told him to leave and of course he did nothing. Next Berry the owner came over and again told him to leave and when he wouldn’t Berry called the police on his cell phone. Now I would think any normal person would have left at this point but not this guy. Well Berry the owner stood there with his hands in his pocket waiting for the police, it seems like it was a while but really only a minute or 2 when the guy got up and moved towards Berry and Berry stepped back and the guy stopped and then lunged at Berry and the next thing we knew Berry had a hold of him and was pushing him out the door. Well of course Samantha and Coley Boyfriend Michael who were closest followed him out with Cassandra right behind them, Cassandra had her cell phone out and was videotaping the whole thing.

There was a brief struggle outside before the guy pulled away from Berry and then he came back after Berry again and Samantha was right behind Berry and as the guy got close Samantha pulled out her mace and got him right in the face which slowed him down and of course by this time the police were there. So it was an exciting show before the show even started.

It was finally time to go inside and of course Kim our favorite waitress was there and had our table all reserved for us. It was great to see her again as it has been 4 months since I have been here or seen her and of course she had hugs for us all. Harvey’s Comedy Club is really such an awesome place and they have always treated our group so wonderful. Well we all ordered drinks and food and waited for the show to start. Now Cristine and I were the first of our group to get to our table and a guy came over to talk with us, turns out him and his friend go to Sweethome on Friday nights sometime and reconized us so we talked with him for a while before he went back to his date. I bet that was a good topic of conversation he had with his date.

Well the show started and as always it was awesome. All 3 of the comedians were awesome, they have like a MC who gets maybe 10 minutes on stage and he was really good. The opening act was really funny and I can’t remember either of their name and Harvey’s only puts the headliner on their web page. The headliner name was Robert Duchaine and he was awesome, so funny. We all laughed so hard, I wish more of our group could have made it as they would have loved this show. If you get a chance to see him you must and if you are ever in Portland Oregon you must check out Harvey’s, you will have a great time.

Well after the show Berry came over and talked to us and thanks us for the help earlier. Then he told us that when the police took the guy down to the jail he got in a fight with the officers at the jail so there had to be a little something more going on with this guy. Any way we sat and talked with Berry and our Waitress Kim for maybe 10 minutes. What a great night.

Well we left to walk back to our cars and about a block away there were maybe 4 or 5 guys on the street and it looked like 2 of them were trying to fight and the others were trying to keep them apart. As we got closer we heard one say he would pull a knife so we turned a block early and went a different way back to our cars just to be on the safe side. Well when we got to our cars which was maybe only 5 minutes there must have been 6 police cars come screaming through the intersection by where we parked and they were heading in the direction we had just come from so we wondered if the two guys did finally get into the fight and that is where they were going. Now I only mention this to mind everyone to be careful when you go out and I am not just talking to t-girls but everyone, male, female, t-girl, young and old alike. Be aware of where you are, where you are going and who is around you as you never know what might happen.

Our group has gone out hundreds of times in downtown, walked the streets from place to place and never had a problem or seen anything like this and then tonight twice. Always think safety first. Any way we got to our cars and we all piled back into my small car and I drove Samantha, Coley, Michael and Samantha’s boyfriend, sorry I just can’t remember his name as I am blonde but he was really nice back to their place. I love being a blonde as I can always use that as an excuse for my little memory lapses.

It was such a fun night and sad to see it come to an end. We will miss next month as a lot of us will be in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas and we are all looking forward to it, it is such a fun week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had as fun of a weekend as Susan did.


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