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Friday before Diva Las Vegas.

It has been a long and busy week for me so I was really looking forward to tonight. If you ready my last log you saw that Susan had been in a car wreck last Saturday so my male counterpart has been dealing with that all week so there has been no Susan time.

Well I got official word on Thursday that the insurance company was in fact totaling my car which I had figured they would. So now I have the task of finding a new car which I actually have as I had kind of been looking at new cars this week in anticipation so on Thursday I went and signed papers and will pick my new car up this weekend. Anyway tonight Susan is going out with friends driving her rental car.

Now I got off work late again tonight so it was another rush to get ready. I didn’t get home till about 5:40 again so I would not be able to take my time and get ready as I wanted to be too Sweet Home by 7. Well things went right and Susan was pulling out of her garage right at 6:45. Now it is a little different driving a different car in heels as the rental car seats were lower and the peddles a little closer. I got to Sweet Home and there were a couple parking spots left so I parked and went inside. Cassandra and Chris were there, Cassandra had been here since before 4 as she came down to watch the college basketball tournament yes she is our group’s biggest sports fan.

We talked for a while to while we watched some basketball while Cassandra chatted on her computer and of course Chris was watching some YouTube videos also. I went up to the bar and ordered dinner, Paul the owner works the bar on Friday nights and he is awesome, he knows all his regular customers by name and always greets everyone personally, really all the employees here are this way, it really is a friendly excepting place to be where you can feel right at home.

Kira was the next to show up and she joined us for a bit. She is actually part of the Karaoke group and that is how we met her, she is one of two transsexuals in their group so probably why it was so easy for them to accept and welcome us here. I really think most people have someone they are close to that is transgender in some form they may just not know it and I think once you make that personal connection it is a lot easier to understand and accept transgender when it is not just some stranger you have never met.

A few more girls showed up Amber, Shadow and Michelle. This was Michelle’s first time out. She lives at the coast and came to Portland and went to Victoria Sinclair’s Over the Rainbow Transformations. Victoria has a shop you can buy stuff at, get a full makeover, a bed and breakfast to stay at and she will teach you what you need to know to be your feminine best. So if you are new to crossdressing and looking for help and in the Portland area check her out. It was nice to meet Michelle and get to know her. She was actually really calm for her first night out.

Cristine, Petra and Michelle also showed up, yes we have several Michelle’s we actually met Michelle at 52nd Sports bar when we went there for Monday night Football. She is a GG (genetic girl) and just had so much fun with our group that she has been coming out with us every once in a while, how cool is that.

Cassandra, Petra, Cristine and I talked about our upcoming Diva Las Vegas trip. Petra and Cristine are flying to Las Vegas next Sunday. Cassandra and I are driving. We are leaving next Friday morning and driving to LA to go out there on Saturday then to Las Vegas on Sunday. Coming home we will go back to LA so we can go to Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach on Saturday this is he Saturday they have their big T-Girl night which will be so much fun. Sunday we will drive to San Francisco and we are going to the Warf for dinner and to shop and then on Monday morning we are hoping to do the Alcatraz tour before we drive home. This is going to be such a fun trip. I get my nails done Thursday night and I can’t wait, 12 days as Susan with pretty acrylic nails.

Karaoke tonight started late as one of the girls from the Karaoke group, Sabrina who is the other Transsexual in their group was an extra in the show Grimm which was on tonight so they were doing showing so everyone could see. How cool is that. Anyway Karaoke started a little after 10 tonight. Friday nights are such a fun night out as I get to spend time with my friends and we have such an awesome place to go, Sweet Home Bar & Grill, just like the TV show Cheers Where everyone knows your name. It is sad though as Susan and several other girls will miss the next two weeks here because we will be in Las Vegas of course that will be so fun but I will still miss seeing my friends here.

The last numbers I saw for Diva Las Vegas I think they had close to 200 signed up so this year could be the biggest turnout yet. You have to Wednesday March 26 to register if you still want to go. It is the most fun you will have as a girl.

Well I must go now as I have a lot of things to get done before next Thursday night as dealing with my car put me behind. Thanks for reading and have a great day and I plan to blog about my Diva Las Vegas trip and of course have lots of pictures.


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