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Friday night fun with friends

Well it is Friday and I am ready, it has been a busy week and Friday was a rough day at work so I am ready for a Susan night out with friends. I started getting ready at 5 so I could take my time and enjoy the transformation to Susan, yes I still love the whole getting ready and makeup thing and I don’t think that will ever change.

Well I was ready and out the door by 6:40, now I know that is 1:40 minutes to get ready but I thought I would break it down for you. This includes a 20 minute shower, yes I take a log shower but then again I am shaving my legs, arm chest and face and for my face I shave it twice. Now the next step is putting on moisturizer on my face which I let sit for about 5 minutes, I use this time to get my nails ready. Now tonight I tried a makeup primer and aging you need to give it 5 minutes to soak into your face. Now comes the makeup part and yes this does take time as I put it on slowly, remember you can always ad more if the color isn’t bright, bold or dark enough but you can’t take away. If you put too much on you wipe off and start again which I have had to do and can be fun but if you are going out it makes you late. Once the makeup is done it is time to get dressed. Now I seldom will put on an outfit only to take it off and change but I often don’t end up with the outfit I thought about wearing when I started getting ready. Maybe something looks better with how my makeup turned out or the color I chose for my lipstick or eyes that night or I just changed my mind which is a girl’s prerogative. Then you have to pick out the shoes for the outfit which I don’t have that many but still a process. Then come the purse I have to make sure I have my lipstick in the purse, phone, money and ID and I will admit woman change purses all the time so this is nothing new to them also. Once this is all done it is picking out my wig and putting it on and last putting on my nails. There is a lot to do to be a girl and pretty but it is so worth it and I so enjoy it.

I got t Sweethome at 7 and Cassandra, Chris and Samantha were there. It was good to see Samantha again as she has a 2 hour drive to come out with the group. Well the 4 of us ate dinner and chatted for a while. Chris was watching YouTube videos on his laptop and Cassandra was in a chat room on hers, they both get here early so they bring their laptops for something to do. Now while Cassandra would play pool I would chat for her online and of course she had her web cam going so people could see me which is fun. I have not really done the chat rooms that much myself but do enjoy it for a little while.

Well Petra, Little Julie, and Cristine showed up so we had a smaller group tonight but still fun and that was okay as the bar was real busy. Not only did the Karaoke group show yup earlier than normal but they had a good turnout plus there were a couple other groups 8 or so that were there and we couldn’t remember seeing them here on a Friday night so this may have been their first experience with our group but they were fine with us. At one point it was hard to move around because of all the people of course this also meant that we had more interaction with the people around us which was fun.

Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas which is only 3 weeks away. This year Cristine is flying down on Sunday to join us instead of driving with us so it will be just Cassandra and me making the drive. We are leaving on Friday morning and Driving to LA for Friday night and Saturday then over to Las Vegas for the week then back to LA the following Saturday and we are talking about going to a Dodger Baseball game on Sunday night as girls of course I will be Susan from the time I get my acrylic nails on March 27 till I have them removed on April 8. 12 days of being Susan full time, long nails, makeup, cute clothes and long hair how much fun. If we do the baseball game we would get home late Monday night. Not sure this will happen though as the Sunday night game doesn’t start till 5 pm which would be late.

Well the Karaoke started and Chris and Little Julie sang from our group and did great. There were some not so good singers and some really good ones but either way you have to applaud anyone who can get up and sing in front of others. It is fun to watch and listen to Karaoke and here the songs some people pick to sing, some are just hard to sing. It was still a fun night out and just what I needed at the end of the week and I am sure by next Friday I will once again be ready for some Susan time as the issues from work on Friday will still be effecting me till probably Wednesday next week when hopefully everything will be back to normal.

Well it was after midnight and Samantha, Petra and Cristine had all left. One of the girls from the Karaoke group was celebrating her 41st birthday tonight and had a big box of cupcakes which she brought some over to our table and gave us some which was very sweet of her so we all wished her a happy birthday. It was about 12:30 and now Chris was leaving so it was just Cassandra, Julie and I left from our group but the bar was still packed. Cassandra and I talked a little more and then we paid our bills, we left at about 1 am and Little Julie was hanging out with the group at the table next to us, she loves to dance and had been dancing with a couple girls from their group, the energy she has.

It was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend and this makes 2 nights in a row Susan was out and it won’t be the last. Tonight several of us are going to Harvey’s Comedy club. It has been a while for me as I couldn’t go in December and in January we took a month off and then we were all set to go in February when we had the freak snow storm and Harvey’s shut down for the weekend because of the snow so it has been 4 months which is way too long. It is such a fun night out and Harvey’s is so wonderful to our group and treats us so awesome. Tonight’s headliner is Robert Duchaine so we are looking forward to it and I have already picked out my dress, shoes and wig and know how I want to do my makeup and as long as I don’t change my mind so I should be all set and be able to get ready easily.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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  1. I have relatives in portland…I should come visit, you and your friends look like you all have a wonderful time! Harveys sounds like a fun time, take pictures!!!!!

    Comment by Candy Kowal | March 9, 2014 | Reply

  2. You are always welcome to go out with us if you came to Portland. we always have fun. Several of us are looking forward to Diva Las Vegas in 3 weeks. will be so much fun.

    Comment by susanmiller64 | March 9, 2014 | Reply

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