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Thursday night out for a little shopping

Well I had some free time Thursday night so I thought I would take the opportunity and do a little shopping, not just for Susan though. It is funny as for so many years my male self would go shopping for Susan, then in the past 6 years Susan started going shopping for herself and now I find I just enjoy shopping for anything more as Susan so I guess I have come full circle.

I needed some ink for my printer, the ink cartridges are not that expensive but they really don’t last long either. So I was off to get some and as I was out I went to both Stapes and Best Buy, I bought them at Staples but still went to Best Buy and looked around. Always fun to look at the new computers and all the latest electronic stuff, not really girly but still fun.

From here I went across the parking lot to ULTA they are a store that sells pretty much just makeup and hair care products. I shopped there last Friday and actually joined their rewards program so they sent me a coupon by e-mail and as I wanted to try a makeup primer I figured why not stop in and buy it there plus it is a fun store to look around if you like makeup. Well as I was looking at makeup I got a call from my brother now normally when I am out as Susan I would just let it go to voice mail but I answered it so her I am out dressed as Susan shopping in a makeups store while talking to my brother on the phone. Good thing he couldn’t see me through the phone. Well we talked for about 10 minutes as I was wondering around. After I got off the phone I went over and found the makeup primer I came in to get and went up to the checkout and had to stand in line. Now there were a couple men in the store with their girlfriends or wives but as I passed them I had to wonder if they were looking at things for themselves or wishing they could try on some of the makeup as one can never tell just by looking at someone

It was only 6 now and I still wanted to have more fun as Susan so I drove to Cascade Station by the airport as they have some store, restaurants and a Starbucks all in one area. Now I was hoping for a Subway Sandwich but they didn’t have one here so I settled for Panda Express. I had to park a little ways out and walk in which now days doesn’t bother me. The lady who took my order told me how much she liked my lipstick color and that it looked good on me which I thanked her for. We spent the next couple minutes while she was getting my food ready talking about lipstick, the guy just ahead of me gave us a quick look but I think he was more surprised we were talking about lipstick brands and colors then the fact I was a guy in a dress. She also complimented me on my nails. What a great night so far.

I went over and sat down to eat. No one really paid any attention to me as they were busy with what they were doing. The lady at the next table got done eating and as she was walking back by she stopped and told me how much she liked my hair, wow I was on a roll tonight, compliments on my lipstick, nails and now hair. I thanked her and we started talking. She is a flight attendant for American Airlines. She actually just started a few weeks ago and has been flying into Portland and loves it here so we talked for maybe 15 minutes about Portland, where she lives, Oklahoma and the places she has got to fly to, just normal everyday conversation. It was nice and while we talked I really didn’t even think about the fact I was Susan or how I was dressed, it was just a couple people talking. Well after she left I finished my dinner and as I was leaving several of the employees told me to have a good night and come back again which I am sure they say to everyone but still makes you feel good.

I drove across to where DSW and Ross Dress for less is and parked kind of in between. I went to DSW first to look at shoes. They have so many pretty shoes but there prices weren’t as low as I thought they would be at least till I found their closeout section in the back. They had some really cute shoes and they go all the way up to size 11. I found 2 I really liked but even with being 70% off they were more then I wanted to pay as the regular price was $149, they were really cute half boots with 4″ heels and gold studs all over them. Well I looked around for a while and then walked next door to Ross Dress for less.

I spent about 20 minutes here looking at dresses. I think this Ross has the biggest dress section I have seen but just couldn’t find one I really liked at least in my size. Beside right now I need to find some casual wear for my trip to Diva Las Vegas which is coming up fast. I have been looking forward to it since I got back last year and now it is hard to believe that 3 weeks from tonight I will get my nails done, Acrylics and then I will be Susan for 12 days straight. It will be here before I know it. Well I didn’t buy anything here either so back out to my car and down the parking lot to Starbuck’s.

I have been to this Starbucks only a couple times before, the first time was last spring when I came here on one of the days I had taken off work for our hearing on our discrimination case against the P-club. It is bigger than the one I normally go to but not any busier. Well I spent a couple hours here and caught work and e-mails. It was just a relaxing night out.

I also solved a mystery, it is my one set of bracelets that are snagging my panty hose. I have a set of silver bagel bracelets that I don’t wear that often well they seem to have some edges on them and that is how I snag my panty hose on the top of my leg mid-thigh as it happened tonight at Starbuck’s. I will have to be more careful when I wear these bracelets. Such a shame as they were a brand new pair, but at least I figured it out. Only took this blonde a couple dozen pair first.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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