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Good and Bad day shopping as it ends with a car wreck

Well as you can see from the title Susan’s day out shopping ends early as she was involved in a car wreck, a first she could have done without but she and everyone involved is okay. Now that I have your attention you will have to read the blog to find out about it as I am going to start at the beginning.

I had the day off and I needed to do a little shopping for Diva Las Vegas as I wanted a few new outfits. I had some gift cards to Kohl’s so I decided to go down to Clackamas Town Center as they have a really nice Kohl’s there. Now today I decided to wear my black skirt and high heel boots but as the skirt is just a bit short I wore black tights underneath as I have seen many woman do this, probably not a good day for me to do this.

I got to Kohl’s and being a Saturday they were busy and I had to park a ways out in the parking lot. I got inside and browsed through the shoe section and then into the interment apparel section as these are always fun sections to shop after a bit I made my way over and found some cute tops and as I was thinking of getting them when I noticed a sale rack with some skirts and there on the end was a really cute black skirt like I have been looking for so I went over and looked at them and they had the bigger sizes so I took one and off to the fitting room to try it on. What a surprise as the one I picked was just a little too big, yeah so I went back and got the next size smaller and back to try it on and it fit perfectly so I had to buy it. I went back out and found the tops I liked and I actually found 3 I liked in my size so with my items in hand I went up to the register. As I said they were a little busy so I had to stand in line for a few minutes. When it was my turn the lady rung me up and to my surprise with my gift cards I only had to pay a little over $11 what a deal, I really love getting gift cards for Christmas. Well actually my male self got the gift cards but he was only o happy to give them to Susan. So out to my car I went Happy with what I found.

I also had a $25 gift card to Burlington Coat and there is one just up 82nd Ave from where I was so that was my next stop. I got there and they were not as busy. I went in and started to look around and right at the front they had some really cute summer tops on sale for 12.99 and of course they had my size so I picked out 2 really cute ones and went up to the register and again had to stand in line. When it was my turn with my gift card I only owed .98 cents what a great day so far, a cute black skirt and 5 cute tops and after the gift cards all for under $12.

Back in my car I was thinking what to do next as it was only 2:30. Now I know I will stop and get something to eat and will end up at a Starbuck’s for a little while as I did bring my computer with me but I really wanted to do more shopping even if I didn’t buy anything else. I decided to go to Cascade Station by the airport as they have a Target, Ross Dress for less and several other store plus places to eat and of course a Starbuck’s. Now the fastest way there is over to the freeway and up but then I am in no hurry and there are more stores along 82nd Ave so I made the choice to drive up 82nd to the airport and see what other stores I could find to stop at and well this turned into a bad decision.

I was at 82nd and SE Pine Street and the traffic was stopped, there was an ambulance coming the other direction on 82nd and everyone had stopped for that. I looked in my mirror and could see the car behind me was not going to stop so I stopped about 15 feet behind the car in front of me and as I looked in my mirror again the car hit me from behind and pushed me into the car in front of me. The impact was enough to nock my wig off which landed in the back seat so I had to find it and straighten it out and put it back on before I could get out of the car. Now if there is a bright spot to this the car that hit me was driven by a young lady and the car I was pushed into was also driven by a young lady, now men involved which made it easier. The first thing I made sure no one was hurt.

So here I am as Susan in my skirt and boots standing out in the middle of 82nd Ave with 2 other young ladies with traffic all around us, talk about being on display. Well I got out my cell phone and took some pictures of how the cars were then I suggested we pull up the street to the next driveway and get out of traffic plus I wanted someplace a little more private.

We all got out of our cars and of course being the middle car in the wreck and the fact both other vehicles were bigger the one that hit me was an SUV my car took the most damage. So I have to wonder what they are thinking about me know that we are talking face to face and of course exchanging information, driver’s license and insurance. I of course make the joke when I hand the one my driver’s license that I look a little different and she smiled back and said nicer which I took as a compliment. She then asked what name I would like to be called and of course as much as I wanted to scream Susan I told her my male name was good. When we were done doing that we all took pictures of the cars, I tried to stay out of any pictures but of course there is no way to tell if they got pictures of me and I know my hair was not looking the best. I am sure this will make an interesting story when they tell people about the wreck.

This was not how I wanted my day to go and not something I wanted to have to deal with especially with Diva Las Vegas 2 weeks away. Now that we had each other’s information we all left and I was no longer in the mood to go shopping or anything but go home. So I made the 20 mile drive home thinking about the day gone bad. It is at times like this we think about things like what if this had been really bad. This is a first Susan could have done without.

Writing this now I realize it really wasn’t that bad. No one got hurt and we all have insurance so the cars will be fixed of course there is a chance mine could be totaled. What if it had been bad, what if I would have had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. That would have been interesting and hard to explain to family. I guess I was lucky and for that it was a good day after all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a better day then mine.


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  1. Thank goodness no one was hurt!!!!
    Sounds if it had to happen to
    Susan, it was just another adventure for you!!!!

    Comment by Alice | March 15, 2014 | Reply

  2. Good to hear you are OK!

    Comment by angeladevial | March 15, 2014 | Reply

  3. Good God Susan,
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am so glad you found some great clothes and I am so glad you were not hurt. See you in Vegas.

    Comment by Julie Taylor | March 15, 2014 | Reply

  4. Susan,My brother does paint and body work…Glad you’re ok. Bur do get checked for whiplash. Hugs,Jan

    Comment by jan jefferies | March 16, 2014 | Reply

  5. Hi Susan, wow, that was some story and I really feel for you. I think one of your later paragraphs summed it up. 1) No-one was hurt. 2) It wasn’t your fault. 3) No men were involved, cos you know how sexist they can be about women drivers let alone tgirl drivers. So on the whole, it was a bad/good experience, not one you would enjoy, but it is something that (with a lot of luck that nothing bad comes out of it), may just prove that local people can deal with the likes of you and I in situations such as this. Hugs and I hope things go well for you. x

    Comment by TinaCortina | March 16, 2014 | Reply

  6. […] so well. Well I ordered dinner and the 4 of us talked. Samantha and I talked about when I had my car wreck a couple months back as Susan and she told me she never thought about something like that but now […]

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