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Saturday in LA day 2 of Diva Las Vegas trip

Well it is Saturday in LA and we are getting a late start, we actually slept in till 11 am. I guess we were really tired after our long trip yesterday and going on so little sleep. Now Cassandra is still running everyday so she went off to run 10 miles while I got ready.

I got all ready with the exception of my outfit and the lipstick I was going to wear as that would depend on what we were going to do today. I was all done and worked on my blog from yesterday while I waited for Cassandra to get back. I guess I can get ready faster than she can drive to a park, run 10 miles and the n drive back. Well when Cassandra got back she started getting ready and it took her a little longer which is understandable after running that far. It was a little after 4 when we were both already. We had decided to head towards the Oxwood as it is 45 miles away and with traffic here we knew it would take a while as we had to go from south of LA to North of LA and yes the daytime traffic which on the weekend is about the same as rush hour in Portland. Anyway I went with my short black dress, 4″ heels and red lipstick for the night out.

Well we got to downtown LA area and it was only a little after 5 and we were 10 miles of where we were going so we decided to drive down Hollywood Boulevard as the T-girls really don’t start showing up at the Oxwood till about 9. There were so many people out walking down the street it was fun to people watch. This killed about 40 minutes and so we got back on the freeway and headed to the Oxwood.

We got to the Oxwood about 6:15 and there was no one there yet so we talked to the Bar Tender and the walked across the street Barone’s Italian restaurant. We have gotten pizza here to take back to the Oxwood before and last year Michelle and I walked over and had dinner here and they have really good food. Not a great picture but it shows the restaurant and my dress.

Cassandra and I decided to split a pizza for dinner and of course we both had a salad as a girl does need to eat something healthy at every meal right. Our pizza came and it was really good as all their food is. Now Cassandra and I both ate our pizza with a knife and fork as I did not want to mess up my lipstick or get grease on my hands or under my nails. Now I did try and take a self-picture and I thought it turned out nice so I just had to post it.

We had a really nice and relaxing dinner here, it was almost 7:45 when we paid our check and left. Our waitress was just awesome here as was all the staff for that matter. They always referred to us as ladies and on the way out the lady at the front desk again called us ladies and told us to have a wonderful evening and come back soon.

We got over to the Oxwood and there were a few people at the bar and a couple playing pool so we got our drinks and went in and got a table by the pool table. The couple that was playing has been here the last few times we have been here and they remembered us from last year so we talked with them for a while and then put our names on the list to play pool. They have a lot of people who come here for pool so later in the evening you may have 20 people in front of you.

Well I was the first up to play pool and I did okay but lost. Cassandra played next and she won so she played a few games before she lost. It was about 9:30 before it started to get busy but never did get as busy as it has been the last few time we have been here. I got to play another game of pool and this time I won, I actually had a pretty good streak as I won 3 games in a row and it looked like I would play Cassandra on my next game as I was down to the 8 ball and the guy I was playing still had 3 balls left. Well my only shot at the 8 ball was to bank the cue ball off the far end and bring it back and I should not have tried it because I missed the 8 ball and scratched the cue ball so I lost but still had a fun time.

Cassandra played and won her first game the lost so by this time they had set up the poles for the pole dancers so we went over and got a few pictures of us on the poles. The pictures didn’t turn out really well as they had the fog machine going so if you used the flash you got reflection back and without the flash they are a little dark.

We stayed for a while more and each got another turn to play pool, I lost but Cassandra won a few games in a row. It was about 1:20 when we called it a night as we still had almost an hour drive back to our motel. We had stayed south of LA this time which will work out tomorrow when we leave to got to Las Vegas as we will be an hour or maybe more closer, last year on Sunday morning we got caught in traffic and it took us about an hour and a half to get where we are staying tonight.

We got to bed about 2 and I am still not tired as I slept way too much last night, over 12 hours so I hope I can sleep tonight. We plan on leaving between 10 and 10:30 in the morning. Cassandra will go run for an hour or so while I get ready. Yes traveling as Susan I take an hour or so to get ready whereas Cassandra is traveling in boy mode she can shower and be ready in 15 minutes but she is great about waiting for me. With luck we will be in Las Vegas between 2 and 3 Sunday and meet up with the rest of our group which arrived some on Saturday and the rest on Sunday morning. This will be such a fun week.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Susan,
    I am so glad you are enjoying your trip, and especially blogging about it. Seven years ago I had an extended visit to SoCal. At that time I was contemplating how I was going to realize my desire to cross-dressing. I recall read about Oxwood in “Alice in Genderland” so I drove there and hoped I would have, but I did not have the courage to go in. Of course that was in my normal male mode. Now years later into enjoying dressing as my female-self, I would really enjoy the opportunity if and when I retrun to SoCal and I will be comfortable about going to Oxwood given that you have had a great time there.

    Comment by Christy | April 1, 2014 | Reply

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