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Question I have gotten a lot about telling people about my crossdressing.

Well I seem to get asked this question a lot so I figured why not do a blog on it. The question is have you told anyone about your crossdressing? Well first people who know my male self I have never told about this part of my life however there are some people I have met as Susan that I feel comfortable enough and trust enough to let them meet my male self.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about telling people, first remember once you tell just one person you no longer have control of who finds out. Now these are just my thoughts. I think if it does not affect someone then there is no reason to tell them unless you want to. This is just part of my life and therefore I don’t feel the need to tell people. Now I have dated woman before and never told them as I always believed I could or would stop my crossdressing and when I was with them I did but at this point in my life I have learned that Susan is just as much a part of my life and who I am that I would not stop. That being said when I meet that special lady, yes still hopeful I will find an accepting GG. I would feel I would have to tell her of course it would not be when we first started dating but once I felt that we had something long term. This is what is right for me and may not be right for everyone. Some crossdresser are very private and some are very public and open to everyone which just goes to show we are all different in some ways.

No I have had several conversations with the girls in my group about this and it is interesting to hear the differences and similarities. Now I don’t think I could aver just walk up to one of my neighbors, coworkers or friends and say, gee guess what, I like to crossdress. Sometimes I just like to dress up in a pretty dress, heels and makeup and go out and act like a lady. As you can see this is kind of hard to work into a conversation. Now a few years back I would never leave the house dressed up or leave the house during the day light, actually it was always late at night and dark out. I was so afraid someone, anyone would find out about my little hobby. I am not as worried about this anymore as my crossdressing has become more a part of my life so now I go out during the day. I still check to make sure none of my neighbors are out front as I won’t just drive off right in front of them.

Now I know that at least one of my neighbors has seen me and is probably wondering and it is probably just a matter of time before she gets a close enough look especially now as it is summer and stays light and they are outside more but still just can’t walk up to her and say guess what. It is funny as a couple other girls in the group feel the same way. We have talked about it and we all in a way wish our neighbors would just come up and ask us or tell us they saw us and ask us what’s up, but I guess it is just as hard for them to bring it up in a conversation too. It would really make life easier if they knew as I wouldn’t have to hide it anymore. Now people finding out still scares me but not nearly as much as it did just a couple years ago as I know it is just a matter of time.

The one thing we all have to remember is we all have our own paths to follow and what is right for me may not be what is right for you. We all have to live our lives the way we want. Now I have some friends that have awesome wives and girlfriends so I know there are woman out there that are okay with crossdressers.

So one last thought, if you know me, are a neighbor, friend or co-worker of mine and you have seen me out as Susan or have found my blog, facebook page please come and talk to me about it. I would be happy to answer question I am just not going to bring it up unless I know that you already know.


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  1. When to tell ? or what will happen when I tell? are questions that we all face..Coming to personal balance with a gender enhanced life is challenging enough but finding “that significant other” and bringing that info into the light of day is terrifying. I just had this conversation with the woman who professed love to me so intensely that I would do anything other than hurt her. I used the book , My Husband Betty, and underlined and annotated how it related to me or how it didn’t. Gave her the copy during a coffee conversation that I was sure would be understood as ” I care so much for you and our welfare together that i want to share all of my life’s corners with no exceptions”. I said it as follows : I balance a gender enhanced life; the sensuousness and joy of appearing female has been with me from my teens.” I went on to silence until I suggested that I had used a popular book to document my path and hoped she would read it as it would bring the humanness to light and put the fear and worry to a form we could work through.

    2 months later…she steals my jewelry, we laugh at those private moments when someone makes a comment. has enjoyed me dressed en femme and spontaneously brought it into the bedroom.!

    fyi.. I am likely 10-15 years older than you and go most places as Jahna with little notice..

    Comment by Jahna | July 19, 2012 | Reply

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