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Friday night with friends at the Boiler room

Well it has been a very long and interesting week for this girl, lots going on and lots happening some of which will be in later blogs I am sure. Any way I was so ready for a fun night out and this would make 3 in a row.

Well Cassandra had posted in the group she was going to the Boiler Room downtown at 7 which is always fun as they are always busy and have a younger crowd and the girls usually dress really nice, heels and dresses. I posted back I would meet her there but we were the only ones to post to the group so we were not sure if any others would show up.

Well I was ready to leave by 6:30 and of course my neighbor’s garage door was open but I didn’t see them so I took the chance and drove out. Now it was a bright sunny day so pulling out in a long blonde wig and bright red lipstick really shows. I don’t think they were out and saw me but then one never knows. I just hope that if they do see me they came and talk with me about it.

Anyway I got downtown right at 7 and found a parking spot right outside the door to the Boiler room. I have been so lucky with parking lately when I am downtown. Cassandra arrived the same time and park just across the street so we walked in together. The Boiler room opens at 7 so e timed it just perfect as they had just opened.

Amanda the Bar tender was so glad to see us and came over and talked with us for about 10 minutes. She is so awesome, actually all the bar tenders we have had are awesome. April at Harvey’s, Nicole and Cindy at the P-Club, Scotty at Fox & Hound and Amanda her at Boiler room, they are all awesome and always treat us wonderful. They have all made us feel welcome so a big tanks to them.

Cassandra and I got the table right next to the Pool table. We sat and talked for a bit and then started to play pool. Now Cassandra is really good and I did loose but it was a close game so I was happy. Victoria showed up while we were playing so she of course got to play Cassandra after I lost. By now people were starting to come in even though they don’t start Karaoke till 9 and that is when they really get busy. It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, I think in all I counted 14 from our group so we had a pretty good turnout. Morgan a Tawny, Samantha and her friend, Robin, Michelle, Kelly, Cristine & Bobby and I know I am missing someone were there from our group.

We all ate dinner and sat around and talked and played pool just having an awesome time with friends. I did win a couple games of pool but as I said I am not that good but have fun playing. At 9 they started Karaoke and it got a little loud so was hard to have conversations but was fun to listen to the people sing, some were really good and some well still probably better than me but that’s not saying much. But still I give them credit for standing up in front of people and singing. Something I am scared to death to do although it sounds fun, maybe someday I will. Morgan and Tawny both got up and sang and did a really good job.

Several girls stopped and talked to us, actually as they walked by I told them how beautiful their dresses were and where did they get them and this seems to almost always start a conversation. Now don’t get me wrong as these were not just lines on them their dresses were beautiful. One had on this floor length purple gown which I found out was really a long skirt with a halter top but just beautiful. The other girl had this form fitting little red dress that was awesome, the kind of dress I have been looking for as I love red dresses. There was even a girl in a beautiful floral dress and these awesome 4″heels. She looked gorgeous and when she walked by she was almost as tall as me, well maybe an inch shorter but still I love tall woman especially when they wear heels.

Even a couple of the guys came over and talked with us and played pool. One was really good at pool and not happy when he lost. At first I thought it was losing to our group but he had the same attitude if he lost to someone else. Any way I of course lost to him but did make it a good game. Later on I got a chance to play him again and my game was on. I was making awesome shots and I actually won. The girl in the Purple dress told me how good I was at pool and I assured her it was just a lucky game. I then played Bobby who is also good at pool and won again. Next up was Cristine and I again won for my 3rd game in a row. I was on a roll tonight. The guy I played first came back and I again beat him for my 4th game in a row. The next game we played doubles and on the last shot I scratched on the 8 ball and we lost but it was still an awesome shot. I banked it off the far end and pulled it back to the corner where I had called it but it hit the edge and went shot across to the other pocket and went in.

Also tonight Liz (hope that is right) and her roommate Kat showed up to hang out with us. This is the first time I have met her as she usually goes out on Wednesday nights. She is Veronica’s daughter. I have known Veronica for about 4 years and have heard her speak of her daughter before so it was wonderful to meet her at last. They were both awesome and enjoyed talking to them. It was a great night and I did take some pictures but as normal none were of me so no pictures to post tonight.

The next two weeks will be very busy but I hope to get out next Friday although not sure where we will go. Cassandra and I talked and as we had such a good turnout we know the group still wants to go out on Fridays even after being kicked out of the P-Club so we will have to look to see if we can find a place everyone is happy and comfortable with. It really is a shame about the P-Club as they really did have a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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  1. That was a fun night!…Love your blogs!

    Comment by Cass | August 7, 2012 | Reply

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