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Dinner and shopping on Thursday night

Well I had not planned on going out Thursday, after all I was out Wednesday night and will be out Friday night but Stefia e-mailed me and wanted to see if I wanted to have dinner and maybe do a little shopping so what can a girl do. I called her when I got home to see what she was thinking. We decided to go to Hawthorn Street in Portland for dinner and shopping. Now it has been years since I was in this part of town so I was all for it. We agreed to meet at Fred Meyers off Mill Plain and car pool over so I was off in a rush to get ready as I said I could be there by 6:30. I was out the door and made it there easily in time. Stefia arrived and we took her car which was nice as I got to just sit back and relax.

Now this area is older and the building are all brick and has a really nice charm about it. We parked the car and took off walking, there are little shops all up and down the street including some vintage clothing stores. We went in a few of them and looked around. The prices were really good and they had some really cute dresses but again none in my size. Stefia found a dress and skirt she liked and bought them. Even though I didn’t find anything to buy I had a wonderful time as I enjoy just looking which as my male self is not the case.

It was fun just walking up and down the street with all the other people, not sure how many blocks we covered but I did get some exercise and what better way to spend a warm summers evening. We stopped at a little bistro for dinner. I think it was Thai but not sure. The service was good and so was the food and the staff always referred us as ladies which always makes the night. It was a really fun evening out and boy did it go by fast.

We walked back to her car and drove back to Fred Meyers where I left my car. We had a nice conversation on the way. It was sad to see the evening come to an end but this girl gets up pretty early in the morning.

As I got in my car I bumped the door and put a big run in my last pair of panty hose so I had to stop at Walgreens on the way home as I am planning on going out Friday night.

Thanks for dinner and shopping Stefia we will have to go again soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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