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Susan’s first wedding and no it was not mine

Well today was another first for Susan, I got to go to a wedding as Susan. Two of my friends Maya & Darla got married; actually they got married on Wednesday but had a second wedding Saturday for all their T-girls friend plus Maya really wanted to wear a wedding dress. I have been to weddings before but this one I was really looking forward to.

The wedding started at 3 pm so I was needed to leave by 2 pm. I was all ready to leave and even though it was early afternoon on a Saturday I didn’t even look outside to see if it was clear as two of my neighbors already know about this side of me, after words I thought I should have looked as the rest of my neighbors I hope don’t know but being a rainy day no one was outside.

I got to their new house about 2:45 and went in. They have just bought the house and have not moved in so they had it all set up for the wedding. It really is a beautiful home with hard wood floors and a huge deck. The two brides were upstairs getting ready for their big day again, how lucky to be able to have two weddings in 3 days. Darla had a few of her co-workers there and the rest were from our group. It was a small wedding I would say 20 people but it was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. The house was beautiful, Peggy did the flowers and helped with both weddings and did a fabulous job. Peggy and Cassandra along with Jan & Lynn were in the wedding party which made it special as you had two married couples from our group standing up with them so 3 T-girls and 3 GG’s, the perfect wedding. The brides came in and both looked so beautiful and happy and the ceremony was beautiful.

After the ceremony there were so many pictures taken and everyone wanted a picture with the brides including Susan so here is the picture. This is Darla, Me and Maya and yes it is intimidating to be in pictures with two beautiful brides. I think it is every T-girls dream to wear a wedding dress and not only got to wear one but to do it while marring such a wonderful and supportive wife. You can see how happy they are from the smiles on their faces. Afterward they did the cake cutting and it was a beautiful cake. We were all wondering which one would smear the cake on the others face first, they came close a couple times but neither wanted to mess up their makeup which I can totally understand.

They had a professional photographer there and for the life of me I can’t remember her name but she was awesome and she was taking pictures of everyone after the wedding so as you know how much T-girls like to have their pictures taken we were all lining up. Those pictures will be in a future blog as she will be focusing on the first wedding Wednesday first as those are the ones for all their family and then she will get to the pictures from Saturday. I really can’t wait to see them. Any way she was so awesome and friendly to everyone I just had to get a picture with her after all she should at least be in one picture. She was so cute just wish she had worn heels as I towered over her. I asked if when she touched up the photos if she could make me shorter and she laughed.

They had so much food for after the wedding they could have fed 50 people but it was so good. It was funny as Peggy made this awesome punch that needed pineapple juice and we discovered as we were putting it together that as they have not moved in yet they had no can opener to open the can. I pulled my MacGyver and opened the can with an old key and flashlight, for those too young to remember this show this will not make sense. Well we got this taken care of and discovered there was no cork screw to open the wine and for that we had to send someone to the store.

We had an awesome time talking and taking more pictures and then it was time to pick things up. It was funny to see all of us moving chairs and tables in our dresses and heels. We go the chairs out to Peggy’s car and working on the tables and Cassandra turned the on over and tried to take it apart and finally said, “This table does not come apart” at which point Peggy walked over twisted and the base and support came apart and we all broke up laughing and of course I promised Cassandra this would be in my blog so here you are. After that May and Darla headed home to change before going to the Boiler Room. I stayed and helped Peggy clean up while the rest went to the Boiler room. It really only took about 30 minutes and yes even cleaning up was fun although I did take my heels off as my feet were starting to hurt.

We got to the Boiler room about 7:15 and they were already a little busy, turns out tonight was Santa Con. I had never heard of Santa Con, December 15 people everywhere dress in Santa or Mrs. Santa outfits and go out and the streets of Portland were full of Santa’s. The bartender Amanda was there tonight and of course remembered all of us including me which is awesome as the last time I was there was last summer. Any way while we were there two girls came over in really cute Santa outfits, they were there for the Santa con, the one was celebrating her 30th birthday and the other was her mom and they wanted to meet us and of course get a picture and I was only too happy to agree. It was such a fun day and night and we all had a wonderful time.

I want to thank Maya and Darla for doing a second wedding and including us in their special day. You two are awesome and I wish you both every happiness in your life together.

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Friday meeting with our attorney and then a night out with friends.

Well another Friday and time to spend time with friends. Now today was a busy day as our attorney was going to meet with us at 3 pm at Fox & Hound along with some of the people who wanted to protest the P-Club and maybe some people from the media. Now for me this was hard as I had to work today and didn’t get home from work till a little after 1:30 and Susan takes just a bit longer to get read. But as I planned for this I was ready and walking out the door at 2:30. I parked my car and walked into Fox & hound right at 3 pm and there was already a group there. Cassandra, Victoria, Beth our attorney, Chris, Amy, Cristine, Erin Rook a reporter from PQ monthly and Veronica. Just a few minutes behind me were Jan & Lynn and also Tim & Mer (they were the ones who planned the facebook protest against the P-Club).

Beth updated us on what was going on and how she wanted things to proceed and as our attorney we need to follow her. She brought up her concerns about the protest they had planned and thanked them for canceling it till we could talk. Right now we really don’t feel a protest is a good idea till we see where our complaint with the State goes. It was nice to meet these people who are supportive of us and answer their questions. It was about 5:30 when we were all done with the meeting and they left and it was just our group again. We talked a while amongst ourselves about the complaint and what was going on, this was the first chance for Amy, Veronica, Jan & Lynn to talk with the attorney the one thing we are all sure of is what we are doing is right. As we told the others that were there what we are looking for in this complaint is to make it clear you can’t discriminate on gender expression. We should be able to go in any public place and be treated no different by the owner than anyone else. If we can get enough news coverage to get this message out then we have won.

Well we all had dinner and then at 7 we walked over to the Boiler Room as that is when they open. Amanda the bar tender was happy to see us as it has been several weeks since we were there last as we have been trying other places on Friday nights. We talked with Amanda for awhile, she is really nice. Well we went over and got table and started to play pool. The Boiler room is really a nice place and they are not that busy till 9 when they start Karaoke so it gave us a nice chance to talk some more. We talked about where we wanted to go next Friday night and as I will not be out, actually after this weekend will be a couple weeks probably before I get out as Susan again. Any way I think they are thinking about 52 street sports bar next Friday. In a way I think it is good not to go to the same place every Friday. Now the Boiler Room is a nice place as it is a younger crowd and I think there are more females there then males and the girls also tend to wear more dresses which is nice. Some places we go our group may be the only females on dresses and skirts which makes us stand out a little more.

Well about 9 they started to get busy as they got Karaoke going. Some of the people who sing are really good and others well let’s just say they got up and sang which makes them winners as I don’t have the guts to do that even though I think it would be fun. Chris sang a few times and did an awesome job. Of course as you get more people inside it gets hotter and then you got to worry about your makeup as sweat is never a good thing for a crossdresser. We tend to need to use a little more makeup to help our look and if it starts to run well just not a good look. Luckily it never got really hot inside.

There were lots of really pretty girls there and the funny thing is being a crossdresser you are torn between how pretty they are and how cute their dress or heels are or how they did their makeup. We try to take it all in and wonder how we would look in their dress or could we do our makeup the way they did and of course how they would feel about us and would they ever date us? We were having a great time when a girl came over and started talking to us, her name was Michelle and she was there celebrating her 24th birthday with her friends. Seems her boyfriend broke up with her the day before which sucks. She was really nice and also tall which I like for two reasons. First tall girls I think are hot and also they make me not look as tall when I am out as Susan. she was 5″10″ and had on these really hot high heels and since I wore my lower heels I was just a little taller so yes you guessed it I had to get a picture with her. She was really cute and had an awesome smile, wow if I was 10 years younger, oh and she was 10 years older, well I can dream. Well Cassandra, Michelle, Jan and I got our picture taken. Jan is hard to see in the picture but I looked better in this picture so I chose this one. I will also put the other picture in further down so Jan is more visible. We talked with her for about 10 minutes. She is one of the girls I was talking about, very beautiful but also had this really awesome dress and heels.

Well I did play I think 3 games of pool and did win one. The one thing that is hard to get use to is standing in line for the bathroom which is something guys do not have to worry about. Anyway the only reason I brought this up is I went to use it and there was one girl standing in line in front of me and we started chatting which again is something guys miss out on. Any way we talked for a few minutes waiting, she even knocked on the door to make sure someone was in there as it was taking a while. By this time there were about 7 other girls behind me and we all stood there talking and having a nice time. Well it had now been about 10 minutes and we were still waiting when one of the bar staff came up and said she had to check the bathroom real quick to make sure it was clean and opened the door only to find there was no one in there. So here we were all standing there for over 10 minutes waiting and the bathroom had been empty all the time. There girl who was first in line just looked at the rest of us and said, Oh well I am blonde’ and went in and we all broke up laughing.

Later on two girls and a guy came over and started talking to us. They were really nice and just wanted to meet us. I can’t remember their names but they introduced themselves. Wilma was the closest and got to talk with them the most. I was at the other end of the table and with the music had a hard time hearing them. Yes forgot to ad that Wilma, Robyn, Bob and Penelope also showed up. It was great to see them especially Wilma and Penelope as they don’t get out as much. Any way the two girls had on really cute dresses. The one thing I have noticed is here at the Boiler Room the girls always dress really nice and the guys are all pretty casual which I think tends to be the case most places as females tend to care more about how they look.

Any way I did get a chance to talk with Wilma a little but not as much as I would have liked. I am hopping she is going to Harvey’s Saturday night so we can talk more. It was a fun night and I think we left about 1:30 which was a long bight out for Susan. We walked over by CC’s as we saw Bo one of the drag queens we know out front and wanted to say hi. She was talking to a guy in a wheel chair. Now he was gay and I know this because that is how he introduced himself. He was really taken by Bo and interested in drag and Bo offered to dress him up in drag if he wanted which he did so they were exchanging information. Any way he asked my name and Jan’s name so we introduced ourselves to him. Now I don’t think he has ever met a crossdresser before because when he introduced me to his brother he made sure to mention that his brother was straight. Of course I without missing a beat just smiled and said that was nice because so was I which I think caught them both off guard. He looked at me and said he had to introduce me to someone else and would be right back. He brought his sister over and introduced her to me by saying, “this is Susan and she is straight”. Up to this point she really didn’t seem to impressed with us or the drag queens but she kind of cocked her head and looked at me smiled and said “Really” and then told me how pretty I looked. We chatted for a few minutes and I could tell they were trying to figure out why a straight guy would dress this way. I just smiled and told them I just enjoy it and dress this way a couple times a week and they seemed to accept this.

Well we left as it was now really late. Saturday night is our monthly night we go to Harvey’s Comedy club so I am really looking forward to that as it is always so much fun. I think we have about 14 of us going and we will meet at the Boiler Room between 7 & 8:30 before walking over to Harvey’s for the 10 pm show. Of course that will ve another blog.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Wow just noticed I was a little long winded here.

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Spending time with friends

Well it has been another long busy week for my male self so I was really ready for the weekend and a fun Friday night out with friends. We were planning on meeting at the Boiler room at 7 but it was a long day for me and I didn’t even get home till after 5 so I had to hurry and get ready. I was all ready, makeup done and just had to decide on what to wear. It is a hot day and I knew it would be hot in the Boiler Room so I decided on my little black dress. I don’t wear it that often but really like it.

I arrived about 7:15 fashionably late but still not bad considering when I got home from work. There were already lots of people out downtown as normal on warm summer days and I had to park about a block away which still is not bad plus I enjoyed the walk. Inside the Boiler room there were only a couple people, Amanda the bar tender greeted me by name which always makes you feel welcome. Chris was the only one there from our group so far so I guess I was not that late.

Chris and I talked a bit then we played a game of pool. Veronica was the next to show up, she is still in town till tomorrow so it was nice to see her out. To my surprise I won the game of pool against Chris so next I played Veronica. Again I won so that was 2 in a row and I was off to a good start. Victoria was here now so she was next up to play pool. I was on a roll and won twice against her to make 4 in a row. I could tell this was going to be a good night.

By now Cassandra, Cristine and Bobbie were all here and we once again had a good group out. Now after winning 4 games in a row it was time to play Bobbie. Yes again I won, this was my night at pool. Next up was Cristine and I was feeling pretty good. I was down to the 8 ball and as Cristine’s ball was blocking the one corner my only shot was to bank it off the rail and pull it back the whole length of the table to the opposite corner and I almost made it but it hit the edge and stopped right in front of the pocket, so close. Of course now with Cristine’s last ball right in front of one corner and the 8 in front of the other I had left her set up perfectly and of course she made both shots and won ending my streak but it was a good game.

Roxy also made it out tonight which was awesome as she is done with her schooling (Beauty school) and now should be able to get out more at least till she finds a job. Buffy and her girlfriend Scarlet also made it out. Buffy was out Wednesday night but it has been a while since I have seen Scarlet out. We had a smaller group tonight about 10 to 12 but still pretty good when you think back a couple years when we were thrilled to have 6 or more out at once.

At 9 they started to do Karaoke and Chris, Buffy and Scarlet all signed up to sing. I give them a lot of credit to be able to get up in front of people and sing. As much fun as that would be I just don’t have the courage. Funny just like dancing I worry what people would think of my singing or dancing ability and what would they think and yet I am totally fine with dressing as Susan and going out and never worry what others think about that. Funny what we worry about.

It was probably about 10 when they really started to get busy, guess people just waited till it started to cool off before going out. some of the people who sang were really good and others not so much well maybe a few were really bad but they still were willing to do it so no matter how bad they were at least they gave it a try.

There was also a group of girls there, it was ones Bachelorette party. Her name was Betsy, yes they were all wearing shirts that said Betsy so not hard to figure out but Roxy and I talked with them for a while. She is getting married this week and they were all out for a fun night. There was maybe 12 in there group and we had a nice chat.

Now one of the fun things about being downtown is that the girls at these clubs all seem to dress up. Most wear dresses or skirts and heels which is different from the P-club. The girls all look so beautiful and it is funny as we tend to notice their outfits first and how they would look on us before we notice how cute they are. This is the big drawback of being out as Susan, it is kind of hard to go up and hit on a girl while one is dressed as a female. I think this is the biggest dilemma for a heterosexual crossdresser. If we find a lady we like then we have to find a way to explain our crossdressing and hope they will understand and possibly support it. If we meet them when we are female then there is still our other half, male side that we need to explain to them. Either way when we meet them they really are only meeting half of us as we really do have 2 sides to us which puts us at a little bit of a disadvantage. The other thing is as my male self I am pretty shy, strange when I think about it as I go out as Susan and believe it or not Susan is way more outgoing but she has been working on it more too. The thing is as Susan I try to take on the whole female roll which also means I tend or want others to come up to me which when you are talking about other females who are also wanting someone else to make the first move I find myself at a standoff, just some of my thoughts.

We had another awesome night out as always and I can think of no better way to end a long week then with good friends having fun. The next two weeks my male self will be really busy but hop to get out on Friday nights. Any way I will always post when ever Susan is able to get out as it really is my way of keeping a diary of my life out as Susan.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday night with friends at the Boiler room

Well it has been a very long and interesting week for this girl, lots going on and lots happening some of which will be in later blogs I am sure. Any way I was so ready for a fun night out and this would make 3 in a row.

Well Cassandra had posted in the group she was going to the Boiler Room downtown at 7 which is always fun as they are always busy and have a younger crowd and the girls usually dress really nice, heels and dresses. I posted back I would meet her there but we were the only ones to post to the group so we were not sure if any others would show up.

Well I was ready to leave by 6:30 and of course my neighbor’s garage door was open but I didn’t see them so I took the chance and drove out. Now it was a bright sunny day so pulling out in a long blonde wig and bright red lipstick really shows. I don’t think they were out and saw me but then one never knows. I just hope that if they do see me they came and talk with me about it.

Anyway I got downtown right at 7 and found a parking spot right outside the door to the Boiler room. I have been so lucky with parking lately when I am downtown. Cassandra arrived the same time and park just across the street so we walked in together. The Boiler room opens at 7 so e timed it just perfect as they had just opened.

Amanda the Bar tender was so glad to see us and came over and talked with us for about 10 minutes. She is so awesome, actually all the bar tenders we have had are awesome. April at Harvey’s, Nicole and Cindy at the P-Club, Scotty at Fox & Hound and Amanda her at Boiler room, they are all awesome and always treat us wonderful. They have all made us feel welcome so a big tanks to them.

Cassandra and I got the table right next to the Pool table. We sat and talked for a bit and then started to play pool. Now Cassandra is really good and I did loose but it was a close game so I was happy. Victoria showed up while we were playing so she of course got to play Cassandra after I lost. By now people were starting to come in even though they don’t start Karaoke till 9 and that is when they really get busy. It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, I think in all I counted 14 from our group so we had a pretty good turnout. Morgan a Tawny, Samantha and her friend, Robin, Michelle, Kelly, Cristine & Bobby and I know I am missing someone were there from our group.

We all ate dinner and sat around and talked and played pool just having an awesome time with friends. I did win a couple games of pool but as I said I am not that good but have fun playing. At 9 they started Karaoke and it got a little loud so was hard to have conversations but was fun to listen to the people sing, some were really good and some well still probably better than me but that’s not saying much. But still I give them credit for standing up in front of people and singing. Something I am scared to death to do although it sounds fun, maybe someday I will. Morgan and Tawny both got up and sang and did a really good job.

Several girls stopped and talked to us, actually as they walked by I told them how beautiful their dresses were and where did they get them and this seems to almost always start a conversation. Now don’t get me wrong as these were not just lines on them their dresses were beautiful. One had on this floor length purple gown which I found out was really a long skirt with a halter top but just beautiful. The other girl had this form fitting little red dress that was awesome, the kind of dress I have been looking for as I love red dresses. There was even a girl in a beautiful floral dress and these awesome 4″heels. She looked gorgeous and when she walked by she was almost as tall as me, well maybe an inch shorter but still I love tall woman especially when they wear heels.

Even a couple of the guys came over and talked with us and played pool. One was really good at pool and not happy when he lost. At first I thought it was losing to our group but he had the same attitude if he lost to someone else. Any way I of course lost to him but did make it a good game. Later on I got a chance to play him again and my game was on. I was making awesome shots and I actually won. The girl in the Purple dress told me how good I was at pool and I assured her it was just a lucky game. I then played Bobby who is also good at pool and won again. Next up was Cristine and I again won for my 3rd game in a row. I was on a roll tonight. The guy I played first came back and I again beat him for my 4th game in a row. The next game we played doubles and on the last shot I scratched on the 8 ball and we lost but it was still an awesome shot. I banked it off the far end and pulled it back to the corner where I had called it but it hit the edge and went shot across to the other pocket and went in.

Also tonight Liz (hope that is right) and her roommate Kat showed up to hang out with us. This is the first time I have met her as she usually goes out on Wednesday nights. She is Veronica’s daughter. I have known Veronica for about 4 years and have heard her speak of her daughter before so it was wonderful to meet her at last. They were both awesome and enjoyed talking to them. It was a great night and I did take some pictures but as normal none were of me so no pictures to post tonight.

The next two weeks will be very busy but I hope to get out next Friday although not sure where we will go. Cassandra and I talked and as we had such a good turnout we know the group still wants to go out on Fridays even after being kicked out of the P-Club so we will have to look to see if we can find a place everyone is happy and comfortable with. It really is a shame about the P-Club as they really did have a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Boiler Room with friends 6-30-2012

Well we still don’t have a regular place to go on Friday nights yet so we planned on meeting at Fox & Hound for dinner and then go to the Boiler Room. I got downtown Portland at 7:30 and keeping my parking string intact I found a spot almost right in front of Fox & hound. Cassandra and Chris were already at the bar so I joined them. It wasn’t long and Karen showed up. I have been chatting with her on Face book for about 5 months. She was coming to Portland and was looking for a place to go out. Turns out she went out with Victoria Sinclair on Wednesday night and they met up with our group but just a little after I left. It was wonderful to finally meet her and get to know her better. This is me and Karen and yes I remembered to take some pictures tonight so there will be lots of pictures in this blog.

Stefia showed up next, it was cool to see her again, we have done dinner once and she has met me several time at Starbuck. She had on a really cute pink dress, yes I love pink. Now that we had several of us we decided to eat so we put some tables together. We ordered dinner and started talking. It was a great chance to learn all about Karen and where she lives and does for a living, and she has some good stories.

Diamond Dee and Rachel showed up as we were finishing dinner so it was time to figure out what we wanted to do and everyone seemed happy with going to the Boiler Room as they have a pool table and we can listen to Karaoke. Now last week the Boiler Room was so crowded you could hardly move inside tonight there was a little less inside but also being nice outside and not raining like last week lots of people were outside at tables. This also made it nice as when it got really hot inside we could step outside and cool off.

We started playing pool and there were some ladies and a couple of guys at the table next to us and they were so awesome. One of the girls named Holly (Yes I can remember her name) was having so much fun with Cassandra and me so yes I had to get a picture with her. We had a great time chatting with them while we played pool. Yes I played and came close to winning against Cassandra, I actually sunk all my balls first but missed on the 8 ball, Cassandra sunk her remaining ball and the 8 ball but it was a good game.

Any way as I said we had a blast talking with these girls and even the two guys with them and they were fine with us. Actually lots of pictures were taken with them, they took more of them with us then we did. Even the one guy with them was in on the pictures. This is me with the other 3 and it is a blonde moment because I cannot remember their names. Probably because the two on my right were telling me how pretty I looked at the same time we were exchanging names and you can guess what part I remembered. The girl to my left it was her 33rd birthday and that is why they were out celebrating. They were really awesome to get to know I this is one of the things I really love interacting with the general public and so much better when they are so wonderful.

Later on Chris went up to sing Karaoke; wow I give him a lot of credit. It would be so much fun to be able to just do something like that but still not ready maybe someday. Any way Cassandra and I went up front to watch, support Chris as he sung and ran into two women and a guy sitting upfront, ones name was Catherine, the other one and her boyfriend I can’t remember. They actually got Cassandra and me to dance with them, well mine was more of a stand there and sway but hey it was fun. They were pretty awesome also. We chatted for a bit and then went back to our table. A little later Catherine and her friends were going to another club but stopped by to say good bye to us, how cool is that.

Karen and I played a game of pool of which I won but it took a lot of work, neither one of us will make a living playing pool but it was a lot of fun. Kelly, Robin and Gina were also there so now we all sat around and talked while we listened to Karaoke and some of them were really good. We talked about what we want to do as a group as far as going out. Some girls would like to see us go out on Saturday night, some would like to find a place we can go every week and some would like to mix up places we go. Funny thing is it is about 1/3rd each so no clear choice. The good thing is we can always post to the group if we want to go out so maybe we can actually turn being asked not to come to the P-Club into a good thing and increase the amount of nights our group goes out.

Holly and her friends were leaving and they came over to say good bye also and even asked how often we come there, how awesome is that. All the girls gave us hugs and to my surprise the one guy still with them also gave us hugs and said good bye.

It was now 12:45 and some of the group was ready to leave and the rest of us wanted some fresh air so we moved outside to a table so we could talk more and we could still here the music inside. While we were sitting outside Catherine and her friends came back. They stopped and talked with us for maybe 20 minutes. It turns out Catherine’s friend’s father is a crossdresser and she is totally fine with it. She told us about him and how she found out and of course had questions which we I and the other girls in the group are always happy to answer. Well of course I had to get a picture with Catherine and she really is pretty and turns out almost the same height as me. You have to love tall woman.

Well after they went inside we sat there talking as people passed by. Never a bad comment from anyone that we heard and several stopped to talk to us or compliment us. You have to love warm summer nights. I don’t think I have ever just sat out at a table on the street like this, it really was fun.

Well by now it was just Kelly, Karen and I left but we just sat there talking and having a fun night. It really was fun to be downtown with all the other people. It was almost 2 when the three of us decided it was time to call it a night. We said our goodbyes and went our separate way. It was an awesome night and great to get to meet Karen and get to know her. I look forward to her next visit to Portland which is only about once a year.

I am not sure I will get out this week but plan on next Friday and of course next Saturday is our monthly social at Cassandra and Peggy’s house.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Wow just checked my stats for my blog and this was not only my busiest month but also had my busiest day. Thanks, never thought my little blog and story would be of interest to others.

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A new path on Friday night

Well it is Friday night and time to go out. We can no longer go to the P-Club as you read in my previous post “We say goodbye to the P-Club” so the plan was to meet at Fox & Hound for dinner at 7:30 and talk about what we wanted to do. Now we have gone through this before. I guess it is hard to find a place that will accept a large group. I guess if it was just 2 or 3 of us going someplace we would be easier overlooked then when say 20 to 40 of us show up but then we are a group of friends, a family if you wish so we need to find a place that will be just as happy with a couple of us or the whole group.

Well I have got a little off track but as long as I am, Cassandra posted a YouTube video where she played the two messages that Chris the owner of the P-Club left on her phone asking us not to come back. Now the bad part is a former member of our group left a comment on the video that was very derogatory in nature to all transgender people which I found surprising because she is also a crossdresser which means basically speaking about herself as well.

What did you morons think was going to happen? A bunch of big, old, fat dudes in dresses show up every week and make a spectacle of themselves, and you’re shocked that you got kicked out?? Heck, I’m a crossdresser, and I couldn’t stand that scene anymore. So you can imagine what the general public thinks! The owner started complaining over a year ago about your group going there, yet you chose to ignore him and continue to go there anyway. I’m shocked that he was as nice about it as he was

Now as a transgender community if this is how we treat and talk about each other than how in the world can we expect people from outside of our community to respect us and treat us with dignity. Yes Cassandra deleted the comment as I would have if this was left on my blog. We as a community need to stick together and it does not matter if you are transgender, transsexual, transvestite, or a crossdresser, and it does not matter if you dress all the time once a week, once a year, or if you dress completely or just like to wear a couple items we are all part of the transgender family. Okay I will get off my soap box now.

Well I got to Fox & Hound at 7:30 and for a Friday night found a parking spot right on the corner between the 2 places we would be tonight, felt like I won the lottery as parking downtown on a weekend is hard. Cassandra was the only one there so far so I joined her at the bar for a drink, my usual Sprite. We talked for a while and one of the bar tenders gave us a tip on a place to go that he says would love to have us so we will have to check that out.

About 8 we moved to a table in hopes others would show up and so we could order dinner as we were both hungry. Victoria showed up and the 3 of us ordered some food and talked. Bobby and Jen, Jen in boy mode showed up. I think this is the first time I have ever met this Jen before but then again I may have met her female self. We had a good dinner and then about 9:30 we decided to go over to the Boiler room.

Now for those who don’t know the boiler room it is the best place in Portland to go if you want to do Karaoke not that I can sing. They also have a pool table so we could do that. They were already packed and yes they check ID which does make a girl feel good but not sure what they could tell as none of us really look like our pictures on the ID except for Victoria as she went full time last fall. We made our way back by the pool table and found a few seats.

Now the Boiler Room is a 1/3 the size of the P-Club and they had more people there then the P-Club has had on their busiest night, you could hardly move and the bar staff never stopped working. Now the group has gone here many times on Wednesday nights so the staff knows some of the girls but this was the first on a Friday night. We did get a few looks but after the initial look they went back to what they were doing which was singing and having a good time.

The other difference which I really liked is all the woman were dressed up. I would say 1/3 had in dresses and most had on heels which other than our group at the P-Club the woman did not do. And some of the heels and dresses were awesome. It was fun just to people watch.

Bob showed up with his girlfriend Carol, I met her Wednesday night for the first time at CC’ Slaughters which is right across the street by the way. She is really nice and we had a good conversation. I am not sure how we got on the subject of Halloween but Cassandra challenged her to get Bob to dress as a woman next year and she thought that was a great idea, she said she would dress as a man and Bob as a woman. That would be so fun.

There was one girl there in this really awesome dress and I stopped her as she went by and told her how great her dress was. Now she was this tiny thing of course most are next to me but the dress was gorgeous but I know it would not look the same on me. She thanked me and we chatted for a couple minutes. A little later her and her friend came over and we talked some more. They loved my hair, well not my hair although I did buy it so I guess it is mine. They also loved my nails so we all compared our nails. Theirs were beautiful too plus theirs were acrylic.

I did play 2 games of pool, won the first and lost the second. Another girl came by with these really awesome heels so I complimented her on her heels and she stopped and we chatted for a while. It really is funny if you tell someone how cute they look or you like their dress or heels it is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation. It really was a fun night and went by way to fast.

Soon it was almost 2 am and they were still packed. Usually on Fridays when we leave the P-Club we are the last ones, tonight when we left there were still 50+ people there still singing, dancing and having a good time. We still don’t know what we will do on Friday nights, find one place to go or mix it up and alternate places. I put a post in the group for ideas as I really think everyone should have input. That way it is not left up to a few or one to decide as that is not fair plus there are always those who say we do the same thing all the time but never come up with ideas for things to do. Of course now that I have said that I need to make sure I also give my input.

Well thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Finally made it out to the Boiler Room.

Well this week I finally made it to the Boiler Room. My group has been going there every other Wednesday for the last several months and it always sounded so fun but as I work early never made it out with them. This week I didn’t have to be to work as early on Thursday so I decided to go. I wasn’t sure how bad traffic would be going back into Portland so I left plenty of time and wouldn’t you know it there was no traffic. I got there by 6:30 and they don’t open till 7 but I did find a great parking spot almost right in front. About 6:45 Chris and Robyn showed up so I joined them for a drink at Fox & Hound which is also a nice place that I have been to before several time.

A little after 7 we walked back over to the Boiler Room and Cassandra, Wilma and Melissa were already there and yes everyone was surprised to see me out on a week night with the group. A few more from our group showed up, Julie, Robin & Michelle and I think one more.

The Boiler room is smaller than I thought especially when they get busy. We all ordered dinner and had a good time. Chris and Melissa both did Karaoke, Chris did 4 songs. They both did really good and I give them credit for getting up in front of everyone and singing, something I don’t think I could do.

Well about 9:45 the group started to head across the street to CC’s for pool and as I knew if I went in with them I would stay out way to late so this was a good time for me to leave. Always hard to say goodnight when you are out with your friends having a good time. It was a lot of fun and a break from my normal outing to Starbuck’s.

Just an update in my last blog I mentioned that as I left my neighbor was just getting home and I wondered if they saw me in the car. Well Monday I was outside when she got home and she asked me if I let someone else use my car Friday. I believe her words were “was someone else using your car Friday? I was going to wave at you but wasn’t sure that was you in the car”? Well all I could think was to say yes, I let a friend use my car. Not sure if she believed it but I know I will have to be more careful now as I don’t think I can get away with that excuse to many times.

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