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Sunday Admin meeting at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

On Sunday we are having an Administrator meeting for our group the Rose City T-Girls at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom downtown Portland. We have gone here many times for Wednesday night dinner and they really do have wonderful food and great appetizers. I really could make a meal out of their appetizers. My two favorites are their pretzels and cheese dipping sauce and of course their Scooby Snacks, (bitesize corndogs). I was dressed and on my way by 1 and got downtown by 1:20 and found a parking spot about 1 ½ blocks away, there were a lot of people out walking the streets today. I got out of my car with my purse and computer without even a second thought. I think back to when I was first going out and I would sit in my car and wait for as many people to go by and hopefully find a time when there was no one between me and where I wanted to go. We have a new girl in our group going through the same thing and I have been trying to reassure her it is not just her as we all went through this at one time or another. Now it uses to be you only paid for parking during the week on the street, then they started on Saturday and now even Sunday till 7pm. I probably should have just parked in the parking garage as the street parking will be about the same $ but they only have 2-hour parking so that will mean two trips out to feed the parking meter.

I got inside and they were a little busy but they have a big main room with 3 pool tables and 2 shuffle board table and then another big room with just tables so there was a lot of room turns out I was the first to arrive as Cassandra got caught in traffic and it took her an hour to get here. Now we found a big table as there would be 5 of us with computers and Cassandra brought an extension cord so we could all plug in if we went long. Melissa and Barb here just before 2 and Julie was a little later as she got caught in the same traffic Cassandra did. We all went up and ordered something to drink and appetizers and I was debating between which one I wanted but Cassandra made it easy as she ordered 2 of the pretzel and cheese dips for the table so I got and order of Scooby Snacks for the table.

Now Barb is a new Administrator for the group so we wanted to show her how to do things but also go over and refresh things for the rest of use so we are all doing things the same. Melissa has been managing our web page and by that, I mean setting it up and making updates and making it run right. The rest of us just update events, approve new members and post notices. If you like our web sites look it is all Melissa’s work and she has done a fantastic job, thanks Melissa. Now about 3:15 Cassandra and I had to walk out and put more money in the parking meters, Julie, Melissa and Barb were smart enough to park in the garage. Now today I wore my black skirt with my ankle boots with 3″ heels, it really is a cute look. As I got up from my chair, I rubbed my left calf on the chair and there was a rough spot and I ripped a hole in my nylons on my leg. It was small but I was not happy so the walk out to my car gave me a chance to calm down. I really hate when this happens. Now this area has a lot of drives coming out and the sidewalks are not level and I found it is a challenge to walk on them in heels.

Cassandra and I got back and now we were talking about our rules for the group and what we thought. Mainly approving people. We do require a face picture as we want to make sure who we are letting in. this sometimes is an issue as some girls do not want to post a picture, only members can see it and our thoughts are if you are a member and can see others pictures they should be able to see who you are so we are sticking with this rule. We also talked about admirers and this has always been a tuff topic and we spent a lot of time on this. In the end it all came down to what we all saw as the vision of out group. The groups focus is on helping girls come out and be comfortable in a social environment. Now we are all adults and understand that the trans community is somewhat sexual in nature but that is not the focus of the group. What members chose to do in their private lives is their choice but not what the group is about. In the end we decided not to allow admirers accept in maybe rare occasions. The other topic was face pictures, we require a face picture and sometimes we get those with male pictures. This is a little harder as some new members may not have a female picture and we don’t want to exclude them but then again, we are hoping they will come out so we will hopefully be able to get a female picture of them and they can post it. In the end what we really want is to help t-girls come out and enjoy this part of their life.

At 5:15 it was once more time for Cassandra and I to go out and feed the parking meter again and I got up carefully this time and swung my left leg clear of the chair ass to not catch it again. I probably should have changed chairs after the last time as when I pulled my right leg by the chair you know what happened. I caught the chair again and now I had a small hole on my right calf. I can’t believe I did that. Well now I did change chairs but at this point it doesn’t matter. This is something my male side never had to worry about.

Cassandra and I got back and we all ordered dinner and had a nice time. I got a burger so that is 2 days in a row having a hamburger for dinner but they are good. We all talked as we ate and had a wonderful time. It was such a wonderful day with my friends. It is still hard to believe we are at McMenamins as girls having a meeting about a web site we run. We have come so far over the last 10 to 12 years. Now we did have a couple people talk to us as there was a large group taking a tour and they were standing by our table and that was nice and we even had one lady who took the time to come over and tell us all how nice we looked. As she said we took time and put a lot of effort into how we looked and a lot of woman don’t do that, Her words not mine. She said she told her boyfriend you have no idea how much effort it takes to look pretty. We all thanked her and I think that really makes it all worth while when we go out. She didn’t have to come over but she did and that means a lot.

It was about 7 when we left, it really was a wonderful day. now driving home on a Sunday night, I was thinking about what I could do. I thought about going to Starbuck’s as the one I go to is open till 8:30 but it would be 7:45 when I would get there so I just went home as tomorrow I will be out as Susan and I am sure I will end up there for a while.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at McMenamins Ringlers Pub

It is Wednesday and that means I get to go out to dinner at McMenamins Ringlers Pub with my friend well it may just be Melissa and me but that is still okay. We posted on our group late Monday and so far, no one else has posted back but then we have been having bad weather so that may keep people home. Any way I got home and started getting ready. Melissa texted me to make sure I still wanted to go as she had the same thought that it might just be us. I still wanted to go plus occasionally we have girls show up that didn’t reply and would hate for someone to be by themselves. I got downtown about 6:30 and found a parking spot close and went in. they were really busy and the main room was full so I went into the corner room and got a table.

Melissa showed up a little before 7 and by that time the main room and cleared out some so we moved in there as it was warmer. We talked for a little just to see if anyone else would make it. Turns out it was just the two of us so we went a head and ordered. Now I do like dinners with the group but it is also nice to have one on one dinners as it really gives you a chance to talk and get to know each other better. We talked about a lot of things including our group. We really do have a wonderful group but we are trying to figure out how to get more girls involved and by that we mean coming up with and planning outings. We have a small group of girls that picks and posts about going out for dinners. It would be so helpful and we could go more places, maybe ad another night if we could get a few more girls to help out. Some weeks we don’t do dinners as we don’t have one of us able to go so nothing gets set up.

We also talked about Diva Las Vegas which is only a month away, still time to sign up if you want to go, it is so much fun and I am looking forward to it. We have 5 for sure from our group going, Cassandra, Veronica, Michelle, Fran and myself. The good news is Melissa is thinking about it, she wants to take a vacation and doesn’t have anything planned. I kind of encouraged her to go as it is a fun time, it still a long shot but I am hopeful. We had a wonderful time, a nice dinner and great conversation. We stayed here till almost 9. Now I did get a quick selfie, not the best but still going to post.

It was a good night out and so much fun. Now I will not get a chance to get out as Susan this Saturday as I will have family in town, Sunday is maybe possible. Next week though, I am going to have a few days off and plan on going shopping. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be able to go out during the day. I want to pick up some things I need for my vacation to Diva Las Vegas. I am hopeful I can meet up with some of the girls.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog for what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner

Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

It is Wednesday and our group is going out for dinner at McMenamines Ringlers Pub but first a side note. Today at work I was signing for a delivery and the lady making the delivery told me how nice my nails looked which made me feel good, then a few hours later I had my 6-month dental appointment and as I was checking in the young lady behind the counter told me how beautiful my nails were and asked if they were my nails or acrylic. I smiled and thanked her and told her my nails were in horrible shape and that they had acrylic on to help them look better. She said it really made a difference and they looked great. Now I have had people notice them before but it was just funny that twice in such a short time. Now I know people notice them but really very few have said anything about them. Well back to dinner tonight.

Now it was a rush to make it on time as I said earlier I had a dentist appointment at 4 and they were running late so it was about 5:30 when I got home and started getting ready. Now tonight was one of my faster times getting ready, yes, I was ready and out the door by a little after 6, might be a personal record for getting ready. I got downtown at 6:30 and found a parking spot right across the street. I got inside and Cassandra and Peggy were already there. It was wonderful to see Peggy out again and yes, she had brought aa cake as today is Cassandra’s birthday. We would have a lot of cake tonight as Melissa and I had talked about it being Cassandra’s last night for a while so we decided to get her a cake and gift card and Melissa was picking it up. Cassandra is taking a break and also stepping down from the day to day running of the group. She has put so much time and effort into the group and really made it what it is today. Now we talked and waited for others to show up.

Melissa and her wife were the next to arrive and yes, they had a big cake also, so much for my diet. Barb and Lori also showed up so we had 7 of us here tonight. Now we started off with appetizers and I ordered the Scooby Snacks and they were awesome. Scooby snacks are mini corndogs. We had a nice time chatting before we ordered dinner and for dinner I had a Caesar salad. I figured I should have something healthy before we had cake. Now our waitress was incredible tonight, well really, we have always been treated great here but our waitress was so much fun, she even took a few group pictures of us with Cassandra in the middle as tonight it really was all about Cassandra. She really has brought us all together into almost a family. It really will be different with her not coming out as much. I have made so many wonderful friends over the years and some of them are my closest friends, I really hope they know how much they mean to me.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what is new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends at McMenamins Tavern & Pool

It is Wednesday night and I am going to meet my friends for dinner at McMenamins Tavern & Pool (1716 NW 23rd Ave Portland Or.) for dinner at 7pm. I have been there twice before I think so I am looking forward to it. I got home late so it was a rush to get ready, I figured I would be late but got there about 6:30. I lucked out and found a parking spot about a block away, parking is the only bad thing about this area of Portland. They also have new parking meters here, you enter your license and you don’t have to put a ticket in your car, they will text you a receipt though. I walked the block to McMenamins and really though nothing of it. Kate and Cassandra were already there. Now we weren’t sure how many we would have as the only others we new would be here was Melissa and Barb.

We talked a while as we waited and sure enough about 7 both Melissa and Barb arrived, this would be all we would have tonight for dinner, just the 5 of us. I really don’t mind, if we have a big group it is nice as it is fun to see everyone but small groups are nice as we can all talk with each other. We talked about Diva Las Vegas which is a little over 3 weeks away, wow it has come up so fast. They have the activities signups online now. Cassandra already signed up and I plan to do mine tomorrow, will pick the same thing Cassandra did.

We all ordered dinner and the food here is really good and the staff is awesome. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. It was just such a fun night out with friends. We had just finished up eating and Trisha showed up. I think I have met her a couple times before over the years but it has been a while. Trisha was the first-person Cassandra met and it was Trisha that helped Casandra go out for the first time. It really was a fun night but as always it went to fast and soon was almost 10 and time to call it a night.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see my latest blog.

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Wednesday night dinner

ON Wednesday nights we are now trying to go to ore and new places for dinner, tonight was McMenamins Ringler’s Pub at Crystal Ballroom. I was looking forward to this as I have never bee there before. I started getting ready when I got home taking my time and enjoying getting ready. I was ready by 6 which was a little earl as we were not meeting till 7. I decided to go early anyway.

I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and found a parking spot just around the corner and walked to McMenamins. Now this is actually pretty big inside and they have 3 pool tables and 2 shuffle board tables and a big beautiful bar, it really is nice inside. Now I was early and other than Cassandra and Cristine I wasn’t sure how many would make it tonight. We posted it in our new web sight but we are still trying to get member to sign up, so far 50 have joined.

I walked around and checked out the place before I sat down at the bar. Now as I said it is pretty big inside so even though there were maybe 25 people here it really did look empty. Well while I was sitting at the bar a man walked up to me, I actually talked to him briefly as I walked from my car and he started talking to me. He was living on the street and I did feel sorry for him but I could tell from what he said he was maybe looking for some money. we talked for about 10 minutes till Cristine showed up and Cassandra right after her. He wished us a good night and wandered off.

The 3 of us got a table by the window and waited for others to show up. we ordered drinks and Cassandra got a plate of soft pretzels and melted cheese and it was really good. I could have made a meal out of that. It was about 7:30 when we ordered dinner, I ordered a pizza.

Just after we ordered Veronica showed up. It was great to see her again as it has been a while. Well it turned out to be just the 4 of us for dinner and the food was wonderful. The prices were pretty reasonable, between $10 and $15 depending on what you ordered so not to bad, I would rate it a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. We were treated well and no problems. One of the things we are doing in our new web sight is rating the places we o and we plan to go to some new places.

We had a nice dinner and good conversation, it was a lot of fun. I really wish more girls had come out. Hopefully as we get more girls moved over from our yahoo group to our new web page I think the numbers will go up. Of course some of the conversation was about the web page. We even got Veronica to join.

After dinner we played some pool, it is not pay by the game they charge $6 an hour to play which might be a little more expensive then in a bar but you do have the table so it was just our group and the tables are I guess regulation size in other word bigger then we were use to playing on. it was the first time I have played on a table this size. I did okay but Cassandra did win but I only had 1 ball left. I stayed and watched one more game before I left as I have to get up early in the morning for work. Cassandra, Cristine and Veronica stayed and played pool.

It was a really fun night and I would recommend McMenamins Ringler’s Pub at Crystal Ballroom for dinner and a un night out.

Thanks for reading.

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McMenamins Kennedy School

Well it was Friday night and I was so looking forward to going out with my friends. We had planned on meeting at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland. It is an old school that they bought and converted into several bars/restaurants and a small hotel, they even have a movie theater. Now what was really cool about this is it is a mainstream place and I have never been there before which is always fun going someplace new. I chose my white skirt and black top to wear as it is still cute but a little more casual as I wanted to blend in. turns out some of the GG’s that were there had on really cute, sexy dresses and some really cute high heels, yes I tend to notice those things.

I got there about 7:20 and went in not really knowing where to go as I said they have I think 5 bars in the school and we were meeting at the one called Boiler room, turns out it is the old furnace room of the school. I found a parking spot almost right in front of the door and went in. now this is a big place and yes lots of people some were sitting at tables outside the door. Well it turns out I picked the right door as the Boiler room was just inside the door I went in. Chris had just showed up and I ran into him right away which always makes it easier on a lady at bar if she is not alone. This room is really cool as it is 2 stories and open in the middle so you can look down. We went downstairs to check it out. Now they have 2 pool tables one upstairs and one down stairs and also a shuffle board table. We got the one big table that seats 10 as we were not sure how many would be there as all that posted was Victoria, Cassandra, Chris and I. Almost as soon as we sat down Victoria and Cassandra showed up.

Now they are a little more expensive than the P-Club but a much better atmosphere. We started off by ordering some food, well Victoria and I did as we were hungry and Cassandra and Chris were still deciding what they wanted. The staff didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by us and treated us wonderful referring to us as ladies well except for Chris as he is always male. Roxy showed up for a little while but she didn’t stay long as she had to be up early Saturday as she is taking her state test for Beauty School and wanted to be awake for that.

Jenn and Kelly also showed up which was wonderful and we even had another girl Michelle who was in boy mode. Now I think I have only met Michelle once at the P-Club and for the life of me I could not see remember what she looked like as her female self. To be honest till she brought up Cassandra and me explaining how we do our nails I was at a total loss. Cristine was the last to show up so in all we had 9 of us there which was pretty good.

Now I had a small pizza for dinner and then Victoria ordered dessert, a Marion berry crumble. Now normally the places we go don’t have dessert and it looked so good I ordered one also even knowing that would not help the diet I am suppose to be on. Well the girl gods were looking down on me and they had just ran out, Victoria most have gotten the last one but they did have samplers of them which were a 1/3 the size and cost which was nice. Now they did keep the whole them of the school so yes the bathrooms were still just as you remember from your school days but a little nicer and cleaner and none of the writings on the wall, well at least I think as when I was in school I never went into the girls room and of course out as Susan I would never go in the boys room but you get my point.

After we finished eating we went upstairs to play pool. Now they have really nice full size pool tables and instead of paying per game you rent the balls for $5 per hour. Now I will admit we did get a few looks form some of the customers but it was more of a double take to make sure that we were really T-Girls but that was it. Once they figured it out they went about what they were doing and forgot about us. It was a really fun night.

I did take some pictures as did Cassandra, Chris, Jenn and Kelly so I guess going someplace new means everyone wants some pictures. It was a fun night but a little more expensive. They have pool and shuffle board but no dancing. We talked about coming back again and everyone liked the idea. Some wanted to come here more often and others every couple months, but at least we all liked it and had a good time. Me I am thinking maybe once a month. We could find like 4 places to go and that way we could rotate through them. Well it turns out it was 12:30 when we left, boy the night went fast as I was thinking it was like 11.

Well Saturday morning I am getting a pedicure as my toes really need help and I am thinking red this time. And then Saturday night we will be out at Harvey’s Comedy club so a busy weekend for this girl but you will be able to read about that in my next blogs.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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