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McMenamins Kennedy School

Well it was Friday night and I was so looking forward to going out with my friends. We had planned on meeting at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland. It is an old school that they bought and converted into several bars/restaurants and a small hotel, they even have a movie theater. Now what was really cool about this is it is a mainstream place and I have never been there before which is always fun going someplace new. I chose my white skirt and black top to wear as it is still cute but a little more casual as I wanted to blend in. turns out some of the GG’s that were there had on really cute, sexy dresses and some really cute high heels, yes I tend to notice those things.

I got there about 7:20 and went in not really knowing where to go as I said they have I think 5 bars in the school and we were meeting at the one called Boiler room, turns out it is the old furnace room of the school. I found a parking spot almost right in front of the door and went in. now this is a big place and yes lots of people some were sitting at tables outside the door. Well it turns out I picked the right door as the Boiler room was just inside the door I went in. Chris had just showed up and I ran into him right away which always makes it easier on a lady at bar if she is not alone. This room is really cool as it is 2 stories and open in the middle so you can look down. We went downstairs to check it out. Now they have 2 pool tables one upstairs and one down stairs and also a shuffle board table. We got the one big table that seats 10 as we were not sure how many would be there as all that posted was Victoria, Cassandra, Chris and I. Almost as soon as we sat down Victoria and Cassandra showed up.

Now they are a little more expensive than the P-Club but a much better atmosphere. We started off by ordering some food, well Victoria and I did as we were hungry and Cassandra and Chris were still deciding what they wanted. The staff didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by us and treated us wonderful referring to us as ladies well except for Chris as he is always male. Roxy showed up for a little while but she didn’t stay long as she had to be up early Saturday as she is taking her state test for Beauty School and wanted to be awake for that.

Jenn and Kelly also showed up which was wonderful and we even had another girl Michelle who was in boy mode. Now I think I have only met Michelle once at the P-Club and for the life of me I could not see remember what she looked like as her female self. To be honest till she brought up Cassandra and me explaining how we do our nails I was at a total loss. Cristine was the last to show up so in all we had 9 of us there which was pretty good.

Now I had a small pizza for dinner and then Victoria ordered dessert, a Marion berry crumble. Now normally the places we go don’t have dessert and it looked so good I ordered one also even knowing that would not help the diet I am suppose to be on. Well the girl gods were looking down on me and they had just ran out, Victoria most have gotten the last one but they did have samplers of them which were a 1/3 the size and cost which was nice. Now they did keep the whole them of the school so yes the bathrooms were still just as you remember from your school days but a little nicer and cleaner and none of the writings on the wall, well at least I think as when I was in school I never went into the girls room and of course out as Susan I would never go in the boys room but you get my point.

After we finished eating we went upstairs to play pool. Now they have really nice full size pool tables and instead of paying per game you rent the balls for $5 per hour. Now I will admit we did get a few looks form some of the customers but it was more of a double take to make sure that we were really T-Girls but that was it. Once they figured it out they went about what they were doing and forgot about us. It was a really fun night.

I did take some pictures as did Cassandra, Chris, Jenn and Kelly so I guess going someplace new means everyone wants some pictures. It was a fun night but a little more expensive. They have pool and shuffle board but no dancing. We talked about coming back again and everyone liked the idea. Some wanted to come here more often and others every couple months, but at least we all liked it and had a good time. Me I am thinking maybe once a month. We could find like 4 places to go and that way we could rotate through them. Well it turns out it was 12:30 when we left, boy the night went fast as I was thinking it was like 11.

Well Saturday morning I am getting a pedicure as my toes really need help and I am thinking red this time. And then Saturday night we will be out at Harvey’s Comedy club so a busy weekend for this girl but you will be able to read about that in my next blogs.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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