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Saturday in Los Angeles

Well on Saturday we all got up and got ready. I wore my blue jean Capri’s and my new top. It was a pretty casual look but I wanted to blend in the best I could. Our first stop was to go to Universal Studio’s. It took us about a half an hour in traffic to get there. There were so many people of all ages. We parked in the parking garage and walked in. it is a pedestrian street with shops and eateries on both side and covers what would be several city blocks. We walked down to the far end and got some pictures in front of the Universal Studio globe. We then started working our way back. We stopped at several stores and looked around. They had lots of cute things but nothing that would fit so I didn’t buy anything.

It was now time for lunch and we were all getting hungry so we stopped at Karl’s Brewpub and had lunch on their terrace overlooking the pedestrian walkway. It was so nice and the people working there were just wonderful. They always referred to us as ladies, (how are you ladies today). It was so wonderful and the food was great. I had their club sandwich and it was great but very big and was hard to take bites as a lady. I will have to remember to order things I can eat with a fork, more ladylike. We even sat there afterwards for a while and just enjoyed a little girl talk. After lunch we finished walking down the pedestrian mall to the big Guitar in front of the Hard Rock and took a few more pictures. Pictures are a t-girls favorite thing as it can document her life out. We probably only spent a few hours there and then decided to go down to Hollywood Blvd. and see the walk of stars.

When we got down to Hollywood Blvd. it was so crowded and there was no parking anywhere we could find. So we drove through and saw the sights, typical tourist stuff but still fun. It is all about being out in public. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the mall and went in, again being Saturday they were so busy. We went into Macy’s and walked around. Cassandra went to the MAC counter as she needed some more makeup. We then walked down the mall just window shopping. Cassandra wanted some pearl earrings so we went into Claire’s and looked around. A lady came up to me and asked my opinion on some earrings, which looked better with her top and were they to young for her. I told her the ones I thought looked the best and she bought them. I guess I do have some fashion sense. Cassandra didn’t find the pearl earrings but did find some she liked and bought them. We then went out and down the mall to find Peggy as she had gone looking for shoes. By this time it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for going to the Oxwood tonight.

Peggy needed some curlers so Cassandra dropped us off at Target and then went to get some Gas for the car and stopped at the little market at the Chevron station while Peggy and I went through Target. We knew we had a little time so we checked out the clothes section and they had a lot of cute things. Peggy even bought a cute top for herself. Cassandra picked Peggy and I up outside and we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for a night out in LA.

We got ready and headed over to the Oxwood about 8:30 and got in just before they started charging the cover. The Oxwood is very small maybe the size of a convenience store. They have a dance floor and pool table and a seating area. When we got there it was not very crowded yet but by 9 people started to show up. Cassandra was right they have a lot of t-girls. By 11 there were probably 100 t-girls there all crammed into this small place. Cassandra introduced Peggy and I to the t-girls she knew and they were all so nice. Several of them came and took our pictures. We signed up to play pool and I only got two games in as so many plays and I lost both games. I did come close to winning one though. Cassandra did a lot better as she was winning. I bet she played at least 10 games or more. Cassandra really showed the LA t-girls how to play.

They had a pole dancer (GG) there and she was practicing for a competition. She was very good and so I took Peggy over and had her take a few pictures of me with her. She was so nice and stopped dancing long enough for a few pictures. She even asked my name and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. We stayed there till almost 2 am and then headed back to our hotel. Cassandra was hungry so we stopped at the Denny’s by our hotel and got something to eat. The hotel was so crowded that the only parking spot left was right in front of Denny’s so we walked from there back to our hotel room which was way on the other side of the hotel. It was a fun night and now we need to get rested for going to Las Vegas Sunday morning.

All pictures from Diva Las Vegas trip posted on my Windows Live profile

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Friday the drive to Las Angeles

Friday morning we all got up and Susan put herself all together for the trip. I was so excited to start the trip as Susan and not even the least bit nervous which is something I was worried about. I think the fact Cassandra and Peggy are going makes it a whole lot easier. Cassandra is making the trip in boy mode as she wants to work out every day.The drive down was nice and we had such a fun time. Cassandra drove the whole way. I felt bad about letting him do all the driving but he said he was fine and liked it and I must admit Susan liked being chauffeured. We stopped at a Wendy’s for lunch and went in and ate. It was nice and relaxing and no one paid any attention to us. When we got to Sacramento it was just 5:30 so we decided to go on to Los Angeles as we would get there by 11. We stopped at a McDonalds to get something to eat on the road. Cassandra filled up the car and Peggy and I went in to get food. They were really busy and we had to stand in line before we could order. Even in the crowd I was okay and everyone just went about what they were doing.

We got to the hotel in Los Angeles right at 11 and got checked in. we took all our stuff up to the room. We do not travel light. Cassandra wanted to go out for a couple hours even after driving 15 hours to get here. Peggy and I stayed in as I did not want to have to redo my makeup after all day for just a couple hours. Cassandra went ahead and got all dressed in only 30 minutes and was off to the Oxbowl. I decided to catch up on my Blog while the last two days are still fresh in my mind. So I am typing on my computer with my beautiful nails. I so love them. So far this has been an incredible trip and will only get better.

I will post all my picture on my Windows Live page as it has the most room for pictures.

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