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Monday at Diva Las Vegas

Well I got up this morning about 9 am and went over to see if Cassandra and Peggy were up. Peggy was up but not Cassandra, she had played black jack at that table all night and only got back to the room about 7 am so she was sound asleep. Peggy and I decided to check things out so we both got ready and off we went.

We decided to take the monorail down the strip to Harrah’s so off we went. The monorail is $5 a trip or $14 for all day so that is what we did. If you are ever in Las Vegas this is the only way to go. We got off at Harrah’s and walked through the casino looking at things. From here we went out onto the strip and started to make our way down to Wynn’s Casino. We had to walk by the Venetian and took a few pictures. If you have never been here you cannot imagine how long these blocks are. It was so fun just strolling along the strip with all the other people. We finally got to the Wynn and they have a really cool waterfall over rocks out front so I was going to take a picture of Peggy when a really nice lady asked if I wanted to be in the picture and offered to take it so I handed her my camera and she took our picture.

Peggy and I strolled through Wynn’s looking at all the shops and décor. It is so amazing what they have done inside although it is way out of this poor girl’s budget. We browsed through a shoe store that had the cutest shoes but nothing under $500. These casinos are a city unto themselves. From here we strolled back down the strip to Harrah’s and caught the monorail and went down to MGM.

AT MGM we walked around and checked out their shops. We were hungry so we went to their Rainforest Café and had lunch. This is such a cute café as it has a forest theme and animated animals that come alive every 15 minutes and they even simulate a rains storm. I took some pictures but it was pretty dark so they are not too good. We enjoyed a nice lunch and girl talk so much fun.

From here we took the monorail to the Imperial Place / Paris station and went to the Paris. We wanted to go up to the top of the Eiffel tower so we could get a good look at the strip. It only cost $10 but so worth it. It is ½ the size of the real Eiffel tower in Paris. We rode the elevator up to the top and it was so windy up there that it messed up my hair poor Susan. We got some great pictures of the strip. We stopped at their gift shop and then back on the monorail and back to the Sahara where we are staying.

It was almost 4:30 and Cassandra was just about ready so I touched up my makeup after a day on the strip and then the three of us went downtown to the Union Plaza for dinner with the Diva Las Vegas group. This was one of the big get together of the week and there must have been at least 100 t-girls there. We ate at the Firefly and the food was really good and the staff was Awesome. They treated us so well and I even got a picture with the bar tender. This is where they took the group photo for Diva Las Vegas.

We came back to the hotel and Cassandra was ready for bed as she stayed out the night before and then when she did get up she went and worked out running 10 miles in the hotels exercise room. She is so good as she is still working out almost every day, way to go Cassandra. This is why she didn’t get her nails done before we came. Cassandra and Peggy went up to their room and I walked through the casino just to see what was going on. I found a $1 blackjack table so decided to sit and play for a bit. I bought in with $20 and played for maybe 45 minutes. It was fun but the dealer started to get hot and as I was up about $25 I figured I should quit while I was still ahead. Maybe I will do some more gambling tomorrow night. I cashed in my chips and went up to my room for bed.

Will be adding pictures to my Windows Live Profile.


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