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Friday night end of Diva Las Vegas

We got up late again today as we were all out way to late last night. I did my makeup and put on my swim suit and a skirt over it and Peggy and I went down stairs to the pool. I wanted to get some pictures of me in my suit at the pool. The last three days has been cold and windy so we never were able to make it to the pool. We took the elevator down to the lobby and being Friday you would not believe the amount of people there all waiting to check in. it took a bit to get through all the people so I was glad I had put the skirt over my bathing suit. I am sure people were looking but at this point I really don’t even look at them anymore to see if they are looking I just go about what I am doing.

We got out to the pool and there were already about 20 people or so out there so we walked to the other end so the sun would be right for taking pictures. Peggy has been so great to take all the pictures I want, thanks Peggy. We got some of me just standing there both with the skirt on and just in the bathing suit and then I went into the pool and we took a few as I came out so in looks like I had been swimming which would have been so fun but would have ruined my makeup and hair. I am such a girl worrying about such things. After my photo shoot Peggy and I just laid there in the sun for 20 or 30 minutes. It was so nice and relaxing. We then walked back through the crowded lobby and went up to the room to see if Cassandra was ready.

We all went downstairs to the café and got breakfast (at 3 pm) as we were just starting our day. We then went over and cashed in some of the slot play vouchers at the players club and got our free spin which none of us won on. We walked around the casino for a while and played a few slot machines. Cassandra had one that she kept winning on and when she got up she quit so I played it for a while, put $5 in and when I quit I had a little over $80 which made up for most of what I lost the night before on the black jack tables.

We got in the car and went and found where the farewell dinner was so we would know how to find it. We then went over to Caesars Palace which is huge. We spent 1 ½ hours walking through the Forum shops and even got a few pictures, one of Susan’s favorite things. I am a picture girl. The shops are really hi end for the most part and more for looking then buying at least for this girl, we really only saw a couple people with bags. We then walked through the casino and looked around. Peggy played a slot machine but didn’t get one win. As we were leaving Caesar and Cleopatra walked through the casino and gave their little welcome speech and then invited guest to come up and get their picture taken with them and you guessed it, this girl was the second one up there. It was now time to head over for dinner so we left.

We got to the restaurant for the dinner and there were already lots of t-girls there so we went in and got a table. Everyone was taking pictures and so were we. I got a picture with Paula the lady who owns the Harmony spa and is a big supporter of Diva Las Vegas and I think she gets a lot of business this week because of it. She was so great though and very nice. She had a few prizes she was selling tickets for so we all bought some and wouldn’t you know it, Cassandra won one. A $125 spa gift basket. We stayed here a couple hours even went to the main part of the restaurant and took a couple pictures with 5 girls that were there from Utah and they were great and all had beautiful long nails.

We got back to our hotel about 10 pm and Peggy went up to the room while Cassandra and I went to the casino. Being the last night I decided to bet a little more and see how I did. We played several different tables and finally ended up at blackjack swi8tch. I8t was a fun game because you could switch cards between your hands but you had to play two hands so it was more expensive but a lot of fun. I was down about $100 when I sat down at this table and won it all back but yes we were having fun so we kept playing and in the end I lost it all back. We played till 3:30 am when I had enough (lost enough) so I left Cassandra and said goodbye to the people at the table and went upstairs to my room. It was so amazing the whole week playing at the tables not one person said anything negative or treated us bad. We even had several people (both men and women) who would come back to our tables just to play with us. It has been a truly wonderful experience and we are all sad to see it coming to an end. Tomorrow we leave to go back to LA and then Sunday we go home and Susan goes back to being a part time girl again. But for these eleven days of living just as Susan it has been awesome and I have some great friends to share it with. Cassandra and Peggy you rock.

Pictures on my Windows Live Profile.

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