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Sunday the drive home after Diva Las Vegas

Well it is almost over it has been 10 days as Susan and having Acrylic nails, what a fantastic trip. It has gone by so fast and we are all sad to see it come to an end. Cassandra took the bags down and packed the car while I got dressed; she is in boy mode so was a lot quicker getting ready. It is a 15 hour ride home today and will be just a lot of sitting in a car as Susan but still I will love every minute. Even the simple things like typing on my computer with my beautiful Acrylic nail (which I will have to remove tomorrow, so sad. I have really gotten use to them now after 10 days like I always do. Now I will have to get use to not having them. Wow I really wish I could find a way to keep them but I know that just isn’t possible.

It has been an incredible trip and one we will all remember and it was so much fun to Have Cassandra and Peggy along to share it with. They were both so awesome and made the whole trip great and I was so comfortable spending the whole time as Susan. Even when Cassandra was in boy mode they made me feel totally at ease not once did I feel scared or uneasy. It was so much easier with them there. It would be so much fun to do another trip like this again in the future. We all got great pictures to remember the trip (on my profile page) and everything was so much fun. All that is left is a little shopping trip on Monday (need a dress for the T-girl Pageant Friday) and then to a nail salon to have my nails removed. I guess now I have to look forward to the next trip as Susan as she is ready to go.

All my photos are on my Windows Live Profile page.

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