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Tuesday evening at Diva Las Vegas

Well after golf we were all a little tired so we got cleaned up and redid our makeup and went downstairs here at the Sahara. We decided to stay here so it would be easy when we wanted to go to bed. Walking through the casino Cassandra tried a slot machine but it had so many lines we really didn’t know when or why we were winning when that happened so she gave up. The casino had given us a coupon for $50 worth of chips for $40 so Peggy and I went over to the club Sahara both with our club cards (yes I got one but they wouldn’t issue with Susan’s name). We got our free chips and then we started looking for tables to play. Cassandra found a seat in the main part of the casino and started to play black jack. Peggy and I looked for a table we could sit next to each other and play. They have more tables back by the NASCAR Restaurant and we found a table that had no one at so we sat down. Sahara has lots of $1 tables which is cool because I like to play cards and I know in the long run the casino will win so for me it is the fun of playing not the money.

We started to play and soon other people started to sit down. I really think people do not like to play at a table by themselves something that has never bothered me. After a few hands the table was full 3 men & 1 woman plus Peggy and I. Peggy and I would play anywhere from $1 to $4 a hand and we were having so much fun. At one point we both left for the little girl’s room (leaving our chips on the table to save our spot) and when we came back two of the men said “welcome back ladies” and “we are glad you are back as the table has been bad sense you left”. We played at that table from about 7:30 till almost 12:30 and I only lost about $25. How fun is that. The whole time we were there no one treated me any different than any other women or even looked at me funny. It was so fun and I was totally excepted. All the dealers have been great here too. The Sahara Casino seems to be really TG friendly (not to say others are not as we really haven’t spent as much time at them to say one way or the other but from talking to the other T-girls here I have heard the same about the casinos they are at. I guess Las Vegas casinos are pretty open-minded; you know what they say, what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas (except for Susan’s Blog).

At 12:30 Peggy and I had had enough and wanted something to eat so we went to their coffee bar as they make sandwiches and we ordered a club to split. There was another T-girl their names Nicky so we talked to her for a while. They were so slow making our sandwiches but when we got them they were so good. A few more T-girls came by and we all chatted for a while, I think at one point there were 6 of us there. People would walk by and for the most part paid no attention to us. Cassandra finally joined us and we finished our sandwich and headed up for bed about 1:30. It was such a fun night. This week is going by so fast it is hard to believe it is almost half over but what a trip it has been.

I am posting my pictures on my Windows Live profile as it holds more pictures for free (I am a value girl).

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