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Sunday of Diva Las Vegas

We got up this morning and as I got dressed Cassandra packed the car. Once I was ready Cassandra got ready as Peggy and I went to Target. When we got back Cassandra was all ready and we left, three ladies. It took about 4 hours to drive to Las Vegas. We got to our hotel Sahara and checked in. no one even gave us a second look.

Cassandra and I went to the Flamingo for the first of Diva Las Vegas, the buffet. Peggy stayed at the hotel to rest and unpack. We got there and found the group and checked in. we spent an hour chatting mostly with Marisa and Mindy. We even took some pictures at the courtyard of the Flamingo. Mindy Cassandra and I headed off to the buffet but decided to go to one of their cafes instead and had a nice meal and just talked with Mindy. It was very nice.

Cassandra and I got back to our hotel and went up and Got Peggy and the three of us went down to the casino. Cassandra found a black jack table and started play while Peggy and I walked around and got the lay of the casino. We even played a few slots and I lost $10. About eleven I went and joined Cassandra at the black jack table as a seat opened next to her. The people at the table were great and we were all chatting as we played. It was almost like a party at the table. We played several hours and a little after 1 am I called it a night as I was tired and wanted to leave the table up, only $22 but had a great time. I left Cassandra at the table and made my way up to my room. Now I am looking forward to tomorrow, our first full day in Las Vegas. 

I will post most of the pictures to my Windows Live Profile

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