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Wednesday at Diva Las Vegas

Wednesday we all got up and Peggy & Cassandra went up to the exercise room and worked out for about an hour while I got ready and looking pretty. Cassandra is doing so good keeping up her exercising every day, you go girl. We all stayed out late last night so we really did get a late start so by the time we were all ready it was time to leave for the SO (Significant Other) lunch at Claim Jumpers. We drove down the strip past Mandalay Bay to the outlet mall; this is where Claim Jumpers is. We drove in and lucked out with a parking spot right in front which was nice as the wind is still blowing and it is not even 60 out in Sunny Las Vegas.

We were about 15 minutes early but went in anyway. There were 3 others from Diva Las Vegas already there; they were the ones who organized the lunch. They were a couple and a friend so at least I wasn’t the only one there without a SO. We went in and sat down; they had the outer room reserved for 30 as 27 signed up for the lunch. We went ahead and ordered as we didn’t all want to be ordering at the same time. By 2:30 4 more had shown up but that was all that did. I felt a little bad for the couple that organized the lunch and also for Claim Jumpers as they had set up 30 tables for us. I really thought there would be a better turnout.

After lunch Cassandra and I walked over to Victoria Secret and looked around, Cassandra bought some stuff as she likes there lip gloss and body spray. The girls working there were so nice and helpful. We were only there maybe 15 minutes and then we walked back and met Peggy. We went and looked at the discount tickets for shows and decided to buy tickets to the Divas Las Vegas show with Frank Marino. We have all wanted to see it. We left there and went back to the Sahara and spent a few hours there.

About 7 we got cleaned up and I put my skirt on for the evening out and we all headed down to the Imperial palace where the show is. We went in and cashed our vouchers for our ticket and ran into Kelly another t-girl going to the show. We talked to her for a while and asked if we could get her seat with us. The lady at the counter said she couldn’t do that but ask when we go in and they would try as there was just one open seat next to us and she didn’t think they would sell a single seat.

We still had a couple hours till show time so we went out onto the Las Vegas strip and walked the one block to Margaretville as Cassandra wanted a Margareta. I have never been there but it was really nice and busy. We got up and they ordered drinks. Peggy got a banana flavored drink which was really good so I ordered one too. The people working there were great whenever they made drinks if they had extra they poured it in ours so we actually probably got a few extra drinks. We even went out on the front walk above the strip and watched the people walk by and of course took a few pictures. A girl named Alley came over and talked to us and introduced her friends to us so we chatted for a while. She was so cute and had the cutest shoes. I even got a picture with her. We spent about 1 hour or so here and then we headed back to the Imperial Palace for the show.

We got back to the Imperial Palace and had to stand in line for about 20 minutes; Kelly came by and joined us in line. When we went in they did move her to our table. The show was awesome and is the same show he did at the Riviera for 25 years. We had great seats right in front of the stage so we got a really good view of everything. Only problem we had to keep turning and twisting as they moved. The show went about 1 ¼ hours and if you come to Las Vegas you must see it.

After the show we went back to the Sahara and Cassandra and I went into the casino to play black jack. We had no problems and everyone was great. We even were chatting with the other people at the tables. We played for a few hours and a little before 3 am I decided I needed to go to bed so I left Cassandra and cashed in what was left of my chips (Really only lost about $17) but had a great time. It has been a late night so we will probably sleep in again on Thursday.

Pictures are posted on my Windows Live Profile and a few on Flickr.

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