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Thursday at Diva Las Vegas

Well we got a late start today and didn’t get out till almost 2:30. We decided to stay at our hotel and went down to find something to eat. We went to the NASCAR café to get something to eat. They were really busy as they were having a special for the NFL Draft which was going on live. We got a table and Cassandra ordered a tower of beer (180 oz) for us and then we got a party sampler tray which had a little of everything on it. Not what we had planned on when we went down for lunch. The food was okay didn’t care for everything on the platter but we had a great time and stayed there till 6 pm. They had some drawing for different things including a custom made set of golf clubs which Cassandra and I hoped we would win. In the end we didn’t win any of the drawing but had a great time. We all went up to the room and I took a little nap (I will call it) while Cassandra and Peggy went back down to play some Blackjack.

We were going to the 107 lounge at the top of the Stratosphere at 8. I woke up late and called them to tell them I would be right down. I really had to hurry to change as I wanted something a little dressier (sexy) for the lounge. I think it is the fastest I have ever changed. I wore my little black dress. I met Peggy in the lobby and we went out to the parking garage where Cassandra had the car waiting. The Stratosphere is only a block away but they are big blocks. We went in and walked over to the lounge entrance and took the elevator up to the lounge. One of the cocktail waitresses (Gloria) rode the elevator up with us and we all talked. It turned out this was her second day working there. She was so nice and it turned out she was our waitress up top.

At the top we ran into a lady who just got married and lives in southwest Washington, maybe 30 minutes from us and started chatting with her. She introduced us to her new daughter in-law who was just as nice and of course we had to take pictures with them. We all went over and met her husband and the boy friend of the daughter in-law. They were all great and we had a good time talking to them. We then walked around looking down on the city which is beautiful at night. We got a table and had some drinks. Gloria our cocktail waitress came by and took some pictures of us and even got in a few pictures with us, she was so awesome and fun and just the cutest thing. We spent a couple hours their and then went back to our hotel.

Once back at the Sahara we found our way back to the black jack tables and started to play. At 2:30 they shut the back pit and we all moved up to the main pit area. Cassandra found a table and Peggy and I walked around for a bit and then sat down at the Wheel of Fortune slots. Peggy’s machine was way better than mine as I lost $20 in about 30 minutes (better than I usually do on slots) but Peggy kept winning. She started with just $2 and was as high as $148 but then the machine turned cold so when she hit $110 she quit while she was still ahead.

We went back over to the black jack tables and there was 1 seat open so I let Peggy have it as I was not winning tonight and I stood and watched her and Cassandra play for a while. The table she was at had a couple guys playing that really didn’t understand how to play. The one tried to put more chips on his stack after he got his cards (two face cards for a 20). The dealer made him take them off and from then watched him pretty close. The guy next to him doubled down on an 18 the dealer did have a 6 showing but still not smart. The dealer asked him 4 times to make sure and he kept saying yes and you guessed it he got a 10 and went bust. Some people should not play. We finally went up to our rooms and it was a little after 4 am, way past this girl’s bedtime but it was so much fun.

It is hard to believe it has been one week sense I got my nails done and became Susan fulltime. This week has gone by so fast but has been so fun. I only have 3 more days before I have to remove my nails so sad.

I am still posting most of the pictures on my Windows Live Profile check them out.

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