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Monday home from Diva Las Vegas

Well we are home from Diva Las Vegas and all sad it is over. I called and made an appointment to have my beautiful acrylic nails removed at Glamorous Nails on Farmington Road in Beaverton at 5 pm. I wanted to wait as long as I could plus we wanted to do some shopping first. I needed a long dress for the T-girl Pageant this coming Friday. I am really looking forward to it but a little nervous. Peggy and I planned to go at noon and called Maya to see if she wanted to go and she did. We went over and picked Maya up and then we were off shopping.

We started off at T.J. Maxx and found some cute things but nothing in my size. Next we stopped at Catherine’s and they didn’t have anything long. Maya suggested we try Ross Dress for less and Burlington Coat factory and Washington Square so we drove over to a shopping center by 217 and started at Ross. We went over to Kohl’s which was in the same shopping center and looked around and again found nothing. I never realized how hard it would be to find a cute long dress. We went into Burlington Coat Factory and found several cute long dresses and some were even the right size. I found this really cute black dress so I tried it on and it fit perfectly. So I had my dress for the Pageant. Maya and Peggy found another dress for me to try but it didn’t fit. It was so much fun shopping with Peggy & Maya.

Just for fun Peggy suggested we go look at shoes and I found the cutest open toed heels with 4″ heels and they fit perfect. Peggy & Maya thought they were cute too so I decided to buy them too. Peggy also found some cute shoes that fit her as well as Maya. We went up and paid for our items and then decided to go get lunch. Peggy and Maya new of a place I think it was called Hot Wings but not sure. We got a table and the waitress was so nice. We had a nice lunch and a chance to talk.

After lunch we took Maya home and went in and she showed us some of her clothes and I got some more ideas for the pageant this Friday. This is going to be so fun and I am really getting excited. Finally it was time to leave and go get my nails removed. We got to Glamorous Nails and went in. it took them about 5 minutes to get to me and soon I was soaking my nails off. The lady that did my nails was awesome and did a great job. I would recommend them if you want to get your nails done. It only took about 45 minutes and my nails were all back to normal. I really miss my long nails and can’t wait to get acrylic again.

We got back to Cassandra and Peggy’s house and I showed Cassandra my dress and shoes and she thought they were cute. So then we spent the next hour trying on different looks and dresses and working out just what I would wear for each part of the pageant. So now I am relaxed and ready as I have everything figured out and I am all ready.

Now with everything worked out I put my stuff in my car and had to say goodbye. Cassandra and Peggy were so much fun to spend the week with we had such a great time. This brings our trip to Diva Las Vegas to an end but you can check out all my pictures on my Windows Live Profile.

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