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Wednesday night dinner at Old Spaghetti factory

Well it is Wednesday and once again I get to go out with my friends for dinner and that is awesome. Tonight we are going to the Old Spaghetti Factory on the Willamette river. We have gone here many times before and tonight I arrange dinner, last night I called and made reservations for 12 as we have 10 for sure and 2 maybes. I got off work a little early so I had a little more time to enjoy getting ready. I was on my way by 6 and got to the Old Spaghetti Factory about 6:40 as there was a lot of traffic. Jennifer and Danika were already there waiting. It wasn’t long and others started showing up, Kimberly, Barb, Joan, Melissa and April so by 7 there were 8 of us and they called us for our table. We had a table in the middle near the window looking out on the river although it was dark and rainy and you couldn’t see anything.

We sat and talked as we waited for a few others, Patty showed up and finally Cassandra so we had 10 and the last 2 and let me know they wouldn’t make it. It was great Cassandra could make it as she has not been able to come out a lot lately. Now I sat towards the middle so I could talk with everyone. Now Cassandra and I talked a little about Diva Las Vegas which is less than 3 months away, March 29th to April 3rd. Cassandra and I are going for sure as is Brenda and I think Julie and Veronica will also go so we should have at least 5 from our group. Right now, they are doing registration for those who have gone before, soon they will open it up to those on their e-mail list and then finally open to everyone so if you are thinking of going sign up for their email list. It really is a fun event. We all talked and had a great time. We finally ordered and I had their Chicken Parmesan which is awesome but really all their food is good and our waitress was wonderful.

Our food came and we had a nice dinner with wonderful conversation, what more could a girl ask for. These Wednesday night dinners really are the most fun. We sit and enjoy each other’s company and have a nice meal. It is just a n normal night out like everyone else. Jennifer took a picture of me plus I got my normal Selfie. I really am trying to get a picture each time I go out to go with my blog. It is hard to believe this is my 1252 blog, 20 years ago I couldn’t even imagine going out yet alone going out that many times. I have dome so many things as Susan over the last 10 years, shopping, going out to dinner, movies, traveling including 8 times to Las Vegas, Starbucks, getting my nails done. It really has been a wonderful time and made even more special by my friends. I really am a lucky girl. I wish I would have or could have done this earlier in my life. For those just starting out the advice I would give to you is be confident and smile. Both of those things go a long way at putting people at ease and helping them accept you. Also, if you can find some friends that accept you for you then you have hit the lottery.

After dinner we sat and talked till after 9, they actually close at 9 so we were pretty much the last to leave but as the staff was busy cleaning up, they didn’t say anything to us. It was about 9:30 when we left. It really was a great night out and always sad to see it come to an end. I will of course be out this Saturday night again at the Escape but not sure if I will be able to get to Starbucks on Sunday. My goal this year is to make it out 136 times. Right now, 2016 was my best year with 135 blogs or times as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

Hope to see some of you in Las Vegas at Diva Las Vegas.

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Wednesday night dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory

It is once again Wednesday night and that means dinner with my friends. I really like our Wednesday night dinners as it is such a wonderful social event. I get to go out as Susan like any other woman and have a nice dinner and wonderful conversation with others like me. Now this week I got home late about 5:45 so it would be a rush as it will take me 30 minutes to get there as we are going to the Old Spaghetti Factory on the South waterfront. I started getting ready as soon as I got home and had decided on the dress, I would wear on my way home. I was all ready and pulling out of my garage at 6:22, yes it was a rush so I couldn’t take the time I like to enjoy the experience of getting ready. I got to the end of my street and realized I forgot my bracelets and ring. Now it is funny as a male I don’t like wearing jewelry of any kind not even a watch but as Susan I just don’t feel right so I turned around and went back as it would only delay me a couple minutes. I baked into my drive but didn’t bother with the garage door as I figured it would be fast. I went in and got my jewelry and came back out. Now I walked back out to my car but didn’t see anyone. This is the second time now I have forgot something and went back home and just parked in the drive. I was back on the road and my GPS was telling me it would be 7:15 when I got there but I was hoping traffic wasn’t that bad and I was right. I actually got to the Old Spaghetti factory about 6:50. I parked and got out of my car to go in, it is funny as I didn’t even hesitate.

Melissa must have gotten there about the same time as we met in the parking lot walking in so we went in together. Melissa had made reservations as some time they can be really busy but that was not the case tonight. We checked in and said we would wait for more of our group as we had 8 reply they would be here tonight. A couple minutes late Barb and Kris showed up and we were shown to our table. A couple minutes later Danika showed up and so did Ricki, Ricki’s wife usually come out with her but wasn’t feeling well tonight. So, we only had 6 for dinner but that is still a good turnout as I remember when I first started going out a good turnout on a Friday or Saturday night and a LGBT club was 6 to 8 and now, we get that for a midweek dinner most weeks. Our group and members have come a long way in the last 10 years.

Our waitress came and took our orders and she was wonderful. I know I say it all the time about the service we get but it really is how we are treated; we seem to always get great service no matter where we go. Now they really do have great food here but I am Parshall to their Chicken Parmesan which is wonderful so that is what I ordered. Now I did get a quick selfie as I didn’t take the time in the car to get one.

Now as I said they were not that busy but there were some other people at the tables around us and for the most part no one seemed to pay us any attention although there was one man at a table about 20 feet away and I noticed he kept looking over at our table. He didn’t seem bothered by us and I don’t think he said anything to the couple he was with as I never once saw them look at us and it got me wondering what he was thinking. The lighting in here is dime so was he trying to figure out if we were male or female as really all the girls had their backs to him except for myself and Barb, or maybe he was thinking he would like to be able to dress like us. Years ago when we were in Diva Las Vegas Julie and I got talking to a couple young men at a Crap Table and they seemed fine with us and when they left about 10 minutes later one of the men came back and told us how great it was we were out and that he was a crossdresser but had never gone out so you never know. Any way like I said the man other then looking over at me several times didn’t seem to have a problem with us I think maybe he was just curious.

Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner and such good conversation. It was great to talk with all my friends; some I know really well and some I am still getting to know but they are all wonderful. Soon it was almost 9 and that is the bad thing about coming here as they close at 9. Now we have stayed longer and talked and they have never said anything buy I feel bad when we do that as I am sure they want to get things cleaned up and go home so we try not to stay late. So as much as we hated to see the evening come to an end at 9 we left. Now I will look forward to Saturday night when I can go to the Escape.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.

It is Wednesday and we are doing dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the Willamette river. We have gone here many times before and always treated wonderful and they have the best food. I actually picked this week place so I am kind of in charge. Now the funny thing is I drive almost right by here on my way home. now dinner is at so it will be a rush as I will not have much time between work and dinner and I have to drive home, become Susan and get to the spaghetti Factory. Now when I left work my GPS said I would get home at 5:30 but luckily I got home at 5:20, I quickly programed in the spaghetti factory and it said it would take 50 minutes to get there so I figured I needed to be ready and out the door by 6 so I started getting ready. I was ready and pulling out of my garage at 6:03, 40 minutes to transform to Susan. The good news is my GPSD was now saying 40 minutes to get there and it turns out traffic was not bad and I actually got here at 6:30. All the worrying I would be late and I was actually early.

They looked a little busy so I went in to get my name on the list, I figured we would have 6 or 7 but I told them 6 to 9 just incase and they said they would set up a table for 9 which was nice. One of out new members e-mails saying she was here and outside so I went out to see if I could find her, she was sitting on a bench looking out on the river. Her name is Stacy Lee and it was nice to meet her. This is her first time out with the group but she has been out before but not for over a year. Wee went back inside to wait for others to show up.

Melissa and her wife were the first to show up followed by Christie who just joined our group. Jennifer also showed up and one other girl so we had 7. It is really nice to see our newer members getting out, as I said this is Stacy Lee’s first time out with the group and pretty much the same for Christie, she did stop by the Escape Saturday to meet a few of us but was only there a short time and Jennifer joined the group a few months ago and her first time out was when we came here the last time. We talked for a little whole before ordering dinner just incase anyone else showed up. Right after we order Kitty showed up so we actually had 8 for dinner this week. We have been doing pretty good on attendance for our Wednesday night dinner usually 7 or 8 although we still have the occasional 2 and sometimes more than 10 but I think it is becoming a steady outing for our group and it really is a nice way to get to know each other better. It really is funny as so many in the group are my best friend, more like family and a few Julie, Cassandra, Peggy, Jan and Lynn probably know almost everything about me as we have done things together when we were not our female selves.

I have come a long way over the last 10 years. We had a nice time and great conversation and got to know more about our newer members. I really want to make them feel welcome as it can be hard the first time you venture out in the world. Our dinners came I had the Chicken Parmesan which I love and the one here is awesome. There is just something special about being out with my friends at a restaurant with a bunch of other people and being treated the same as everyone else. Melissa and I joked about it that if someone had told us 15 years ago, we would be out like this we would have thought they had lost their minds as I was just trying to work up the courage to get out of my car.

After we ate, we sat and talked, it was so much fun. Turns out Stacy Lee lives a couple hours north of Portland and drove down just for dinner. We actually have several girls that come down from the North, some spend the night but a lot drive back after. Maybe this summer I will try to get down to Salem for a night with our members down there. Maybe I can get Alice out if I do go to Salem as she lives down there, she really helped me get out the first few times. She would e-mail me and let me know when she was in town going out and I would go join her at Embers.

It was a little after 9 when we all left. It really was a fun night. I really do love the Wednesday night dinners but as I work later now they are a little harder to do as it is usually 5:30 give or take 15 minutes when I get home from work and that will make it hard to be there by 7 but I could still go and just realize I will be late on occasion. Besides Julie should be back in town in a week or so and I am so looking forward to seeing her. Her and Trixie spend the winters down in Palm Springs. It was a little after 10pm when I got to bed, not a long night out but so worth it. My next night out will be Saturday and back to the Escape. It is fun but I may see if I can get tickets to Harvey’s again and see if the group wants to go.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at the Spaghetti factory.

It is Wednesday night and I am going out to dinner with my friends at Spaghetti Factory. We have gone here several times and always had a good time. Now I was looking forward to tonight as I get to meet a new friend Jennifer, she has been following my blog and has now joined our group and is coming out tonight for the first time and that is so awesome. I have actually met several girls over the last month or two that follow my blog and that still amazes me as when I started my blog, I never really thought anyone would even find it let a lone read it and now I am meeting some of them, this is my 1127th blog which means I have been out at least that many times as Susan.

Now Julie Texted me to see if I was going and she was planning on going so I told her I would pick her up, it really is not that far out of my way and way more fun to go together plus we get a chance to talk more. I took my time getting ready and was on my way by 5:30. I got to Julies just before 6 and she was ready, it was so great to see her again. We talked for a few minutes before leaving. It was so nice to talk on the way. We got to Spaghetti factory about 6:40 so we were a little early as we were meeting at 7 for dinner. Now they were busy as usual. Julie and I went in and the ladies at the front desk asked how many we had. I wasn’t sure as from posting in group I told them 6 to 8 as I am hoping we will have a good turnout again tonight. They said it would be about 20 to 30 minutes so Julie and I sat and talked as we waited for others to show up.

Barb was the first to show up followed by Kris and then another girl who is knew to our group. Her name is Summer and she seems really nice and it was great to meet her. Next to show up was Jennifer for her first time out, it was great to meet her also. We got to meet two new people tonight. Lauri was the last to show up so we had 7 tonight which is another good turnout for a Wednesday night dinner. Shortly after Lauri arrived our table was ready and we were seated. Now we sat and talked a little before ordering, I got a chance to talk with Jennifer and Sumer a little and get to know them better which was wonderful. I am really liking the fact we are getting some of our newer members to come out. Now Summer is full time so she goes out all the time but this was Jennifer’s first time out and she was doing awesome, you really couldn’t tell. I remember how I was my first few times out, I was so scared and if not for the Help of Alice, Lori and Cassandra I am not sure I could have made it through. So, I really like being there to help others like I was helped.

We ordered dinner and kept talking, I was sitting between Julie and Kris so I got a good chance to talk with them also. I really do enjoy talking with Julie as we really do have so much in common. Jennifer was doing awesome too and was chatting with all of us as though she had been going out for years, it was nice to see. Now I did take a selfie or two as I am trying to get a picture when I go out. I also took a few pictures of Jennifer as I thought it was important for her to have a picture on her first night out.

We had a wonderful dinner and were treat wonderfully here as always. The night went by so fast and soon it was after 9 and time to call it a night. it really was such a wonderful night out with friends. I really do hope Jennifer and Summer come out again with our group. We all said goodbye and Julie and I left. It really was nice to talk on the way home. I dropped Julie off and headed for home. I am hoping we can do dinner again next Wednesday and Julie can make it again and maybe Cassandra.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at Old Spaghetti factory

It is Wednesday and our group is having their dinner tonight at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the Willamette river in south waterfront of Portland. I am really looking forward to this as it has been a while since I have been there. It is always fun to go to these dinners as not only do I get a night out as Susan but I get to see my wonderful friends and tonight is even better as one of our newer members is going to join us for the first time. Now we are meeting for dinner at 7 but I wanted to be early just in case any of the other girls showed up early. I am not sure how many we will have as I only had l post in the group they would be here tonight. By the way there is still time to sign up for our Mexican Cruise October 13 to 20th 2018.

I started getting ready as soon as I got home as I wanted to take my time, I so enjoy the time getting ready and becoming Susan. There is just something so relaxing about the experience. It was just before 6 and I was ready to go, I got to the Spaghetti Factory just before 6:30 and went in and as I figured I was the first one there. Now they were a little busy but the funny thing was it was almost all women coming in, there were a few men in the mix but there were several big groups of women. I checked in and the lady asked me how many we had so I said 6 to 8 and she said that would not be a problem so I gave her my name and sat down and waited for others to show up. Now as I sat there that was when I really noticed how many females were coming in. now don’t get me wrong there were men here but it was just during this time it was almost all woman coming in, one was a big birthday party with about 10 girls.

Barb was the first to show up so we talked a little as we waited. Melissa and her wife showed up and then Kimberly. Kimberly is our new member and this was her first time out with our group so I am sure she was a little nervous, not only meeting new people for the first time but being out as Kimberly but she was doing really well. Looking at ger you would think she does this all the time. I keep thinking of my first times out I was so scared and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone. The fear and excitement were incredible. I don’t have that anymore but now I go pretty much ant place I want and really don’t even think about it. I use to look out every window to make sure no one on my street was out and if they were I would wait and during the summer that could take a while. I remember times I would wait for an hour till it was clear before I would leave my house. These days I just go into the garage and get in the car, open the door and drive out. A few of the times I have opened the garage door before I get in the car so it is going up as I walk to my car. As much as I miss the adrenalin rush it is so much better now as I am free to just be me. Now I am not telling all my neighbors but I am also not hiding it besides as I know 1 of my neighbors know they may all know. Not that the one neighbor who know has told others but as much as I come and go as Susan they had to have seen Susan and may have put it together.

It was 7 and they called my name so the 5 of us went in, we had a table on the back side with a good view of the river. Kate texted me she was still at work and wouldn’t make it tonight which was sad but understandable so it would be just the 5 of us tonight. We talked for a little while as we wanted to get to know Kimberly and also let her get to know us a little also. It really can be hard when you are the new girl as you have multiple people to get to know and remember things and we just had her to get to know so it is always a balancing act as you want to get to know them but also don’t want to come on to strong and give them a chance to meld into the group.

Well we finally ordered dinner and o got the Chicken Parmesan which is my favorite but really all the food here is wonderful. Now our waitress was awesome and she had the brightest orange nail polish and it really looked good on her so of course had to compliment her on her nails and she thanked me. Actually, several of us complimented her on her nails and she thought that was wonderful as she said really no one else had said anything about them. I guess we just notice nails more but she was flattered by the attention and I think it made her day. She kept coming back to see how we were doing she really was awesome and gave us great service. We had a nice dinner and great conversation and got to know Kimberly better, she is really nice and I hope she will come out with the group more.

The night went by so fast and soon it was after 9, where did the time go. These dinners seem to go by so fast, actually all my Susan time seems to go by so fast. We all paid our bills and walked out together. It really is a nice place to go for dinner. I talked a little with Kimberly in the parking lot before we left. It was a wonderful night out. I should have gotten a picture. It was a little after 10 when I got home. Now I am looking forward to Saturday as our group is doing a range day, yes, we will be going to a gun range and shooting guns. Jan and Lynn have done this for several years but this is the first year I have been able to go. Should be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new in my most recent blog.

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Dinner out at Spaghetti Factory

It is Wednesday night and our group is going out for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory down on the South waterfront. Now we have reservations at 7 and this would normally be fine but I got off work late. I got home at 5:30 so I really had to rush which takes the fun out of dressing but sometimes a girl has to sacrifice. Well things went right and I was ready to leave at 6:15, I think that is a personal record for getting ready. Traffic was lite also so I actually made it there by 6:45. Now they were really busy so I had to park way out in the parking lot.

Now all the girls were there but they were still in the front waiting for our table to be ready. There were 9 of us for dinner tonight, Cristine, Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, 20150506_212558Jennie, Amy, Joan and Karla. Now this is a picture of us. Now this is a big restaurant right on the river, we got to sit in one of the street cars inside and there was another big group of 8 young girls at the table next to us, they were there celebrating a birthday.

Now our waitress was awesome and the food was wonderful. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. now as we were finishing our dinner they brought deserts to the other group and they were going to sing happy birthday to the girl having the birthday so we all joined in and sang along. I think they enjoyed it even though we are not the best singers.

Now I got a good chance to talk with Joan, Jennie and Amy as we were at the one end of the table. It was really nice to get to know them a little better. I also got to talk to Karla, she is our newest member and this was her first time out with our group. She is full time and has been for a couple years but just moved here not to long ago and found our group. She seems really nice and I look forward to getting to know her better. I hope she continues coming out with the group.

It was a really fun night and went by so fast. it was 9:30 before we new it. Now we are going to try different restaurants on Wednesdays and expand where we go as I think new places will get some of the girls out. We really do have an awesome group here in Portland and I am lucky to have found them and be a part of them.

Thanks for reading.


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