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Sunday and a relaxing day of Susan at Starbucks.

It is Sunday and I slept in till 9, I got up and didn’t know what I was going to do other then this afternoon and evening I want to go to the Starbucks near my house I have been going to. Now with that I really didn’t want to get dressed to early and yet I just didn’t want to sit at home. I decided to go to the Starbucks’s at Cascade station by the airport as my male self and see if anyone said anything about my nails. I was almost there and I drove right by an IHOP and it looked like it was not busy so I decided to stop for breakfast. I went in and got a seat. Now I wasn’t trying to hide my hands but I also wasn’t making them really visible either. The waitress came and asked what I wanted and I told her as I pointed at the menu but she was looking down writing so I don’t think she noticed. Now I must have got there at just the right time as I no more then ordered and people started coming in, they actually had a line. I ate my meal and not sure if anyone around noticed. My bill came and I handed her my credit card so I know she saw them at that point but she said nothing. It was kind of a letdown. I left here and drove around the corner to the Starbucks and went in with my computer. Wow they were busy, not an open seat and the line sent from the front all the way to the back door. Must have been 30 people in line so with no place to sit I left. I guess Sunday morning is a busy time at Starbucks.

I drove back to Vancouver and went to a Starbuck’s I have gone to a couple times that has a drive through and that was a good choice. There was only 1 man inside on his computer so I went and ordered my drink. Now I have the app on my phone but it is under Susan so I used my credit card and again the young lady at the counter was looking at my face and not my hands when I paid so I don’t think she noticed. I sat at a table and wrote my blog from Saturday. A few more people came in and 1 guy sat right next to me with his computer. I know he had to see my nails but never said a thing and seemed not to pay any attention. One of the older ladies (maybe mid 30’s) working here was walking around and she came by a couple times and asked how I was doing. I am pretty sure she noticed my nails. I finished my blog and then just played on my computer. I figured I would stay till 12:30 before going home and becoming Susan. About 12:15 a young lady sat down at the table next to me and had some books and a computer she was working on, thinking she is doing college work. She looked over at me a couple times but really paid no attention to me. I left at 12:30 and went home to change.

I was already by 2:30 and on my way. Now I didn’t want to go to the Starbuck’s by my house yet as I will probably be there till 8:30 tonight so I thought I would go there around 5 so what to do till then as it is really raining today. I decided to do something I have never done, go back to the same Starbucks I was just at a couple hours ago as my male self and see what happens. I got there just before 3 and walked in not knowing what would happen. Now the girl that was sitting next to me was still there so I put my computer on the table next to her, on the other side as I didn’t want to sit at the same table. I then went up and ordered my drink. Now earlier I had an iced green tea so this tie I went with a Hot Chocolate. There were a couple people in line so as I waited, I noticed the young lady who helped me earlier and she called the next person to her register which was me so I went over and ordered my drink. Tis time I paid with my phone and she gave no indication she recognized me. Now I went t get my drink and the lady who made it was the same lady that had asked how I was doing a couple times earlier. She was very pleasant and wished me a nice day. I am not sure she may have figured it out. The girl I sat next to really didn’t pay any attention to me but she did ask me to watch her stuff when she went to the bathroom and thanked me when she came out but I don’t think she figured it out as she was really focused on what she was doing. I stayed here till a little after 4 before leaving. The ne lady came around a couple times and asked how I was doing but she was also asking other peole the same thing. It was kind of fun to be here both as male and female only a couple hours apart.

Okay a quick update on my Diva Las Vegas trip. The other thing I did this morning is count my money and figure out my expenses. The good news is when I cleaned out my wallet, I found $100 bill I had hid so I came home with $369 more than I went with. My expenses were $599 for hotel, $402 for food, $190 activities and getting my nails done, $231. For gas. Total cost (minus what it will cost me to remove my nails) $1422. The money I won playing blackjack brings my cost for 10 days / 9 nights to $1053. I put this in here because a few girls asked how much it would cost to go to Diva Las Vegas and this will give them an idea. Couple things to remember though, we were there longer then Diva Las Vegas was so that would bring cost down a little but on the other hand I don’t drink alcohol and soda pop is a lot cheaper than alcohol. That being said had we stayed on the strip at the Flamingo for those same 9 nights my hotel bill would have been over $1,600 with resorts fees.

got to the Starbucks near my house about 5 and went in, they were a little busy but there were a couple tables open one by the windows where I like to sit so, I set my computer down and went and stood in line to order. Now it has been several weeks since I have been here and there were some new girls working but a few of them remembered me. I got compliments on my nails from a few of them as they really do look great. I sat down and played on my computer and just relaxed. I stayed here till about 7:30 before leaving as I wanted to stop by Subway and get something to eat and they close at 8. On the way out several of the ladies here wished me a good evening by name which always makes me feel good.

I got to Subway and there was a young man working there. He was really nice and always referred to me as Miss, actually with every question, what would you like Miss, what kind of cheese Miss, everything he said had the word Miss at the end of it. Now I got talking to him and it seems this Subway is going t close in the fall as it is not doing enough business which is a shame as I come here pretty regular both as Susan and my male self. It really is the only place I go to as both sides of me. But I will admit I have never really seen them busy. I took a couple selfies one with my nails. I will so miss my nails.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is doing now.

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  1. You were so brave about going to the same place twice in one day!

    Comment by samibrowncd | April 9, 2019 | Reply

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