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Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro

It is Wednesday and our group is doing dinner tonight at Mothers Bistro, we have gone here many times and it is always wonderful. Normally we get a big turnout the last few times it was 10 or more but tonight only 4 of us responded so it looks like a small group tonight. Might be the weather as it is in the 90’s today and it can be hard for us in the heat as we all need more makeup then the average lady plus some of us have padding on to get the right curves, it is hard and takes work to be female. Now I did manage to slide out of work early which is nice as it gives me time to enjoy getting ready and also, I will have enough time to pick Julie up. Normally I get hoe between 5:30 and 5:45 and sense it takes me about a half hour to get back downtown Portland it is normally a rush but I was home tonight by 4:20. I texted Julie to see if she wanted a ride, I was pretty sure she would as it is just way more fun to go together plus it gives us a chance to talk on the way there and home. I was ready and on y way to Julies a little after 5:30 and got to here house a little after 6.

Julie had left the door open for me so I went in and she was just finishing up getting ready. We had both chosen to wear light summer dresses as it is over 90 right now. I really do need to go and get some more summer dresses and some casual dresses more that I could wear during the day. Melissa has some really cute but casual dresses she wears and looks awesome in; I think she got them at Old Navy so I will have to go there and look. It was about 6:15 when we were on our way and going into Portland there was no traffic so it didn’t take long. I found a parking spot right on the corner in front. We went in and Melissa was already there so we went and got a table, well booth and waited for Nicole to arrive. Now the staff here is awesome but really everywhere we go, we seem to get treated really well. Our waitress came and took our drink orders. Just about that time Nicole came in so we were all there. Of course, I had to get my selfie for my blog.

We talked for a little bit before we ordered. These Wednesday night dinners are really a great social event and gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other better or catch up on what is new in our lives. It really is no different then what other people do when they go out. I really can’t explain why it is so much fun as the whole time I am out I am not thinking about how I am dressed. It really is just friends going out for dinner.

Our waitress brought our drinks and we all ordered dinner and yes, I had my normal meal, Chicken fried Chicken. It really is good. Melissa and Julie also ordered their normal dinners also. Soon our dinners came and we had a nice dinner as the 4 of us sat and talked, it really was a fun and enjoyable evening and of course the food was awesome. Now Nicole was also out Saturday night at the Escape with me but it was still nice to get to see her again. When she was down earlier in the summer her older daughter came with her and I had told her daughter I would sing Karaoke with her the next time she came down so on Saturday night I had told Nicole about my singing the last couple weeks with other people and that I was ready to sing with her daughter and she texted her the song I wanted to do, I’ve had the time of my life, so her daughter texted her back she would practice for when she comes down next so at some point I will be singing with her daughter.

We finished dinner and sat and talked and of course more pictures were taken, Melissa took a selfie and it was awesome, she looked so good in the picture but then she always looks good as did Nicole and Julie. Really, we all put effort into looking our best and although I know we don’t pass I think we do a good job trying to present ourselves like ladies and that is what it is all about. I am sure we got a few looks from people but no one stared or pointed at us or said anything and to me that is passing. I did get a picture with Julie; wish I had got one with Nicole and Melissa and maybe a group picture. Wil have to work on remembering that next time.

Julie ordered a desert and I am trying to be good so I didn’t although I know I will have a few bites of Julies as the desserts here are on the big side. We sat and kept talking and soon it was after 9:30, it is amazing how fast the time goes when I am out with my friends. Our waitress came with our bills all split out, as I said our waitress was awesome. She told us her name but as usual I forgot as I am bad with names and it is 4 days later, I am writing this blog. I really do need to get back to writing my blog the next day.

We all left and said our goodbyes out front before we went our separate ways well not Julie and I as we rode together. It is a way to keep the evening going a little longer as Julie and I kept talking on the drive back to her house. We got to her house a little after 10 and I dropped her off. The next couple weeks Julie won’t be out as she need to go south and get her other house ready for the winter and then she will be back for a little while before her and Trixie head south for the winter. They like to go someplace warm for the winter, it will be sad when that happens as I won’t get to see her every week but I am sure she will come up every once in a while, and in the spring just as the flowers come back so will they.

I dropped her off and drove home. it was a wonderful night made even more special by spending it with my friends. When I first started going out it was all about being out as Susan now it really is about spending time with my wonderful friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

I am once again a week behind in my blogs but I will catch up as over the Holiday weekend I will get ore Susan time but I am writing about last Saturday at the Escape. Now I pretty much go here every week and some ask why. The answer is simple. I really think it is good to have a place we go all the time this way it is easier for those trying to get out the first time or can only get out every once in a great while. They know there is a place they can go and others will be there. I have said it many times, for me it is not about where I go but that I can go out and be with friends and other people

I got ready early with the hopes of being to the Escape by 6, I knew Nicole would be there as she is in town this weekend and like me, she likes to show up early before it gets busy and loud so we can talk. I was on my way and got to the Escape just before 6 and went in. I went up and ordered my drink and something to eat and Nicole walked in just as I finished ordering. Now being so far behind in my blogs makes it hard to remember things and in last week’s blog I forgot to mention Rachel, she was at the bar last week when I was ordering in male mode so it took me a few moments to recognized her and had she not said something to me I probably wouldn’t have. I met her back in 2005 or 2006 when I would get out a couple times a year and we have kept in touch on and off. It has been a couple years since I have seen her so it really was a nice surprise. I invited her to join us but she couldn’t stay long but I hope she will come out again. Well back to tonight’s blog.

Nicole and I got our normal table and started talking. It is still strange to me in my male ode I don’t talk much but when I am Susan I love to sit and chat about almost anything, it is just a fun way to spend time. Our food came and it was good as always and we had a nice dinner as we talked. It was a little after 7 when Bobbie showed up so there were 3 of us. We all sat and talked and listened to music and just had a fun time.

It started to get busy as it got close to 9 as that is when Karaoke starts and tonight was no exception. Now once Karaoke starts it is a little harder to talk as you have to talk between songs but it is still fun. Now usually Nicole leaves not long after Karaoke starts but tonight, she stayed late. For a while I thought she might still be here when I left.

Now once again tonight a lot of the songs they sang were good ones, probably a bad choice of words as all the songs are good but these were songs, I knew well enough to sing along with at the table which always makes it more fun. It was a little before 10 and Lauri showed up so we had 4 of us here tonight. A smaller group but still fun as it gave us a good chance to talk.

It was after 11 and I was getting tired and I was thinking about leaving when Nicole said she was going to leave so I did out last her but not by long. It was really great Nicole stayed so late. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Last Saturday of June at the Escape.

It is the last Saturday of June and I get to go to the Escape tonight. I didn’t get home till 4:30 so I started getting ready as I wanted to be to the Escape by 6. I got to the Escape about 5:45 and went in. they were not busy at all so I got our usual table and set up my computer to work on my blogs and then I ordered some food. I finished my blog from last Saturday and posted it and started working on my blog from Wednesday night dinner. I was almost done with my blog when Nicole and her daughter walked in. turns out they are coming through town on their way home and decided to stop and have dinner and spend a little time here tonight, how awesome is that.

It is a funny store as they only decided about an hour ago when they realized what time they would get to Portland. When they stopped about an hour earlier Nicole got dressed and did her makeup in the car which was a first for her. I on the other hand have a lot of experience at this as do a lot of girls. Early on when I was just making late night drives or going out once every few months, I had to do it this way as I had a roommate who didn’t know. I would load all my stuff in the car the night before and then the night I was going out I would shave really good and shower before I left home and then drive to nearby park that had an upper parking lot that was never really busy and I would park there and get dressed in my car and then do my makeup in the rearview mirror. I would go out or drive around and hen stop at the rest area and change clothes and go wash my face the best I could, on a few occasions if it was late enough, I would sneak into my house and hope I didn’t wake my roommate. What we all go through to be able to be who we are.

Well it was nice to see them again and get to hear all about their father (Nicole) & daughter vacation. They had a wonderful time and yes Nicole did get out on the vacation not just here in Portland. Her daughter is accepting and supportive of her which is so wonderful. Nicole really is lucky to have a supportive wife and 2 daughters who all know about her. I heard some of the highlights of their trip and a few of the things they did I have done before when I was on vacation there but a few others I haven’t and want to. I really want to do another Susan Vacations but it may have to wait till next year when I go to Diva Las Vegas again.

Melissa showed up tonight also, I had told her at Wednesday night dinner Nicole and her daughter were here last Saturday on their way and I think show was hoping they would stop by tonight. The 4 of us sat and talked and yes Nicole’s daughter was right in the conversation and yes, we did ask when she found out about Nicole and what she thought and it seemed to be no big deal to her. I give her a lot of credit for being that supportive and open minded. It was a little later and Michele also showed up so we had 5 of us tonight well 5 counting Nicole’s daughters. Now it was not busy at all here tonight. There were 5 women at the next table and a couple at the bar and our group maybe 15 people. The good thing was it was very quiet so it was perfect for talking. We really weren’t watching the TV as the sport tonight that had on was ultimate fighting and none of us were really into that. It is funny though as I am not a basketball or football fan and never watch it at home but I do watch it as Susan when I am out. Who would have thought years ago I would be in a bar dressed as Susan watching sports? I guess everything is more fun when you are female.

Well 9 pm came and it was time for Karaoke and there was still only 12 to 15 here including our group of 5. The lady running Karaoke sang a song to start it off and then waited for someone to come sing. Between 9 and 9:45 I think there were only 6 songs sang, 2 by the lady doing karaoke and 2 by another guy and then 2 others. I was actually tempted to sing tonight as there were so few people here but I didn’t have a song to do. I think I will have to practice a song and have it ready incase we have another slow night here. I tried to get Nicole’s daughter to sing and she said she would sing right after me so it would have been fun if I could have done a song tonight. It is hard to explain why I can’t get up the courage to sing. Ii will go pretty much any place as Susan and not care what people think but I am worried what they will think if I try to sing a song. Same goes for dancing, I look foolish when I dance. It is strange how the mind works.

It was about 9:30 when Nicole and her daughter left for home as they still have about a 2-hour drive and somewhere on the way Nicole will stop and change back from being Nicole, as she never comes or goes from her house as Nicole as they don’t want their neighbors to know. I also remember those days where I would not leave till it was dark and all my neighbors were inside or I would put on my clothes with a big coat over them, sunglasses on to hid my eye and the visor pulled down and hair on the car seat nest to me and I would leave and then stop in a parking lot and take the coat off, put my hair on and then my lipstick. We all find a way eventually to get out as who we are. It was sad to see them leave but I will see Nicole again and maybe, just maybe her daughter will accompany her again on one of her visits. It is funny as we did ask what she thought about Nicole but I wanted to ask her what her thoughts were on the rest of us.

It was about 9:40 when Melissa and Michele left and as I said it was really slow here tonight still only about 15 people but as it was close to 10 and I was almost sure Lauri would be here I decided to wait so I could see her also. She is our late-night girl and shows up between 9:45 and 10. She actually got her about 9:45 about 5 minutes after the others left. It was nice to see her again and talk to her a little. She may not be out next Saturday as she is planning on going downtown to the Portland Blues festival. We talked a little before I went and paid my bill, the good thing about being slow is I didn’t have to wait to pay my bill. It was probably 10:15 or so when I called it a night and left for home. It was a really fun night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday and going out to the Escape

It is Saturday and that means going to the Escape tonight for a little Susan time and to see some of y friends. Yes, I pretty much go to the Escape every Saturday night. Now there is good and bad about this. It is good for the group and its members to have a regular place they now others will be, someplace they feel comfortable, someplace they don’t have to wonder if others will be there. They just know if they show up here there will almost always be another member of our group here. On the bad side there is something about going to the same place all the time but then who am I to talk as I pretty much go to the same Starbucks every week but then that does make for what some may call a repetitive blog. Any ways what ever it is or what others might think it is Saturday night and that means Escape for me. Now a couple girls, Nicole and Patty said they were planning on going so I posted I would be there between 6 & 7 with the hope of being there earlier.

I didn’t get home till almost 4:30 so it would be a rush to get ready if I wanted to be there before now when I was out shopping the beginning of the week on Monday and Tuesday, I did buy 3 new dresses and that means tonight is a new dress. I decided on the black and gold one and the main reason is it is a little shorter then the other two and I figured at the bar sitting would be a good choice. Now by shorter I mean mid-thigh instead of knee length, it is also more form fitting and as I wanted to wear my corset tonight it would be perfect. I was all ready and on my way by 5:20, I got to the Escape a little before 6 and parked and of course got a selfie before going in. There are just times with the right light my makeup looks flawless in pictures. Now just to be clear I do not touch up any of my photos as I want to see and present the real me. Now for those of you who tell me my pictures always look perfect (thanks) or I never have a bad picture I can assure you I do but this is my blog and I can pick the pictures I post and I only post the nice ones.

I got inside and got our table and ordered my normal Hamburger, yes, another repetitive part of Saturday but they really do have wonderful food here and my favorite is their Hamburger. I played on my computer as I ate waiting for others to show up. It was about 6:20 when Nicole showed up, I have known her for over 5 years as we first met at Washington Square back in February of 2014, she was in boy mode at that time. Yes I looked back in my blog, one of the reasons I love keeping a blog. She has really come a long way since then but then so have I and so many of my friends. I put my computer away as I wanted to talk with her and catch up, yes Susan loves to talk unlike my male side. Yes, we talked a lot about Diva Las Vegas, I am hoping she will go one of these years.

Patty showed up a little before 7 so there were 3 of us now. Any way I of course wanted a picture of my new dress so I asked Nicole to take a couple and she did of course this started something as I was soon taking pictures of Nicole and then Patty. Again, one of the differences between my male and female sides are pictures, Susan love them and my male side avoids them. I bet I don’t have more than 2 or 3 pictures of my male self in the last 15 years. Now I liked the way the pictures turned out as you can kind of see some curves and I think I look a little more relaxed in these pictures. I still need a lot of work on my full body pictures though. Now I don’t know how girls keep their dresses down as every time I sat down this dress rode up as do all my short dresses. I saw a couple other girls with dresses that were shorter then mine and they didn’t have the problem when they say down. Must be something about the hips.

Now Nicole and I got talking about when she was here in November, yes, I looked back in my blog to find it. That night we had a couple girls that came over and talked to us and yes, they had been drinking. We were trying to remember their names and it turns out they were Melinda and Nicole. Nicole was the one who drug us out on the dance floor. Any way at the time the girl named Nicole told us she came here all the time and as I come here pretty much every Saturday night, I had never seen her here before or since. Well normally this would not have made it into my blog and I wouldn’t have looked back to find her name but as it turns out she showed up tonight about 10:15 to sing karaoke. If only my friend Nicole had stayed longer, don’t worry there was no dancing and I didn’t even get a chance to talk with her but I just find it funny that we were talking about her and then she showed up.

Another girl from our group showed up and its was good to see her, we talked about Diva Las Vegas, she has gone with us before a few times but the last two years her schedule just didn’t work out. I hope she will go next year again. Nicole left about 9:30 as it was loud now with Karaoke, it was really good to see her again and she is hoping to be back in a couple weeks for a Wednesday night dinner.

Lauri showed up a little before 10 so she just missed Nicole. It is funny as we have our early night girls and our late-night girls and our all-night girls. When I first started going out, I never went out early, I wanted to make sure it was dark out and my neighbors were inside. Depending on the time of year it was any where from 8pm to 10pm before I went out and we almost always closed down the bar (Embers) we were at which means it was usually between 2am & 2:30am when we left and on a few occasions I went and got something to eat with a few of the girls before going home. Now I like to get there between 5 and 6 and by 10 I am ready to call it a night. I like to think it is being responsible and not the fact I am getting older but in reality, it is because I have become so comfortable as Susan, I am able to go out earlier and not care if my neighbors are out. I use to look out all the windows, get in my car and open the garage and look again, then carefully pull out and make sure no one was out, if I saw someone I would back, back into my garage and close the door and wait. There were time I stood looking out my window for 30 minutes or more waiting for the coast to be clear. Now I don’t even look I just get in the car and open the garage door and go, some of the time I open the garage door before I get in the car. It really is a wonderful feeling.

Now Lauri and one of our other girls played some pool and Patty and I sat and listened to people sing Karaoke and it was fun. It was almost 11 when I went up and paid my bill and called it a night. It was a fun night out. I plan on getting out to Starbucks Sunday for a few hours and also hope to make Wednesday night dinner this week.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.

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First Saturday of 2019 at the Escape

Okay first a quick update. Last Sunday I stopped at a nail salon called signature nail my toes were so bad and I just couldn’t take it anymore and yes, I stopped as my male self. I went in and they were busy and I had no appointment. The lady said they could fit me in, in about 20 minutes so I sat down in a pedicure chair and soaked my feet as I waited. Now I really lucked out as a couple women came in after me and they were told they were booked up for the rest of the day so I must have gotten the last opening. Now I had told them I wanted a manicure also so I was really looking forward to it. Finally, the young lady came over to start my pedicure and she seemed nice but when she saw the red on my toes she asked if I wanted color and I said red she smiled and her attitude changed, she almost seemed friendlier. We talked almost the whole time she did my pedicure. Then she did my manicure and she asked if I wanted red on my fingers and I just smiled and said I can get away with it on my toes as no one sees them but just clear on my fingers. She did a wonderful job. I got the deluxe pedicure and just a regular manicure and it was $70 which is kind of what I figured although they do give a 10% discount if you pay cash which I didn’t have. I was treated really well and would recommend them. I was there about 2 hours so it was a little late to try and go out as Susan but my nails look great.

Okay on to today, it is the first Saturday of 2019 and I am going to the Escape tonight. I posted in the group and I got replies back, Nicole, Melissa are going and possible 2 of our new members so I am looking forward to it. I took my time getting ready and I knew what I was going to wear at least till it was time to dress and then I changed my mind, I seem to do that a lot as Susan. I was ready a little before 5 and on my way. I got to the Escape about 5:15 and the parking lot was full so I had to park about a block away. I got inside and they were a little busier than normal for this time but they did have the Seahawk game on, they are going for the wildcard spot in the playoffs. The table I usually get was open so I sat down and got out my computer and then ordered dinner. I was answering an e-mail from Jennifer a girl who reads my blog, she had asked me several questions. I do not mind getting e-mails that ask questions and will do my best to answer them but as with this blog it is my opinion and feelings only. Anyway, I was about ½ way done as I was taking my time as I wanted to answer the questions the best I could when Melissa showed up and shortly after Nicole. We all like to get here early so we can talk before it gets loud later with karaoke. Any way I saved what I had done and put away my computer so we could talk.

It really was good to see them again. Nicole gets to Portland about once a month now and Melissa goes out more on the Wednesday night dinners. Well we sat and talked about a lot of stuff from where we should go for our next dinner, trying to do 1 dinner a month on a Saturday which would take a little more effort, how to get more people active in the group which is a big thing. We have about 225 members and about ½ of them go out which is pretty good but it is on the coordinating of things. We have a handful that set up the dinners or post they will be someplace and what I have found is that unless the girls know for sure someone will be there, they won’t go and I can understand that as it can be intimidating and lonely to be the only one who shows up. What we would like is for more of the group to plan things and be there for others to show up. We are really active, probably one of the most active T-girl groups in the country but even on our Wednesday night dinner we tend to go to a hand full of places and just cycle through them, we do occasionally put a new place in the mix but that takes a little effort as we really need to know a little about it such as reservations, how they can accommodate bugger groups, and of course price as for some that can be a big deal as we are all in different economic ranges. It is nice to do a really nice place once in a while but I really think a dinner where you can eat for $10 to $20 is probably the best for any group of people. We may put it out to the group and see if we can get more people to agree to be in charge of an event, even if we got just 25 people to arrange 1 event a year that would be awesome. We even talked about doing another cruise, Melissa and I are thinking an Alaskan cruise. I have always wanted to go to Alaska plus these tend to be a lower cost which may get more girls to go.

We ate dinner and we were also kind of watching the Seahawk game. Some of our group are huge sports fans, ii can take it or leave it but it is funny as I have watched way more football as Susan then as my male self and if someone had told me 15 years ago, I would be sitting in a bar dressed as Susan watching football, I would have thought they were crazy. Well they lost but it was a close game.

It was about 7:30 when Robyn and Bobbie showed up so we were up to 5 of us now. Of course, I had to get a selfie. Now I like this dress as if I wear my corset tight and my pushup bra, I can get a little cleavage without a lot of work. The 5 of us sat and talked some more it was a really fun night.

It started getting busier which is fun as it is nice to people watch. Nicole wanted some pictures of her so I took some of her and we also got some of us together and of course I got a few of just me. I still don’t like the way I look when I pose like this as I look way to stiff but this one actually was not bad.

It was about 8:30 when Robin one of our newer members showed up. This was her first time out with the group and she had the biggest smile on her face, she actually had this smile the whole night long. Nothing makes you look better then smiling. Now I think she has been out a couple times before but she did really well and it was wonderful to meet her as we have been Facebook friends for a while now. Having friend online is wonderful but when you can actually meet them that is awesome. She reads my blog and have met a lot of girls lately that found me or our group through my blog. Tok think that when I first started it, it was just a way to record my Susan time for myself, never really thought anyone would find it let alone read it.

It was wonderful to sit and talk with her and get to know her, something Susan loves to do. Now as we sat and talked, I noticed a lady at a table across the way looking at me. Now I know I get looks and most of the time I don’t even notice or pay attention but it seemed every time I looked over there, she was looking at me and then would look away. Any way late on she came over and told us how awesome we all were and then told me how pretty I looked which I always love to hear. Now I have gotten compliments on my eye makeup, lipstick, dress and heels but this was the first time I got a compliment on my eyebrows, she thought they were awesome. We talked a little and I thanked her before her and her friend left.

Karaoke started and Melissa and Nicole left so I talked with Robin some more. She wanted to get some pictures so I took some of her and she even wanted a picture with me and you know how I feel about having my picture taken with other people so we got several pictures of us. It really was a wonderful night and I met a new friend and hope she can come out more with the group.

Lauri also showed up around 10 so we actually had 7 of us here tonight although not all at one time. It was good to see Lauri as she is one I can pretty much count on being here every Saturday night although later in the evening. We talked a little which is nice as I love to catch up on what is going on in everyone’s life and of course how their New Years was. Most of us didn’t make it late enough to see the New Year come in

It was almost 11:30 when I paid my bill and called it a night. what a wonderful start to 2019

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog.

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Saturday night out at Escape, getting back into the routine.

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I hope and pray you all had a wonderful one. Mine was good a little quiet, I had my mom over for the day and cooked dinner. It was a little different this year as I did the same thing last year for both my parents. It has been 9 weeks since my Dad passed away and it does get easier but there are certain things that you remember, things you did together and those can be hard. it was a good day though. Any way as I said it is Saturday night and I am going out to the Escape for a few hours. I had hoped to be there by 5pm but I didn’t get home till after 4:30 so I set my sights on 6 and started getting ready. I knew the dress I was going to wear. It was about 5:45 when I was ready and went to the closet for my dress and of course changed my mind and went with my black and gold dress instead. Got my nails on and was out the door. I got to the Escape just after 6 and parked right in front and went in.

They were not as busy as last week and I was able to get my usual table in hopes others would show up, I posted in our group I would be here between 6 & 7. I went to the bar and ordered dinner and my drink, Sprite as I don’t drink. It is funny as when I first started going out, I think I was the only girl that didn’t drink, now I would say it is 30% to 40% and some of those who do drink have one or two and then switch to pop. There was a young lady at the bar that came over and talked to me, her name was Nicole and she thought I looked beautiful, now she had been drinking but I still took it as a compliment. I really do love being complimented on how I look as Susan, in my male life never really give this much thought. I stood there and talked with her for 5 to 10 minutes before going to my table. I no more than got my computer out and my dinner came so I ate it while responding to an E-mail. A few weeks back I went through some of my friends I have not heard from in a while and sent them an e-mail. I got a reply from Kendra who I have not seen in probably 6 years. She is still doing well and took a break from being Kendra but it is coming back again. I have learned this from myself. I could probably stop dressing if it was a life or death issue but Susan would always be with me, a part of me and I would think about her and dressing all the time. I am hoping one of the times she gets to Portland she will have some Kendra tine and we can get together. It is so easy to lose touch with people especially when you only know one side, or part of them.

Well as I finished my e-mail Nicole showed up, she came down from the Seattle area to go out with us. She gets down here 4 to 6 times a year and I always look forward to seeing her. I remember the first time I met her at Washington Square mall. It was February of 2014, yes, I cheated and looked it up in my blog. Wow I have known her for almost 5 years and she goes out almost twice a week now. I really have made some wonderful friends. She ordered dinner also. Bobbie also showed up so there were 3 of us. We ate and talked and it was so much fun. She was telling me how she brought several dresses down for tonight as she was not sure what she would feel like wearing and of course I told her how I changed my mind on what I was going to wear tonight and also my first Diva Las Vegas in which I too almost everything. I had enough dresses on that trip to wear 2 every day plus and several skirts and capri and enough tops to also have 2 a day just to be safe. It is so much fun being a girl. Nicole also has a blog that is private and that is okay, I would encourage everyone to have some kind of record of your life for later on, she writes what she ore and where she went and puts pictures of her outfits. I look Back on my blog all the time, how I found when I met Nicole. Now I did take a selfie when I first got here should have gotten a picture with Nicole.

Now the girl I met at the bar when I first got here came over again so I got to introduce Nicole to Nicole, how cute. We talked for a few minutes and another girl name Melinda came over. I have never met either of them before but they wanted up to dance with them, yes, they have both been drinking. Well I explained I was not a dancer but this didn’t seem to register with them as they took hold of my hand and pretty much pulled me to the floor, well I wasn’t fighting to hard. so now Nicole and Melinda, and Bobbie, Nicole and I were out dancing the best I could. Now I know my body does not bend the way theirs does but I tried as I could, of course I had my corset on which also limited my movement. We probably only dance 5 or 10 minutes before we went back to our table and I was a little out of breath, yes, the corset does limit your breathing. Melinda talked with us a little more before she went back and joined her friend.

Robyn also showed up as did another girl from our group. There was also another transgendered woman here with I assume her wife but they sat together at a small table. I did wave at them but wasn’t sure if I should go over as they seemed to be on their own and I didn’t want to interrupt them. 9 pm came and Karaoke started so it got a little loud and hard to talk but it was still fun. Nicole stayed later tonight as she made it till a little after 10pm, she usually leaves at 9 when Karaoke starts. She might make it down in December but if not, she will be down in January. It was sad to see her leave but it was a great night, I did tell her the Starbucks I am going to now a she did pop in on me once at the Starbucks by my house as her male self of course. Would be so fun if she could meet me at Starbucks as Nicole.

Laurie also showed up just before 10 so we actually had 5 of us tonight, a smaller group but a lot of fun. I stayed till a little after 11 before paying my bill and heading home. It was a fun night out a I got to see my friends. It is hard when you don’t see your friends as they are a big part of one’s life. Cassandra has not been out much and with the holidays, she is really busy so I am guessing it will be after the first of the year before we can get together again and Julie is out of town for a few months although she may come back for a few days from time to time and I am hoping we can get together. I did talk with Cassandra on the phone the other night for almost an hour as we are planning on Diva Las Vegas next March as we both want to go that is if I can get the time off. The week they picked is not good for me at work but I am hoping to work it out. We are talking about going earlier and then leaving the Friday it ends so we only have 1 weekend in Las Vegas s it has gotten expensive. 5 years ago, we went for 9-night, 2 weekend and stayed on the strip and we paid lees than $400. Looking quickly online for the next Diva Las Vegas we are looking at $650 to $900 for 9 night and 1 weekend if we stay downtown and $1400 to $1900 if we stay on the Strip. I actually like the downtown more as the hotel casinos are no as big and massive so easier to get around and go between casinos plus you can find $5 blackjack. On the strip it is $10 on a weekday, $15 in the evenings and who knows about weekend. I like to play for fun so much rather have a cheep table. It was a wonderful night out though.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in Susan’s life.

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Saturday night with my friends.

Once again it is Saturday night and I am going to the Escape to spend times with my friends. I always look forward to the time I spend with my friends and I am really looking forward to Diva Las Vegas which is weeks away. I will get 12 days living full time as Susan and of course I will be able to get long pretty acrylic nails for the trip. I started getting ready early as my Susan time for the next couple weeks will be limited as I get ready for the trip.

I got to the Escape about 5:30 and I got lucky and found a parking spot, the last one. I got our usual table inside and kearren was already there, it was good to see her again as it has been a while since she has been out with our group. It was good to get a chance to talk with her as we waited for others to show up. Of course, I ordered dinner and the food was good as always. Kate showed up next and the 3 of us talked till Kearren left, she was going to a dance with some of the ladies from the bar. Now of course I had to get a few pictures with Kate, well actually she thought of the pictures. I remember years ago when I was always getting pictures, I must have a couple thousand pictures of Susan on my computer. Now I don’t think about getting pictures and sometimes I regret it so I was happy Kate thought of it. Now it is funny as people always tell me I never take a bad picture, truth is I only post the good ones but tonight I really liked the way my makeup turned.

Cassandra showed up next and we talked a little about Diva Las Vegas and our Mexican cruise. I am really looking forward to both. Diva Las Vegas because it is so close as I said 3 weeks away and there is still time to sign up if you are thinking of going. The Mexican cruise as I have never been on a cruise before but also because I am planning of doing the whole cruise as Susan including flying down and back as Susan plus I will be able to get my nails a little longer for that. For Diva Las Vegas I have to keep them a little shorter so I can hold a golf club. There will be some first on the cruise, not only flying but I will be traveling to another country as Susan.

Michelle also showed up tonight and I can’t remember the last time I saw her out, she is also thinking or going to Diva Las Vegas. She asked if there was still time to sign up. I am hoping she goes. I think we have at least 10 going this year to Diva Las Vegas from our group. Jan and Lynn also showed up along with one other girl so we had a good crowd here tonight.

Now there were a couple ladies here, they were sisters and they came over and started talking with us. They were really nice and I think they wanted to get to know us, not sure if they have ever met a T-girl before. It was fun to talk with them and of course I had to get pictures with them. Now I talked a little with both of them but and it was fun meeting them and getting to know them a little. It is funny as Susan I really love meeting new people, in my male life I am way shyer and tend to stay more to myself so I guess there are differences between Susan and my male side. Now I didn’t get or remember both their names but one was named Natalie and this is a picture of me with her. Karaoke had started so it was loud and was hard to hear.

Now about 10 Kearren came back wit the group that went to the dance and Lorie also showed up so we had 8 of us here tonight. Now there were a couple ladies at the table next to me. They were going outside and asked if I would watch their drinks for them, I said I would. Now when they came back in I got talking to them and they were really nice also. Their names were Nicole and Rachel. I wish I had thought to get pictures with them also. I met some really nice people here tonight and that made the night so much more fun. It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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Another Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and my vacation is coming to an end, well not a true vacation as I had time I needed to use and things I needed to do around home but it did allow me some Susan time. Of course, I am going out tonight, I was home a little before 4 and started getting ready. Cassandra was hoping to be there by 6 and that was my goal although I was hopping earlier. It still amazes me that we use to not even go out till 9 or later and close places down and now we go early so we can get home at a decent hour. Part or it I am sure is age which creeps up on everyone. But more than that I think it is the fact we are more willing to go out early. I was ready a little before 5 and took a couple quick pictures before I left as I tend to forget once I am out.

Yes, tonight I was wearing my little, tight black dress and of course my corset under it. Now I have been wearing the corset a lot more probably 80% of the time I go out and I have found it has formed more to my body. The first time I put it on it took me over 20 minutes to get it on and laced up of course there was a learning curve to this but it was also harder to lace up. I can now get it tighter and it laces a lot easier. I think it only takes about 5 minutes now and yes, it is tighter then the first times I wore it but it does give me a nice shape as it pulls my waist in and comes down over the hips which actually makes my hips look bigger. It really is quite comfortable accept for getting in and out of the car or bending over to pick something up. Here is a picture of the corset I bought. It really is cute and the one I got is actually designed to be wore on the outside of your clothes. I just don’t think that would work for me, but it also works under my clothes just a little thick and during the Summer I am sure it will be hot.

Any way I was on my way to the Escape a little before 5 and got there at 5:20 and there were all kinds of parking spots right in front. As I said getting in and out of a car in a corset is not a graceful thing if you have a small car. I went inside and I of course was the first to get there from our group although there was probably 10 other people here already most at the bar. I remember when I would sit in the car till I saw someone I knew as I didn’t want to be the first one to arrive. I ordered dinner and got out my computer.

I had just finished my dinner when Cassandra showed up right about 6. We talked for a few minutes about Diva Las Vegas, we are both looking forward to it. We both changed our reservations so we arrive in Las Vegas on April 14 and leave on the 21st. We will be going through Palm Springs to drop Peggy off and pick up Julie. It will be so fun to have 3 of us in the car the whole trip. We have 8 of us for sure going and I hope a few more will go.

It wasn’t long and Nicole showed up. Her and her wife are down here for the weekend so she got to come out with us tonight. It is always so much fun to see her. She has been out almost as much as me this year. She started a blog but has it set to private so she can keep track of her outs. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Private or Public, transgender or not, keep a record of the things you do in life that are important to you, ad pictures, events, people you meet, places you go. Some day you will want to look back on things you did and this is a great way. When I ran into my neighbor that knows about Susan at Starbucks Friday I was able in just a couple minutes to look back and find the blog where she found out. Growing up I always thought diaries were silly but I really wish I had started my blog earlier and of course I did lose some of my blogs from GeoCities and yahoo 360 when they shut down. I now keep a lot of my blogs also on my computer just in case. Kimberly also showed up early so we have 4 of us here by a little after 6. The 4 of us talked about a lot of things as we waited for others to show up.

Next Kate, Melissa, Laura H. and Max showed up so we were up to of the local ladies at the bar came over and joined us for a while and of course she told us how nice we all looked which I never get tired of hearing. By 8 it was getting busy which is always nice to see as I do like when there is a big crowd more fun to people watch. WE all had a great time talking and of course a few of the girls played pool. By 9 Kimberly and Melissa had both left, tonight is daylight savings so we will move the clocks ahead 1 hour so we get less sleep tonight. I think a lot of us were planning on calling it an early night. About 9:30 Karaoke started and that is when it gets loud and hard to talk any more. Nicole was the next to leave, with Diva Las Vegas coming up in 5 weeks this will be her last trip down before we go so it will be a while till I see her again. She really is a good friend and has been coming out with the group pretty regular when you figure she lives 3 hours away. I still remember the first time I met her at Washington Square, that was February of 2014, wow 4 years ago. I was going out shopping and she contacted me on Facebook. She was in town and wanted to meet me. She was not dressing yet so I would meet her male side. It was a wonderful meeting and we hit it off and now she goes out as much as I do if not more. I really have met some wonderful friends as Susan and even the ones I meet now shape my life and Susan in some way.

It was almost 10 and I paid my bill as I was going to go home, after all with moving the clocks forward tonight it really is 11. Lori showed up as she is our late girl. She comes out around 10 and I guess stays till closing although I can’t say for sure as it has been a long time since I have been out that late. Well I got talking to her which was fun and of course listened to some of the karaoke and before I knew it, it was after 11. It will be a short night. I got home about 11:45 and I was ready for bed. The only problem was I had washed my sheets and blanket today so I had to make my bed first. Now I tried doing this as Susan and it was hard as 5-inch heels, and a corset are not normal stuff you wear. Strangely enough though what gave me the most trouble was my hair which kept getting in my face every time I bent over, so I removed the hair and finished making my bed before taking my heels, dress and corset off. Wow I would not want to be a maid.

It was a fun night out with my friends and I look forward to our next outing. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what I am doing as Susan with my latest blog.

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Sunday work and fun time as Susan

Well it is Sunday and I still have some work to do and of course I need to write my blog from Saturday night. Now I could and use to just do this from home but it is so much more enjoyable to go to Starbucks for a few hours and take care of it. Now I will use an hour of my time getting ready but I find going to Starbucks I have less distractions so I get more done. It was 2:30 when I started getting ready and I was at Starbucks by 3:30. Now as I pulled in I could see they were really busy, for one thing I couldn’t park right in front but I could also see all the tables along the front window were taken and there were people standing inside. Now I could have gone to another one but this one is right by my house and I figured I would at least go in and see if I could get a place to sit.

I got inside and all 6 small tables and the one big table were taken along with the chairs, all that were left was the counter along the far wall in the corner and even that 4 of the 7 seats were taken. This is the busiest I have seen this Starbucks. I ordered my drink and stood in line to wait for it wondering if one of the tables would open up which they didn’t. I got my drink and went to the far corner and sat at the counter which was fine but I can’t people watch from here. I did a little work before starting my blog. In a way it was good I was in the back corner as I had to watch a class on the computer and I don’t like sitting out in the middle with earplugs in. once that was done I started on my blog. I kept looking to see if a table opened but it seemed as soon as they did someone else sat down so it seems tonight I will be back in the corner which is okay as I am still here.

I finished my blog and went back to some of my work, I still wonder what work would think if they knew I did this at Starbuck’s as Susan. It was a little after 5 when it slowed down and a couple tables opened in the main part by the windows. Now I needed, well maybe didn’t need another hot chocolate but I wanted one so I picked up all my stuff and moved over to the table and plugged in my computer and then went and ordered another drink. I actually got a lot done tonight here, probably more then I would have at home. I really like going to Starbuck’s now, it is funny as I had never been to a Starbuck’s till the first time I went as Susan. As a matter of fact, I think I have only been in one a couple times as my male self, well if you don’t count running into one to by a gift card as a gift. Starbuck’s really is my Susan thing. I often wonder if I should come in here once as my male self and see if they recognize me but being so close to where I live not going to push it that much.

It was almost 6 before it really slowed down and there were only about 5 of us still here at tables. I got all my work done by 6 and then just figured I would surf the internet till they closed. I looked online and their web page still says 7:30 but I am sure it is 6:30 now. By now there were only a couple people here. Now like I said I do like to people watch but with so few people here I was focused on my computer. It was almost 6:30 when a man was walking by my table and stopped right by me. Now of course my first thought was why did he stop and did he know me. I looked up and sure enough he knew me, he Knew Susan. It was Nicole, she is down here in Portland for the week for work and on her way down she stopped at the Starbuck’s and she picked this one just in case I was there. What a wonderful surprise, it was great to see her. This is only the second time I have met her in male mode, the first time was the very first time I met her at Washington Square. WE talked for a few minutes but she had to get going as she needed to get to her Hotel in Portland. She will go out with the group on Wednesday but I am not able to go that night, we may get together on Tuesday night if she gets off work early enough.

Nicole left and I looked at my computer and it was 6:35, I asked what time they closed and the man there said 6:30. I started putting my computer away, it is a little early but on the bright side having them close does keep me from being out to late on a work night. The man working came over and gave me a card for a free drink because they were closing and I had to leave and apologized for it which really was not necessary but a nice gesture, so I thanked him.

On my way out, I ran into Nicole again as she had run next door really quickly to Goodwill so we talked a few more minutes in the parking lot. It was a really good night out tonight. From here I made a quick run to Burger King and went through the drive through before going home for the night. I was home by 7 so I will get to bed early tonight which I need as it has been a busy weekend and I have been up early every day so I am tired and I will get up at 4:15 Monday morning for work.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with what is going on in my life on my most recent blog.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and our group is making its usual night out to the Escape. I was planning on going early as I wanted to have as much Susan time as I could plus I had some things I needed to do on my computer. I started getting ready by 4 and took my time to enjoy myself. I find the time I spend getting ready relaxing and peaceful. I was all ready by a little after 5 and I chose one of my black dresses tonight. I went down and walked into the garage and opened the garage door like I always do when I leave as my male self, usually I get in the car as Susan before opening the garage door but not tonight. I guess I am getting more relaxed leaving as I don’t even look outside any more before I leave. I was on my way and got to the Escape a little before 6 and went in. I was the first of our group to arrive. They were a little busy so I had to take the table closer to where they do Karaoke. I got out my computer and started working. Of course, I ordered food as I was hungry.

Well it wasn’t long and Kearren showed up and joined me, always nice when others start showing up. It was nice to see her and we talked a little about the Halloween Party Cassandra and Peggy had which was so much fun. It wasn’t long and Nicole arrive, what a wonderful surprise. She comes down from the Seattle area to go out with us. It was great to see her again. Well the 3 of us started talking about all the fun things we do as a group. Nicole will be back in town in a few weeks as she is doing our dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit, we are really looking forward to it. She is also doing the Mexican Cruise in October 2018 and that will be fun also. A few years ago, I would have never imagined doing such wonderful things as Susan.

Other girls started to show up, Barb, Paige, Jan, Lynn, Cassandra, Narcist, Bambi, Kris, Kate, Britney, Lorie and one other girl so we had a really good turnout, one of our bigger ones which is nice. I do like the smaller get together for talking but it is great to see so many out with the group. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. It was nice to talk with the girls and throughout the night I did try to talk a little with everyone. Barb and I talked about how we didn’t get many pictures at the Halloween party seems not many girls took pictures. It is so funny as a few years back even on a night like tonight we would all have our cameras out taking a bunch of pictures. I think we have just gotten so use to going out and it is so normal now we often forget about pictures even on a Halloween night. Wow how things have changed over the years. Talking about pictures I had to get one quick selfie.

Nicole and I talked about the cruise she is planning on traveling and boarding the ship as her male self. I am planning on doing the cruise just like I do Diva Las Vegas totally as Susan. Now we have not decided if we will fly down and back or drive and I am torn. Driving would be easier to get all our stuff there as Susan does not travel lite but I am also thinking about flying as Susan something I have wanted to try. It would be a little intimidating as I do know 3 people who work for TSA at the airport screening people, but it is a big airport and the odds of me running into one of them in the line is small. I will get my nails done the night before so if I didn’t travel as Susan I would be a man with long, pretty, acrylic nails most likely red. Any way it is so much fun to think about it and I am sure it will be here before we know it.

Now a lot of the girls are going with their wives, or girlfriends, we have at least 5 or 6 couples going so that will also be a lot of fun. There is still time to sign up if you are or have ever thought about going on a cruise, check out our web page for all the details. This is going to be a really fun thing and you can be who you are as much or as little as you want. I am sure some (me) will do the whole cruise as female and some will only do a few things as their female self so don’t think you have to be female all the time.

Now with such a big group we were spread out which did make it hard to talk with everyone or even know for sure who all were there. I think I got everyone but if I missed you I am sorry. Karaoke started and of course it gets loud with the music and singing and hard to talk. Nicole called it a night but it was great to see her again, I still remember the first time I met her which you can read in my blog, this is the wonderful thing about blogs as you can go back and see what you did, who you met and when, kind of like a personal diary. It was sad to see her leave but she will be back in town in a few weeks.

Kate and I talked about Diva Las Vegas, she is planning on going this year which will be fun, she will have a great time. It is not till April and we already have at least 8 from our group going and I think we will get more. We won’t all stay at the same place but as of now Cassandra, Julie and I have all booked rooms downtown at the Four Queens. It is an older casino but the rooms look nice from the pictures on their web site. I booked a room for 9 nights, Friday through the following Saturday and got a deluxe room for $804.00 everything included, they don’t charge resort fees here. Of course, the two weekends, Friday and Saturday nights are most of it, almost $500 of it but still way less than on the strip. Some of the girls played pool, some danced and some sang Karaoke, it was a really fun night.

I got a chance to talk with Britney who showed up late, it was nice to see here again. With missing so much over the summer I haven’t seen her since at least last February or longer. I stayed till about 11 before I called it a night. Still think back a few years when we didn’t even go out till 9 or 10 and we would close down the places we went. I like to think it is because we are all so comfortable now about going out so we go earlier and leave earlier instead of because we are getting older.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up on what I am doing now with my most resent blog.

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