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Saturday and home from Las Vegas

It is Saturday and I am home from my Diva Las Vegas vacation although I still have a few more days of vacation. I don’t go back to work till Wednesday which is nice but I do have things I have to do Monday evening so I will have to remove my nails on Monday afternoon. Now I been wondering what people would think or say if they saw me as my male self with these nails. Well I decided to test it today. Now as I slept in today after getting home so late, I didn’t get out of bed till almost 10am. I got all cleaned up and made sure all traces of makeup were gone and then got dressed in my male clothes. It was different as I have been Susan for 11 days straight. Now it was time to see what happens. I drove to Starbuck’s the first one I ever went to as Susan but this time as my male self. It is about 25 minutes from where I live, I got there just about noon and with my computer in hand I went in. now I have only been in Starbucks a few times when I have not been Susan so it is a little different.

I stood in line and waited my turn. When I got to the counter, I ordered a hot chocolate and paid the young girl with cash at which point she saw my nails. She casually replied back, I love your nails, I so like the bright colors like red, I wish I could have nails like that. I thanked her and told her I loved the reds also and that was it. I got my drink and sat down at a table between a couple woman and started writing my blog from Friday’s trip home. I was here a couple hours and as far as I could tell no one even noticed my nails or at least no one said anything and I didn’t really notice anyone looking at me. I was only here for a couple hours before heading home to get ready to go to the Escape tonight.

I started getting ready a little after 3 with the hopes of being to the Escape around 5 as I wanted a little more time out as my vacation is quickly coming to an end. Now I was doing my makeup and yes, I have a couple brushes and even a beauty blender sponge but I always seem to just use my fingers as I think it works better. But what I found on vacation is with my long nails it is hard to do the foundation especially around my eyes. Now in Las Vegas I was using some old cosmetic triangle sponges but today I decided to try the beauty blender sponge again. The last time I used it I put foundation on my face and used the sponge to spread it and blend it and really couldn’t see a difference but today I did like they show in the video and put just a little foundation on the back of my hand and dabbed the sponge in it and started tapping around my face. Turns out it really does make a difference how you use it. I used way less foundation and I think my face looked better. I think I will use it the next few times and see if I can get the same results.

Now with my makeup done I picked out my black and red dress, I really like this dress but it is a heavier dress so better for winter. It is a little clingy so it is tight around the waist and just looks better when I wear my corset. Now I didn’t take my corsets to Las Vegas so I was looking forward to wearing it tonight. I put it on and started tightening the laces. Now this takes some work to reach behind you and tighten them but have gotten pretty good at it well I was. I always did this before I put my nails on but it proved a lot more challenging with my long nails. You see I can’t feel the laces with my fingers to find them and is it got tighter it was harder to garb with my nails. I didn’t want to break a nail so it took a lot more time and effort to get them all tightened. Now it was time to tie it in the back and again it is really hard to tie a bow behind your back with long nails, it took several tries before I got some what of a bow, had to be really careful as I did not want to create a knot behind my back. Normally I can put the corset on in 5 to 10 minutes but I bet a spent close to 30 minutes tonight trying to get it on right. Now this was my first time with my corset with my nails so it may get easier over time if I was able to keep my nails longer. It was a little after 5 when I was ready to go, so much for being at the Escape by 5

Now I had posted in our group I would be there between 6 & 7 in hopes others would show up but only Kris had posted she might be there between 7 & 8 so it was possible I could be the only one. I got there about 5:30 and went in, I was able to park right in front which is always nice and one of the reasons I like to get here early. I got our usual table and got out my computer and then went up and ordered dinner, my usual hamburger and fries. My dinner came and just as I was finishing it Keren showed up, what a nice surprise. Like many of our girls she does not like it when it gets loud so when she does come it is usually early as she leaves once karaoke starts and it get loud.

We had a chance to talk of course some of it was about Diva Las Vegas and how I enjoyed my trip. We also talked about the group and some of our friends. It wasn’t long and Laura M showed up. It was great to see her also. She went to Diva Las Vegas last year but was not able to go this year. Now Laura just came out at work and is going full time now. She posted a video on her Facebook page when she told all her co-workers about her change and so far, it is going really well. I took a lot of courage to face them all at one time but I really think it was the best way to do it as it shows them all this is who she is and she is not ashamed of it, still a lot of courage. She also linked her two Facebook pages so everyone knows now.

We took a little time and got some pictures. It was so wonderful to see them both tonight. While we were taking pictures Jan and Lynn showed up so of course I had to get a picture with them also, everyone said I could use the pictures in my blog whish is nice. Next to Cassandra, Jan & Lynn I have known the longest. Not sure when I met them without going back through my blog but I know it was before 2010 that I met them.

Back in 2010 when the group was still going to Embers Jan and I did a T-girl Pageant they had. Neither of us won but it was a lot of fun. One of the Drag Queens did my makeup that night and I wore a dark wig. I look a lot different in the picture from that night

Well a little later Kris showed up so we had 6 of us here tonight. Now they were doing a fund raiser here tonight for the Escape Softball team so I bought some raffle tickets. Karaoke started and as usual it got loud and became hard to talk. It wasn’t long after and Keren left. I really think this is why I like the Wednesday night dinners better as it is a nice chance to just talk but they are shorter nights out.

About 10 Lauri showed up so total we had 7 tonight. Now they were doing the drawing at midnight so I ended up staying for that as I am still on vacation. Actually, Cassandra and I had talked about maybe staying in Las Vegas till Sunday so as far as everyone knows I don’t get home till then. Now of course I didn’t win the raffle which I really didn’t think I would but it was a fun night. It was about 12:20am when I left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Friday and we leave Las Vegas for home, day 11 of my vacation.

It is Friday and the day I have been dreading Diva Las Vegas is over and we make the long drive home. I wrote my blog for Thursday before bed last night but posted it this morning as I have been trying to post them all in the morning. Now originally, we were going to leave around 10 as we didn’t want to get to Cassandra’s house to early and she has family staying Friday night and she will go home in boy mode but I will be Susan. Well it turns out there was some confusion and the family member is leaving Friday and as it will be late Friday night or early Saturday morning when we get there, we are fine, so we could leave earlier.

I got up and posted my blog from yesterday and then started packing. My goal was to have everything packed accept what I needed for that day. I have a small bag that carries my makeup and stuff so that is what I will carry down and I will send all my other luggage down with Cassandras as we have a lot of stuff and just easier to have the bellhops do it. I was just finishing my makeup when they took our luggage so I was pretty close to being right on time. I would get dressed and Cassandra would go get the car and load it. Yes, one of the nice things about being a lady is having someone do things for you.

Now a funny story, my first Diva Las Vegas in 2010 when I went with Cassandra and her wife Peggy, we had a wonderful time. Now that was my first all-girl trip, in other words that was the Start of going on vacation totally as Susan. Now I took way more clothes than I needed, probably enough to change 3 to 4 times each day, the one thing I didn’t take a lot of was pantyhose. I think I only took 6 pairs as I figured 2 to 3 days each. Well that year I think by the 5 day I had gone through all of them, yes I was having trouble getting use to the acrylic nails I had for that trip and I had to borrow a pair from Peggy and then buy a few more the next day so now I always take way more then I need. I buy them online and get them cheaper so I bought a lot. I actually took about 20 pairs this year to be safe. Now over the 10 days so far, I had only gone through 2 pairs. Well I left 2 pairs out in my small bag and sent all the rest with my suitcases. I got all dressed and bad my bracelets on when I was putting on my sandals and as I was fastening the last one, I caught the bracelet on my pantyhose and there was a run, a brand-new pair that I haven’t even worn. Glad I kept 2 pairs.

I took off the bracelets as I learned and then off with the pantyhose and put the second pair on and put my putt the sandals and bracelets back on. I was happy now a quick look around to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything and a last look in the room safe. Yes, each of the rooms here have a safe under the night stand. Now this required me to get down on my knees and yes, I had got everything out as I stood up the sandals, I was wearing which fasten with Velcro, well the one rubbed up against the other leg and yes you guessed it. Another run in my pantyhose. 10 days to go through the first 2 pairs and less than 10 minutes to go through the next 2 pairs. Now I had an issue I had a small run and nothing to change to. Well I hoped it would not be that noticeable.

I grabbed my stuff and went down to the front desk to check out. My finally bill was just under $600 for the 9 nights. I went out and Cassandra was in the garage with the bellhop loading the car and as luck would have it, they had not got to my suitcase so I opened it up and snagged a fresh pair of pantyhose and went back inside to the restroom and made a quick change. Another first as I have heard of woman doing this but it is the first time, I have had to do this. I felt so much better now. The car was all loaded and we were on the road by 8:30am for our 16-hour drive home. Now Cassandra travels as her male self and I know it may seem silly to get dressed up and become Susan for a 16-hour drive but I look at it as the experience. As for this trip the 12 days I am being Susan full time, the only thing I had that was male with me was my driver’s license and my male credit card, yes I always take the credit card with the same account number as my Susan card just incase they ask for ID and usually at least one place want a credit card that matches the driver’s license. Other than those 2 things there is nothing I have with me from my male side of my life.

We had a nice drive home and yes me did stop several places for gas and bathroom breaks and there were no issues. Our first stop was the Death Valley nut & candy co in Beatty Nevada. It really is a tourist attraction but a great pace to get gas and stretch your legs and we did get sub sandwiches here to eat on the way. Most of the time we would stop at gas stations that had little stores so we could get snacks and drinks as we ate as we drove. The weather was perfect for driving partly over cast and we only hit a light sprinkle maybe 5 minutes near Reno and then a good rainstorm for about 20 minutes in Northern California. Other then that it was a wonderful drive and Cassandra drove the whole way so I got to sit in the passenger seat lie a princess and be chauffeured home. Cassandra is like me she likes to drive. When I travel with friends, I would much rather be the person driving and as my male self I try to do most of the driving. Susan likes to drive but she is also willing to let someone else drive, one of the small differences between my male and female side. On the way down I did get to drive for a few hours. And I did do a lot of the driving around Las Vegas, Cassandra is really good about not driving after she has had a beer and as I don’t drink, I am the designated driver on these trips.

We got to Cassandra’s house about 1:30am exactly 16 hours after we left Las Vegas, GPS had it right down to almost the minute, you have to love technology. We figured out our expenses for gas as Cassandra paid it all and then we split. My share was $231 and that did include two stops for food so really my share of the gas was about $210. Now we did look into fights down this year and the cheapest tickets were a little over $400 each and that was only 1 bag so we would have had additional cost for our luggage so driving was the better way to go plus we had a car to use when we were down there. Plus, I live road trips. I would rather drive than fly if I had the time.

We got the car unpacked and my stuff in my car and I was on my way home. I have stayed here before when we got home so late but I have something I need to do in the morning so I wanted to get home. I got home a little after 2am and went right to bed as I was tired. Now I didn’t think of getting a picture today so I will include the picture from the trip down and of course my beautiful nails which will have to go away on Monday, Monday will be a sad day for Susan. This week has gone by so fast.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new and my Diva Las Vegas Blogs from 2019, and remember although Diva Las Vegas is over I still have two more days of my vacation so there is still more to come.


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My vacation begins with my getting acrylic nails

It is finally here, my vacation, my trip to Diva Las Vegas, my 12 days living as Susan with beautiful acrylic nails. Now my plan was to take care of a couple things and then become Susan. Now yesterday I thought about making my appointment for my nails but waited till this morning which was a good thing. I waited as I was deciding between 10 & 11 well things took longer than I planned so it was 11 when I called the salon. I have spent a lot of time deciding on a nail salon this year. I really do like Dream nails but as I have not been there since last June and I am not sure if I will be able to get back to going to the nail salon regular, I felt I should go someplace else plus I wanted to try a new salon. After a lot of research I picked Reflections nails & spa, I called and made an appointment for 12:30 and as it turns out it was still a rush to make that.

I got there and went in and I was the only one there so there was no waiting. The 3 ladies that work here made every effort to make me feel comfortable and welcome. The lady asked me what I wanted and I told her a full set of acrylic nails with a slight coffin shape. Now I have always got square nails as I love them but thought I would try something new this year. She started on my nails, she filed off the top layer and then glued the tips on. She then asked if I wanted them shortened. Now I will admit the thought of tat long of a nail did cause me to think but they would have been over an inch long past the tip of my finger and that was just too long so I told her to shorten them for a nice coffin shape so she trimmed them down. Now they still looked a little long but, in the past, there is always some more filing at the end and she also told me the coffin shape makes them look longer because of the narrower shape. She used clippers to cut the corner to give it a slight coffin shape. Then a hand file to smooth the edge. Now it was time for the acrylic. she took her time and each nail began to look beautiful. She did a wonderful job. About this time another lady came in to get her nails filled and sat down next to me. She had a beautiful deep red and square nail and of course I was second guessing the color I had picked as picked a bright red. This is the hardest decision as I really only doe this one time a year but I was staying with my choice, bright red and coffin shaped. Of course, I did talk with her a little as we were sitting next to each other and she liked the color I had picked.

The lady started painting my nails, I did gel so would not have to wait for them to dry. Now with the polish on them they still looked a little ling and maybe a little more of a coffin shape then I had wanted but they did look pretty. It took her a little over an hour to do my nails as I got there about 12:20 and was leaving at 1:35. It really was a nice experience. They all told me to come back which made me feel good. I really think any nail salon is happy with any costumer they can get as I have been to many salons and always been treated well. I would defiantly come back here and also recommend them. They were a little more expensive than Dream nails but they did offer me a drink, water, pop, wine r a mimosa). I didn’t take ne but it was nice to be asked.

Now it is sunny out today and outside the nails look awesome although the red I think has a little pink in it but still very pretty and bright and yes, they look long and I don’t think it is just the shape. I did get a picture of my nails when I got in the car. Interested to hear what you all think of the shape. In the picture they look kind of orangish but it really is a pinkish red. Now I had time to kill before I go to Cassandra’s this evening so I decided maybe a little shopping but wanted to beat the traffic so I decided to got to the Streets of Tanasbourne as that is not far from Cassandras. Now as I drove the nails felt different on the steering wheel so yes these are definitely longer then I have had the last few years or maybe it is the shape.

I got to the streets of Tanasboure and parked by Claire ‘s and went in as I wanted to look at some jewelry, really it is about being out as Susan. I looked around and didn’t find anything well there were some earrings that were awesome but they were for pierced ears. I have really thought about that lately, getting my ears pierced but right now there is just no way I can go 6 to 8 weeks without removing the earrings. Really wish it was not so long to heal. Maybe in a year or two I can do it, there are just so many more options for pierced earrings.

I did go to a couple other stores as it was a nice warm day and fun to be walking outside. I looked at some clothes but didn’t find anything I needed for the trip. My next stop was a Starbucks across the street which I have been to before. They have a drive through so they are not really busy inside. Now I did get a selfie in the car with my nails of course. I had texted Cassandra I was shopping and she said she would be home by 4. I decided to have a drink at Starbuck’s and write my blog for today at least what I have done so far. From here I will go over to Cassandra’s and we will pack the car for tomorrow s we want to leave by 2am or 3am at the latest. The early mornings are harder for Susan as it will take me an hour to get ready. Cassandra travels as her boy self so not as much work for her in the morning. Okay my nails are longer as it is more difficult to type of course it could also be the shape with the point. Next time I will go back to the square tips but for this trip I will manage with these nails.

We will have dinner when Peggy gets home and I am hoping to be in bed early, like 8pm so I can get a few hours’ sleep. I know it seems strange to put the effort into being Susan just for a 15-hour drive to Las Vegas but it is the experience of being Susan full time for 12 days. The only thing I have from my male side is my drivers license and my debit card, but that is only for an emergency. I am Susan for the next 12 days. I have done all my Diva Las Vegas tris this way.

Thanks, or reading and be sure and keep up on my Diva Las Vegas trip this year and also what is new on my most recent blog. Day 1 begins.


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