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Saturday night at the Escape

Saturday night is here and I am looking forward to going out to the Escape, Last Saturday I was in LA, the Saturday before Las Vegas and the one before that Salem at the outside Speakeasy, so it has been 4 Saturdays since I have been here. Well I was here last night for a couple hours with Jeny and Lori. I was hoping for a bigger turnout tonight. I got there about 6:30 and they were busy, I had to park across the street. As I was walking over I saw Cassandra drive through the parking lot and head across the street to park. I got inside and all the big tables were taken so I grabbed two of the small for our group.

Cassandra came in and Laura M followed right behind her so there were 3 of us right from the start. We no more than sat down and Elain and Melissa also showed up, seems everyone wanted to get out early tonight. Now we sat and talked and of course a lot of it was about Diva Las Vegas as Cassandra, Melissa and I had all gone. We all agreed it went by way to fast but we really had a wonderful time. Laura’s daughter also showed up for a while tonight and it was good to see her again. Kate and Kim also showed up tonight so we had a smaller but fun group tonight. It really was good to see all my friends again, we have several Kim’s in our group.

Finally, one of the big tables opened so we moved over there as it was easier for us all to talk and the seats are more comfortable. I really do love my time out with my friends socializing and just having good conversations. There is just something wonderful being out with friends that accept you as a person just as you are. I would encourage everyone to find good friends that will support you where you are Transgender or not friends are important.

Now there was another large group at the next table celebrating a birthday and they were a fun group and having a blast. I talked a couple times with the girl celebrating her birthday and a couple of the other girls. It is fun to interact with the other people when we are out.

Now there was a T-girl when I came in at the bar with a lady when I came in and she was talking with her and they danced a few times when they were playing music and so I didn’t want to interrupt them as t almost looked like they were on a date. Any way later in the evening after Karaoke started I noticed her sitting by herself so I went over and introduced myself to her and started talking with her. Her name I think is Kira, Karaoke was going and it was a little loud. We talked for a little while and she seemed really nice. She asked about our group and I told her we were the Rose City T-girls and she had herd of us so I told her about our web page and encouraged her to join. Seems she has come here a couple times on Friday nights. She came over and I introduced her to all the girls that were there. I really hope she joins as we do have an excellent group that is active in going out. After meeting, everyone she called it a night.

Karaoke was fun and a lot of the songs were ones I had not heard before which is fun, plus some I knew and could sing along with. It was a fun night out. I am planning on going out to the Wednesday night dinner this week as I have missed those for several weeks and next Saturday is the night our group goes to the Southside Speakeasy in Salem and I am planning on going at least at this point. It is over an hour drive but I guess once a month I can do that. I really do try to get out twice a week when I can. This week will be busy as I have family in town again the end of the week but I think in two weeks I may start trying to go to Starbucks one night a week also as I really do miss that.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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Saturday night out for a while

well I couldn’t make it out Friday night so I was looking forward to Saturday night even though I couldn’t stay out late. Now this week was our groups trip t Salem to go to the South Side Speakeasy. Our group has been trying to go down there once a month as we have several of our group that live down there and come up to Portland to go out with us. I have been there once many years ago as I went down to meet Alice who really helped me start going out but I haven’t made it down there lately. I was hopping to tonight but they don’t meet till 9 and as it is an hour drive I would have had to leave by 10 so I just couldn’t bring myself to go as I was pretty tired from the last few days.

I decided to go to the Escape for dinner as I knew Samantha, a friend of mine from Eugene was in town and wanted to g to the Escape. Wasn’t sure if any others from our group would show up. Now I didn’t know what time she would get there but I wanted to get there early just so I would have a little more time out. I started getting ready at 4 with the hopes of being to the Escape by 6. I actually got to the Escape by 5:50 so I did good.

Now I did bring my computer as I usually do so I could update my blog from Wednesday, as I said it has been a busy week. I try to do my blog the next day as it is still fresh in my mind but I don’t always make it so I an a few days behind. I worked on my blog while I ate dinner.

Samantha showed up about 6:40, it was great to see her again. She gets to Portland every few months. I put my computer away and we started talking. One of the things we talked about was our neighbors and if they knew about our other side. Now I know one of my neighbors knows for sure. I don’t know if other of my neighbors do but I have to believe there is a chance many of them do as I am sure some talk. Samantha also wonders and thinks it is possible some of her neighbors may know also. It is one of those things I think most people would walk up to you and say. We also talked about shopping which we both like to do. It was nice to get a chance to talk with her.

Katie also showed up which was nice. We got a chance to talk and talked about traveling as a female. We would both love to try to fly sometime as our female self, I think that would be a fun experience. Katie is thinking of going to Diva Las Vegas next year and may fly down as Katie. For those interested it is the last  and is so much fun. Now Katie didn’t stay out late as she was leaving town so soon it was back to just Samantha and me and we kept on talking. Missy showed up and joined us so we had 4 that showed up tonight. It was getting late and Samantha had a 2 hour drive home so she left. I stayed a little longer to listen to a little Karaoke. It was about 10:30 when I left for home. It was a fun night even though it was short.

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Saturday and last day of vacation and my pretty nails!

Well Saturday is here and it is the last day of my vacation and that also means the last day of my pretty nails. Now I was out late last night so I didn’t get up as early as I hoped so by the time I got home from the gym it was after 10. I started getting ready really not sure what I was going to do. It was almost noon before I was ready to go. I called the nail salon and got an appointment for 2 so I didn’t have a lot of time and I have been putting off some work I need to do I figured today could be a Starbucks day.

I drove to the Starbucks by my house as I didn’t want to waste a lot of time but they were packed. I didn’t even go in as I could see it was full inside and all the tables out side were full and people standing. I decided to drive to one a little farther away that has a drive through and they were not as busy inside so I sat here till 1:40 doing my blog and catching up on some work.

I got to the nails salon a few minutes early and Annie was finishing up on another lady so I had to wait. Of course I looked at my pretty fingers and new soon they would be plain, it was sad. Soon she was ready for me and she filed the first nail as I watched the flawless shiny red disappear to a dull faded red. The first nail was the hardest but then I accepted I would no longer have pretty nails. Soon they were all scuffed up and wrapped to soak the gel polish off. Now I started to enjoy the manicure which was wonderful. She trimmed them back a little more than I wanted but they still look nice with the clear pink. It was about 2:40 when I left.

It was to early to go home and get ready for tonight but not enough time to go anyplace. I drove across the street to the Starbucks by my house and it looked like all the tables along the windows were open but 1 so I parked and went in. To my surprise they were really busy inside, 6 people waiting for drinks and 7 in line. I cheated and pot my computer on one of the tables before getting in line which was a good thing. It took a wile to get my drink. I sat down and caught up on some work and e-mails. I only stayed here till 3:40 before going home to change.

I had decided to where one of my new dresses, a black one. I also wanted to touch up my eye makeup and make it a little more dramatic for tonight and of course a red lipstick. The eyes went well but changing the lipstick was a mess and in the end I had to take off the makeup around my mouth and clean it up and reapply. It was about 4:15 when I was ready. Now what to do, I could go to the Escape early but I wouldn’t have enough battery to last or I could stop by the Starbucks on Mill Plain for an hour and plug in my computer there but I was shall we say overdressed for Starbuck. A short sexy black dress and 4” heels.

Starbucks was on my way and not far out of the way so I decided to see how busy they were. There was only 1 car in the lot and a line going through the drive through and looking inside I only saw 2 people so I parked and went in. I got a drink, sat down and plugged my computer in and started surfing the internet. Well I kid you not it wasn’t 5 minutes and people started to come in. Soon the place was packed and I did feel a little out of place the way I was dressed. I stuck it out till 5:40 before heading to the Escape.

I got to the escape a little before 6 and went in. They had the Cubs game on and they beat the Dodger so they will be going to the World Series. Yes I watched the end of the game. I was only there by myself about 20 minutes and then Cristine Susan in her new dress (1)and Cassandra showed up. Now I wore my new dress so Cassandra was nice enough to take a couple pictures of me.

Katie, Missy and a few other girls showed up. It was nice to talk with Katie a little. We talked about next week as the Escape is doing Halloween and we are all looking forward to it. I bought a costume this past week and can’t wait to wear it. The Escape is going to show Rocky Horror Picture show at 7 so we will all get there early.

There was a good crowd here tonight, not really big but fun. Couple of the girls told me how great I looked and I always love that. It was a fun night out as I bring my Vacation to an end. It is funny other than going to the gym I have been Susan for over aSusan in her new dress (2) week and loved it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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Saturday at the Escape

I am looking forward to going to the Escape tonight. It has been a really hot today so I am thinking of wearing my summer dress. I started getting ready at 4:30 and took my time as I really do enjoy transforming into Susan. Now even though I took my time knowing what I was going to wear and as such I knew just how I wanted to do my makeup and that always makes it go faster. I was ready to leave by 5:45 and on my way for a fun night out. I got to the Escape a little after 6.

The Escape was a little busy for being so early, I wasn’t sure how many girls would be out tonight but that was okay. I knew Nicole would be there as she was in town for the night and I was looking forward to seeing her. I also figured Cristine would be there. I got out my computer for something to do while I Susan at the Eape 8-13-2016 (1)waited. Nicole Showed up shortly after I did so I put my computer away so we could talk and yes we did take some pictures. Such a cute look and so comfortable on a hot summer day.

It was good to see Nicole and catch up with her. We ordered dinner and had a nice time talking. It was a little before 7 when Cristine arrived and I really thought that might be all of us. Of course by now it was getting really busy so it was good we got there early and got a table. Now as I said Nicole and I wanted some pictures and we got talking about selfie’s, I told her my tip for taking selfie’s and will share with you. I have a hard time holding my phone at arms length and pushing the button to take the picture so what I did was set the self timer for 2 seconds. That way I can push the button and then extend my arm and give it aSusan selfie 8-3-2016 second to focus before the picture is taken and it works really well.

Dee showed up for a little while which was nice, the 4 of us sat and talked for a little while. She couldn’t stay long but it was still good she could get out. Soon it was just Nicole , Cristine and me again but only for a short while. Laura M. and Lisa showed up and again just for a little bit. They had been down on the water front all day at the Bite of Oregon. So again they had a drink and stayed for just a little while before leaving. It is funny as I was thinking it was a shame they couldn’t stay longer but then I realized this was the same as some of the other groups here where people came and went.

Katie showed up next, I have met her once before when she came to the Escape. It is a funny story as Katie and Lorie both came to the Escape one night not sure if any other t-girls would be here and they actually arrived at the same time and met each other outside before coming in and finding our group here. It was good to see her again and tonight I got a chance to talk with her more and get to know her. We talked about our new web site the and encouraged Susan at the Eape 8-13-2016 (2)her to join. I was telling her all about some of the events we have coming up including our golf tournament and she was really interested in that. Lorie also showed.

Karaoke started and the bar was really busy, as a matter of fact we were sharing our table with some of the other people there as it was so busy now. It was also getting loud and hard to talk. Nicole called it a night. It was really nice she could make it down for the weekend and go out. It will be a few months before she can get back to Portland again and go out but we will keep in touch on Facebook and the new group web site.

It was a really good crowd tonight here and that is always fun, Rachel and her wife Heather also showed up, Rachel was the one who helped us find Sweet Home after the P-Club issue and of course found the Escape also. They are both wonderful people and I am glad to have them as friends. I also got to meet Heathers daughter who was out with them tonight.

It was almost 11:30 when I left and the bar was still packed. I think this is one of the biggest crowds I have seen here and it was great. It really was a wonderful night out and I really do have wonderful friends as Susan. I really do have a wonderful life.

Thanks for reading

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A fun Saturday for Susan.

I had big plans for Saturday, get my nails done in the morning then shopping maybe even Starbucks before going to the Escape tonight but didn’t work out that way. Something came up and my day was put on hold. Well I rushed as fast as I could to try and save some of the day. I got home at 2:30 and my first order of business was to call Dream nails and see if I could get in for a manicure as it has been 2 1/2 weeks and my nails were getting long and the gel polish was starting to to show signs of wear. Gel polish really does stand up well and last. Anna was able to get me in at 4:30 so I was looking forward to it. I started getting ready. The key was to dress casual enough for the nail salon but nice enough for a night out at the escape. I settled on my black skirt and a black and white knit top that I got at our clothing exchange. Now it only takes a couple minutes to get to the nail salon but as I was ready by 4:15 I went a head and left.

I got to the nail salon by 4:20 and went in. I was looking at the color wheels wishing I could wear some of the reds or pinks but when I am not Susan it just wouldn’t work. The lady next to me who had just got a pedicure her daughters treated her to asked if I was her for a pedicure I told her no just a manicure and told her I come every 2 to 3 weeks to get my nails done. I went back to looking at all the pretty colors girls get to wear. Now I usually get clear pink which is a clears with just the slightest pink tint but I have also gotten soft kiss which is more of a pale pink although on the color wheel the clear pink looks more pink. I decided I would get the soft kiss today.

Anna finished the lady she was doing and called me over and asked if I wanted clear pink and I told her no I was going with the soft kiss today. Anna started on my nails. put the finger tip applicators on my fingers to soften the gel polish to remove. One of the ladies getting a pedicure asked Anna what she was doing to my nails and she referred to me as her which made me feel good. Anna explained about the gel polish.

Now it was busy when I got there but only 1 other lady came in after me while I was there which for a Saturday surprised me. Now I am torn about going there when they are busy or slow. it really is more fun when there are a lot of woman there getting their nails done but when it is slow the nail techs take their time and are more social as they don’t have people waiting. They still do a great job ether way just more relaxing when it is slow.

Anna removed the old polish and pushed the cuticle back and asked about the length. Now I always tell her the same thing yes trim them back some. Now usually she uses nail trimmers and cuts them back pretty short of course by the time I come back to get them done they have grown out t a nice length. Any way she opened the drawer but instead of the nail trimmers she puled out a file and really just cleaned them up and filed off rough edges, really didn’t shorten them. Now I was torn as they really are long for a male but look great for a female. I decided to go with the length she had as I figured I can always file them shorter if I need to. I am still wondering why this time she didn’t cut them shorter maybe because I didn’t go with the clear color.

She finished that and was ready to put the polish on. now when she opened the bottle you could see the pink color this was more pink then the other one even though it didn’t look like it on the color wheel. She put a clear base coat on and 20160612_142701then the soft kiss which she did 2 coats followed by a clear top coat. my nails did look great and yes they were a pale pink and very  shinny and they looked long. They were perfect and just the way I wanted them but wondering20160612_070316 what I will do when I am not Susan.

Then  came the lotion and the hand and forearm massage. It was really relaxing and such a wonderful experience. Anna was talking with me and anther lady and as such it took her longer to do my nails but I was enjoying it. Anna thanked me for being so patient. I smiled and told her I was enjoying it I came here for the pampering, relaxing experience, if I just wanted my nails done I could have done them at home. She thanked me and me some come in and want their nails done perfect but as fast as they can. I can’t understand why you would go there to get your nails done if you wanted it that fast.

20160612_070347It was about 5:20 when I left there with my beautiful nails and decided I would just head to the Escape early as I did have my computer with me. As I was driving down the freeway I realized I forgot to put on perfume. I didn’t want to go back home but I really felt not right without it. I wear Fantasy by Britney Spears which I normally get at Wal-Mart. Someone told me they had seen it at Target and as there is one kind of on my way and I was early I decided to stop at Target and pick one up.

I got to Target and went in and found their perfume and they had 1 bottle on the shelf but they had a Britney Spears fantasy 20160611_175227intimate edition and I am not sure if it is the same but it was a  buy 1 get 1 50% off so I bought both.

After that I was on my way to the Escape. I got there about 5:45 and went in. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to wait and see who all showed up. I knew Nicole, Cristine and probably Laura M. would be here tonight. It was a little before 7 when Nicole showed up and Michelle and Debbie shortly after. It was good to see them out. We all sat and talked for a while and soon others showed up. Britney, Cristine, Laura M. and I think her name was Jessica so we had a good turn out.

We had a great time talking and we talked about things in our lives in general. it is funny how as I get more at ease about going out I find my willingness to talk more openly about myself and the lines between my male and female sides are blurring. A few years ago this would not have happened but I have such great friends and I am willing to share more of my life than just the Susan part.

About 9:30 Karaoke started and it got hard to talk any more as it was so loud there. Nicole called it a night, it was sad to see her go but I really did enjoy her visit and it sounds like she will be back every month for a while which is great. I think her next visit will be on a Harvey’s weekend.

A little later new girl showed up, I think her name was Lorie and this was her second time here. It was great to meat her and get t know her. The whole night she had a smile on her face so I knew she was having a good time and it took me back to when I was first going out and I was just so happy to just be out as Susan. Misty also showed up and then Laura H. and Lisa so we had a really good turnout tonight and I enjoyed talking with all of them.

It is amazing how fast the afternoon and evening went by and soon it was 11:30. I had to get up early tomorrow so I had to call it a night. It was sad to say goodnight but I will see them again next week.

Sunday morning I got up with my beautiful nails and new I had to put the mat nail polish on them as they were just too shinny for a gut at least as long as they were. for some reason shinny nails look longer I think. Well it turns out I am almost out out the mat nail polish, I was barely able to do my nails so I will have to get more. Now the funny thing is the mat polish makes my nails look shorter but I think it brings out the pink color more. It will be interesting at work this week. As long as they are now, about 1/8 inch if I don’t file the down I am guessing by the next time I go to the salon they will be 1/4 or more. I don’t think I can pull that length off in my male life.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Out at the Escape Bar & Grill on a Saturday night.

Saturday night I was going to the Escape to spend time with my friends. I have been looking forward to it all day as I was working in my yard. I got done with my yard work at 4 and decided to just start getting ready, I figured I would just go early to the Escape. I was ready and on my way by 5:30 so I got to the 20160416_180845Escape before 6. Now I had to get one selphie in the car.

I got inside and there were only a few people here this early. I was talking with the bar tender and it is funny. They started doing Pizza a few months back and I love Hawaiian Pizza so I was always ordering one when I came here on Saturday nights. Well for several weeks I couldn’t get one for one reason or another, no pineapple, no Canadian bacon or something else. Well 2 weeks ago she got there and the first thing she did was make sure they had everything to make a Hawaiian pizza for me, the cook had it all out and ready to go. Now here is the funny part, 2 weeks ago was our night to go the Harvey’s so we didn’t show up that night. I felt bad and thanked her for it. Well I ordered a pizza and drink and sat down at the table with my computer.

It wasn’t long and Cassandra and Teresa showed up. It was good to talk with her as she went to Diva Las Vegas this year. Well Teresa got a new phone, the Galaxy edge so I was checking it out. She showed me some of her pictures fro Las Vegas and we got talking about the camera’s on our phones and taking selphie’s. Teresa 20160416_184505has the same issue I have holding the phone at arms length and then pushing the button to take the picture so I gave her my tip for this. On the camera there is a timer and on the side for taking selphie’s I set the timer for 2 seconds. That way I can push the button and then stretch out my arm and take the picture, it works great. Of course we took a few pictures together.

Julie and Trixie showed up and it was great to see them both. I so enjoy talking to them and of course the first thing we talked about were our nails and going to the nail salon, one of the simple pleasures of being a girl. It was fun talking with them and catching up. Of course I will see Julie again when we go to Who Song and Larry’s this week for dinner.

Laura and Jenny also showed up and Laura’s daughter Brittany also made it for a while. It is so awesome that Brittany is supportive of Laura. I got a chance to talk with them which was nice. Jan, Lynn and Cassie also showed up so we had a good turnout tonight. Karaoke started and Jan and Laura both sang and did great. It was fun listening to the Karaoke although it was hard to talk any more.

There was a good crowd here tonight and lots of good singers. a couple of girls were here that I haven’t seen in a while and they both sing really well. Alicia also showed up with her friend, I have met her friend once before a few weeks ago when she came out with Alicia. It was nice to talk with her for a little while. Cassandra and Alicia were talking about web pages. we have actually been thinking about setting up a web page for the group as the Yahoo group we have used for years is not as user friendly any more. It used to be really good till they did upgrades. Now it is hard to look at members and photos.

It was a fun night and I stayed there till after 11:30 but then I started to get tired so I paid my bill and called it a night. It has been a good weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday is here and time for Susan to have a fun weekend.

Friday is here and I am looking forward to a Friday night out at Sweet Home with friends. I really enjoy my Susan time as it help relax me and I find I t helps with stress. Now yesterday I did get out briefly for a manicure and pedicure and I went a head and didn’t put mat polish on my nails as I figured one day at work with shiny nails would be okay besides as I said she trimmed them kind of short. This is the hard part for me and my nails now, they grow. Even though they are short now by the time I go back in 2 weeks or so hey will be the perfect length, Long enough to look nice and feminine if I want but not so long as to be really noticeable when I am not Susan. Now if I start off with that length then by the time I go back in a couple weeks they really are long for a my male self. It really is a balancing act but one I am enjoying.

I started getting ready at 4:30 got home late from work. A hot shower and shave, lotion on my legs and arm, Moisturizer on my face, makeup, perfume, dress, heels, jewelry and hair and I was ready. Took me almost an hour and a half but so relaxing and fun. For me this is one of the simple pleasures of being Susan. I was on my way about 5:50 for my fun night out. I got to Sweet Home shortly after 6 and had to park about 2 blocks away. Now the bad part is this is a residential area and the street is sloped and not well maintained and the sidewalks is sloped and uneven and of course I wore my 4” spiked heels. Walking in heels is not that hard on even ground and I am pretty good at it but this was a little more difficult and of course I had to walk slower but I did okay.

Chris was already there so I joined him, it was kind of quiet in the bar but it was still early. I had my computer so I worked on it while Chris played pool. Roxy showed up so there were 3 of us and that would be it for our group tonight. We ordered dinner and of course I got the special again tonight. My food came and it was good as always. As I said it was still a little slow here being early so Paul the owner came over and sat with us for a few minutes to see how the food was and just to talk with us. By the way the food is always good here, I don’t think I have ever had a bad dinner.

Kelsie was also here tonight and it has been a while since I have seen her, I met her one of the first times I came here and I have even sang Karaoke a few times with her. It was good to see her again, she didn’t stay long as her and her date had to leave. She said she might be back later and asked if I would sing Karaoke with her, I told her I would.

About 9 it started to pick up and get busy, the other group that comes in for Karaoke started to show up and by 9:45 when Karaoke started it was pretty busy. Dawni and Mareinna showed up tonight and it is always nice to see them. it is funny as I look forward to seeing some of the members of the other group just as much. I got to talk to them for a little bit which was nice. Angela was also here and we talked for a bit too.

Karaoke started and it was good, some of the songs people picked I don’t think I had heard before but some were ones I knew really well. Chris sang once and did well. Now that Karaoke started I wondered if Kelsie would make it back. I was torn as it would be nice to see her but it would also mean singing. Well she didn’t make it back at least before I left so I didn’t have to sing tonight.

It was a little after 11 when I paid my bill and called it a night. It was a wonderful start to the weekend and I am looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape with my friend. We are also planning a dinner at Who Songs and Larry’s which will be fun as they have good food and always treat us awesome.

It was a wonderful start to my weekend. Thanks for reading

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Saturday night at the escape

Well it is Saturday evening and I am going to the Escape for the night, I was actually going early as Peggy was also going to be out tonight and we were going to get together. Now I was really looking forward to this even after my interesting morning. I was meeting Peggy at 6 so I started getting ready about 3:45. Now I was going to wear my black and white dress, I have only worn it Susan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (1)once before but it really is cute and I really like the length as it comes just below my knees.

I started with my shower and then started my makeup taking my time to make sure it was as perfect as I could get it. It is funny as I do really care how I look. Now I am not saying in my male life I don’t care how  loo I just think as Susan, being a lady I want to make sure I am the best I can be.

With my makeup all done I started getting dressed. now this dressSusan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (2) is really pretty but a little tight so that means I had to put on my waist cincher and some hip pad which are things I don’t do unless I am wearing something like this. I took extra care to make sure the hip pads were straight and looked right. now this dress also has a key hole back narrow shoulder straps which I learned last time I have to tie by bra straps together so they don’t show which takes a little work, it is hard being a lady. I got this all done and put on my ring and bracelet and of course perfume something I forgot last night when I went out.

Now it was time to get the dress on which has a side zipper and then a zipper on the back above the key hole. I unzipped the back part far enough to get my head through it as I can’t seem to get the zipper started behind my back. Finally I had my dress on and then my 4” Susan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (3)heels and I was ready. I got my computer and went out to my car in the garage and was ready to leave. Now the funny part as I was so careful to make sure my makeup was perfect, dress was perfect I new I was ready as I looked in the mirror for one last look at my makeup and you will never guess what I noticed. I had forgot my hair, yes I had my short short male hair so out of the car and back upstairs to select my hair. So glad I looked in the mirror. Now I did take a few selfie’s tonight.

I was on my way by 5:10 and got to the Escape about 5:30 as there was no traffic. I got out my computer and waited for Peggy to arrive and I only had to wait about 15 minutes as she arrived about 5:45. Turns out this is Peggy’s first time to the Escape. It was good to see Peggy again, Peggy is Cassandra’s wife and is totally supportive of Cassandra and all us T-girls and I am thankful to have her as a friend. PeggySusan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (4) and I had a wonderful time just sitting there and talking like to girlfriends, this is the normalcy that I so love when I am Susan. It is times like this when I can forget about being male or female and just be me and that is a wonderful feeling. I have so many wonderful friends in the T-Girl communities and I love them all but there is something about being able to spend time with people who are not transgender and being accepted as a person.

Susan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (6)Cassandra and Cristine showed up about 6:40, some of the girls had gone to a clothing exchange today the Laura M. and her friend Jenny put on which was awesome of them to do that. I wish I could have gone but I had things I had to do during the day.

Peggy and I ordered dinner as Cassandra and Cristine ate at the clothing exchange. A little after 7 Laura M, her Daughter and her friend Jenny showed up along with Laura H., Dee and Teresa showed up so we had 9 of us here tonight. It is so cool that Laura’s daughter comes out with her.

It was good to see Teresa again she also doesn’t get out with the group as much an more. Our group really is a wonderful group as we have members from the full range from wives andSusan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (7) girlfriends, to friends and those who are supportive, to those who only dress at home on private to those who have or are in the process of transitioning and that gives our group a distinct perspective. It also gives one a chance to understand all aspects of the gender community a little better.

Now it was a slow night here tonight so when Karaoke started Laura M and Laura H were the first 2 to sing and also the 4th and 5th to sing. They actually sand several times each while Cassandra played pool with some of the Susan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (8)other costumers, there were 2 couples sitting by the window that had been playing pool since before I showed up. they seemed fine with us and it turns out they were visiting Portland and had come here for the evening to play pool. Cassandra won several games against both of the men and one of the ladies although the lady almost won. I think they had a good time even though they lost to Cassandra.

It was a little before 10 when Peggy and Teresa left. It was sad to see them leave. I really enjoyed visiting with them and I look forward to seeing them again and maybe getting together with Peggy again for dinner.

I stayed a little longer and listened to some more Karaoke and watchedSusan in her cute dress Jan 23 2016 (9) Cassandra win a couple more games of pool, she was really having a good night for pool. It was about 10:30 when I paid my bill and called it a night. I said my goodbyes and left. Cassandra was also leaving and I had some stuff for her in my trunk so we walked out together and move the stuff from my car to hers and then I was on my way home. It was a wonderful night out with my friend well they are more like my family.

Now tomorrow some of the girls are going to watch the football playoffs at 52nd street sports bar and although I am not a big football fan it would be fun to go but I can’t as my other side, my male self will be spending it with my family as they will be in town for the day for my birthday. So I will be looking forward to next weekend and my time as Susan.

Thanks for reading


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Out on a Saturday night.

Well I decided to go out Saturday night as I knew some of the girls were going to the Escape Bar & Grill. This will be my second time out this week. I started getting ready at 5 and as I knew what I was going to wear and how I wanted my makeup to look I was ready by 6 so I was a head of schedule. As I was getting dressed I found a really cute dress that wasn’t mine, I guess one of Peggy’s dresses got mixed up with mine so I put it in a bag to take with me so I could give to Cassandra. Now I know the girls went getting there till 7 but I really didn’t want to just sit at home so I decided to go early so I took my computer with me. Now being Saturday I kind of expected some of my neighbors to be out when I left which they weren’t but I realize as we get into the nicer weather this will be more of an issue although a couple of my neighbors already know and I have to wonder if more of them know also.

I got to the Escape at 6:30 and the good thing about getting here this early is parking was easy, there were only 2 cars in the parking lot and I got to park right in front of the door. I grabbed my purse, computer and the dress and went inside. Turns out Cristine got here early too. I got out my computer and then went and ordered something to eat and a drink. I caught up on some e-mails and then I decided to set up an account at Paltalk to give it a try. I am still not sure how much I will use it as I am not at home as Susan very often.

Cassandra showed up a little after 7 and had her computer with her and she set it up on Paltalk. I was talking to her and told her I had set up an account so she helped me set up the preferences on it as I really know nothing about how it works. she even sent me a gift of a free month of extreme to try it as they have 4 levels you can have from free to VIP. Well I tried it for a while and it is kind of fun but have a hard time keeping up and reading the messages and replying at the same time. now I was in a really big room with lots of people to start so I eventually moved to a smaller room. Cassandra loves Paltalk and actually has her own room so I tried that one also.

Laura also showed up and it was good to see her, she loves the Karaoke here and is really good. now this bar is really nice but doesn’t get busy till about 10. Well I ordered some more food as I was still hungry. It started getting busy and more people came in which is always nice as it is fun to people watch.

Diane made it out tonight which was nice as it has been a while since I have seen her. I got a chance to talk with her and find out how things are going, she has a lot going on in her life right now. it is nice to catch up.

We had 6 of us here so it was a smaller turnout but still fun. They had some really good singers here last night and I knew most of the songs they sang.

It was about 11:30 when I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said my goodbyes, what a fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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