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T-girl Pageant at Embers

Friday night I had the chance to participate in the first annual Miss Portland T-girl pageant. I was so looking forward to it even though I was really nervous. I got to Embers right at 4 pm and went in and was shown downstairs where they all change and get ready. All the Drag Queens made us feel welcome and even gave us some tips. It was a lot of fun.

I had asked Chiffon Valentine to help me with my makeup and she was there waiting for me when I got there. She made me feel so comfortable as she did my makeup and she even explained what she was doing and gave me some tips. She was so awesome and did a fantastic job. I have never looked so good and I did not look at all like myself. For the first time I felt no one would recognize me if they saw me. Thanks so much Chiffon! I posted a couple pictures in my flickr page check them out.

The first part of the pageant was just being introduced on stage and what I would call modeling for the audience. There were only 5 of us and I drew number 2 so I would be the second one on stage each time. as I stood there watching Dolly (contestant #1) I was not sure what to do. I had on my red dress and a mink coat and Peggy’s wig. It was a really cute look When I was introduced I walked on stage and did my best to look calm and cute. With the spot light in my eyes it was hard to see the crowd. I could see a lot of people but really couldn’t see their faces which made it easier. This part only lasted maybe a minute or so but it seemed like forever. I was glad to get off stage and head back downstairs to change for the next part. I felt I did a good job for being my first time on a stage in front of people.

Peggy came down and helped me change dresses, wigs, and jewelry. For the second part I wore a long black dress and Cassandra’s long blonde wig. With help it went pretty fast and soon I was back up waiting for my turn on stage. In this part (the formal part) we would be on stage and asked a question. We were not told what the questions were beforehand so we had no chance to prepare. When I got o stage the crowd clapped and Cassandra was hosting this part. Cassandra had me pick a number and then one of the judges asked me a question. I gave the best answer I could and hoped for the best. Again it was downstairs to change for the talent part. Chiffon was waiting for me and touched up my makeup for me.

I changed into my floral print dress and high heels again and this time I wore Maya’s dark brown wig. It really looked cute on me and again Peggy was there to help me. I made my way back up to the back stage to wait for my turn. Dolly was almost done with her turn and I had almost no time before it would be my turn (less time to get scared too). I was going to lip sing Mamma Mia by ABBA. I have learned all the words and the last two days I watched so many ABBA video’s and found one I liked so I had practiced the way they did it in the video but now I was not sure I could remember all the moves. As strange as it sounds when I got on stage and the light hit me I seemed calmer. I could see the crowd but not really any faces so it was easier. I the music was already going and I had no time to think just started moving and then the words came. I think I remembered all the moves although I am not as graceful as most women so it probably looked a little stiff but I was having fun. Someone from the crowd came up and gave me a tip and this made me relax more. I tried my best to move from one side of the stage to the other as I wanted to sing to everyone in the audience. Several more people came up and tipped me something I was totally not expecting. I think it went well for my first time performing. With all the lights on me on stage it was so hot and it is a real workout to dance on a stage in heels. I got a really good workout and when I got off the stage I was out of breath and really hot and sweating. I also had got $7 in tips; I guess that makes me a professional now as I made money. It was so much fun and so unexpected. A big thanks to everyone that tipped me. I don’t know how the Drag Queens do it all night. My makeup would have washed off had I done more numbers. I really never knew how hard it was and how much work it is to be on stage. I have a whole new respect for them.

After we were all done all that was left was to wait and see who won. It took about 15 minutes for them. We all gathered in the back of the stage and waited. Crystal came back and thanked us all and told us we all did good and then told us who won and took her out on stage. We all figured she would win as she did such a great job. Her talent part was as good as or better than any of the performers. I have to believe she has performed many times before. She performed at least 7 more time throughout the night and even did two lap dances.

I stayed in my last outfit and the dark wig because I think it looked really cute. As I got my stuff from downstairs I stopped to talk to a couple of the Drag Queens and they all told me I did great. Chiffon even offered to help me with my makeup again, how sweat is that. She was so nice and made the night work. I could have never done my makeup like she did. But know I really want to learn what she did so I may ask her for some pointer again. There were so many pictures taken I am looking forward to seeing them. It was a night I will remember always. I just wish they had told us how the rest of us finished. I know the real contest was between the remaining 4 as we were all new to performing and being on stage.

It was so much fun and I want to thank all those who helped put it on and who came out and cheered for us and supported us and for Peggy and all her help and Chiffon who did a wonderful job on my makeup. Without you last night would not have been possible for me. Thank you so much.


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