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Monday, welcome dinner at Bahama Breeze, day 7 of my vacation

It is Monday, the 7th day of my vacation and tonight is the welcome dinner at Bahama Breeze which is the biggest dinner of Diva Las Vegas and also the best. This is the one dinner that will have the biggest attendance of those attending this year. Now they have wonderful food and the staff is awesome, I know in years past talking to some of the staff a lot of them ask to work the night we are there. Now that being said and as we have been getting up late the plan for Cassandra and myself was to just relax till it was tie to get ready for dinner. I kind of thought it would be silly to get ready a couple hours early and then have to come back to the room to change for dinner as I am going to wear my little black dress and didn’t want to wear that during the day. Plus, after the first couple days winning at blackjack the last couple have been not so good, I am still ahead on my money but only about $100 instead of the over $800 I was up after the Friday. I wrote my blog from Sunday and watched a little TV and played on my computer till about 3 when I started getting ready as we wanted to leave for dinner at 5. As I said this is the best event of Diva Las Vegas and I really wanted to look my best. Cassandra and I were ready a little before 5 and went downstairs to wait for Veronica. I really love this dress I just wish I looked better in a full pose. I also took a selfie sitting at a slot machine.

Veronica came down just as we finished taking pictures and we were on our way, it took about 20 minutes to get to the Bahama Breeze. Now they were doing a new attendee get together between 5 and 6 to give them a chance to meet others in a smaller group and get information on how Diva Las Vegas works and answer questions. It looked like we had about 20 girls who are attending their first Diva Las Vegas. Now Beverly was already there as she was helping with the new attendee greet so it was awesome to see her again. I met here at the very first Diva Las Vegas I came to in 2010, it was also her first Diva Las Vegas that year. I talked with her a little and I will see her again on Wednesday when we golf. I did take a selfie in the car on the way over, yes, I am slowly becoming the selfie queen.

It was still early and they had finished with the new attendee greet and so a few of us that were there and have been at several Diva Las Vegas went and talked to the new members and meet them to help them feel more comfortable which I think is wonderful. I remember my first Diva Las Vegas there were a couple girls that I met that made me feel so welcome and it really does help. This really is a wonderful even and the people who attend are so supportive.

About 6pm more started showing up as this was the happy hour to meet people and catch up with girls you met at previous Diva Las Vegas. Renee showed up, she lives here in Las Vegas and I have known her for several years, I actually met her online, of course that means getting a picture with her. She really is a wonderful person and so much fun, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. We talked for a while an had a great time. Now it is funny as a few girls came over to see my nails as they seem to follow my blog and have been reading about my nails, yes, I love my nails. I so wish I could have nails like this all the time but it would be hard in my male life as I don’t think a man with long pretty nails is acceptable yet. Here is a picture from the day I got them for those first time readers. It really is a shame a man can’t have long pretty nails.

Now we put several tables together so we could fit more people together. We had Renee, Michele, Robin, Veronica, Wanda and her wife Susan, Melissa and her wife, Tonya and her wife Nell, Cassandra, Teri, and of course myself. Wanda and her wife went on the Mexican Cruise Cassandra put together. Now looking around I was amazed how many wives/girlfriends were here this year, that is so wonderful. Now I walked around and met a few other girls as more showed up I even met a girl who I have been friend with on Facebook for several years her name is Deborah Renee Smith.

Dinner started and we had a wonderful time talking as we ate. They really do have wonderful food here and awesome staff. If you come to Las Vegas Bahama Breeze is a wonderful place to eat and it is only a little way off the strip. We stayed here after dinner talking for a while and catching o with old friends and meeting new ones. It was about 9:40 when we left, now a lot of the girls were going to a club called Rush and it was in the Golden Nugget which is right next to our hotel so we decided to go. Now I decided to keep my heels on as we walked from our hotel over on the Freemont Experience. I was glad when we got there and could sit down. They had live music and 3 blackjack table in the club so something for everyone. A few of us sat at the Blackjack table and played. I played for a while but my luck has not changed, after about an hour I had lost my $100, I did last longer than Cassandra. It was about midnight when we left here and went back to our hotel. We got to our room and I locked my door as I was going to go to bed. Now Cassandra and I have connecting rooms and Cassandra found she had not lost as much money as she thought so she wanted to go back down to the casino. Well I decided to go but I did put on flats and we left and went to the casino.

We found a table and sat down now I did okay, just u and down, not really losing and not really winning but having fun. Cassandra on the other had blew through her money, yes, she is a bigger better than me. She was just about ready to quit as she had just $10 enough for 1 bet and then things changed. Now I wish I had upped my bet but after the last few days I didn’t but Cassandra did and about a ½ hour later she was up about $500. She stopped and cashed in and was going to call it a night. I decided to play a little longer. By the way one of the cocktail waitresses here who’s name is TJ came over. She is awesome and remembered us from last year and even though she was not our waitress she would stop by and talk to us. She is just so cute I had to get a picture with her.

Well Cassandra didn’t go to bed and son she was back and wanted to see if I wanted to go to another casino. Now I was up a little so I decided to quit and go with her. We walked over to Binions and found a blackjack table. Now they are $10 here instead of the $5 I was playing but I figured I could put another $100 in. We sat down and we had the same luck not really winning and not really losing. We played for a while and I as down to my last $40 and since Cassandra was playing 2 hands, I figured I would give it a try. Well I started wining and you do win more with hands of $20 than 1 hand of $10 of course you can also lose it faster but we were on a little winning streak. My stacks were growing and of course now we are both having fun. I was getting tired though and having a hard time concentrating so I finally decide it was time for bed besides I was ahead and wanted to quit a winner. I put my chips out and color them up and to my surprise I had $405. I went to the cashier and cashed in. wow it was 4:30 am. I walked back to the Four Queens and cashed in my chis from earlier and got $140. I had a good night and broke my 2-day losing streak.

Now the funny story as I was tired and I got to my room and neither of my keys worked so back down to the lobby to get new keys. Now back up to my room and the keys still didn’t work. I was not happy so back down to the front desk. the lady assured me the keys should work, she said the only reason it would flash yellow is if someone was in the room and had put the security lock on, then I would have to wake them up to get in. the moment she said that I realized I had been going to bed and had not only put the security lock on but the door bolt before Cassandra said she wanted to go down to the casino and I left with her through her door. So now I had to go find Cassandra and get a key for her room. Luckily, she had come back to our casino but she could not find her key so she had to go to the front desk and get keys for her room. She gave me one and I got into my room through her room while she went back to the casino. It was now 5:30am. I have not stayed up this late in a long time but it was a fun night.

Sorry this blog was a little long and if your read the whole thing you get 4 stars. Remember to read my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan and also my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2019

Thanks for reading

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