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Thursday the last day of Diva Las Vegas day 10 of my vacation.

It is Thursday and the last full day of Diva Las Vegas, Friday we will leave for home. Cassandra knocked on my door about 8:30 to see if I wanted to go to the Valley of Fire State park which is about an hour north of Las Vegas. Melissa and her wife told us about it and they are going today. Now I was interested as it is something new, we have not done before and gives us a break from Las Vegas. I told Cassandra I needed an hour to get ready yes Susan takes a little time. I was ready by 9:35 and we were on our way. The plan was to meet at the Visitor Center. We had just got on the freeway and Melissa called us, she had a dead battery so instead we went over and met them at their hotel so we could jumpstart their car so we got a later start then we panned.

We got to the visitor center about noon and looked around. Now this is a different crowd then you see in Las Vegas and in the casinos, a lot more young kids. We looked around the visitor center and then we drove to the vista points to look at the scenery, very beautiful. I am so glad Mellissa and her wife found this it is so worth the drive. If you come to Las Vegas and have a car you really should take a few hours and go see the Valley of fire state park.

There are all kinds of pullouts to stop at and sight see and get pictures, yes it was a little windy but still an awesome place for pictures. We spent a few hours here driving around and looking. Yes, we took a lot of pictures here. I have a lot of pictures in restaurants, casinos and even a few on the strip but I really don’t have a lot at places like this as I don’t normally go places like this as Susan. Actually, I think last year when we did the Hoover Dam tour was the first time, I did what I would call a touristy thing as Susan. That was also a lot of fun. I really do like doing the everyday things that people do. It was a little windy so these are my windblown hair look

We headed back for our hotel about 2:30 as we needed time to get cleaned up and redo our makeup for tonight’s closing dinner which is at a restaurant called off the strip between the LINQ and the Flamingo. I got all cleaned up and we were off to the restaurant to meet up with everyone. We parked at the LINQ and walked in. Cassandra and I were talking about how easily we do this now but 10 years ago neither one of us would ever imagine we would never have thought it possible we would be walking around Las Vegas going in and out of casinos as ladies. Now we got here a little after 6 and dinner didn’t start till 7 so we had time to socialize with everyone. Meet a few new people and catch up with those we met during the week. Of course, I had to get my yearly picture with Beverly, we met in 2010 as it was both our first time to Diva Las Vegas.

Soon it was time to sit down for dinner, now they have rally good food here but a little on the higher end but it is our farewell dinner and the end of this years Diva Las Vegas. The week has gone by so fast as it always does. It is hard to believe I have had my nails now for 9 full days and all I am thinking about now is I only have 3 more days with them and yes, I am loving them. I have gotten use to the shape and length and I may do them this way again in the future. I do like the square better but I think this shape makes my fingers look narrower and more feminine.

Dinner was really wonderful and it really was great the only issue I had was who ever set this up and worked out the details with the restaurant agreed to have 1 check per table, 10 people at each table. Now I can understand this may be the only way but that should have been communicated as someone had to pay it and then collect the money from others and figure out what everyone owes. Several of the girls had to run to ATM’s to get money as they had planned on putting it on their credit cards and a couple had no cash and no ATM card and there was a lot of work to get this right. Would have been nice to know this before.

We got back to our hotel and Veronica and I decided to play a little Blackjack before bed. We had fun and played about an hour and both lost so I lost $100 tonight. I got up to my room about 11:45 and did a quick check. I have $267 more cash then I came with so it was a winning week for me.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now and also my blogs from this years Diva Las Vegas. Below are a few more pictures from the Valley of fire state park.

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  1. Well I think the windblown hair look is beautiful!

    Comment by B | April 5, 2019 | Reply

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