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Wednesday and the Diva Las Vegas Golf Tournament, day 9 of my vacation

It is Wednesday and we are having our Diva Las Vegas Golf tournament at Wild Horse golf course. Now if you read my blog from Monday you saw I didn’t get to bed till 5:30am and then I slept till around noon on Tuesday now the problem with that is Tuesday night I was not tiered and had a hard time sleeping so when my alarm went off at 5am I was not rally excited. We need to leave for the golf course by 7as Cassandra is in charge and needs to be there early. Now in my male life I would have gone back to sleep till 6:45 as I could have been ready by 7 but not Susan she needs at least and hour and as the week has gone on I am a little slower, it really does take a lot of work to be a girl yes I will spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup to look just perfect to go to the golf course. It was just before 7 when I was ready to leave, I met Veronica and Cassandra in the garage as they were already in the car waiting for me.

We got to the golf course and got everything unloaded and set up and waited for the other girls to show up. Now we had 12 girls playing, 3 foursome and we do a 4-person Scramble so it doesn’t matter how good you play it is all about how cute you look on the course. Ow of course I had to start on the driving range to loosen up. Now I am not a long ball hitter so for me to have a good game I just have to not try to outdrive the other girls. I did pretty well on the driving range.

We had all our girls here and were ready for are tee time at 9am. Now one of our girls who is here for her first Diva Las Vegas, she flew in on Tuesday and was really looking forward to the golf. The problem is it turns out her luggage didn’t make it so she showed up as her male self. That is really sad to think you are coming to Diva Las Vegas to be your female self and the airlines losses your luggage, now they did give her some money I guess to buy stuff she needed till they find her stuff but really would be hard to replace your girl stuff at a last minute in Las Vegas. I felt bad for her but she went a head and played and had fun.

Now as I said we had girls Cami, Treena, Tori, Lisa (team 1) Bev, Katie, Linda, Ann (team 2) Cassandra, Veronica, Renee, Susan (Me) (team 3). Now normally we play on Tuesday but there was a scheduling issue and had to play Wednesday this year and it worked out wonderful as on Tuesday it was really windy and today there is no wind and it is in the low 70’s. now of course we had to get pictures. We were the last group to tee off as we were the ones that would collect the markers for longest drive, longest put and the KP’s. yes, Cassandra had so many opportunities to win a prize and yes money. She really does a wonderful job putting on this event. Really all the girls who coordinate events do a wonderful job. They put these things together usually from out of town and they are responsible for the events including if people don’t pay so they take kind of a chance that people follow through.

We started off and had a wonderful day as I said the weather was perfect. I brought a hair clip and never needed it. For those of you who have never golfed as a female it is a lot more challenging, from the long nails, breast, and hair blowing in your face it really adds to the game.

Now this year I did a good job just focusing on my game and not on how others were playing and probably had my best game as Susan. I had some really good shots. Here is a picture of a long put I just barely missed. Now on our team as with all the teams we mixed it up, we tried to have each team with a really good player and some not so good. I kind of fall in the average range. I did really have some good shots one was from about 180 yards out from the green and I put it right on the green in high about 14 inches from the cup. Probably the best shot I have had in a long time. We had a great time.

We got done with the game and went to the club house for our lunch and awards. Now my team finished in second place which was good but as I said we only had teams. Cassandra gave out the rewards for the longest drive, put and KP’s and then we had a drawing for money. We each put in $20 and had 3 drawings. On the front 9 everyone who hit the green on a par 3 with their first shot was in the first drawing, everyone who hit the green with their first shot on a par 3 on the back 9 went into the second drawing and everyone who sunk a put from more then a flag length went into the third drawing.

The first drawing had 5 people in it and Cami’s name was drawn. The second drawing had 7 people in it and again Cami’s name was drawn. The third drawing for the longest put had 9 people in it including me as I had a ling put and I was hopeful but once again Cami’s name was drawn. She actually won all 3 drawings. With that luck I hope she has been gambling. Now there was one guy here in the club house that was a little loud and annoying while we were eating and as he had more and more to drink, he got very loud and Obnoxious and I think some of the girls were a little put off by him

We got back to the hotel about 3:30 and went to our rooms. I took an hour nap as I was really tied before I got cleaned up to go out. Cassandra was doing the bar crawl so at 7 I drove her down to met the other girls going on the bar crawl and then I went back to our hotel. I am not a bar person and I don’t drink so going to 3 different bars was not something I was interested in so I texted Veronica to see what she was up to. She was just getting ready so we agreed to meet for a late dinner at Magnolias so as I waited, I found a blackjack table and played till she came down. It was the only bad part of the day.

When she got there, I was u $5 so I quit and we went and had a nice dinner. It was amazing how many people were there at 9pm to eat dinner. After dinner we went back to the blackjack tables and played for a while. I played till 11pm and then I was down as I was so tired. Besides we had talked about going to the Valley of fire state park in the morning as Mellissa and her wife were going and that would mean getting up early again. When I cashed in, I had won $21 so I finished the day up just a little.

It was a fun but long day. thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what in new in my life and also keep up on my Las Vegas vacation this year.

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