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Friday out shopping

Well I had the chance to go shopping today as I was off work and what better way to spend the day. Now I had thought about where I would go and had pretty much decided to go to Clackamas Town Center as I have been there before to shop as Susan and I was at Lloyd Center last night. Well as things come up and change I was on my computer this morning and I got a Facebook message from another T-Girl who reads my blog and she was in town today and she was going to be at Washington Square shopping in boy mode of course and wondered if that was where I was going to be, she thought it would be fun to meet and talk. Well as my plans were not set in stone I figured why not Washington Square so I messaged her back I would be there around 12:30.

I got ready in a cute skirt and top, my new boots and wig I bought the other day and I was off. Now I have only been to the Nordstrom’s store here once and never in the mall as Susan, I actually know a lot of people who go to this mall. I got there and found a parking spot outside Nordstrom’s and went in and of course my first stop was the cosmetic counter. All the ladies working there asked if I needed any help and I just told them I was browsing which is always fun.

The girl I was going to meet said she would meet me by JC Pennies which is the other end of the mall so I started making my way down there window shopping as I went. The mall was pretty busy I thought for the middle of the day but in made it good for people watching. I was almost there and stopped to look at the mall directory when this man came up and asked if I was Susan, yes I do look a little different in y new wig but I think I like it. Any way it was my Facebook friend and she introduced herself. Well we walked a little way down the mall to some tall tables and there we stood and talked for a while. She has been dressing for a while but really doesn’t go out although she would like to. It was fun to talk with her and get to know her even if she was in boy mode. She is a lot like me, a crossdresser, she doesn’t want to transition but she love pretty clothes and makeup and just spending time as a girl. We talked maybe 45 minutes to an hour not sure, she lives close to the emerald City t-girl group so I told her I knew a few members of that group also as they are also members of our group here in Portland. Now normally when I go shopping it is by myself so having someone else there I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I had her take a picture of me at the mall. This is my new wig, kind of cute I think.

Well it was time to get back to shopping so we said goodbye and went our separate ways. I went into JC Pennies to look at clothes and found some really cute things but didn’t buy anything. It is funny how as Susan I love just shopping and browsing the stores but my male self shops with a purpose, no lingering. Well as I was walking through the shoe department I saw these really cute high heel leather boots, turns out they were the same ones I bought the other day for $45 and was wearing today and they were on sale for $19.99 but before I got upset I noticed that they didn’t have them in my size so that made it a little easier.

After leaving here I went up to the food court to get a little something to eat and wound up at the Taco Bell. After that it was back into the mall and I must have walked the mall several times making I hit all the good stores, I did buy a belt and one top but it was more about just being out.

Now I did stop into Victoria’s Secret and look around, this is one of those stores I very rarely have ever been in as my male self but so much fun as Susan. It is truly a store designed for woman. I looked at all the pretty things and realized that probably very little if any would fit me. well I was way in the back looking at bra’s when I saw a lady I work with towards the front, now I would never have guessed she shopped here but she had several bra’s in her hand and was standing in line to buy them so I just kept looking around till she left. Now how much fun would it be to mention I saw her there at work Monday but then again I would have to explain what I was doing there and why I didn’t say hi so I guess it will be a secret.

Now my last stop was Sears and I bought a gift card for a present and the lady who helped me asked to see my ID when I used my credit card, now I had used my Susan credit card so I pulled out my male credit card which has the same account number and my ID and handed it to her. I think this confused her as she said she would have to check with her supervisor but was sure there would be no problem. She was on the phone waiting for a few minutes and didn’t get a hold of anyone and then said she would just run it as she was sure it would be fine. The funny thing is after I showed her my ID she either started or ended every sentence with miss and kept apologizing for the delay, it was kind of cute. I think I was the first t-girl she had ever waited on, I kept telling her it was fine but I could tell she was worried she might offend me which is sad, we so often hear about those who do not treat us with respect and here this poor girl was bending over backwards trying not to do that and all she really needed to do was treat me like everyone else. When I was done she thanked me and I told her it was fine and thanked her and wished her a nice day. Maybe next time she will be a little more relaxed when she meets a t-girl.

I left the mall and made a quick stop at Kohl’s but didn’t see anything I liked so I left. Now it was almost 5 and I knew with traffic it would take a while to get to Sweethome so that is where I headed. I got close and it was only about 5:30 and as I went by Fred Meyers I saw they had a Starbuck’s so I stopped for a drink and to write my blog and check my e-mails before meeting up with my friends for the night.

Well it is 6:40 so it is time to go to Sweethome for dinner with my friends. Thanks for reading and it was great meeting you today.

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